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July 30, 2021


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Songs of my heart Episode 7 & 8

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🎻🎻 Songs Of My Heart 💜💜

Episode 7 🌼




🌹Jasmine’s Pov 🌹
I breath out as I sat down beside the pool with my legs in the water,,, am just deep in thought. My mind went to Max,,, and a tear dropped from my eyes,, my whole life was a mess.

Why can’t I find someone who truly loves me?? I always wish I am Angel sometimes,, she always get whatever she want, why am I so different??

Am just a looser,,,,

I heard footsteps coming closer,, I turned back and I saw Luca. He smiled when he caught me starring,, I cleared my throat,,,

” What are you doing here alone?? ” he asked and sat beside me
” It’s nothing actually ” I said trying to prevent him from seeing my tears

” Why are you crying?? ” He asked
” Am not crying,,, just the cold ” I said
” You don’t know how to lie Jas,,, ”

” What else do you want to know!! You guys are just the same!! All you do is hurting women,,,,,,,,,,, ” I yelled and burst into tears
” Jasmine,,, ” he tried touching me

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” Don’t touch me please, ” I said and stood up.
” Wait ” I heard him said

I ignored him and ran inside,,, I can’t do this anymore. Am not gonna fall into any other guy’s trap,, they are all the same. I hate them all,,,,,,

” What’s wrong?? ” Briana asked, I guess Vivian is not in the room
” I don’t need your sympathy okay?? You don’t have to pretend like you care ” I snapped and laid on the bed with my headphones on

🥀 Angel’s Pov 🥀
I walked to him and sat down,, he wouldn’t even glance me a stare,,,, is he really angry?
” Sweetheart,, I said I am sorry. Stop ignoring me, please ” I said
” It’s fine,, just go on and sleep ” he replied without looking up

” Okay,,, I will let you do anything with me ” I said
He turned to me with a smirk
” Really?? ”
” Yes ” I said with a smile
” Now, what I want is. Go to bed ” he said

” Okay ” I said and laid on the bed
” Goodnight ” He said and kissed my hair
” Goodnight ” I replied and slept off
Morning ⏰⏰⏰

I woke up with the ray of light shining on my face,,, I can’t believe it’s morning already. I stood up and walked into the bathroom,, I brushed my teeth and took off my pajamas.

I entered the bathtub,, the water is so warm. I chuckle at the way my body feels,,,, just then Teddy came in.

” You should try to knock next time ” I said
He scoff and walked closer to me,, he bend down beside the bathtub looking all over my body.

” Get your eyes off ” I laughed
” Am going to help you take your bath,,, ” he said taking the sponge
” What?? My hands are working perfectly ” I said
” I don’t think so ” he replied

” That’s not funny,, my hands are working ” I said
He used the sponge on my face,,,
” Sweetheart,, I know you did that on purpose. Now can you kindly wash the soap off from my eyes?? ” I asked but there was no response

🌼 Teddy’s Pov 🌼
I watch as she asked for water,, I shook my head and stare at her whole body. She’s so perfect,, sometimes I wonder how a girl like her will be shy as this.

Her skin glows,,,, her br**st was pointed like it has never been touched, what am I even saying. She’s pure,,, just an Angel like her name.

I really wish you know how much I love you Angel,, I promise to always stay with you and protect you even if it cost my life. I can’t wait for you to become the mother of my children,,,,,

” Honey are you listening?? ” She asked and touched me
” Oh,,, bianeyo( I’m sorry) ” I washed her face

She turned to me angrily,,,

” Have you satisfied your eyes now?? You almost killed me! ” she yelled
” Are you angry?? ” I asked with pouting my lips
” Silly ” she muttered

” Okay,, I am sorry. I have something to tell you ”
” What is that?? ”
” Mother will be coming back from the state today,, she will like to meet you. ” I said

” really?? She want to meet me?? ” she asked like she’s surprised
” My mother is cool, don’t worry ” I said
” When are we going?? ”
” Today,, ” I said

