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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Songs of my heart 2 Episode 5 & 6

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🎻🎻 Songs Of My Heart 🎻

________Episode 5

Written By Summer Gold. W



⭐ Angel ⭐
We all sat down chatting and laughing,, I never knew it’s going to be fun, meeting new friends and all.

Suddenly, there was a loud scream. What’s going on?

🚻 They are here!! Set the camera!!

” Who are they talking about?? ” I asked
” Teddy and the other three of course ” Nicole replied

🚻 Omg!! They look so hot
🚻 Can you see Theo Oopa?!! He’s so handsome!
🚻 I love you guys so much!!
🚻 Wow,, Teddy hair looks hot.

What’s with the hair?? I turned to look at them and I gasped, I can’t believe he dyed his hair. I’ve never seen that before but he look so cute.

” Awwn, am so jealous of you. Your boyfriend is an idol, and you will also become one very soon. Can we please exchange names?? ” Erika asked
” You can take it ” I replied and we all burst into laughter.

I watched as they all walked to the table which is somehow far from ours, I saw him turning. Oh no, I hope he’s not searching for me. Soon his eye met with mine,, he smiled and winked which made me turn red immediately.

” Omg,,

did he just winked at you?? ” Vanessa asked
” Damn, where did you see these girls!! ” Jasmine asked
” Why did you ask?? ” Nicole asked her and we all listened

” Gosh!!! I love them!! They are crazy like I am!! ” she said

I rolled my eyes while they keep on laughing,, I saw one of Teddy’s guard walking toward us.

” Oh no,, I guess he’s coming for you ” Nicole said
” Of course not ” I defended even though I knew I was wrong

” Mam,, the boss want you to come over ” he said
” I knew it ”
” Thanks,, you can leave ” I said
He bowed and walked away

” So what are you gonna do?? You will leave us?? ” Jasmine asked faking stupid tears

I took my phone and messaged him,,,

💌 Am sorry,, I can’t ,, I wanna spend time with my friends. Don’t worry, I will make it up to you

💌 Really?? So what about me? 😭😭

The emoji made me laugh,,

💌 I love you
I sent it

💌 Don’t worry I know what to do

What’s he gonna do??

” Angel look!! ” Vanessa said and I followed her hand

Oh my Gee,,, Teddy and his friends are coming over!!

🚻 Where are they going?
🚻 Are they leaving already??

They finally got to us,, Nicole left my side and Teddy sat down beside me

🚻 Wow,,, he really went there to sit with his girlfriend. So romantic

Can’t these people keep quiet for once??!!!

⭐ Vivian ⭐
” Did

you see that?? They are now together, everyone is taking pictures. Let me take some ” Lily said bringing out her phone

” Are you crazy?? You know Vivian is gonna get mad ” Briana said and Lily sighed before taking back her phone

I only kept quiet as I watch everything,,,, this is gonna be fun I guess. Am going to make sure I win the competition no matter what,,, I must win.

⭐ Angel’s Pov ⭐
” Angel,, don’t you think you should sleep with your boyfriend?? ” Erika winked

F**k, this girl is something else
” I agree with her ” Vanessa smirked
” I totally agree ” Nicole said

I faced her and gave her a killing stare

” I can’t believe Teddy fell in love with someone as shy as you are,, I can’t imagine what am gonna do if Teddy is my boyfriend, I will kiss him and,,,,, let me keep quiet ” Erika said and we all laughed

We heard a knock and we stopped,,
” I will go get it ” That’s Erika again 😂
She opened the door and the guard staying with me came in,,

” What do you want?? ” I asked
” You have to come with me mam,,, The boss asked me to bring you ” He said

I turned to the others,, they all faced the other side like they’ve planned it. Those idiot,, am so unfortunate to have them as my friends 😂😂

” Okay,, You can leave. I will go meet him ” I said with the soft smile
” No,, I don’t want to loose my job, kindly follow me ” He said
” That’s awesome,, please bundle her out of this place with impending alacrity ” Vanessa said and the others burst into laughter

” Am going to deal with you all tomorrow, trust me ” I said and stood up

I walked out with him,,

” After you mam ”
” No,, after you ” I said

I hate walking in front of guys,, that’s crazy and I know. I really deserve a punishment from Teddy,, he actually called me but I refused to pick his calls. I just want those girls to keep quiet for some minutes, they are really frustrating me.

