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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Songs of my heart 2 Episode 27 & 28

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Songs Of My Heart
( You’re all I want 💜)

Season 2_Episode 27

Written By Summer Gold.



👑 Teddy 👑

” Angel!!!! ” I grab her preventing her from falling

” Angel,, Angel?? Open your eyes ” her eyes remain closed.

I carried her immediately and started running downstairs,,,

” Get the car right now!!! ” I yelled

” Yes sir!! ”

We entered the car and the driver drove out of the compound,,

I checked her,, she’s still closing her eyes. I took her hand squeezing it lightly,, what’s wrong with you??

” Will you drive faster or I sack you right now! ” I yelled at the driver

” Am sorry sir ”

We drove into the nearest hospital,, I carried Angel and took her in.

” What’s wrong with her?? ” one of the nurses ran to us

” She just lost consciousness all of you sudden ” I explained

” We will take her from here ” Two others joined them and took her from me

” Let me go with you please ” I pleaded

” Don’t worry Mr Lee,, she will be fine ” the doctor patted my back before going in with them

I hit my fist on the wall,, if something happen to her. I won’t forgive myself,,,, I roughed my hair looking as worried as ever. I waited impatiently until the doctor finally comes out, I ran to him immediately.

” How is she?? Has she woken up??

Can I see her now?? ” I asked at the same time

” Congratulations Mr Lee ” He said shaking me

” What?? I don’t understand,, I mean is she okay?? ”

” She’s pregnant ” He said and my hands dropped

” She’s,, she’s pregnant??? ” I asked to be sure

” Yes,, with three ” he winked and I gasped

” Three?? By three you mean??? ”

” She’s gonna give birth to three,, that’s triplets ” he said with a smile

” What??!!!! Omg!!!!!! ” I screamed out

” Congrats sir ” he said shaking me again

” Can I see her now?? ” I asked

” yeah,, let’s go ” he said and I followed him

This is crazy?? Am sure a bad guy 😂,, triplets???

We walked into the warm,, she seem happy to see me. I hold her hand, I could not hide my smile anymore,,

” What are you smiling at??? ” she asked

” He have every reason to smile ” Doctor replied and she faced him

” What’s happening??? ” she asked

” You Are pregnant mam ” He told her and she faced me

” That’s true,,, we are gonna have babies ” I said and pecked her lips

” What do you mean by babies??? ” she asked

” You’re pregnant with triplets ” The doctor told her and she gasped

” What?? You mean,,,, I have three babies in me??? ” She asked happily

” That’s true,, I really envy you a lot, you’re so lucky ” He said

She faced me and touched my face

” Did you hear that?? Am

carrying three ” she said and a tear dropped from her eyes

I nodded and wipe the tears off,,,

” I Love you so much ” she said

” I love you more ” I said with a smile

” Can we go home now ” I Asked

” Of course,,, she’s fine. Just make sure she doesn’t stress herself ”

” That’s not possible, I don’t do anything ” She said with a smile

” That’s right ” I said and carried her


I smiled as he carried me out of the hospital,, I still can’t believe I have living beings in my belly right now, not one or two but three. I don’t know how to express my feelings right now.

He dropped me so I could go into the car,, he keep on grinning. This is just adorable,,, I touched my stomach and blushed.

Oh lord,,, thanks for these babies. I promise to be the best mom in the world,,,

” We are here ” Teddy said, I nodded and got down from the car. I took his hand in my palm and smiled at him

” You shouldn’t be walking ” He said and carried me again

” My legs are fine ” I said blushing

” Am doing these for my babies ” he said

” What??? So you wont love me anymore ” I teased

” I will always love you,,,, but the baby more. For now ” he said and kissed my hair

This is so sweet of him,,, I love you so much Teddy Lee. You’re the best

🍭Nicole 🍭

Lord,, what am I going to put on right now??? I finally found one pretty dress after turning the whole wardrobe upside down,,,

Theo asked me on a date and I have to look the best no matter what,,

I put it on and check myself out in the mirror, awnnn am so beautiful. I arranged my hair and put on a light makeup,,, I put on my heels and grab my bag.

I walked out of my room,,,

” Wow,,, my baby look like a queen ” Mom said

” Thank you mom ” I said and pecked her cheek

” Enjoy okay?? Don’t bother coming home ” she winked

” Mom stop!!! ” I screamed and ran out of the house, she know that I have a huge crush on Theo for a long time now.

I saw a car driving into the mansion,,, a guard ran out of the car and opened the door. Theo came out looking as cute as ever,,, he smiled immediately he saw me.

What is he doing here?? We are suppose to meet somewhere,

” You seem surprised ” he whispered into my ear causing some shiver in my body

” yeah ” I replied

” Am here to see Mom ” he smiled and went in without waiting for my response, what is he planning to do??

