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August 1, 2021


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Songs of my heart 2 Episode 9 & 10

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🎻🎻 Songs Of My Heart 💞 💞
( Beautiful Love )

Episode 9 🍷

Written By Summer Gold. W



🌼 Jasmine’s Pov

” Jasmine, what is wrong with you?? For the fact that you’ve went through alot doesn’t mean all guys are the same!! ” Nicole yelled after I told her what happened last night

” You don’t understand Nicole,,, ”
” Oh please, what else do I need to understand?? I am also a girl, I feel your pain. But you have to give another guy a chance, and besides he’s not talking about love, just friendship!! Trust me Angel must not hear this ” she said turning her back on me

” I’m sorry,,, ” I said resting my head on her shoulder
” You should apologize to Luca not me ” She snapped
” Okay,, I will. Are you happy now?? ” I asked

She turned to me and hugged me,, I held her tightly
” Am sorry for yelling, I understand you. Am just worried about you ” she said and pecked my cheek
” I know ” I said

” What have I missed?? ” We heard Angel’s voice from the back
” Nothing much,, just chatting ” Nicole said
” So,, how is your meeting with Teddy’s mom?? ” I asked as we all sat down

” It’s awesome ” She replied and told us everything

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” Guys I need to sleep right now, you should also go in ” I said
” How are you coping with Vivian?? ” Angel asked
” It’s cool ” I sigh
” Did she do something?? ” Nicole asked
” Of course not ” I said and walked out

I don’t wanna tell them anything, they will be worried. But I can face this alone

🌼 Angel’s Pov 🌼
” I know Jasmine, she’s pretending. But trust me Angel, if I discover that Vivian is trying to hurt her, am gonna kill her ” Nicole said folding her fist

” Are you crazy? How can you talk about killing someone?? ” I said
” Let’s go in ” she said

I sigh as we stood up,,,
” She’s fine,, just forget about that and calm down ” I said touching her hair
” Am okay ” she said

We both walled into the room, Erika and Vanessa stood up immediately like they’ve been waiting for us.

” We missed you guys ” Erika pouted
” We also do ” Nicole replied and touched their cheek
” So how is it?? ” Vanessa asked
” It went as we wanted ” I said

” Yes!!! ” Erika shouted dancing in her style causing us to laugh

After chatting for a while, we all changed into our night wear and laid on the bed,, others are probably sleeping but am not sleepy.

I can’t believe am missing Teddy really badly,,, I spent the whole day with him so why am I missing him so much.

I took my phone and decided to text him,,,, I immediately changed my mind. What if he’s tired? He should have called me,,,,, I will just leave him.

Oh,, I should talk to mom.

💌 Hello Mom
I waited for 10 minutes before she replied, I was about giving up

💌 Beauty, you are awake

💌 Yes mom,, I missed you

💌 Awwwn,, I also miss you. I just decided to let you have fun, that’s why I didnt disturb you

💌 That’s nice of you mom


💌 So, how is your meeting with Teddy’s mom?

💌 I will call you tomorrow so I can explain better

💌 Okay,, that’s good.

I think this is an opportunity for me to ask her this question,, I sigh out.

💌 Uhmm,, mom. There’s something I want to ask

💌 What is it?

💌 Do you think,,,, it’s a must, to have sex with my boyfriend??

💌 😂😂😂😂

💌 Mom,, am serious.

💌 Okay,, daughter. You are asking me this because it’s your first time

💌 Yes mom,, I Learnt first time is always painful. I don’t want to feel that pain now

💌 It’s better you feel it now,, I understand that Teddy loves you and he can wait, but remember he’s also a guy. You should understand what I mean

💌 Mom explain better!!! 😭

💌 You are matured enough,, make sure you don’t keep him waiting for too long okay??

💌 Okay mom, goodnight. I love you

💌 I love you more 💓

Damn,, mom is not helping matter at all. Okay, Angel you can do this,,,,,

I finally slept off*********
________Morning _______

” Bess, wake up ” A hand tapped me
I opened my eyes slowly,,,
” Morning ” Nicole said

” Yeah, morning ” I said
” Baby,,, go take your bath. I need you to come with me, am doing some shopping ” She said with a wink

I smiled and checked her out, she’s already dressed up.

I stood up and walked into the bathroom,,, I think Erika and Vanessa went out. Why did I sleep so late??

I sigh and brushed my teeth, after that I took my bath and walked out of the bathroom.

