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August 1, 2021


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Songs of my heart 2 Episode 25 & 26

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🎻🎻 Songs Of
My Heart 💘💘💘💘💘💘
( You’re mine 🌹)

🍭Episode 25 🍭

Written By Summer Gold. W 🖊️

Rated 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞



👒 Angel 👒

🚻 I knew it!!! 🚻

🚻 I love you angel!!! 🚻

I smiled and bowed my head,, I just can’t believe this. This is amazing,,

” Congratulations sis ” Vivian said and hugged me

” Thanks ” I replied

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I was given a lot of gift by my new fans,,, I can’t believe I was given a cheque of 60 billions. I was given two cars and immediately,,, they showed me 4 guys telling me they will be my new guards,,,,

What do you need them for?? I rejected them,, there are numerous guards in Teddy’s house 😂.

Vivian and the other girls was also rewarded,, everyone left happily.

” I’m so proud of my daughters ” I remember mom telling Vivian and I

” Anything for you mother ” Vivian said

” Yes mom,, we love you so much ” I said

She hugged the both of us,,


” You were,,, you know,,, amazing. I could not even keep my eyes off you,, where did you learn those dance steps?? ” Teddy asked as we step out of the car getting home

” I don’t know ” I strugged my shoulder causing us to laugh

” Am gonna take you ” be said and before I could talk, he carried me. I only smiled and wrap my arms around him.

We got upstairs and he dropped me,,

” Thank you ” I said trying to hide my blush

” I am just,, speechless. Am happy to have you as my girlfriend,, so proud of you ” he said and stroke my hair

I was expecting him to,,,, Angel what are you thinking?? You’re becoming naughty,,,

I moved closer to him and hugged him,,

” I Love you ” I said and unlock from the hug

” You know I love you more ” he smiled and kissed me,, just what I’ve been waiting for, why did he take so long??

I held him tightly to myself like he was going to run away,,,

His hand moving all over my body,,, I let out a slight moan between the kiss. Damn,, I can’t believe am so h**ny right now. Teddy, what have you done to me??

He unlock from the kiss and look into my eye,,

” Why did you stop?? ” I asked without thinking

” You don’t want me to stop?? ” he asked, I shook my head negatively and kissed him again.

The kiss became more intense,,, he started pulling off my dress slowly. I wanted to pull it off myself but I didn’t do that.

He finally took it off and unhook my b*a,,, he started s**king my br**st making me moan even harder. Why is my body suddenly becoming so active?? Does that mean am more mature now?

I was really enjoying the way he was s**king me hard,,, he took off my p**ties without taking his mouth from my br***t.

He suddenly dip in his two fingers at a time,,, I moan really loud that he have to kiss me to prevent the noise.

He started finger f**king me and I could do was moan in his mouth. Damn,,, he should just make love to me already. I can’t wait,,,,,,

He left me and took off his clothes,,,, am becoming more impatient that I have to help him take it off myself. He was kinda surprised,, I rolled my eyes and pulled him to myself.

” Are you Okay?? ” he asked still in shock,, I smiled and nodded.

We started kissing again for a minutes and then he stopped,,,,, he finally inserted his d**k into me,,,,, just what I’ve been waiting for…

” F**k ” I moan and bite my bottom lips

My hand playing with his ear,,,,

He was slow at first but later started th***ting faster than our usual s**.

” Oh yes ”

” Teddy ”

” Faster please ”

” Yeah ”

He kissed me again when my moan filled the whole room,,,

After some minutes he stopped,,,,, I don’t even want him to stop until he told me to turn my back to him. What?? I’ve actually read about that,, it’s called doggy style.

First time of doing that,, I turn my back to him with my two hands on the bed.

He started f**king me from the back again,, damn this feels so good. Teddy is really the best in everything,,,,

” Oh damn ”

” Go harder!! ”

Our panting filled the room like it’s something else,, thank God the room is sound proof.

After some time,, he finally stopped.

We both fell on the bed catching our breath,,, I kissed his lips before resting my head on his chest.

💕Episode 26 💕

[ 2 days later]

🌸 Vivian 🌸

Damn who the f**k is calling my phone this morning?? I took the phone and checked,, what?? Why will Nicole call me this early??

📞 Morning.
I said still feeling sleepy

📞 Happy birthday
She screamed and I gasped,,,

📞 What?? It’s really my birthday??

📞 What do you mean?? You really forgot about it??

📞 I can’t believe this!!!
I screamed and jumped out of bed immediately

📞 You and angel are weird
She said

📞 What do mean??

📞 I don’t think she know it’s her birthday..

📞 That’s because we are sisters okay??

📞 How do we celebrate this??

📞 Well,, I have to talk to Angel first

📞 Oh,, okay. We are actually in Teddy’s house,, surprise birthday for Angel!!!

📞 I have to go right now
I said and hang up

I decided to call Angel,, she’s not picking up. Maybe she’s not awake. I dropped the phone and walked into the bathroom,, how can I forget it’s my birthday?? Thanks to Nicole
Happy birthday baby!! ” I heard mom shouting from my room

” Thank you mom!!! ” I shouted back since I was in the bathroom.

” did you call your sister already?? ” she asked

” She’s not picking up!! ” I said

” Am sure she’s not awake ” she said and I found myself laughing hard

” You Are right mom ” I said

” Meet me downstairs when you’re done ” She said

” Okay ” I replied

🍀 Angel 🍀

Damn,, what’s all these noise about!!! I moved to my right hoping to meet Teddy,, I opened my eyes and he’s not even in the room.

I walked into the bathroom and took off my pajamas,, I brush my teeth and took a warm bath. Why do I feel like I need to remember something??

