Songs of my heart Episode 9 & 10

Songs 🎻 Of My Heart 💞
[ beautiful r0m@nç£💘
Episode 9 💛💙💚❤
😍 Angel’s pov 😍
Finally we got home, he got out of the car before the guard open it for him. I followed him and he turned to me,, I moved back a little.
He still moved to me closer,, I was about saying something when he carried me!! What!!!!!
I wra-p my arms around his n£¢k,, I saw the guards wi-den their eyes. We entered the house and the maids all bow their heads,, I buried my face in his che-st as we went upstairs.
I expected him to drop in front of my room,, but hell no. He took me to his room,,, and dropped me.
I stood there with my head facing down,,,
” Why do you always hide from me??? ” He asked but I kept quiet
” You don’t want to talk about it?? ” he asked and I nodded
” You don’t know how long I’ve been searching for you ” He said and hvgged me
I pu-ll-ed him away slowly
” Am sorry sir,, I don’t want to be in trouble if anyone see is like this.” I said
He smiled softly and shook his head,,,,
🎻 Teddy’s pov 🎻
” Am sorry sir,, I don’t want to be in trouble if anyone see us like this ” She said
I shook my head and smiled,, just the type of girl I like. She’s so tender and cute,, she’s not a flir-t. Gosh,, what have you done to me??
” What’s your name?? ” I asked
” Angel ” She replied
” My Angel?? ”
” Sir?? ”
” Never mind,,,you can go ” I said and win-ked
” Thank you sir ” she bow
” And,, can you st©p the sir stuff?? ”
” What??? I can’t do that,, ”
” Try to call my name,,, Teddy ”
” Okay,,, Sir,, oh,, I mean,,,,, gosh I can’t do this ” she said and ran out
Oh my God!!!
My phone rang and I checked,, conference call??!!!! Gosh these guys really mean business
📲 Hey Lover boy,, how is everything?
That’s Theo, so crazy
📲 Am good,, and happy
📲 Of course you should be happy,, who is the h0ttie??
📲 You won’t believe it if I tell you
📲 Who???
They ask at the same time
📲 Angel
📲 Like,, you mean s£nt from God??
📲 Absolutely
I replied and scoff
📲 Nicole’s friend??
Theo asked
📲 Gosh,, now who is Nicole??
📲 Damn,,, we are gonna see tomorrow
📲 Yeah,, that’s better
I dropped the call immediately and la-id my back on the be-d,,,
Now that I’ve found you, I won’t let you go away from me. Never,,,,,
💋 Vivian 💋
Who the fv¢k is that girl??? I saw the look on Teddy’s eyes,, he love that girl. Why didn’t I notice that she’s the girl Teddy is searching for?? I would have chased her out before Teddy got to see her.
I couldn’t even see her damn h0t face,, gosh what is going to happen to me right now??
I sat on the be-d with a heavy sigh, I picked my phone and check the school website,
I j£rked up when I saw the recent incident posted alre-ady,, Teddy Lee and a strange girl in love
I checked the person who posted the ru-bbish,,
Nicole!!! You are so dead!!! How can she do this!! I checked the comment below the post
” Wow,,, I can’t believe my eye
” They look so close, I’ve never seen Oopa and Vivian that close before
I threw the phone on the wall angrily,, who are you?? Why do you want to spoil my image?? Why??
” Baby,, are you okay?? ” My mom asked coming into my room
” Am not fine mom!! ” I said in tears
She sat down beside me and ru-b my back softly
” I really love Teddy so much,, but it’s like he doesn’t even wanna see me ” I said breaking into more tears
” Then give up on him,, you are so pretty, am sure guys will be begging for you. ”
” No mom,, he’s the only one I want “. I said
” Just think about this well,, okay?? I will leave you now ” She said and k!$$£d my hair
” Goodnight ” She said and walked out of the room
Damn,, if I find out about you. Am gonna make your life hell,, I promise you that.
❤ Norah’s pov ❤( You will know her very soon)
A smile escape myl-ips as I watch my daughter on the phone with her perfect voice,, how I wish i can tell her that am her mother,
But I can’t,, am a poor woman struggling for everything. That was why I did everything 20 years ago,,,,
” Is that not your daughter?? ” Mary asked, she’s my childhood friend
” Yeah she is,,, she’s pretty isn’t she?? ” I said and blink out tears
” So beautiful ” She replied and wipe my tears
” But don’t you think what you did back then was wrong?? ”
” I know it’s wrong,,, but I have no other choice than to do it ” I said
” So what about the other girl?? What happened to her?? ” She asked
” I don’t know,, all I want for my daughter is a happy life. And am glad I gave her ”
” But in a wrong way ” Mary said and I scoff
” I don’t care,, ” I snapped
Episode 10
😍 Angel’s pov 😍
I opened my eyes slowly with a sm-irk on myl-ips,, suddenly my mind went to what happened last night and I sl@p Myself.
Now how do I behave in front of him?? What should I do!!!
I managed to walk into bathroom,, I took a warm shower and walk back into my room.
I went downstairs and walk into the kitchen,, some maids are there alre-ady ma-king the meal.
” Why are you doing this?? ” I asked
” We were ordered by the boss ” They replied and I g@sped
What is he trying to do right now??
” We saw him carrying you in last night,, you guys look so good together ” One of them said and the others nodded with a chuckle
” Guys,st©p. That was nothing ” I said and left the kitchen.
I still have more time before leaving for school,, what can I do right now?? I will just go back into my room.
I took the stairs and climb slowly,, I keep on wondering what’s going to happen next.
I felt a hand pu-ll-ed me into a room,, I wanted to scream but then I saw Teddy standing in front of me With a straight face like he did nothing.
