Songs of my heart Episode 3 & 4

🎷🎷 Songs Of My Heart 👑👑
[ Will You Stay?? 😘.]
💛💛 EPISODE 3 💛💛
👑 Teddy’s Pov 👑
I keep on thinking about the voice I heard earlier, who is she? And why was she hiding? Am sure I heard that voice,,, so perfect!!
” Really? ” Theo asked sipping from his drinks
” Yeah, ” I said
” If she’s good, and also a student from the school, then she’s gonna take p@rt in tomorrow’s competition ” Manson said
” He’s right ” Luca said and I nodded
” I wish I find her ” I said and sigh
” I can’t believe the almighty Teddy is searching for a girl right now ” Theo said and they all laughed
” No ha-rd feelings guys,, I just wanna see her ” I said and went upstairs.
This is the mansion where we always meet whenever we are bored,, it’s always cute to stay with them. But they really love talking too much, I hate that especially when they talk about girls.
What the heck.
One of the phones on the be-d beeps,, I took it and it’s mom. Gosh, why is she calling right now?
📲 Yes mom?
📲 baby, can you come over?
📲 When?
📲 Right now
📲 Okay,, I will be there
📲 Thank you my prince
I ended the call, I wonder why she always refer me as a prince. Its annoying,, I packed the phones and put on my headphone.
I went downstairs and met the guys laughing at something I don’t know
” You are leaving alre-ady? ” Theo asked and the rest looked up
” I think mom nee-d to talk to me ” I replied
” Your wedding with Vivian? ” Manson asked and I sh0t him a glare
They know I don’t like it when they say that,, I wish Vivian will st©p ma-king people believe she’s my girlfriend
” Let’s go with you ” They said standing up
” If you wish ” I said ma-king bubbles from the gum am chewing
” Let’s go ”
We all entered into one of our group cars and the driver drove off to my parents house f
” There is something you nee-d to know ” Mother said shaking, I wonder why she called me into her room to tell me this
” What is it mom? ” I asked and held her hand
” Before that,,,, Teddy love,,, I want you to know that I love you so much and I will always do ” she said and a tear dropped from her eyes
Gosh, I hate to see her tears.
” Mom,, say something ”
” I,,,, I,, ”
” Mom? ”
” I am not your mother ” she bur-st into tears
” What?! What do you mean? ” I asked almost immediately
” Actually,,,,we adopted you. Teddy I know you are legally my son,, but still I am not your mother. What if your mom come for you??? Am so scared
” I really don’t wanna tell you,, but my heart won’t let me rest ” she said
I never knew am in tears alre-ady,,, she’s not my mother? But she treats me more than any mother will do to his son,,
” I love you so much,,,,, Mother ” I said and hvgged her more ti-ghtly ” Nothing is going to change mom,, ” I said and k!$$£d her hair
” You see? When my husband died three years ago,, he said he was glad to have a male son like you. We are both really proud of you”
I nodded and rest my head on her shoulder,,,
We got to school and the students started screaming as usual,, We sat down as the judges for the day and three other lecturers joined us.
I really wish that girl will be here today,,,
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
” Nicole you nee-d to drive fast!! ” I yelled
” Am trying Bess, it’s my fault I woke up late “she replied and I scoff
I can’t believe this, I won’t take it lightly with her if she miss the competition.
Finally we got to the school,, she ran out of the car immediately
” I will see you after school!! ” she screamed and ran off
Such a crazy fellow
I locked the door and took my fashion bag, I started walking to where the competition is taking place
Students keep on waving at me, I wonder why
” Hey,, you are Angel right? ” a girl asked
” Yeah ” I replied
@Summer’s Libr@ry
” You look so pretty,,, I love your legs” she win-ked
” Thanks ” before I could ask for her name, she’s gone
I sigh and sat down,, I turned to the judges
There was, Teddy,, and the three guys, Three lecturers, And Vivian, gosh Vivian is one of them?
I hissed and continue starring at Teddy who seems to find everything uninteresting,, what type of guy is he anyway?
I watched as people do and try their bests, they are really wonderful must say.
Then it finally got to Nicole’s turn,, she walked to the stage and sang one of the songs I composed.
Awwwn, so sweet. I love her so much, I can’t believe she’s singing my song
💋 Wow!!!!