” That’s too fast,,, okay ”
” I will be back ” I said and went out

🌺 Angel’s Pov 🌺
He went out,,, I immediately took my bath and left the bathroom. The door opened and a woman in her fifties came out,,, I don’t know her anyway

” You’re Teddy’s girlfriend ” she said with a smile,, she dropped the stuffs in her hand and moved closer to me
” You look really pretty more than I heard ” she said

” Thank you mam ” I said
” Am here to help you dress up ” She said
” Dress up?? For what?? ” I asked

” He said you are going somewhere important and he wanted you to look really beautiful ” she said

That’s Teddy’s work I know,

” oh,,, thank you ” I said

⭐ Joanna’s Pov ⭐
” Am so glad you are back ” I said and hugged her
” Yeah,, me too baby ” she replied and stroke my hair

” Teddy said you wanna meet his girlfriend,,, ” I said
” Of course,, am glad my son finally fell in love. I really want to thank her for giving my son the opportunity to love again,,, ” she said and I sigh

” She’s the purest girl I ever know,, she’s beautiful, nice, charming,, and,,,, omma. I can’t believe she’s still a virgin,, ” I said and she gasped

” Really?? Wow,,, that’s rare. ” she said with a wide grin
” Yeah,,, am so happy for my brother ” I said
” So where is your boyfriend?? ” she asked coldly

” Omma,, You don’t have to worry about me ” I said
” Who’s worried?? I said when are you getting married?? You are not a kid anymore, you don’t even have a boyfriend, how will you get married?? ” she yelled

” Mom am going to get a boyfriend very soon ” I said and went in

I hate this boyfriend stuff,,,,,,


Episode 8 💚


😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
Damn, am so nervous right now. What if his mother doesn’t even like me? What will I do?? I hope everything is fine,,,
Teddy squeezed my hand softly,, I turned to him

” You don’t have to be nervous okay? ” He said
” Do you think she’s going to like me?? ” I asked, he smiled and nodded
” She must ” he replied

I sighed and decided to calm down,,,

The car stopped and my nervousness became more rapid, I can’t even breath normally. Father Lord Help Me,,, please.
He got out of the car and opened the door for me,, I sigh before getting out. Calm down Angel, calm down.

” Let’s go” he said, that was when I remember that I’ve been standing for some minutes.
He hold my hand as we walked in,, the house is really large and beautiful. A guard opened the door for us,, we got to the large sitting room.

” Wow ” I said silently
” You like it?? ” He asked
” It’s awesome ” I replied

” Ooma!! They are here!! ” I heard Johanna shouting as she came downstairs
She rushed to me and hugged me tightly,

” I really missed you so much ” She said and pecked me
” Thanks ” I said

” Mom ” I heard Teddy,, I removed my gaze from Joanna and looked up at the woman who is now standing opposite.
She’s beautiful,, dark eye, long hair. Wow,,, I think I’ve seen her somewhere, but I have no idea where I saw her.

Teddy hugged her,
” Hey baby,, how are you doing?? ” She asked
” Am good,,, hmm,, mom?? ”
” What is it?? ” She asked raising her brow

” You are looking more beautiful, is there something I need to know?? ” Teddy said with a wink
” You can’t know anything this time ” she said and smack his head softly

” Remember am your boyfriend,, don’t mess with me ” he said and they all laughed

” Is she the one?? ” She pointed at me
” Morning mam ” I said
” Yes mom,, she’s my girlfriend ” Teddy replied
” Come here, come here ” she said and hugged me

” You are so beautiful,, ” she said
” Thank you mam ” I said with a smile
She released me,,,

” Come on,, let’s eat. The maids prepared something nice ” she said walking to the dinning room I guess
” I told you she’s soft ” Teddy whispered
” When?? ” I teased

” Oh,bursted ” he said causing us to laugh
” Let’s eat before any love play!! ” She shouted from where she is

” Let’s go ” I said
He smiled and we both walked to the dinning,, we sat down.

