Songs of my heart Episode 7 & 8

Songs 🎻 Of My Heart 💞
[ Beautiful r0m@nç£👑]
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Ko-rean Love Drama!!!!
Episode 7 💜💙💚💛
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
I gr0@nout loud and raised my head up,, gosh am so sleepy. I managed to stand up and walked into the bathroom,, I brushed my teeth and smiled.
I put off my night go-wn and entered into the jacuzzi tub,,, I m0@n slightly and closed my eyes as the warm water spre-ad all over my b©dy.
Damn,,, am feeling more mature. I chuckle at my own thought,, you are crazy Angel, you will be 20 in three months.
I remember what happened last night,, I smile and check the hand again. Am I alright??
I got out of the tub and took my towel,, I walked into the room. I ru-b the lotion on my glowing skin and put on clothes,,,
I untied my hair and brushed it cutely,, I tied it back before I forget.
I walked out of the room after that,, I bu-mped into him
” Oh my God,,,, am so sorry!!! ” I said with a bow
Gosh,, why do I always cause trouble for him??
I faced him and look straight into his eyes,,, his eyes are like that of an angel.
He ignored me and just went downstairs,, I sl@p my head angrily.
What if he’s mad at me right now??
I sigh before taking the stairs,,,, I went into the kitchen and someone c@m£ in.
I turned immediately and held my che-st,, gosh I have fears in my blood. Every slight thing,, I will be scared.
” Am not a monster okay?? ” Teddy said and I gulped into nothing.
I don’t know why am always feeling this way when he’s with me,,,
” Am sorry sir ” I said and bowed again
” You don’t nee-d to prepare anything ” he said and walked out
I smile and stood still,, I heard some people speaking. I peeped and saw Theo, Luca and Manson.
Wow,, they look so cute,, are they going somewhere??
I waited till they walked out of the house,,, where are they going anyway?
I sigh and coll@pse on the large couch,,, my phone started ringing, I check and a smile escape myl-ips.
📲 Hey Bess
📲 Hi Nicole
📲 Latest gist!!
📲 What’s going on??
📲 Can you come over?? Jasmine is here,,, we really have to go to a p@rty tonight and we want you to be there
📲 but,,,,
📲 Don’t worry,, Teddy won’t be home. He’s also going to be there
📲 omg,,,, expect me in 10 minutes
📲 trust you,, and don’t worry about the dress. Jasmine got something for you
📲 Okay,,, later.
I dropped the call and ran upstairs,,, I took my hood and held back downstairs.
I walked out and some guards c@m£ to me,,,
” Where are you going?? ”
” I will be back ” I said and they moved out of my way
I left the house and took a cab,,,
” Hey baby h0t legs!! ” Jasmine screamed
” Come on you are gonna break my ear drum ” I said and sat on Nicole’s be-d.
” Baby,, it’s gonna be all fun tonight!!!! ” Nicole screamed dancing round the house
” Okay,, guys what’s the p@rty all about?? ” I asked
” Actually,,, the p@rty are mainly for the band. ” Jasmine said
” So,, why will I join you guys?? ” I asked
” Come on,, we can invite friends. The guys can bring their girlfriends and likewise the girls. But since we don’t have b©yfri£nds,,, you will be going with us ” Nicole replied and t©uçhed my cheek
” But,, what if Teddy sees me?? am his cook,, I shouldn’t have left the house remember?? ” I said
They both kept quiet for some seconds
” Okay!!! I’ve got an idea!! ” Jasmine said snapping her f!nger
” Hit me ” I sm-irk
” You are gonna be using,,, a mask. Don’t freak out,,, a very pretty mask. And your hair is gonna be down,, ” She said
” But,,,, ” I wanted to say something but Nicole interrupted
” No but!!! That’s what we are gonna do,, and am gonna dress you up so S-xily gorgeous ” Nicole said
” What’s that?? ” I asked causing them to laugh
” Gosh,,, you are too beautiful to be soft this way ” Jasmine said and re-moved the tie from my hair
” Guys,, I have to take a nap. Since the p@rty is still some hours ” I said laying my back
” before that,,, tell us about your stay at The world most handsome famous idol ” Nicole said with a wi-nk
” Come on,, I don’t have anything to say ” I replied
” You dare not tell me that!! ”
” Alright calm down,,, the thing is. He’s just so different,, sometimes I always ask myself,, is Teddy really a human. He’s just too cute,, ”
” I knew it,, you are in love alre-ady ” Jasmine said
” Am not ” I said
” Am not gonna argue with you,,, but you are in love with Teddy Lee ” Jasmine said
” Anyhow ” I bashed my lashes
” Did you guys make contact?? ” Nicole asked with a wi-nk
” are you crazy?? Am just a cook,,, but. He’s really nice,,, he even helped me take care of my wound ” I said showing them the f!nger
” Omg!!! You mean he t©uçhed you?????? ” Jasmine shouted and took my hand like she wanna swallow it up
” St©p ” I said causing them to laugh
” Lover girl,,, I just can’t wait for Teddy to find out about you ” Nicole said
I immediately closed my eyes,,, am tired alre-ady. These girls are just something else,,,
” Angel??? ” I heard them calling
I ignored them and went into my dream world,,, dreaming about Teddy again.