I was about going in when my phone started ringing, I stopped and took the phone out. Oh my,, Angel

📞 Hey married woman
I teased

📞 Come on Nicole,, the wedding is still next week

📞 I can’t wait, that’s why

📞 Stupid,, I wanted to ask if your dresses are ready, and I just got a call from Erika and Vanessa right now. They will be here tomorrow

📞 Omg!! I can’t wait,, I’ve really missed them alot. And,, our dresses are ready. You should trust Jasmine and I,, Erika and Vanessa will have to get theirs when they arrive. I don’t seem to know their size

📞 Yeah,, that’s true

📞 Angel, guess what

📞 What is it???

📞 Am going on a date with Theo

📞 Wow,, tell me about it when you are back

📞 Of course I will,,, how are my triplets?? Are they kicking??

📞 Yeah,, they asked me to tell you that they love you unnie

📞 Awwwn,, I love them more. Can’t wait to see them

📞 Yeah,, same here. Okay Nicole I have to go

📞 Bye Pregnant woman

📞 You’re crazy

I smiled,,, I really envy her alot

” Let’s leave now ” Theo came out

” What did you guys talked about?? ” I asked

” Not for children ” he replied

” What??? You are just two years older ” I said as he grab my hand

” That’s why I said it’s not for children ” he said

” Idiot ” I smirked

” I will pretend like I didn’t hear that ”

We entered the car and the driver drove out of the compound

” You really look pretty tonight ” he said and took my hand

” Thanks ” I blushed

” You don’t have to blush,, that’s the truth, you’re beautiful ” he said

” You’re also handsome ” I said with a smile

” Really?? That’s the first time I will hear that ” he said closing his face with his palm..

” Are you kidding me right now??? ” I laughed

We were both eating and chatting,, I really enjoy myself. He’s so lively and funny,,

” Nicole?? ” he called and I looked up

” Yes??? ”

” I think it’s time ” he sigh And dropped his cutlery

” What??? ” I asked

Is he gonna ask me out?? I hope so!!!!

” I,,,,,, I love you ” he said and I became dumb immediately

” You love me?? Like,, You really do?? ” I asked trying to fight the tears coming out

” I Love you a lot,, please become my girlfriend ” he said and took my hand,,, he kissed it

” I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life,,, I love you too ” I said and broke into tears

” Why did you take so long to tell me??? ” I asked with my head down

” Am sorry,, I was trying to get you out of my mind, but then I discover that I can’t,,,,,, I love you a lot ” he said and stood up

He came to my side and drag me up

” Hello everyone,,, here is my girlfriend, she’s beautiful isn’t she?? ” He asked the people in the same restaurant

🚻 Omg!!! Oopa!!!!! 🚻

🚻 I know her,, she’s Nicole 🚻

🚻 Nicole Unnie!!! You’re so lucky 🚻

🚻 Am happy for you 🚻

🚻 Oopa’s girlfriend is so cute!! 🚻

🚻 Am so jealous right now 🚻

🚻 Am taking pictures 🚻

He smiled and hugged me,,, I held him tightly

I still can’t believe this,,

🚻 wow, they look so cute together!!! 🚻

🚻 Just like Teddy oopa and Angel 🚻

Season 2_Episode 28


💜Writer’s Pov 💜

” Do you take Teddy Lee to be your new wedded husband?? ” the priest asked

‘Do You need to ask me that? ‘ angel asked in her mind

” Yes I do ” she replied with a smile

” And do you take Angel Park as your wife??? ” He turned to Teddy

‘ she’s mine already ‘ Teddy said in his mind

” Yes I do ” he replied

” You may kiss the bride ”

Teddy smirked and moved closer to Angel,,, he grab her waist and pulled her closer softly

🚻 Wow Teddy!!! 🚻

🚻 He’s so romantic!! 🚻

” You look so beautiful ” He whispered to her

” And you look hot ” Angel replied

” I may go hard with this ” he winked

” Just do it ”

🍭 Angel 🍭

He pulled me closer and kissed me, his hands roaming all over my body. He sure was hard on the kiss,,, to me, it’s a kiss telling me he’s going to be mine forever.

I love you so much Teddy and I will always do,, when I finally give birth to my babies. I will be the best mother in the whole world and I know you will also be the best father.

I will always stay by your side when you need me, I will always respect our courtship. I really love you so much that I don’t know how to explain it,,,,

💟 Teddy 💟

Today is the most wonderful day of my life,, I will never forget this memory. I remember when I first saw her,,,, that day in school.

She was standing alone from the students screaming out my name,, she was so beautiful that I have to check her twice.

Now she’s here,,, now my wife, mother of my unborn babies. I promise you, I will be the best father in the whole world. I will be the best husband also,, I will spoil our children with everything I have.

