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August 1, 2021


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Songs of my heart Episode 25 & 26

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( can’t help falling in love ❤️ )

Episode 25

By: Summer Gold




Nicole’s Pov :
I rushed into Jasmine house,, I went straight into her room.

” Omg!!! ” I screamed

She’s naked on the bed, I checked her. Oh no,, she’s unconscious.
What do I do right now??

I checked her wardrobe,, I brought out some clothes immediately. I tried and managed to put it on her,, now how will I take her to the hospital???

I ran outside again,,, I called her driver.

” Mam?? ”

” Come in,, help me with my friend. We need to take her to the hospital right now!!! ” I yelled
He followed me, we went back in and carried her.

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Am so sorry Jasmine, I should have come here earlier. We got into the car and the driver took off.

” Please,, drive faster” I said touching Jasmine
I don’t know why she asked me not to tell Angel about this,, but she won’t be happy if we keep it from her.

We finally got to the hospital,,,, the nurses rushed to us and they took her in. Am so restless right now, I don’t even know what happened to her.
But she have some bruise all over her face, what’s wrong??

I just pray she get well soon,,, damn I can’t hold this anymore. Who the hell did that to her??

I called Angel immediately, I don’t care if Jasmine doesn’t even want me to call her but it’s the least I can do.

📲 Hey Nicole

📲 Angel,, you have to come to the hospital right now

📲 What??

📲 Jasmine is sick

📲 Omg, I will be there in 10 minutes

📲 Will be expecting you

📲 Okay

I hang up and sniff in painfully

A tear dropped from my eyes, am such a bad friend. I don’t even know that she’s passing through a lot.

A rushed to the doctor immediately he came out,

” What’s going on?? ” I asked wiping my tears

” You can see her now,, she’s fine ” He said with a smile

I nodded and went in,, I met her crying silently

” Bess,, can you just explain what’s happening here?? ” I asked

” Am sorry,,, I should have explained everything to you guys, but I was scared ”

The door opened and Angel came in,,, Jasmine faced me with a confused look

” Am sorry, I can’t keep it from her ” I said

” So, you wanted to keep everything from me?? For what?? ” Angel asked looking down

” Am sorry Angel,, I never knew all these is gonna happen trust me ” Jasmine said

” It’s fine ” Angel replied

” So tell us what happened to you ” I said

Jasmine broke into tears immediately I said that,, what’s wrong???


” What the f**k??? How dare him do that to you!!! ” Angel yelled immediately Jasmine finished her story

” Am going to inform Teddy right now,, he deserve to die ” She added

” No please, you can’t. Don’t do that please ” Jasmine begged

” Are you crazy?? What do you mean by she can’t do that??? ” I asked angrily

” If Teddy decide to sue him,, then it’s going to include my parent. I don’t want anything to happen to them please, let’s just forget about everything okay?? ” she said in tears

” Am so sorry Bess,, I never knew you are going through a lot ” Angel said hugging her

I also joined them,, we all cry our eyes out. She’s such a strong girl to keep everything from us,,

Vivian’s Pov :
” So,, what did you find out?? ” I asked curiously

” Mam,, am afraid,, she’s your real, mother ” My Bodyguard said

” What?? What evidence do you have to prove this rubbish??? ” I asked in frustration

” Here ” He handed over a file to me

I took it from him and went through it,,, it’s true. She’s my mother!!! But how did I end up with this woman???

” No!!!!!! ” I shouted with pain

” Take it easy ” He said trying to catch me from falling

” Take me home please ” I said in tears

He held my hand and we both walked to the car,, he started the engine immediately

” Please, no one must find out about this ” I said

” Of course mam, you can trust me ” he replied

I can’t believe that poor woman is my mom,, so does my foster mother have a daughter???

I really need to meet that woman to find out every thing, and what’s the reason why she left me???
I must find out everything.

I got home and went in,, I found mom sitting with her focus on TV.

She turned to me when she felt my presence,, she smiled.

I wipe my tears and rushed to hug her,,,

” I love you so much ooma ( mother ) ” I said

” You know I love you more,, what’s wrong?? ” she asked

” Nothing,, just promise that you will never leave me ” I said

She broke the hug and kissed my hair

” Mothers will never leave their children ” She said making me smile

I will never let you find out that am not your daughter, I won’t allow that. No one will take you from me mom,, you are mine.

” Go on and change,, we should go have some fun to cheer you up ” She said

” Okay mom ” I said and walked into my room

An idea came to me,, yeah A DNA test. I won’t believe that she’s not my mom until a test is done.

I hide the file somewhere safe and put on my clothes,, I took my bag and walked out.

” My baby is so beautiful,, am happy to have you as my daughter ” She said and kissed my cheek

” Thank you mom ” I said happily

We both walked out of the house,, we entered the car and the driver drove off.


Episode 26


Max’s Pov :
” Don’t you think it’s too much?? That girl is hurt right now ” Felix, my best friend said

I scoff and sip from my drinks

” Who cares if she’s hurt?? Don’t you get?? I don’t love that girl a bit ” I shrugged with a smirk

” Then, let her go!! ” He said

” I can’t,, ” I simply replied

” I can’t believe you right now Max, hope you don’t regret this ” He said slapping my arm playfully

” I don’t care ” I said coldly

Vivian’s Pov :
We walked into the popular restaurant known as Brent,, I wonder why mom brought me here.

” Am sure you will love it here ” She said as we got in

💋 Omg!! It’s my idol Vivian and her mom!!!

