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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Songs of my heart Episode 15 & 16

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( Can’t help falling in love 💋.)


# Episode 15 💜❤💙💚



😍 Angel’s pov 😍
I gasped and look straight into his eyes,,,

” omg,, ” I moan softly, damn I can’t believe am wet already.
Why can’t I resist him??

He kissed me again,, my hands still around his neck. He unlock from the kiss and look straight into my eyes

” I love you so much Angel ” He said with a smile
” I love you too sweetheart ” I said

” Tell me if you need anything okay?? ”
” The card you gave me,, I don’t need it can you just take it from me?? ” I asked with a pout

” Keep it,, it’s yours ” He said
I took my lips in and smiled,

” Thanks ” I said and hugged him
” You keep on tempting me to do what I don’t wanna do ” He smirk

” You can just close your eyes ” I said still hugging him
He held me tight to himself,,, I felt his hand in my cloth.

It continue moving up until he captured my whole br***t,,
” Teddy ” I called
He only chuckle and continue doing his things,, he pressed my nipple and I moan.

It’s not a play thing Teddy,, ”
” It’s my play thing ” He said

” You are spoiling me sweetheart ” I said and brought out his hand
” Am leaving if you continue doing that ” I teased

” Okay okay,, I will stop. Just sleep here ” he said and pulled me back to himself

I buried my face in his chest,,,, his scent filled my nose,,,,

Goodnight Love of my life,, I said in my mind and closed my eyes.

I woke up feeling so happy than ever,, I opened my eyes and that was when I noticed that I was the only one on the bed. What??? Where is Teddy??

Did he left again??

” He’s so mean,,, how can he leave me again?? ” I asked no one in particular.

I wipe the slow tears coming out of my eyes and stood up,,,,,,

I walked out of the room and went into mine,,, I tried opening my phone. Different messages,, from Nicole, jasmine,, and others
I wanted to check them but then I noticed that there is also a message on the school internet blog,,,

💌 School uniform for every students today,, except the band.
Am sure that’s the work of Vivian,, what the fuck??

Uniform?? How can I put on uniform??

I hissed and walked into the bathroom,, i brushed my teeth and took a warm bath.

I went back in and got ready,, I put on the uniform and checked myself in the mirror.

Well,, it’s beautiful. It look so good on me, am so

pretty 😍.

After am done,, I walked out of the room.

” Good morning mam ” The maids greeted with a bow
” Morning ” I replied

” Mam,, your breakfast ”
” Am sorry, I can’t wait. Am really sorry ” I said

” It’s okay mam ”

I smiled and wave at them walking toward the exit

💋 Omg,, she’s damn hot!!
💋 Those killing hips, and legs
💋 The boss is really a bad guy

I heard them murmuring,, why can’t they just let me walk out first??

” I am taking you ” One of the guards said
I nodded and got into the car,,,
He took off immediately like he knew I was running late

” Can I tell you something mam?? ” He asked
” Sure you can ” I replied curiously

” Can you promise that you won’t tell the boss?? ”
” Okay I promise ”

” You look so hot,, so beautiful. You are just an Angel ” He said
” Thanks ” I said with a smile
” You are welcome ”

I got out of the car and rushed in,, I don’t know why.. But I don’t want people to see me in Teddy’s car,, I may just get hurt

I walked in and took my phone,, I need to tell Nicole and Jasmine to meet me up. I really missed them so much.

💋 Omg,, who is that hottie??

” Damn, why can’t I walk freely??? ” I said to myself

The students are all pointing at me and starring like am some food,,

This is crazy,, I shouldn’t have put on the uniform in the first place.

Girlfriend,, you are here ” Nicole said jumping on me
” Wow,,, you look so beautiful ” Jasmine said with a smirk

” Can you just spare me of that?? You guys are putting on what you like and want, but here I am stuck in a stupid uniform ” I hissed

” Someone is trying to act tough hun?? ”
” Stop, okay??? ”

We all talk as we walk together, suddenly Vivian and her two friends appeared in front of us folding their arms together.

I know they are up to something, we stood still immediately.

” You,!!!!! How dare you take Teddy away from me!!! ” Vivian shouted so students can listen to her
” Vivian stop,, you can’t do this here ” Jasmine said trying to stop her

” She didn’t even take him from you,, he’s never yours ” Nicole said
I touched her to calm down.

I just hate stupid attention and Vivian is causing one already,,,,,,

💋 Did she really take Teddy away from Vivian,, damn I hate her already

I heard the students,, I don’t like the word HATE.

A tear dropped from my eyes,, it’s happening again. Why can’t I just stop the tears???

” I just hate you so much!! How can you do that to me!!! I thought we were friends ” Vivian said shedding a fake tear
” No,, I didn’t do anything ” I said almost tearing up

” Vivian,, are you crazy?? What do you think you’re doing?? ” jasmine yelled

🎻 Vivian’s pov 🎻

I smiled inwardly when I saw her tearing up already,, I’m going to frustrate your life.

I heard the students already saying some hateful comment about her,,

” Hey students!! What do we do to cheaters??!!!! ” I asked standing on one of the rocks so they can all see and listen to me
” She tried to take My boyfriend from me!! ” I broke into tears

” She should leave the school!!!! ” the students replied
” Did you hear that??? ” I asked

” Vivian stop ” Jasmine said
I saw Nicole running away,, I don’t care anyway

The students were already throwing things on her,, some were stones, some were throwing eggs.