Maybe it’s not important,, I can’t remember. I walked back into the room and put on some light dress,, I decided to dress my hair a little.

After I was done I walked out of the room, but where is everywhere silent?? Just now, I was hearing some voices?? But not anymore,, something is strange.

I took the stairs and started going downstairs,,, I saw some strange designs,, what?? It was not here last night,,,

I finally got downstairs and gasped at what I saw,,,,,

” Happy Birthday!!!!!! ” They all shouted

” What,,,,, what?? Birthday??? ” I asked inwardly, I can’t embarrass myself for not remembering my birthday.

” Omg!!!! Thank you so much” I said blushing really hard

I saw Theo, Manson, Luca, Jasmine, Nicole and the girl,,, I can’t remember her name,, oh Jane

I rushed to Teddy and hugged him,,, he did not forget my birthday. This is so lovely,,,

I left Teddy and hugged the rest,,

” Here,, this is for you ” Nicole gave me something I don’t know since it’s wrapped

” For you ” Jasmine also handed over a gift to me

” Here,, it’s from the three of us ” Theo pointed to something on the table,, too big for me to carry

” Omg!!! Thank you so much!! ” I screamed and hugged the three

We heard Teddy cleared his throat causing us to laugh

” This is for you Angel ” Jane gave me her own gift also

” Thank you guys,, I really appreciate these ” I said with my best smile

I turn to Teddy and pecked his lips,, he smiled and winked at his friends.

” He’s crazy ” Theo said and we all laughed again

” Guys,, we need to prepare for the big party tonight!!!! ” Jasmine screamed out

” Yeah!!!! angel,, you will be surprised ” Theo winked as they all walked out of the house

I turn to Teddy,,,

” Happy birthday baby ” he said and kissed me

” Thanks ” I said

He’s not giving me any gifts??? Well,, I will just wait

” Come with me ” He said holding me as we walked upstairs

” Where are we going??? ” I asked

” Surprise ” he said and I smiled

We entered my room and I was shocked to see different bags on the floor,,, I checked my wardrobe. There are no clothes,,

” Where are my,,,,, ” I stooped and decided to check the bags.

What?? Clothes?? How will I wear everything??

” Teddy,, these are too much ” I said

” They are for you ” he smiled

” I Love you!! ” I shouted and hugged him

” One more thing ” he said

” What?? ” I asked

He snap the tip of his finger and three maids rushed in each holding some cases,,,

They opened it and the necklace inside glittered with some bright light,,

One was pure gold,, the second was diamond,, and the third Silver,,,

I never knew when I started tearing up,,,,,

” Teddy,,,, I,,,,, ” I don’t know what to say, I just hugged him

” You like them right?? ” he asked

” I love them,,, You are the best,,, ” I said

He left me and wipe my tears

” You don’t need to cry,,, ” he smiled

The three maids dropped the necklaces and walked out of the room,,,,

” You should get ready for tonight ” He said and pecked my cheek

I nodded

” Don’t worry,, Vivian will be there ” He winked

” What?? Really?? ” I asked

” Yeah ” He said and a smile escape my lips

” Thank you ”

🚻 Awwn,, she look so beautiful! 🚻

I waved at them making sure am holding Teddy really tight,, I don’t feel really well but I can’t tell him. I don’t want him to get worried.

🎤 We will be calling the two celebrants right now

🚻 Wow,, are they twins?? 🚻

🚻 They look so beautiful 🚻

I and Vivian hugged each other before walking to the stage,, these people are just too much.

Its a birthday not a wedding for goodness sake,,,,

We cut the cake and then the party started, everyone was enjoying themselves.

” Angel ” Jane called and I turned to her with a smile

” Do you accept me as your friend already?? ” she asked

” Of course, we are friends ” I replied and pecked her cheek

” Thank you so much,, I really do like you a lot ” She said almost screaming

I was about to reply when we heard a loud noise,, we both turn to the direction. Teddy was on the stage, what is he doing??

🎤 Evening everyone
He said in his cool voice

🚻 Oopa!!!! 🚻

🚻 You look so handsome!! 🚻

🎤 Tonight,,,, I will be doing something

What is he talking about???

🎤 I will like to call the person who really stole my heart,, and you know what?? Am not ready to take it back

🚻 Awwwn, that’s so romantic 🚻

🚻 He’s talking about Angel 🚻

🚻 Am so jealous 🚻

🎤 I want her to know, how much I really love her. My Angel,, can you come over

I flushed immediately,,,

” Go, go go ”

I smiled and walked up,,,,

Still confused though,,, and then he went down on one kneel

🚻 Omg;! He’s gonna propose!!! 🚻

What is he doing???

He brought out a small case,,,,

And he opened it,, I gasped and covered my mouth with my palm. A ring,, a silver spring ring.

🎤 Marry Me

He said and I felt tears rushing down my eyes,,,

🚻 Say yes 🚻

🚻 Say yesssssssss 🚻

I nodded and he inserted the ring,, he stood up and kissed me

🎤 She said yesss

He screamed

🚻 Omg oopa,, am so happy for you

🎤 She’s gonna marry me,, am so happy!!!

He hugged me again,,,,,

” Congratulations sis ” Vivian said

” Thanks ” I replied

” Omg,,, am so happy for you ” Nicole and jasmine jumped on me

I moved away from them immediately,, right now I don’t feel fine enough for that.

” You are so lucky Angel ” Jane said

I replied with a smile

The party ended and everyone went home,,,, I sat down on the floor in the balcony. This is unusual but I feel so sick

” Baby,, why are you here alone?? ” Teddy asked walking to me

” It’s nothing ” I said

” Let’s go in ” He said

I nodded and stood up,,,,

” Angel!!!!!!! ” That was all I heard


To be continued

She fainted 😱😱

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