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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Songs of my heart 2 Episode 23 & 24

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🎻🎻 Songs Of
My Heart 💞💞💞💞💞💞
( You’re all I want 🌹)

🎻 Episode 23 🎻

Written By Summer Gold. W 🖊️


[ Next Morning ]

🍀Angel 🍀

” What are you doing here?? ” Vivian asked the moment I entered her room, I sigh and sat down on the bed. She was also sitting on the bed with the pillow hugging her tightly

” Vivian,, I thought we are sisters now. Just try to accept me as your sister, am not going to leave you no matter what ” I said

” Am sorry ”

” For what?? ” I asked

” For everything I’ve done,,,,, I was just jealous. I really love Teddy a lot and I felt sad when he fell in love with you ” she said and wipe off her tears

” It’s fine,, let’s forget about everything and start a new life as,, sisters ” I said and she nodded

I brought out my hand forward

” Sisters forever?? ” I asked

She smiled and took my hand

” Sisters for ever ” she said and hugged me

I hugged her back and patted her back,,

” Seems we’ve missed alot ” We both unlocked from the hug when we heard the voice, we turn back and gasped

” Guys,,,, you’re here already?? ” I asked

wiping my tears

” Yeah,, Vivian, we are so sorry about what happened ” Luca said

” Thanks ” Vivian nodded

” Have this ” Teddy said handing over a cute Teddy Bear to her

” Wow,, that’s awesome ” I said patting her back

” Thank you Teddy ” She said and kissed the bear

” Why does it feel like, you’re kissing Teddy?? I mean, Teddy, not Teddy ” Theo said and we all burst into laughter

” You need to get the beating of your life ” Teddy said

” Don’t you dare ” Nicole said pointing at Teddy

” What is this?? ” Teddy asked pointing at Nicole

” What?? Me?? Thing?? ” Nicole asked

” Honey,, that’s harsh. She’s more than a thing,, a play thing?? ” I asked and we laughed

” You and your boyfriend,, need to be beaten ” Jasmine said

” Well,, I will help in beating Teddy. I’ve always dreamed of that ” Manson spoke up

” What?? What type of friend are you?? ” I asked

” Good friend ” he smirked

” Hello everyone ” Mom entered

” Morning mam ” They all chorused

” Morning mom ” Teddy said pecking her cheek

” Son in_law,,, ” Mom said stroking his hair

” Mom,, you should also do that to my hair ” I said causing us to laugh again

” No,,, ” She stuck her tongue at me and touched Vivian’s hair instead

” Ooma,, that is cheating ” I shouted,, she went up while laughing

” I will just do it instead,, am your second mom ” Vivian said

and touched my hair

” In your dreams,, we were Born on the same day and I guess I came out 2 minutes before you ” I said demonstrating with my hand

” That’s funny ” Manson said

I turn to Vivian who was smiling,, I smiled. Am happy that you are happy now,, I promise to always make you love me more.

One Week later

” Angel,, tomorrow is the competition!!! ” Vivian shouted running round the house with a guitar

” Are you planning to use that?? No dancing?? ” I asked raising my brow

” Am gonna dance,, you know it’s going to be in three segments, in the first seg. You have to make use of your favorite musical instrument

” Oh ” I said

” What’s your favorite?? ” she asked

” Keyboard themes ” I replied

” Wow, that’s Teddy’s favorite too ” she smiled

” Which song are you singing?? ” I asked

” I can’t tell you ” she said and ran off

” Please, tell me ” I ran after her

” No, no, no ” we both fell on the bed

” Okay,, I won’t tell you mine also ” I said

” Sis?? ” she called

” What is it?? ”

” I know,, you’re going to win the competition ” she said and I choked

” What?? How can you say something like that?? ”
” I know,,, it’s not only about dancing and singing. Your beauty too ” she said and touched my cheek

” Am sorry ” I said and took my lips in

” You don’t have to be sorry,, how do you think mom will feel if her two daughters come first and second in a competition?? ” she asked and I cheer up

” She will be happy ” I smiled

” So,, let’s do this ” she said

” Fighting!!! ” I shouted

” Fighting!!! ” she also said and we started laughing


” I can’t believe you are leaving already,, am going to stay with mom ” Vivian said and hugged our mother

” Don’t even think of that,, ” I said

” You should leave now,, I don’t want you to go home late ” mom said

” Okay,, bye mom, bye sis ” I said.

” See you in the competition ” Vivian smiled

I nodded and entered the car,, the driver drove out of the compound.

I can’t believe many things happened this one week,, am so happy. Vivian and I have become really close right now,, her name as changed to Vivian Park again.

We are now sisters and I love her so much,, now I know she’s a very good person.

I got down from the car and walked in,, the guards will never listen not to bow for me again.