I smirk as I watch the view

you will regret ever meeting me Angel,,,,

” Stop!!! ” A voice yelled and we all turned back

I gasped and got down from the rock immediately,, this is the last person I wanna see here.

I thought he’s not in school,,

” What’s happening here???!!! ” he asked in anger


Episode 16 ❤💙💚💛


🎻 Vivian’s Pov 🎻

” What’s happening here??!!! ” He yelled
I saw anger in his face,, what do I do??

” Teddy Lee,, it’s,,,, ” I wanted to say something
” Don’t you dare say anything or I will do what you are going to regret ” he said pointing his finger at me

” What did you all do to her!! ” He yelled again
” Vivian is behind everything ” Jasmine said in tears
I gasped

He faced me with grief and turned back to Angel, he walked to her and carried her in a bridal style.

” Do you guys know,,,,, that,,, she’s my girlfriend??? ” He asked almost in a broken voice
The students gasped,, my shoulder dropped at that

💋 We are so sorry,, please don’t evict us
💋 I never knew that,,
💋 Am sorry oopa
He walked away with Angel in his hand,,,

Angel you’ve won again,, I promise you. I will make your life hell with what you’ve done to me!!!!!

I walked away angrily,, now Teddy is madly in love with that slut!! I can’t believe this!!!

He even made everyone know that she’s his girlfriend,, damn.

😍 Angel’s Pov 😍

We got to the car, he dropped me and entered with me. He focused on his phone,, I bite my lips as tears rushed down my eyes.
Am sure he’s mad at me,,,,

I wanted to talk but no word came out of my mouth,,, I just faced the other side.

We got home and he got down of the car ignoring me,, I followed him in silence.

” Teddy wait,,,, ” I held his hand,, he pulled down my hand slowly from his and went upstairs.

A tear dropped from my eyes,,,,

” Mam,, your face ” A maid came to me and touched the injured face
I really tried to protect my face from the things they threw at me, I hate to see my face being messed up.

” We will take care of it ”
” Thanks,, but not now ” I said and went upstairs.

I stood in front Teddy’s room,,,, I wipe my tears and knocked.
” Sweetheart,, am so sorry ” I said and opened the door.

” Just leave ” he said and focus back on the laptop
” Don’t push me away please,, ”
” I told you to stay away from Vivian,,,,, I should have done something she will regret. But you always try to cover up for her,, are you that daft?? Huh??? ”

I knew it,, he’s really mad

” Am sorry, I won’t do that again ” I said
” Not now please ”
” Okay,, I will let you do anything with me”

” I don’t want to do anything with you,, okay?? ”

I bite my lips and walked out of the room,,, Vivian I never knew you can stoop so low to do that.

I went to my room and laid softly on the bed,

A maid came in with ice,,,

” Am so sorry mam,,, ” She said using the ice on my face
” For what?? ” I asked
” Your face,,,, ”

” It’s fine,,” I said with a smile
” All done ” She said before walking out of the room

Another one came in,,,

” What do you want! ” I yelled angrily
” Dinner mam ”
” I don’t want anything, just leave please ” I said and closed my eyes

Teddy should just stop the silence already,, am so hurt right now. This is like a punishment to me,, just come!!

I wipe my tears with the back of my hand,,,,,,, the door opened again

” I said I don’t want anything, don’t you get???! ” I said
No response,, I turned back and saw Teddy starring at me with his two hands in his pocket.

I ignored him and turned my back to him,,,

” Am sorry,, ” He said
I smiled inwardly but still he have to go through everything I went through when I was apologizing
” Just leave ” I said

” Are you trying to pay back?? ” he asked and I smirk
” Who cares?? Just leave me alone”

” This is my house ” He said

I got up and walked toward the door,,

” Where are you going?? ”
” Am leaving your house since you won’t leave ”
” What?? Okay,, am gonna leave. You can stay ” He said

” Better ” I said and walked back in
” Goodnight ” He said
” Are you leaving?? ” I asked and took my lips in

” You told me to leave ”
” idiot,, and you think I mean it?? ” I said and hugged him

” Am so sorry,,, ” I said
” For what?? ” He asked and I broke the hug

” You almost killed me when you asked me to go out,, I yelled at the maids. I Need to apologize to them right now ” I said and sigh
” You don’t need to do that ” he said and I nodded
” What do you want me to do to Vivian,, she should be punished ”

” I don’t know ” I said
” When will you stop to pity her?? She doesn’t even worth it ” he said and roughed my hair

” I don’t pity her,, she’s just doing that because she loves you ” I said looking straight into his eyes
” And,, I don’t want to be the reason behind her pain,,”
” Stop Angel,, just stop. I never told her to love me okay?? ” he said somehow angry

” Am sorry,,, ” I said and hugged him again
He pulled away from the hug and checked me out,,

” Why are you putting this on?? ” He asked
” It’s,,, ”
” Vivian right??? ” He asked, I bite my lips

” I don’t want to see you in this again,,, ” He said and I nodded
” You’ve not eaten right?? ”
” No ”

” Let’s go eat somewhere else ” He said with a smirk
” But the maids cooked ”
” Don’t say a word ” He said

” Okay,, I will just get ready ”
” Do you want me to help you take your bath?? ”
” No!! ” I yelled and pushed him out

I heard him laughing,, I scoff. Am sure he’s going to do some silly things again.

” Idiot, but you told him you will let him do anything with you ” my mind said

I slap my head,, Teddy is really spoiling me that my mind is so Bad.

I slip out of my clothes and went into the bathroom,,,,




Angel 😇
Vivian 😒
Teddy 🚶

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