In my dream, he hvgged me, k!ssme , do things for me,,,
Is that really gonna come true??
🎻 Teddy’s Pov 🎻
” I really can’t wait for tonight ” Luca said
” Do you have any plan??? ” Theo asked facing me
” nope ” I replied shortly
” Still looking for the girl?? ” He asked and I nodded
” You don’t know anything about her?? ” Manson asked
” I don’t ” I said
” Any features?? ” Theo asked
” Yeah “.
” Mention ”
” Guys,,,, I’ve never seen her face. But,, her hair is very long. Golden in color,, with h0t straight legs ” I describe-d
” I think you’ve fallen in love alre-ady,,, so what about Vivian?? ” Manson asked causing them to laugh
” Guys st©p,, Vivian is nothing to me. Even her name is a disaster to me ” I said
” Who is inviting a girl tonight?? ” Luca asked
” No one,,, ”
” But guys,, why am I supposed to perform tonight?? You can just choose one of the band,,,,, but not Vivian this time ” I said
” Then who?? Jasmine? ” Theo asked
” No,,,, one of the new girls…… Her name is,,,,,, ”
” Nicole,, yeah Nicole ” Theo said
” Can’t believe you remember her name ”
” Shut the hell up ” He yelled and we all bur-st into laughter
” At least am not looking for a girl ” He said with a sm-irk
” Oh not again ” I said
Three of our managers c@m£ in,,,,
” Evening sirs ” They all bow
” Yeah thanks ” We replied
Just then Manager kim entered,, she’s our favorite
” Sokiio ( Hello.) ” she said and smile
” I think you are getting more cute these days ” Theo said
” Thanks Theo ”
” What’s up?? ”
” Have you guys chos£n the person performing tonight?? ” She asked
” Put Nicole on the list ” Theo said
” Nicole?? Not Vivian?? ” she asked surprisingly
” Nicole ” We all said
” Just her?? ”
” Yes ” I said
” Okay,,,, do you guys nee-d any costume?? ”
” No ” We said uniformly
” Okay,, ” She said and the other three walked out with her
” Nicole,,, Nicole,, who is she?? ‘ I asked
” I don’t really know her,, I just remember the name somehow ” Theo replied
” Oh ”
Hey Angel,, when are you gonna show again? Am sure you are not a spirit right??
Episode 8 💙💚💛💜
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
” Wake up you sleep head!!! ” I heard my crazy friends voices in my sleep,,
” Oh no,, is it time yet? ” I asked still gro-an ing
” Gosh,, remember angels don’t sleep?? ‘ Jasmine said causing us to laugh
” For that,, just call me Angelina, okay?? ” I said and they laughed again
” Come on,, go and take a quic-k bath. We will be doing your make-up ” Nicole said
” No plea-se,, I don’t want any make-up ” I said walking to the bathroom
” Okay,,, but the dress check it out ”
” No,, get into the damn bathroom!! ” Nicole yelled
” Remember what happened to the yelling dog?? ‘ I sm-irk
” Oh no,, that one hurt my soul ” Jasmine said holding her che-st
” I can’t believe this ” Nicole pouted
I walked into the bathroom and put on the shower,, my mind went to Teddy Lee. I don’t know why am missing him right now,, what a crazy thought.
I walked out of the bathroom and they both turned to me angrily,, I flin-ched immediately.
” What’s going on?? Have I done something wrong?? ” I asked almost in tears
” I fv¢king told you!!! ” Nicole yelled and they both started laughing
I stood there still in tears,, they both walked to me and hvgged me
” We are sorry ” they said
” I was scared ” I sniff in
” Damn,,, you should work on your fears, we are not gonna leave you okay?? ” Nicole said and pe-ck me
” Now get dress,,, here ” Jasmine handed the golden dress to me
” Thanks ” I said with a wi-nk
I ru-b the applied the lotion and put on the dress,, it st©ps just above my kneel
” So cute ” I said checking myself out
” Gosh!!! Those killing h!ps and legs,, am sure gonna r@p£ You one day ” Nicole said and Jasmine fell on the be-d
” Am I safe?? ” I asked facing the mirror
” You are not ” Jasmine sm-irk
” Okay guys,, let’s get re-ady ”
” Am gonna use a snicker on this ” I win-ked
” It’s gonna be beautiful ” They said and I nodded
” Time to dress your hair!! ” Jasmine shouted sitting me down
She untied my hair and brushed it cutely,,,, I smiled at myself.
” Have this ” Nicole said and gave me a Queenie mask
” Wow,, its so beautiful ” I said
” Now girls let’s move! ” Nicole said walking to the door
” That sounds like some robbery ” Jasmine said and I nodded in agreement
” Okay,,, let’s go ” She said calmly causing us to laugh.