Four eyes starring back at me

” Oh my,, you scared me ” I said holding my chest
” Sorry about that ” Erika said
” you were not in some minutes ago ” I said looking confused

” Yeah, we went out, and guess what we are all going shopping, so you should bring Teddy’s credit card along ” Vanessa said

I rolled my eyes,,

” Am using my card instead ” I said drying my body
I don’t even like dressing in front of people,,

” We are girls like you okay?? ” I guess Erika saw my nervousness

I smiled and add the lotion before putting on a simple dress,,, just a top and jersey trouser. I park my hair into ponytail,, wow it really look good on me.

I smiled at myself when I remember the day the guards brought everything,,,

” You are going to meet him soon, don’t drool here ” Erika said

I hissed and they all laughed,

I got up and put on my snickers,,

I opened the drawer, I took my bracelet. The one I got for Teddy and I, i put it on since Teddy is always with his. I checked again and I discovered that the necklace he bought for me is not there,,

Oh no, I can’t lost it. He got it specially for me,, ANGEL Is written boldly on it.

” What are you looking for?? ” Jasmine asked
” Necklace ” I said still searching
” Oh come on,, we will look for if when we get back ” Nicole said holding me

I nodded,, I hope I find it. Teddy will be mad at me if I lost it,,, that can never happen.

” Am going with you mam ” Micheal ( The guard ) said
” Sure, I don’t Want you to get into trouble ” I said and he smiled

First time seeing him smile though

We all walked out of the camp house and entered the car with Michael following in another car,,, all am thinking about right now is the necklace

🌼 Vivian’s Pov 🌼
I smirked as I hold the necklace in my hand,, this is pure gold. I can’t believe Teddy got her something so expensive,,,

” What do you plan to do with the necklace?? ” Lily asked
” What do you think will happen if Teddy find out that his so called girlfriend doesn’t even care about his gift?? Not just a gift,, but it was made specially for her ” I smirk

” Oh my God,, that will be great!! ” Lily shouted
” Angel, just wait and see how I destroy everything ” I said


Episode 10 🍷


🍬 Vivian 🍬

I sight Teddy coming looking as cute as always,, now is the time. I smirk inwardly,,,

” Guys, do you remember Angel telling Nicole earlier that she lost her necklace??? ” I asked making sure Teddy can hear me

” Yes,, do you think it’s the necklace Teddy got for her?? ” Briana asked making me laugh inwardly

” You know we stay in the same room right? I’ve always seen it around her neck,, her name is written on it ” Lily said

” How can she lost what her boyfriend gave her,, she’s so careless. ” I said

” What are you guys talking about?? ” we heard Teddy’s voice and we all faced the direction

” What do you think we are talking about?? Your girlfriend ” I said with a smile

He took my hand and drag me away from others,,, even though his grip was hard am still happy that he’s holding me right now. Just as we planned, am sure they will take a picture of everything.

He pinned me to the wall starring at me angrily, I breath in and out.

” What are you doing?? Let go off me right now!! ” I yelled

” Tell me what you know about the necklace I gave Angel ” he said

” Oh,, so you really gave her a necklace?? Too bad she lost it,, she doesn’t even care about your heart. Right now she’s somewhere catching some fun with her friends, do you have to bother about that?? She can do anything she wants since she’s pretty,,, am sure she’s cheating on you. Am just feeling for you right now, how will,,,,,,,,,,, ”

” Vivian!!! Shut that mouth before I shut it for you!! ” He yelled and left my hand

” Shut me up because am telling you the truth?? I wonder how you decide to fall in love with her, ”

” Because she’s different from you Vivian,, am sure you are just doing all these because you are jealous, why don’t you just give up already ” he said

I laughed out loud

” Really?? Me? Jealous?? You are so funny ” I said and continue laughing

” Vivian,, no matter how you try. Am not gonna love you,,, get that into your skull” he said

” I don’t care about your love anymore,, but am not going to make your relationship with Angel work either!!! ” I yelled

” Well,, you can try all you want ”

” Teddy you know what I can do,,, ” I said and kissed him

He pulled me away,,,,,

” Don’t you ever try that with me again Vivian, I am warning you ” he said and walked away

I smiled,,,, now let’s see who wins.

” That was really great Vivian, I can’t wait to show Angel these pictures. Am sure she’s going to tear up!! ” Briana said causing us to laugh out

” Bess,,, I love this game. I really want to watch Angel cry tonight ” Lily said

This is just the beginning Angel,, the fact that you stole everything from me is making me to hate you more. You will regret ever falling in love with Teddy Lee.

( songs of my heart @summer’s library )

🍓 Teddy 🍓

I really don’t want to believe that Angel lost that necklace , the necklace is one of a kind. How can she be so careless to toy with my heart??