I got upstairs and met Teddy singing a beautiful song with those cool voice ,, I waited until he finished

” Wow!! That was awesome!! ” I said clapping

” You love it?? ” he asked

” Yeah,, ” I replied and peck his lips

” You remember that if you win this competition, we are singing the ” SONGS OF MY HEART ” together right?? ” he asked and I nodded

” Do you think am going to allow someone else sing that with you?? ” I asked

” I trust you ” he smiled

” Am sorry,, but,, you’re really gonna see some crazy side of me tomorrow, don’t be mad ” I smirked

” I’ve been waiting for the crazy side for too long ” He said and I laughed

” Wow,, can’t believe this. ” I said

” Joanna Uunie will be there to watch me right?? ” I asked

” Yeah,, with her boyfriend ” he said and I gasped

” Omg!! She have a boyfriend already?? Who is he?? ” I asked

” Fred Megan ”

” My favorite actor!! Can’t wait to meet him ” I said dreaming

Teddy cleared his throat causing me to laugh

” I know what you’re thinking,,, you’re the only one I love ” I said

” I know,, no one share whatever is mine with me ” he said

” Same goes with me,,when I see other girls around you,, I may run mad,, so please don’t do anything to hurt me ” I said and hugged him

” Don’t worry,, it’s never gonna happen ” he said and kissed my hair .

🍥 Nicole 🍥

I smiled as I stare at his pictures for the tenth time,,, when will You tell me you love me?? I can’t wait any longer, I may do it myself.

My phone beeped and I checked

What??????!!!! Video call,, from Theo!!!!!!

I stood up and checked myself in the mirror,, oh no. I need to put on something!! But what if the call end and he doesn’t call back??

No, I can’t let that happen. I took the phone and used the pillow to cover my chest.

I picked the call

📲 ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo( hello )
I smiled and waved at him through the video

📲 Hi
He replied and smiled

📲 How are you doing??
He asked and I sigh

📲 Nervous, tomorrow’s competition

📲 Why nervous??
He laughed

📲 I don’t know,, just feel like

📲 You are not even competing, I don’t see why you should be nervous. Angel is sure gonna win, am sure

📲 I hope so

I saw him smiling,, what is he smiling at??

📲 Nice Singlet though.
He said and I discovered that I’ve released the pillow from my chest, oh no, I got carried away

I immediately cover up again

📲 You should be careful about what you see!!
I yelled

📲 I never asked for that,,,
He laughed and I couldn’t help but to blush

📲 We should sit close to each other tomorrow,, I don’t want you to miss me too much

📲 Just tell me you’re gonna miss me
I laughed

📲 Okay,, you won 😹😹

We said goodnight to each other and I slept off with a smiley face

💛 Episode 24 💛


💙 Angel 💙

🚻 Omg!! Teddy and his girlfriend are here!!! 🚻

🚻 Oopa!!! I love you!! 🚻

🚻 Angel!! Am a fan of yours!! 🚻

I smiled as I see people holding banners with my name written boldly on it, some were even holding my pictures.

Teddy squeezed my hand and I turn to him as we continue walking into the large hall where the competition will be taking place.

” You see these people carrying your name and your pictures?? ” he asked and I nodded

” Don’t disappoint them ” he said

” How about you?? ” I asked with a smile

” I know you won’t dare do that ” he said and I pecked his lips

🚻 I got that!! 🚻

🚻 She gave him a lips peck,,, I got it too 🚻

” Damn,,, this people ” I said with a sigh

We finally sat down,, damn. Am so nervous,,, someone came to us, I wonder what she wanna say

“Mam,, you need to come with me. For your dress and make up ” she said

” I don’t need make up ” I said resting my head on Teddy’s shoulder

I heard him chuckle

” But mam,,, ”

” No ” I snapped but she refuse to leave

” Honey,,, you have to go with her ” Teddy said

” I’m nervous ” I replied

” You can do this,, just remember that I will be watching you okay?? ” He said and touched my hair

” A kiss before I leave ” I said

He pull me closer to himself and kissed me,,

I stood up and followed the lady,,,

” Mam can I tell you something?? ” the lady asked

” Go on ” I said

” When you get to the make up room,,, make sure you ignore the others. They won’t like you,, they all know you’re gonna win ” She said

” Anybody can win,,, but I will ignore them. Thanks ” I smiled

” Anything for you,, am a fan ” she said

” Awwwn,, thanks ” I said as we finally entered

Omg,,, there are almost 18 contestant here,,,, I ignored them and took a seat.

” She’s so proud and full of herself ” I heard one telling the others

” I just hate her ” another said

” I hate her more when she started dating Teddy ” another said,, I couldn’t help but to smile. At least they know that Teddy is mine and mine alone,,,

” Hey Teddy’s slut ” one of them tap me and I faced her angrily

” Seems she’s angry ” they laughed

” You should always remember that, there are many girls after Teddy and he will surely ditch you and get someone else ” She said

No,, Teddy will never do that. Just calm down Angel,, they wanna tempt you.