He opened the door and I walked in,,, leaving him staying with others in the doorposts. I wonder if they always sleep.

Wow,, this room is really huge. The room is painted with white and some decorations,, the bed is just out of this world. I can sleep on it without waking up,,,

” Are you done checking it out?? ” Teddy appeared from another side in the room, maybe the dressing room, he’s putting on a pajamas, a hair band around his head which prevent his hair from falling to his face

His hands insides his pocket,, he look so hot!

” Uhm,,, hi ” I said with a small smile
” You can’t get me with your smile,, why did you ignore my calls?? ” He’s now very close to me
” Dui bu qi ( am sorry in Chinese ) ” I said
” Since when did you start speaking Chinese?? ” he scoff
” Biane ( Sorry in korea ) ”

” Your sorry is not going to work this time ” he smirk and walked to the bed, he sat down and took his laptop
” So what should I do? ” I asked and moved closer to him
He kept quiet,,

” Don’t ignore me,, am gonna cry ” I said.
He sigh and look up,,,,, he dropped the laptop on the shelf beside the bed and took my hand. He drag me and I landed on his laps.

” You really think am mad at you?? ” He asked
” Not really ” I said and he smiled
” I really miss you a lot ” He said resting his head on my chest

I gasped,,,, damn Teddy is really gonna spoil me.

” Uhm,, baby?? ” I called
” What is it? ” He asked without even raising his head,,,,
” I love you ” I said and it worked

He turned to me and smiled,,,

” I know why you said that ” he said, I bite my bottom lips and turned my face to the other side preventing him from seeing my blush, he really caught me

He turned my face with his palm and his lips landed on mine,,, his hands around my waist as we kissed.

” You Are so beautiful ” He said between the kiss and I chuckle

Are you kidding me right now???

He laid me softly on the bed still kissing me,,,, after some minutes he stopped. Why did he stop?? I already made up my mind to do whatever he want,,, I don’t want to keep him waiting.

” Honey?? ” he called
” Huh?? ”
” Tell me,, you’re a virgin right?? ” he asked and my heart skipped a beat

Why is he asking?? Does he hate virgins?? Angel you always think negatively

” Why are you asking?? ”
” Tell me ” he said

I nodded and his eyes grew wide,, right now am feeling scared already. And then,, he smiled and look away. Did he just smile??

” What’s wrong?? ” I asked
” You mean am going to be the first guy to get there?? ” he winked

I smack his head,,,
” Ouch,, what was that for ” he said touching his head
” You are getting spoilt everyday ” I said

” Now I understand ” he said
” Don’t worry,, you can do anything you want with me ” I said with a smile, but deep down. Am f**king scared

” Liar ” he said
” What?? Liar?? ” I asked in surprise
” Am going to take it slowly with you,, virgin girlfriend ” he smirk

” Really?? ”
” Yes,, but that won’t stop me from doing this ” He said
” Doing what?? ”

He grab me and kissed me again,, and before I knew it. His hand was already inside my night wear touching my br***t softly

” Oh my God ” I moan into the kiss

Damn,, Teddy is becoming something else. Nobody ever touched me this way,, it feels so good anyway.

He left my lips and his mouth captured my n****e even with the gown I was putting on, this is just crazy

” Honey!! ” I screamed out but it was low
” Wait,, it’s tickling” I said but he didn’t stop


Episode 6💕


❤️ Angel’s Pov ❤️
My hand runs through his hair as he did everything,,, right now am so scared. How will it happen,, how am I going to feel. And then suddenly his phone rang,,, he groan and ignore it.