Am really hurt right now but I can’t let Vivian know that,,,,

I took my phone and dialed Michael’s number immediately,

📲 Sir??

📲 Tell Angel to see me immediately she gets back, I don’t want to disturb her

📲 Okay sir

I hanged up and sigh,, am sure Vivian is up to something. Angel is so careless, she trust too much. I have to do something about that trust issue,

But,, can Angel really cheat on me??

2:30pm ⏰⏰⏰

🍡 Angel 🍡

We all got out of the car, damn am f**king tired but I have to meet Teddy right now. He even sent Michael to me,, is everything okay??

I need to find the necklace before he finds out about it, lord help me.

” Guys,, I will see you later ” I said

” Okay,, bye ” they responded and waved at me.

I started walking to his room with Michael behind me,, I don’t feel weird about him anymore.

I breath in and out before opening the door,, I met him playing the keyboard, he wasn’t singing but it’s beautiful. I guess he noticed me because he turned his gaze to me.

” Hi ” I said somehow feeling nervous

He stood up and moved closer to me,,,,, gosh!! He’s starring at my neck!!

” Where is your necklace?? ” He asked without expression

Now what do I do?? Angel why are you always in trouble?? Why me??!!!

” Uhm,,,,, it’s,, in the room ” I replied

” You should put it on everytime, you see this right? ” He said showing me the bracelet around his wrist

” Biane,,, ” I said looking down

I just lied to him again,,,, oh lord. I don’t even know where the necklace is!!!

” I will be on my way right now, I need to do something ” I said

” What?? We haven’t even seen each other all day, you are leaving again?? Are you avoiding me?? ” He asked and I gasped

” What?? Why will I do that,, I just want to do something,,,,, ”

” You can leave ” he snapped and started playing the piano again

I sigh,, is something wrong with him??

” Honey,,,,,,,, ”

” Why do you always lie to me?? Why can’t you always open up to me? Why?? ”

What’s he saying right now??

” You lost the necklace right?? ” He asked and faced me

I bite my bottom lips trying to fight the tears coming out

” Am sorry,, I did not,,,,,, ”

” That’s what you always tell me Angel, you don’t even care about how I feel about you. How can you be so careless to lost something I got for you??? Now am doubting if you really love me ” he said and I gasped

” Honey,, what are you saying? I love you a lot,, I don’t even know how the necklace got missing, I left it in,,,,,,, ”

” Why did you take it off in the first place??? You don’t have any excuse,,, you’ve always done this,,,, ”

” So what are you trying to say?? Why do you always put the blame on me??? Damn,, I don’t even know what to say to you right now ” I said and walked out of the room

I ran to the field and sat on the bench,, I started crying my eyes out. I’ve been trying to keep the tears anyway,,,

He’s right,,,, I always mess with his heart,, am just so careless to have lost the most precious thing to me.

Now he’s mad at me,, I even talked back at him, Angel what is wrong with you??? What are you doing to yourself when you know you Won’t be able to hold it in???

‘ Come on guys,,, we kissed and if was really wonderful ‘ I heard voices and I looked back only to see Vivian and her friends

” Teddy is just so sweet ” she said and my heart skipped a beat

Teddy kissed her?? No,, he can’t do that

” Oh,, his girlfriend is here. How about we show her?? ” Vivian said

They all walked to me,, I immediately stood up.

” No,, wait. I have to show you something, are you not curious?? ” she said and showed me the picture on her phone

Teddy actually kissed her!!!! It’s today,, this is the cloth he’s putting on

” What the f**k is this?? Are you not even shameless?? How can you do this with another person’s boyfriend?? ” I asked angrily

” Isn’t a obvious?? Am the one he love,, he’s just playing you so why don’t you give up already??? ” She asked with s smirk

” I will never give up on someone I love, get that into your skull ” I said

” Then,, let’s see. Guys let’s leave ” She said

They went away and I burst into more tears,, how can Teddy do this to me?? How?!! Why did he do that,,,

” Sweetheart?? ” Someone called

I recognize his voice immediately,, Teddy. What is he doing here??? I look up immediately trying to wipe my tears

” Just leave me alone and go to Vivian,, you disgust me!! ” I yelled and ran in

This is a dream right?? I have to wake up from this bad dream,,,,,, Angel, why is your life like this??



To be continued……….

What is happening right now?? 😭😭😭😭

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  1. I really don’t understand why some girls throw themselves on some men when they have not even propose to them. Anyway I love the story, please continue with season two episodes 11to end. I can’t wait any longer. I love it.

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