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July 23, 2021


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Songs of my heart Episode 11 & 12

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# songs 🎻of my heart 💞
( Beautiful Romance 💋)

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Episode 11 ❤💙❤💚


😍 Angel’s pov 😍

” Where are we going?? ” I managed to ask
” Am kidnapping you ” He replied and smirk
” That’s good ” I said with a smirk also

” You really want to get kidnapped?? ” He asked and faced me
” Getting kidnapped by you will be better ” I said and smiled

” I guess am beginning to see your crazy side ” He said and lean closer to me

I shift back,,,,
” Oh, I guess not ” he shook his head and moved back
” What??? ”

” Nothing ” He said with a grin

” You won’t stay there forever right?? ” He asked
I got down of the car and look around,, there is a mansion just before us. Whose house is this???

” Come on ” He said and took my hand
” Teddy wait ” I said and he stopped,, he turned back and face me.

Oh no,,, is he mad at me??

” Did you just called my name?? ” He asked with a smile
I looked down to prevent him from seeing my blush,,, gosh Teddy. Am going crazy already,,,

” I think you are getting more,,,,, ” He was interrupted by Joanna’s voice
” Hey kid brother!!! ” She shouted waving at him

Why did he bring me to Joanna’s house???

” Gosh,, she’s so annoying ” Teddy muttered and I chuckle

We entered and a gasp escape my lips,,,, this family is fucking rich!!!

” Angel,,, you look so beautiful ” She said and hug me tightly that I almost choked
” Am sorry ” She said and left me
I smiled and nodded,,,

” Come on,, have a seat ” She said
I stole a gaze from Teddy before sitting down,,, am addicted to that already. 😋

🎻 Theo’s pov 🎻
” So where is he right now?? ” Luca asked
” Probably with his angel ” Manson replied and we all nodded in agreement
” I knew it. That girl is damn hot when I first saw her ” Manson said

” You can say that when Teddy is here and see how he’s gonna kill you ” I said
” I know ” He replied causing us to laugh
” am leaving guys ” I said

” Tomorrow right?? ” Luca asked
” I’m going to wait for Teddy to decide that ” I smiled and walked out of The house

💋 Nicole’s pov 💋

I walked out of Jasmine house,, I don’t know why I miss Angel so much. I tried her number but she’s not picking up,, I hope she’s fine.

I entered the car and took off immediately,,, maybe I should go to Teddy’s house right?? I really need to see her.

The car stopped,, what the fuck?? What is happening to the car right now??

I went out of the car,,, what do I do right now?? I don’t know any fuck about cars,,, I kicked The car tyre

” Ouch!! ” I groan in pain and held my leg
” Stupid!!! ” I yelled out to no one in particular

What do I do right now??

A car stopped right in front of me,,, who is this??

The person came out of the car and I gasped,, Theo!!!!

Oh no,, get hold of yourself Nicole,, get hold of yourself.

” Why are you here?? ” He asked with his two hands in his pocket
” Uhm,,, my,, my car ” I said trying my best not to stammer
” What’s wrong?? ” He asked

” It,,, just stopped. I don’t know how it happened ” I replied
” You can leave it here,, I will just drop you off to wherever you are going ” He said

Whaaaaat,,, drop me off??

” I actually want to see my friend,, I really miss her a lot ” I said with a little smile
” You can’t see her right now ” He said and smirk
” What?? Why?? ”

” She’s with Teddy ” He said with a grin
” Oh mine ” I said and covered my mouth with my palm
” I will just take you home ” He said

” Thanks ”

We both got into the car,,,

” You are Nicole right?? ” He asked still focused on the wheel
” Yeah ” I said foldliing with my fingers
” Cool ” He said

Just cool???!!! Nothing more???,,,

😍 Angel’s pov 😍

Damn am so fucking tired,, it’s so late already. Am so happy now that we are going home,, Joanna is really nice.

I just love her a lot,,,

” Angel,,,,, we should see more often okay?? ” She said and kissed my cheek
” I will ” I said with a smile
” That’s okay,, we are leaving ” Teddy held my hand

When we got home, it’s late already. I don’t know why am not feeling sleepy,, maybe its because am with Teddy??

I followed him out of the car,, I walk slowly behind him. He turned back to me sigh. Why did you turn back???

He walked to me and before I could speak, he already carried me in a bridal style

” But,, my legs are fine ” I said softly
” They are too short ” He said
” What?? They are long enough ”
” You can see mine right?? ” he said and I kept my cool

We got upstairs,, and passed my room

” But,, that’s my room ” I said pointing
” Do you always have to complain?? ”
” Am sorry ” I said and took my lips in

We got to his room and he dropped me,, this is actually the first time I feel calm to check The room out.
It look so large and beautiful,,, the bed is out of this world. But he stays here alone right? Why is it so large??

he drag me to The bed,, I sat down still looking around. He laid on the bed and rested his head on my laps

” Let me stay here for a while ” He said and closed his eyes at that
He look so cute with his eyes closed,, his hair fell freely on his face. I removed The hair strand with my palm,, my eye caught with his lips.

So cute,,,, why do I always feel butterflies in my stomach whenever am with him??