” Morning sir ” I said with a bow
” Same mistake ” He said and I turned red
He really want me to refer him as Teddy?? How can I do that
” You will soon get used to it ” he said and moved closer to me
I also moved back till my back t©uçhed the wall,,, he lean his face closer to mine.
What is he doing?? Is he trying to k!ssme right now?? plea-se go on!!!!
He sniff in,,, did he just sniff me in?? Jeez,,,
He moved back,,
” You think I was going to k!ssyou?? No,, I will take it slowly With you ” he win-ked and I gulped into nothing
Now what does he mean by slowly?? What is he trying to do With me??
” I really nee-d to leave right now ” I said and turned to the door
He pu-ll-ed me back to himself and hvgged me,,,
” Gosh, what have you done to me?? ” He said still holding me ti-ghtly
Why did he cling so ti-ght like he’s never gonna let me go??? I can’t even move,,, his scent filled my nose
He’s such an angel on earth,,, I lift my head up and my eye caught with something shinning on his ear.
Never knew he uses ear rings,, so cute.
His phone beeped,, and that was when he left me. I breath out slowly,, he gave me a sign to leave.
I hurried and walked out,,, I went into my room and coll@psed on the be-d. Gosh Teddy is just something else,,, a message c@m£ on
💌 Hey bit-ch where the fv¢k are you,, am dying to hear the gist!!!
That’s Nicole,, she’s really crazy. What gist???
I carried my bag and walked out of the room,,,, am really hungry, I st©pped by the kitchen and took a cu-pcake,,
I took a bite and shook my head in sweetness
” This is delicious ” I said
” thanks ” the maid said
I gulped down a glas-s of jui-ce and ran out of the mansion,, I was about opening the gate when two guards rushed to me.
” We are taking you to school ” They said and I was shocked
” Why?? ” I managed to ask
” We were ordered by the boss ” One of them answered
I sigh and followed them into the car,, This is so sweet. 😋
” You can drop me at the gate ” I said and the driver st©pped
I can’t make it obvious now,,, my life is going to be in danger.
I c@m£ out of the car and walked in,,, immediately I got into the school I heard screams
💋 That is one of Teddy’s car!!!!
💋 But he’s not the one there
💋 Who got down of the car?
Am glad no one saw me,,, I increa-sed my pace and went into the clas-s
” Angel!!! ” I felt hands behind me
I turned back and sm-irk at Nicole and Jasmine,, they win-ked.
Gosh,, why are these girls like this???
Vivian’s pov ❤❤
” Who do you think that girl is?? ” Lily asked with a serious look
” I have to find her no matter what ” I said
Nicole and Jasmine entered our pri-vate clas-s laughing seriously,,,
What the fv¢k is wrong with them??
” This is a clas-s!!! ” Briana shouted at them
” So why are you barking if this is a clas-s?? ” Jasmine asked and I scoff
” Barking??? ”
” Yes,,,,, any other word for barking?? ” Nicole sm-irk
” You guys are really tempting me ” I said calmly
” so what are you gonna do?? ” Jasmine asked standing from where she was
” You know I can re-move you from this band if I want right?? ” I said with a sm-irk
” do it if you dare” She replied with a sm-irk
” Attention ” The lecturer walked in
I scoff and sat down,,, gosh I can’t believe this is happening right now.
😍 Angel’s pov 😍
I walked out of the lecture room and sigh, am missing those crazy friends of mine alre-ady ,, my eye caught with a woman,, she look so cute. Her hair color is as gold as mine,, she look rich and clas-sic.
Awwwn,, I love her alre-ady.
I walked over to her,,
” Hello mam ” I greeted with a smile
” Hello beauty,,,, how are you doing?? ” She asked nicely
” Am good mam,, do you nee-d anything?? ” I asked
” Yeah,, am here for my daughter” she said with a smile
” Oh ”
Now who is her daughter???
” Hey mom!! ” Someone called,, I turned back and behold it’s Vivian
What the fv¢k?? How come she’s harsh while her mom is so calm
” Oh there she comes ” The woman said
I smiled and nodded
” What are you doing with my mom??? Did you ask her for money?? ” Vivian asked and hissed
” Vivian,, that’s enough. Let’s leave ” The woman said
” Bye beauty ” The woman waved at me before leaving with Vivian
I only replied with a nod,,
Am beginning to tear up,,,, I wipe it off immediately. It’s not my fault that I don’t have a mother right??
Am just a,,,,
But,, why is Teddy not here today??
” Idiot he doesn’t even nee-d it ” I sl@pped my head.
” Do you really have to hit the head that ha-rd ?? ” I flin-ched and turned back holding my che-st
My eye wi-den immediately I see Teddy standing before me with his two hands in his pocket,, thank no one is here.
” Sir,,,,, ” I said and st©pped,, how do I call his name??
“You still have a lot to learn ” He sm-irk and a light smile escape myl-ips
” What are you doing here?? I asked
” This is my school,, or are you planning to take it from me?? ” He asked
” What??? No no,,, I was just ”
” Come with me ” He said
Before I could reply, he was alre-ady dragging me with him.
” But,,, ” I tried talking
” Do you want me to carry you right now?? ” He asked without turning to me
” No ” I replied
I heard him chuckle,,, we finally got to the car.
He entered and gave me a sign to come in,, I obeyed quietly.
Now,, am so nervous. The driver took off immediately,,
I looked up at him,, gosh thank God he’s not looking at me right now. He’s just focused on his phone,,,
” Do you want me to cudd-lewith you?? ” He asked still not looking at me
” What??? ”
” You were starring ”
” Am,, sorry ” I said and faced the other side.
Now where is he taking me to???