It rang the second time,,, he left me and pick the call. He walked into the other room as he speak on the phone,, I sat up and arranged my gown properly.

That was a narrow escape 😂,,,, he came back after some minute. I faced him,,, his arms folded on his chest. He smiled as he watch me,,, what’s he smiling at??

” What ” I asked and took my lips in
” Why are you so shy?? ” he asked

I only kept quiet and chuckle,,,

” You don’t have to smile,, it’s a question ” he said and walked to me
” You don’t have to feel shy in front of me,, I am your boyfriend,, and future husband ” he said and pecked my cheek

” Am sorry ” I said and faced him,, I saw him starring at my chest. I immediately hugged him,, I just can’t help it. He laughed and held me tightly to himself.
DAY 2 ⏰⏰⏰

🧡 Vivian’s Pov 🧡
I immediately put on my clothes,, tonight is really an opportunity for me to show what am made of.

” Vivian,, it’s almost time. Let’s go ” Briana said

The band is performing tonight ahead of the competition,, am so happy.

” Yeah,, let’s leave ” I said

🎤 Am so happy to present to you the band of Glamours High!!!

Everyone clapped as we moved to the stage,,,, they gave us the mic and we started.

💛 Angel’s Pov 💛
” Wow,, they are so amazing!!! ” Erika shouted making me smile
I really love Jasmine and Nicole’s move,,, they are awesome

After performing for about 40mins,, they are done.

🚻 Omg,, that was awesome!!
🚻 Vivian, I love you
🚻 Jasmine,, you are the best!!!

I clapped as they came down from the stage,,,

🎤 Now do you know what we are doing next? We are calling on our favorite idol’s girlfriend to come up here and give us some hit!!!!

🚻 Wow,,, who is he talking about
🚻 I never knew Theo has a girlfriend
🚻 Is he talking about Teddy??
🚻 Can Teddy’s girlfriend sing??
🚻 I’ve never heard her voice,,

This is crazy,,,
” I think he’s talking about you ” Vanessa said and my heart skipped a beat
I’ve never sing in front of crowds before,, how am i going to do this.

🎤 And that is Angel!!!!!!!!

🚻 Omg!!!!!!!!!!!

🚻 Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel

” Stand up ” Nicole said
” F**k “I muttered and stood up

The cameras were set on me immediately,, this is what I don’t like. Celebrities are really trying,,,, this is not me.

🚻 Omg,, she looks hot!
🚻 So beautiful!!
🚻 She’s really the best for Teddy

I walked to the stage and took the mic,,,, the cheers died down immediately.

” Hi everyone ” I said and they began to scream again,,,
” Okay,, okay,,, ” I said using my hand and they became silent.

” That’s Angel on the stage,, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen ” someone said and everyone turned their faces to her.

And the person turn out to be,, Erika. I really need to tie this girl’s mouth,,

🚻 I agree with her
🚻 She’s hot

The noise started again,,,, I just decided to start singing since I Won’t be able to control them

🎤 I choose you,, and i ‘ll choose you over and over

I took my first dance step and there was a loud cheers front them,,,

🎤 Without a pause, without a doubt
🎤 Meeting you was fate
🎤 Your love fills my heart

🎤 I live for you
🎤 I dream about you

I dropped the mic and bowed one last time

🚻 What was that??!!!
🚻 Does that type of voice really exist???
🚻 Am in love with your voice!!!

🚻 She’s so perfect!!

I couldn’t even hide the smile growing between my lips,,, my eye caught with Teddy. He blew me kisses and I did the same.

” Wow,,, that was awesome ” Vanessa said
” Bess,,, I never knew you can rap ” Jasmine said
” Well, I knew all along ” Nicole said

” Wow,,that’s great ”

” Damn,,, the video is all over. You are gaining fans more than I thought, can you believe it?? 10millions views and 8millions comment in just 20 minutes, this is amazing ” Erika screamed showing me her phone,, I sigh and laid on the bed

I really want to sleep but their noise is damn too much,,,, I took my phone and messaged Teddy

💌 Honey,, am coming over
💌 what are you waiting for??