💋 They look so cute together!!

I smiled and waved at them before sitting,,

” That’s amazing, am proud of you baby ” She said and touched my cheek lightly, I smiled.

The waiter came to us grinning,,

” What should I get you mam?? ” She asked

” Chicken ” Mom replied and I nodded

” Okay,, just a minute ” She said and walked away.

She came back with our order and I took a bite from it,

” Wow, delicious!! ” I said with a soft moan

” I told you, it’s good ” Mom said

” You are right ooma,, you’re the best ” I replied nodding my head

Just then we heard some screams,, I wonder what’s going on. I turned to mom and then back to where the noise is coming from.

” What’s that?? ” Mom asked

” I don’t know,, ignore them ” I said taking a bite from my chicken again

Just then Angel came in,,,, but why is she alone??

💋 She’s so beautiful!!

💋 I heard she’s Teddy’s girlfriend

💋 Wow

I watched as she smiled and waved at them all,, damn she look so hot in those dress. Am not surprised that Teddy fell in love with her.

” Wow,, it’s Beauty ” Mom said with a smile

” Beauty?? ” I asked and she nodded

” That’s what I call her ” she replied making me scoff

” Do you know her?? ” I asked

” Of course, she’s such a nice girl ” Mom replied

Anger and Jealousy filled my heart right away, now mom is talking about how nice she is?? She even called her beauty!!

” Mom let’s leave ” I said packing my things

” But,, we are not done yet ”

” We are leaving ” I snapped

” Okay,, okay ” she said standing up

I bumped into someone making my phone drop,,

💋 Omg!! Her phone is broken!!

” Are you nut!!!!?? ” I yelled

I looked up and was surprised to see Angel,

” Oh no,, am so sorry ” she pleaded

” Sorry?? How does that help?!!! ” I yelled again

” honey take it easy ” mom said touching my arm

A man rushed in immediately, he whispered something into her ear. Who is he?? Oh,, he’s one of Teddy’s guard.

He rushed out again,,

” Am sorry, just give me a minute ” Angel said

💋 What do you think she wanna do??

Gosh, those stupid fans, can’t they just keep quiet

The guard came in again, he handed over a black card to Angel. I gasped when I saw it,, Teddy’s black card???

💋 Omg!! It’s Teddy’s black card!!

💋 Awwwn, so sweet!!!

She handed it over to me making me gulped

” Have it ” She said with a smile

Don’t you get?? I hate you so much angel

I hissed and walked out of the restaurant, what does she take me for??

I sat down in the car waiting for mom to come out,, what’s she doing there anyway.

Angel’s Pov :
” Daughter, am so sorry for how she behaves okay?? ” Her mom said touching my arm

” It’s fine,, am at fault anyway ” I replied

” Thanks for that ” She said and walked out

I sigh and handed over what I bought to the guard,

” Let’s leave ” I said and we both walked out.


I got down from the car and went in,, the thought of what happened filled my mind. Why will she hate me so much when I’ve done nothing to her??

I was only trying to help,,, I went into my room and took my clothes off. I walked into the bathroom and had a cool bath.

After am done I used the towel around my chest and walked out,, I met Teddy inside sitting on the bed focus on his phone.

Why will someone press phones like this?? But it’s cute anyway,, he looked up starring all over my body making my heart beat faster.

” Hi ” I said

” Where were you all day?? ” He asked

” I was with Jasmine and Nicole ” I replied

” You should have told me, I was worried ” He said

I chuckle,,

” Am sorry ” I said

He stood up and moved closer to me,,,

He pulled me to himself and hugged me tightly like he’s not letting me go,, I was trying my best to hold the towel tightly.

I can’t afford to make it loose right now,, maybe he noticed because he unlock from the hug and look straight at the towel.

I took my lips in and avoid his gaze

Just leave, leave, leave,,,,, please

I heard him chuckle,,,

” What’s funny?? ” I asked with my brow up

” Do you know that girls are going crazy to stand naked in front of me?? ” he asked making me gasped

” Who cares?? Am not some girls ” I said

” So what will you do if am not leaving right now?? ” He asked and sat down on the bed

” Face the other side ” I Smirk

” I won’t ” He replied

” Then I will go into the bathroom to change ” I said

” What??,, damn. I will just turn ” he said and turned

” Good ” I said and put on my pajamas quickly

” Am done ” I said

He faced me with a smile,,,

” Hmm,, don’t you think it’s too long?? ” He asked and lick his lips

” What?? It’s just a kneel length, where do you want it to reach you pervert?? ” I yelled causing him to laugh

” Come here ” he said with his hand

I walked to him,, he took my hand and Make me sit on his laps. I gasp and faced him, he sniff me in and smiled.

” So beautiful ” I heard him muttered

I suddenly felt his hand inside my wear,, I gasp and swallowed into nothing.

” Teddy?? ” I called

” Hmm? ” he answered without stopping what he was doing

His hand finally cupped my full br***t, I moan out softly. He rup my ni***e tickling me lightly .

He kissed my br***t from the pajamas I was putting on.

” You are really spoiling me honey ” I said

” Isn’t it obvious?? I love br***t ” he replied causing me to laugh

” really?? ”

” Yeah ” he said And his lips landed on mine. His hand still inside my gown,,, I wrapped my arm around his neck kissing him passionately.

I heard him groan,,, I chuckle at my own thought when I remember what Joanna asked.

I guess she’s right,, but I can’t afford to do that right now. It’s going to be damn painful since am still a virgin,,, damn am crazy already.



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