🎻 Nicole’s Pov 🎻
My phone beeped and I took it out of my purse,,
💌 You are performing tonight,, just wanna tell you earlier. Manager Kim ✍
” What the fv¢k!! ” I yelled
” Whats that?? ” Jasmine and Angel asked at the same time
” Check this out ” I said and gave Jasmine the phone
” Wow,, that’s cool ” Angel said
” How am I gonna do that,, am not even re-ady ” I said
” You can do this ” Jasmine patted my back
” I know,, but,,, ”
” No but,, ” Angel snapped
” Okay,,, let’s go ”
We walked out of the house,, mom is not even around. Thanks to my friends,, everywhere would have been boring.
” Hey Nicole, you are welcome. ” Manager kim greeted immediately we entered the venue
” Hi ” I said
” You nee-d to come with me right now ” she said
I faced Jasmine and Angel
” You guys will be fine right?? ” I asked
” Sure,, go now ” Jasmine replied
I nodded and went with Manager Kim
” How come I am the one chos£n,, am still a new member ” I said
” I don’t know how it happened but they asked you to do it ” She replied still walking without facing me.
I sigh and followed her silently,,
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
💋 Wow,, who is that on the mask??
💋 She look so beautiful even without seeing her face, I love herl-ips
💋 Such a h0t leg
” I can’t believe they still admire you in this ” Jasmine said pointing at the mask
I smiled it off as we found somewhere to sit,,, tonight is really gonna be awesome
💋 Oh my gee!!!! It’s Vivian!!!!
💋 I love the dress
💋 She’s really the queen
I was f0rç£d to look back,, I saw Vivian cat walking to the front. Dressed in a really expo-se short go-wn,,, she’s pretty but I don’t like the dress.
I turned back at Jasmine immediately
” I hate her ” Jasmine scoff
” She’s cute ” I said
” St©p that ” Jasmine snapped
💋 Theo oopa!!!!
💋 Luca looks so cute
💋 I love you Manson!!
I turned back again and I gulped into nothing,, those guys are h0t as fv¢k!!!
💋 What about Teddy Lee??
💋 Oh no,, where is my teddy!
Oh,,, where is he?? If he’s not here then am gonna be in de-ep trouble
” It’s about to start,, but why is Teddy not here?? ” Jasmine asked somehow looking sad
” Do you think he’s not gonna come?? ” I asked looking around
” I don’t know ” she replied
🎤 Hello everyone!!!!
That was Vivian,,, everyone screamed.
🎤 This great show is about to start,, and we are inviting our best dancer to come give us some songs!!! And that’s Nicole!!!!!
Everyone cl@pped,, Nicole went up the stage and started singing, and dancing at the same time.
” That’s my girl!!! ” Jasmine shouted and stood up dancing like her life depended on it.
” I really have to go to the bathroom ” Jasmine said
” Okay ” I said
She left my side immediately,,,, some minutes pas-sed, she’s not back. What’s happening??
” Hey,, who are you?? ” a voice said and I looked back,, omg it’s Vivian
” Am someone,, any problem with that?? ” I asked
Briana and Lily g@sped
” Are you kidding me?? Am asking you a question ” she yelled
” I don’t think so ” I said and stood up
I don’t want it to be obvious,,, I left where I was sitting and walked to the hallway. Where is the bathroom? I nee-d to see Jasmine right now.
” Jasmine!!! Where are you?? Jasmine?? ” I called
Gosh why is this place sli-ppery? I climb down the stairs to the hallway slowly,,, I almost got to the last step when I sli-p,,,,
” Ouch ” I gr0@nand fell,,,, oh no o fell on someone. I opened my eyes and it’s Teddy,, three guards rushed to us immediately trying to take me away from him.
He held me back to himself not letting me go,,,
” We meet again ” He said and t©uçhed my hair
oh no,, what if he find out that I’m his cook? He’s going to hate me!!
By now everyone is here, gosh I hate attention. Now how to I get away from this mess??
” Is that Teddy??? I can’t believe he actually t©uçhed a girl
” Is he in love with her,, the look on his eyes oh God
I just keep on starring at his face,, I took myl-ips in and got up. He stood up also with the help of his guards,, he took my hand and drag me along with him.
” plea-se,,, let me go ” I pleaded
” And you think am gonna do that?? ” he asked not turning to me
” Am sure you are going to hate me if you see my face,, so plea-se let me go ” I said
” Are you that ugly?? ” he asked still dragging me
I kept quiet and sob quietly,,,, we finally got to his car. He pu-ll-ed me in and he also got in,, gosh what is happening right now??
The driver started the car and drove off,,,
” Now,, can you take off the mask?? ” he asked calmly
” I can’t ” I said covering my face with my palm
” plea-se ” He said in a low voice
I slowly re-moved the mask and faced him,,,
” Now what!! ” I yelled angrily in tears
” It’s,,,,, you ” He said with a surprise look
” Do you hate me now that you know am just a commoner??? ” I asked but he said nothing and look away
Will he punish me for lying???
He turned to the other side,, a tear dropped from my eyes. I knew this was gonna happen.
Oh Angel you are finished,, I shouldn’t have gone to that p@rty in the first place.
We are getting to the real drama