I smiled and stood up,, I didn’t even bother to change my clothes. I will take my bath there,,,

” Goodnight girl ” They said without looking up

I shook my head and went out,,the guard is not there, maybe he went somewhere ,,, was about getting to his room when someone appeared in front of me.

I guess he’s one of the celebrities,, he grin the moment he saw me. I ignored him and decided to pass the other side,,, he blocked my way again.

” What are you doing?? ” I asked trying my best to calm down, he keep on starring at my whole body. Now I love the fact that I did not change my clothes
” Stop starring at me that way, am not food. Get the f**k out of my way before you regret it ” I half yelled
” Damn,,, you are so sexy. Can I have you for a night? ” he asked and lick his bottom lips

I hissed and pushed him out of my way,, and then he did the unexpected. He smack my butt,,, what??!!

I turned back and gave him a hot slap,,
” How dare you!! ” I yelled
” What’s going on here?? ” I know that voice,, Teddy.

” Am sorry,, was just trying,,, ” the stupid guy said. ” Trying to do what?? ” Teddy interrupted him and he kept quiet

He faced me and checked my from head to toe,,,

” What did he do to you?? ” he asked

How do I tell him right now,,,,,

” Nothing,,,, it’s nothing let’s leave ” I said

” Are you playing with me right now?? ” Teddy asked, not smiling

” Sir,, here ” A guard said and handed his phone to Teddy,, oh no there is a CCTV here.

” What?? Really??? ” Teddy smirk and turned to the guy
” Am so sorry,, I never knew she’s your girlfriend ” The guy pleaded,, I can see fears all over his face and I suddenly pity him,,, but he deserved to be punished

” Make him regret it ” Teddy said to the guards and took my hand
” Ok sir!! ”

He drag me into the room,, I can’t even face him.
” So you’ve started lying?? ” he asked and I look up
” Am sorry ” I said
” That’s what you always say,, sorry sorry sorry every time, what do you think is going to happen if I didn’t hear your voice?? ”

” Honey am,,,,,,,, ”
” Just go and rest and leave me alone right now,, I don’t wanna listen to your excuses ” he snapped

I went to sit down on the bed watching him pacing round the room,, I know he’s hurt,, and its my fault. I should have explained before the guard brought the video.

” The guard with you,, why didn’t he come here with you?? ” he asked
” I don’t know where he is ” I replied

Now I know he’s also in trouble,, he took his phone

📞 Get mark for me right now!!
He said on the phone,,, in a minute two guards came in. I recognize one,, he’s the one with me.

” Where did you go when she left her room?? ” He asked angrily
” Am so sorry boss,, I had to attend to some things. Please forgive me ” he said with a bow
” Forgive you?? What if she gets hurt?? Sorry is gonna treat her right?? ”

” It won’t happen again,, ”
” You are fired ” Teddy said making me gasp

” No,,Boss,, please give me another chance,, please ”

I can’t take this anymore,, I stood up and moved closer to them

” Please forgive him,, it’s my fault. Don’t use your anger on him,, just punish me instead ” I said
” Stay out of this ”

” No,, not until you forgive him. Please ” I said
” Okay,, You can leave,, just thank your star ” he said
” Thank you so much sir!! ”
” Get out ”

He ran out immediately,,,, I smiled at him. At least even though he’s mad at me,, he still listen to me.

” Forgive me, will you?? ” I asked and pointed my hand to him
” Damn,, I just can’t get that thing out of my mind. Who does he think he is?? ”

Now I know that he’s just jealous and angry,,,right now am trying my best not to laugh out.

” Am sorry ” I said with a sorry face
” Am not forgiving you easily this time,,,, ” he said and went to the bed,,, he took his laptop.

Now what do I do right now??




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