💋 I love the song!!
💋 I love your voice too
I blink out tears as the students screamed
She bow her head before leaving the stage,, there was roars and cl@pping. That’s great.
Soon one of the judges c@m£ up,, I expected Teddy to come up so I can hear his voice again, but it was someone else.
🎤 Hi everyone
He said with a smile
And immediately students started screaming again,, crazy right? He gave them a sign and everywhere bec@m£ silent
🎤 As we all know,,,, this competition only favours two p@rticip@n-ts
🎤 yeah!!!
🎤 So,, I will be calling out the two names with me here
Everywhere bec@m£ silent that I can listen to my blood pumping 💓
🎤 Eliza Taylor
Students started cl@pping, as the girl walked out. I remember her,, she danced so beautifully
I pray Nicole is the second person lord
🎤 and secondly we have,,,, Nicole Johnson
He said and students started screaming,, I guess everyone loves her. That’s so cute,, I cl@pped happily as she walked to the stage
” I’m sorry I had to sing your song ” Nicole said and held my hand
” Come on, it’s nothing. Am honoured ” I said and hvgged her
” I really have to go right now, there is a meeting ” she said and pe-cked my cheek
I nodded and she ran off,, I think I really nee-d a new friend right now. Nicole will become really busy,,,
I sigh and walked to the music room,, I wish I p@rticipated. But I want my Bess to be happy,, and am glad she made it.
I entered one of the clas-ses opened,, wow so beautifully set,, I took the guitar and decided to sing a song. Not my own song anyway,, it’s a song by one of my role models, Tatiana,,
🎻 If this was a love song and I told you
🎻 To be with me until we grow old would you
🎻 Would you wait, could you stay
🎻 Could I have your hands to hold
🎻 But I don’t have a love song and am sorry
🎻 I wish I didn’t have to be far
🎻 we grew ap@rt, am stuck in the dark
🎻 Oh,, when you left you took the stars
🎻 I know i, didn’t treat you, treat you right
🎻 But I nee-d you to be mine
🎻 Do you think you could be mine
🎻 If I learn how to love you
🎻 so could you show me how to love you
🎻 Coz I wanna love you, yeah yeah yeah
🎻 Could you show me how to love you, coz I wanna love you love you!!!
” Wow,, that was great!!! Who is that? ” I heard a voice. Oh no it’s Teddy.
I dropped the guitar and ran out of the clas-s immediately
” Wait!! ” He shouted and I st©pped without turning to him
” Can you turn around? ” he asked and I shook my head negatively
” Why? ” he asked
I ran off immediately,,, I don’t wanna be in trouble.
Vivian is gonna give me problem if I ever start talking to Teddy,, he’s her b©yfri£ndanyway.
Gosh,, I wish he doesn’t recognize me. I really nee-d to go home right now,,, the cloth is,,,,,,
Oh yeah,, I have a jacket with me and a head warmer
I quic-kly put it on and also the headwarmer,,,
i turned to leave and saw Teddy and the other three coming ,,,,
” I was really fast enough to record her voice, I knew she was going to run again ” I heard Teddy telling them
Oh fv¢k,, he recorded my voice!!!! What have I done right now??!!
Episode 4 💛💙💜💚
👑 Teddy’s Pov 👑
I keep on listening to the voice I recorded, really awesome,, she’s far better than Vivian.
I wish she st©p running from me,, I wish I could see her face. But she have a long hair, straight legs, and a very nice shape.
What am I even thinking about?
” Will you st©p thinking about her? She may be a spirit ” Manson said
” Are you kidding me? I saw her with my eyes,, ” I said and scoff
” Not her face dude,, you saw her back view ” Theo said
” Guys,, just try to believe me ” I said
” I believe you ” Luca said and I smiled
” Okay okay,, we believe you ” Theo and Manson said
I put on my headphone and continue listening to the voice,, so cute.
Suddenly my phone rang,, I checked the id. Oh my God,, it’s Joanna
📲 Hey love
I said with a smile
📲 Big head
📲 st©p calling me that
I rolled my eyes
📲 Who cares, anyway. Just wanna tell you am back in Korea and I will be in your Mansion in ten minutes
📲 What?!!! You should have told me
📲 well am telling you now
She dropped the call,
” Joanna right? ” Theo asked and I nodded
” Oh my, I can’t wait to see her pretty face ” Manson said and I sh0t him a glare
” Cool down dude,, I mean no harm ” He said and they bur-st into laughter
Well Joanna is my sister,, older than me by three years. Everyone know that she’s such a crazy fellow,, I can’t wait to see her again after so many years.