I will make sure other women envy you,,, I love you so much Angel

🌹Jasmine 🌹

” Am tearing up,, they are so awesome!!! ” I said wiping my tears with an handkerchief

Luca pulled me closer and hugged me, patting my back

” When are we getting married?? ” I asked

” Should we get married right now?? ” he teased

I slap his hand playfully,

” Idiot ” I said and hugged him more lightly

” I love you Jasmine,, don’t forget that ” he said

I nodded

” I won’t,, and I Love you more ” I said and pecked his cheek

🍭 Joanna 🍭

” He’s so cool ” Fred said referring to Teddy

” Of course,, my brother is the coolest man on earth ” I replied

” I won’t argue with that,,, I really love the fact that he always want to protect you as his sister,,, I really respect him with that ”

” Awwn,,, can you see them?? Best couples ever ” I said and buried my face in his chest

💖 Angel’s Mom 💖

” Am so glad that my son choose your daughter ” Teddy’s mom said and I smiled

” I think they are made for each other ” I said and wipe off my tears

” Yeah,, don’t worry. My son is cool, he will take good care of her,, and I can’t believe I will be expecting my grandchildren soon. I really love Angel so much ” She said almost in a scream

” Yeah,, my daughter is great ”

” Ooma,,, I want to get married too ” Vivian pouted

” Make sure you are patient and wait for a guy who loves you,,, you can see your sister right?? ” I asked touching her hair

” Yes Ooma,, am really happy for her ”
⭐Angel ⭐

” I really need to talk to them ” Teddy said touching my stomach,, I couldn’t help but to laugh

” Okay,, they are listening ” I said watching him

” Hello Babies,,, I am your,, Dad. You can call me Daddy,,, I am really waiting patiently for you. I promise to love you more than your mom ”

” What?? That’s harsh!!! ”

” You can hear her screaming right?? But,, your dad is really gentle ”

” gentle my foot!!! ”

” I will teach you how to play the piano and how to dance and sing,,, that’s cute right?? Omg!! Just come out already!! Daddy can’t wait,,, what name to you want??? Uhm,, Teddy sounds good right?? Okay,,, I will name one of you Teddy, don’t worry Daddy is a cool person. Everyone will love you,,, I really have lot of fans,, ”

Tears were rolling down my eyes as I listen to every word,,,,,

This is just what every girl will dream of,,,

” Teddy?? ” I called in tears

” What?? Why are you crying??? ” He asked

” I love you so much ” I said

I stood up and sat next to me

” I love you too,, are you okay?? ”

” Am fine,,, am just,,,, I don’t know “..

He pulled my head closer to him making me rest on his shoulder,,,,,,,

I hope we will always be like this,,,

” Can you count the stars?? ” he asked pointing out at the numerous stars in the sky

” No,, why?? ”

” That’s how my love for you is measurable ” he said

I grab him immediately and kissed him,,,,, you are my life Teddy.

I love you and I will continue to say it, I wish there is another word stronger than LOVE.

* * * * * * * * *

< < < < < < < < < <


” Teddy!!! Come back here!!! How can you be so stubborn?? ” Tania shouted at her brother

The triplets right now are 6 years old, they are just too lovely. Tania and her two brothers are the best triplets you ever wanna meet.

” You are also stubborn Tania,, I’m the only cool person here ” Tabby said

” I took after father ” Teddy said with a smile touching his hair

Even though Teddy and Tabby look identical,, the difference is clear. Teddy look more handsome,, just like his father he got some nice voice and great fashion. Always disturbing the peace of the other two

Tabby on the other hand,, is the cool one. Always quiet,,, he’s a shy type especially when meeting other kids. How can he take after his mother even though he’s a boy.

Tania, the only girl among them is a trouble maker. Teasing her brothers is a daily work, like her mother, she have the best voice and dancing skills. But some times, she love dressing like a boy when she watch her brothers dressing up

” We all took after father ” Tania yelled

None of the triplets wanna take after their mother,,

” Mom is shy,, like Tabby. But I love her because she’s beautiful ” Tania said ” That’s only where I took after her ” She added with a wink

” who told you you’re beautiful?? So ugly ” Teddy said

” Anio!!! ( no!!) Alex told me am pretty ” she yelled

” Mom is gonna hear this ” Tabby said

” Well,, as you all know, Dad is the most handsome man in the world. And very soon,,, its gonna be me ” Teddy said pouting his lips

” In your dream” Tabby shut him

” Kids!!!!! You will be late for the flight!!! ” Angel’s voice could be heard downstairs

Actually Teddy left Korea some weeks ago for a concert,, his wife and kids are going to meet him they don’t wanna miss their father singing,,,

” Let’s leave, ” Tania said and they all walked downstairs

” Tania,, I told you not to where the same clothes as your brothers. You are a girl, should I change your nanny again?? ” Their mother asked

” No mom,,,, its not the nanny’s fault. I just love my look like this. I will change when I get to high school,, remember I wanna be a popstar ”

” We all want to be a popstar ” The two brothers shouted

” Kids!!! Let’s leave ”

” I can’t wait to see father as handsome as always ” Teddy said

” Just because you are named after him doesn’t mean you’re handsome like him ” Tania smirked

” I will deal with you,, I won’t let my driver take you to school whenever yours is misbehaving ” Teddy said

” He’s not gonna misbehave again ”

They all laughed as the driver drove out of the mansion.



The End…………

( This story is written by Summer Gold )

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