I watched as the maids sets the table

” Wait,, I think I’ve met you before ” She said trying to remember something
” I really don’t know ” I said with a sigh

Am also sure I’ve met her somewhere,,,

” Oh my goodness, I remember you ” she said at once
” Where? ” Teddy asked
” Joanna,, you remember when I told you about a girl who helped me with my stuffs?? I remember telling the guards to wait behind, I never knew am going to buy a lot of things ” She explained and that was when I remember

” Wow,, she’s the one you were talking about?? ” Joanna asked
” Yeah,,, I really like her a lot. She’s pretty and well mannered,,, ” she said touching my cheek

” I told you mom ” Joanna said and winked at me
” What’s your name?? ” she asked
” Angel mam ” I said
” You are such an Angel,,, ” she said

” Thank you mam ”
” Call me mom from now ” She grinned
” Yes,, Ooma ” I said

” Who are your parents?? ” She asked
” I don’t have a father, but a mom” I said
” Wow,, you guys have something in common ” she said referring to Teddy and I nodded

” So who is your mom?? ” She asked
” Lucia Park ” I replied
She looked shocked

” Lucia Park?? How is that possible? She’s my friend and I know her daughter,, her name is Vivian, so does that mean you are Vivian’s sister?? ” she asked

” Actually mom,, there has being a mixed up. ” Teddy said
” Explain better ” she said and sip from her cup
Evening 🌑 🌑

” I really don’t want you to leave ” Teddy’s mom said
” I will come visit very soon mom” I said
” Thanks ”

I kissed her cheek before I entered the car,, wow I really enjoyed their company. What a happy family,, I love her so much.

” So where are we going?? ” Teddy asked as he drove out of the compound
” Where we came from ” I said and touched his cheek

” Am I that handsome? ” he asked
” Of course, You are really handsome that I can’t keep my eyes off you ” I said

” Do you know you’re also the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen?? ”
” I can’t believe that ” I said and laughed
” That’s true anyway “.
” Thanks for that ” I said

👑 Luca’s Pov 👑
” You are lost in thought,, are you okay?? ” Theo asked touching me
” I think he’s in love ” Manson replied
” Wow,, almighty Luca is in love?? ” Theo clapped his head as they laughed harder

” Guys stop, am not in love. Am just worried about her ” I said
” And who is the “her? ” ” Theo asked

” I don’t wanna talk about it ” I replied resting my head on the couch
” Come on,, we are friends. We may help you ” Manson said
” Okay,, it’s Jasmine ” I said with a sigh

” Nicole’s Friend? ” Theo asked and I nodded
” So, what about her? ” Manson asked
” I think something is wrong with her,,,,, ”

” Why do you think something is wrong with her? ”

I explained what happened from the day I took her from the bar to what happened last night,,,,

” Guy,, You are in love with her ” Manson said
” No,,, am not in love with her okay?? ” I said
” You don’t know,,,, but,,,, ”

” Stop,, I said I don’t love her. Am just worried that something happened to her, I think I can help ” I said
” Then go ahead ” Theo said

I nodded and went in,,,,
” Lover boy ” I heard them

Stupid boys,, can’t they just understand what I mean? I don’t love,,,,, or,, do I love her?? Of course not,, just worried.

👒 Vivian’s Pov 👒
I hissed loudly when I saw the news,, this is absurd. How can she gain more fans than me with that silly song she sang??

I even hate her more,,

” She’s really amazing, her dancing step is crazy ” Lily said
” It’s nonsense ” I said
” You are just angry that she’s far more better than you,, Vivian it’s better you give up now before its too late. Angel is gonna disgrace you with her voice and dance ” Jasmine said

I stood up and walked to her, I slapped her hard on the face
” Don’t you ever talk to me like that ” I said angrily with my hand pointing to her face
She smiled and stood up,,

” Is that all?? ” She asked
I am confused, what’s she saying?
” I said is that all you could do?? You won’t ask me to leave this camp like you always do? ” she asked

I dropped my hand,,,

” Next time you lay your hands on me, I will destroy your pretty face ” she said and walked out angrily.

Damn,,, I really can’t take this anymore!!!!!




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