Am sure mom is not aware of this,,,
A smile escaped myl-ips,,
😍 Angel’s Pov 😍
I left the school alone since Nicole is really busy to go home now,,, am so bored 😒.
I was walking on the road side and humming to a song at the same Time,
Suddenly a car splash the water on my b©dy,, oh my God!! I re-moved the headphone immediately checking my b©dy soa-ked with water.
To my surprise he c@m£ out,, no she c@m£ out of the car and walked to me.
Oh my God,,, she look so beautiful and rich!!
” Oh no,, I am so sorry darling, hope you will forgive me ” she said and re-moved her glas-ses.
She’s so clas-sic
” It’s okay ” I said and smiled
” No,, I really want to help you, its my fault right? Get into the car ” she said
” No mam,, am okay ” I said
” No,,, it’s my plea-sure. Let me do this ” she said
” Okay ” I said and entered the car
She took off immediately,, I wonder where we are going anyway
” What’s your name Angel? ” She asked and I smiled
” Angel ” I replied and she turned to me
” Wow,, you are such an angel, the name suit you ” she said
” Thank you mam ” I said
” Am Joanna ” she said ” So where are you coming from? ” She asked and I told her
” Wow,, you attends that school. That’s great ” she said as we finally entered into a giant building.
Is this not the white house I watched on Tv? But the house is for Teddy Lee, so what are we doing here?
” Don’t be scared, am not gonna sell you” she said but am not calmed at all
Who is she?
She asked me to get out of the car,,,
” Follow me ” she said and I ran after her looking around the house
Is this paradise on earth? I suddenly felt cold,, how can people live in this house without freezing.?
Maybe it’s because I’ve never lived in a big Mansion like this,, Nicole house is really big,, but this is just amazing.
We finally got to the living room after walking for some minutes,, I almost died when I saw the four guys in the room.
What!!!! Teddy???!!!! How come!!!!
” Hey kid ” Joanna said and I g@sped, did she just called him a kid?
I think am going crazy alre-ady
” Who is she? ” Teddy asked and I quic-kly moved to Joanna’s back. Am glad he doesn’t recognize me.
” Oh,, she’s my guest. I brou-ght her because I caused this ” she said pointing to the dirt on my dress
” Oh ” Was all he said
” I really miss you so much Kid brother ” Joanna said and hvgged him
Oh,, she’s his sister? Never knew he have a sister. That’s cute,, no wonder she’s so beautiful and clas-sic.
Summer Gold ✍
” We are here ” Theo said and the rest laughed
” Hi guys,, I will be back ” She said and drag me along with her
” Are you trying to tell me that,, you entered into the white House? ” Nicole asked
” Yeah ” I said and smiled
” Wow,, you are so lucky!! ”
” Why? ” I asked
” Don’t you know? Nob©dy ever go to that house,,,, he have another house where everyone knows. He built that house a few months ago,, I don’t think he’s even permanent in any house,, he’s so fv¢king rich ” Nicole said and my mouth was wi-de opened
” I can’t believe you also spoke with Joanna Unnnie ” she said dreamily
” she’s really nice ” I said and smiled when I remember her
💋 Vivian’s Pov 💋
” Oh my God oh my God!!! ” Lily screamed
” What’s going on? ” Briana and I asked
” Joanna Unnie is back!! ” She screamed and we ran toward her and gr-ab the phone from her
Joanna Unnie is back!! ” She screamed and we ran toward her and gr-ab the phone from her
” Wow,,, I can’t believe this” I said and smiled
” Awwn, she’s so cute ” Briana said
I think my chance is now here,, I nee-d to make her like me no matter what. She can help me change Teddy’s Mind since he always respect her.
” What are you thinking right now? ” Briana asked
” I think am gonna get Teddy soon ” I sm-irk
” How? “..
” Wait and see,,, firstly I nee-d to visit Joanna Unnie ” I said and smiled
” Am going with you ” they said
” You can’t,, am visiting my sister inlaw on my own ” I said