Angel,, what is happening to you?? Am not in love am I?? I can’t possibly fall in love with this idol,,,

I checked him again,,, he’s really asleep. I dropped his head gently on the bed and stood up,,,,, I wanted to tiptoe out but then his hand pulled me back to himself.

What??!!! I thought he’s asleep,,
” Just sleep here ” He said in his sleep

” But,,,, ”
” No but ” he said and pulled me closer to himself and rested his head on my chest!!!! Or let me say my br***t?!!!!

what??? Now what!!!


Episode 12


❤ Angel’s pov ❤

I opened my eyes slowly,, I turned to my side but it was empty. Where is he?? He should have just woke me up,,, but hell no!! He did not.

I rushed out of the room and entered my room,,, I got into the bathroom and took a warm bath, a quick one though.

I returned to my room getting dressed,, a slight smile escape my lips when I remember Teddy,.

I carried my bag and walked out of the house, I don’t need to eat. I will just find something to eat in school,,, but,,, I don’t have any money on me!!

Damn,, what do I do??

Two guards came to me immediately I got out,,,,

” What ” I asked
” We told you we will be taking you to school from now ” One of them said
” What if I don’t follow you? ” I asked with a smirk

” We will loose our job ”
” What?? But why?? ” I asked in surprise
” Let’s leave ” He said dragging me with him

” You will definitely get killed if The boss see you holding her ” The second one said
He left my hand immediately,, I scoff.

Teddy is really something else,,,, I got into the car and the driver took off

We finally got to school,, I got down of the car and was about walking into the building when one of the guards ran to me.

” What else?? ” I asked
” This,, the boss told us to give you ” He said and gave me something like a card
” I don’t need it ” I said

” Am going to loose my job ” He pleaded
Not like I don’t want to take it anyway, I was only teasing him 😜😜.

I took it from him and smiled,, I don’t even know what it is. Am just an introvert who doesn’t know anything.
Am going to show Jasmine and Nicole, I put it in my bag and walked into the school

” Hey hottie ” Jasmine shouted almost dragging me with her into their private class
” What if Vivian comes in?? I don’t want any trouble please ” I said trying to resist her

” She’s gonna do nothing ” Nicole said and rolled her eyes
” So what do you have for us?? I really missed you so much,, I wanted to come to Teddy’s mansion yesterday but I was told you guys were having fun ” Nicole said and I gasped

” Who told you that?? ” I asked raising my brow
” Theo ” She replied
” You guys talked?? ” Jasmine asked

” Actually it was accidentally,, I told you my car broke down. But he was there to give me a ride,, that’s all ” Nicole explained
” Hmmm ” I said

” What ”
” Nothing ” I smirk and brought out the card
” Omg!!!! ” Nicole and Jasmine exclaimed and took the card from me immediately

” Easy guys!! ” I said checking my squeezed hand
” Where did you get this?? ” They asked
” Teddy ” I said

” Omg!!!!! ” Another round of scream
” What’s wrong with it?? ” I asked

” It’s Teddy’s credit card,,,, am sure it contain billions!! ” Jasmine screamed and I gasped
” Why did he give me this?? ” I asked

” To use of course,, we gonna spend some Money!!! ” They said dancing round the class
” Spend what?? Am not spending anything,, it’s not mine ” I said and took the card from them

” What?? But it’s,,, ”
” Am returning it to him ” I said
” Damn,, my girlfriend is nut ” Jasmine said

The door opened and Vivian came in with her two friends,, I quickly tried to hide it.

” What,, is that not Teddy’s Credit Card?? ” Vivian said walking to me
” So what?? It’s not for you,, you mentioned Teddy right?? ” Nicole said

” How did you get that?? ” Vivian asked ignoring Nicole’s question
” She stole it from Teddy I believe,, she’s just a maid in his house. I knew it,, she’s a thief ” Lily said and I felt a tear dropped from my eyes

” Am not a thief ” I managed to say admist the tears
” Who called you a thief?? ” A voice said and we all faced the door

I gasped,, it’s the person I expected least. What is he doing here??

🎻 Teddy’s pov 🎻
” Don’t you think you have to release the hit now?? You’ve found angel, so what’s keeping you waiting?? ” Theo asked as we all walk through the school corridor
” Am taking everything slow,, just give me more time okay?? ” I said

” I guess you are madly in love with that girl ” Luca said
” Shut up ” I snapped

we heard some noise coming out of the band’s private class,, what’s happening??
Well it’s not my business

” She stole it from Teddy I believe,, she’s just a maid in his house right? I knew it, she’s a thief ” I heard someone said
” Who is she referring at?? ” Theo asked

I gave him a sign to keep quiet
” Yess boss ” He said

” Am not a thief ” I heard a broken voice,, I recognize the voice.
” That’s angel’s voice ” I said and opened the door

I saw them all and turned to Angel,,

” Who called you a thief?? ” I asked and they all faced me in shock.
I saw her eyes,, she was weeping. Damn I hate to see her tears.

” I asked a question! ” I said trying hard not to yell
” Teddy,, ” Vivian called trying to touch me
” Don’t use your fucking hand on me ” I said and she flinched in fear and moved from me

” Who called her a thief?? ” I asked turning to Nicole

” It’s nothing,, we were just kidding ” Angel said and smiled.
I know she’s faking the smile anyway,, why are you like this?? Why do you still cover up for the person??




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