” How dare you talk to my sister like that?? ” Someone entered and a smile escape my lips,,,,

” What?? Sister?? ” The one who insulted me asked and the rest of them laughed

” Anything funny in that?? And mind you,, I am not as quiet as she is. I will destroy your pretty face ” Vivian pushed her head and the girl moved back in fear

I couldn’t help but to laugh,,,, I saw the girl faced me with anger filled in her eyes. Who cares??

” Hey sis,,, ” Vivian said and sat down on the chair beside me

” Thanks ” I said with a smile

The person doing my makeup came in immediately,,,,,


” Guys,, it’s time you come out. The competition has started ” One of the managers said.

My nervous system suddenly started beating faster,,,

” Calm down Angel,, we can do this ” Vivian said holding my hand

” No,, I mean,, the first person on the list ” He said

” Am here ” one of the girls said swaying her butt as she followed the manager

” Girls,, you can seat down and watch others ” A lady said

Oh,, we can watch everything live. That’s good,,, Vivian and I stuck together like we won’t leave each other.

We watch as the girl started singing,, just like Vivian said,, she was playing her guitar.

She sang so beautiful that I started loosing hope,,..

” Vivian,, are you listening to her voice?? It’s too good ” I said and breath out

” Angel,, she’s nothing compared to you ” She said and touched my cheek, I only nodded.

When she was done, there was a loud cheer from the audience. She bow and walked out of the stage,, she came in and the second person followed.

So,, we all have to introduce ourselves before starting??

She was also playing a guitar,, I guess I will be the only one playing piano.

She also sang beautifully,,,,

Everyone sang really awesome, and finally it’s Vivian’s turn.

” I will be back ” she pecked my cheek and walked out

She got to the stage and bowed

🎤 Hi fans,, I am Vivian Park,, it’s nice to be here

She said and bowed again

🚻 Love you Vivian!!! 🚻

I smiled and she took the guitar,,, she started singing.

🎻 From the first day I was born

🎻 my heart knew that there was someone truly special for it in this world ❣️.

🎻 My love for you cannot be expressed as there are no limits for it (it’s unlimited)🥺.

🎻 Nothing can ever measure the love I have for you😘.

🎻 I wish we could grow older together as you know true love cannot be broken 🥰.

🎻 I’ve found myself smiling 😊 and I realized I was smiling because of you ♥️.

🎻 You are my life, my happiness, actually you are my everything 🥺.

🎻 All my entire life I’ve been searching for true love, then God blessed me with you 😋.

🎻 I’ve never met anyone like you, my promise to you is to love you until my last breath on this world 🤩

🎻 Until I breath my last,,,,,,,,

” Wow ” I said and can’t even remember when I started clapping

🚻 Omg!! That was awesome!!!!!!!! 🚻

🚻 I love your voice!! 🚻

🚻 Up Vivian!! 🚻

She bowed and waved at the audience as she finally walked out,,

“Mam ” the manager said to me

I nodded and stood up,,,,

” Good luck ” Vivian said as she came in

I smiled and walked out,,,,

I was given a hand mic for the introduction,,, I tried looking for Teddy where I left him. But he’s not there,, where is he?? I really need to see him to reduce my fast beating heart.

🎤 Hi,, am,,, Angel
I said

🚻 Angel!!! 🚻

🚻 All the way!! 🚻

🚻 You’re the best!! 🚻

I gulped down and went to sat down where the piano is

🚻 Wow,, she’s the only one using that, she’s so different and beautiful 🚻

I tried looking for Teddy again,, my eye landed on him. He’s now somewhere else, with his friends.
Oh,, they are among the judges for tonight??

I sigh and faced the short standing mic in front of me, since I was sitting down

🎹 When I’m with you,
Eternity is a step away,
My love continues to grow,
With each passing day.

🎹 This Treasure Of Love,
I cherish within my soul,
How much I LOVE YOU…
You’ll never really know.

🎹 You bring Joy to my heart,
I’ve never felt before,
With each touch of your hand,
I Love You More And More.

🎹 Whenever we say goodbye,
Whenever we part,
Know I hold you Dearly,
Deep Inside My HEART.❤


🚻 Omg,, am tearing up already🚻

🎹 I will really love you,,

🎹 Oh,, love you….

I stopped and I wipe the tears which already filled my eyes, I hope Teddy know that this song is for him,, I can’t explain how much I love him

I stood up and bow my head.

They were all screaming my name too much that I think my ear is gonna burn.

I rushed out of the stage laughing my a** out,,, this is crazy.

” Girl,, that was awesome!!! ” Vivian screamed and hugged me
We both sat down and watch as one of the judges stood up and took the mic

🎤 We are moving to the second stage,, but we all know that,, not all the contestant will get there.

My heart started beating faster again

🎤 We are going to call the names of those who made it to stage 2

Everyone became silent,,

🎤 I have just,, 10 names with me

I gasped,, 10 out of 20??!!!

🎤 Briana Kook,, Camila Merino,,,,

He continue calling them,,,

🎤 Vivian Park,, and Angel Park

” Omg!!!!! ” Vivian and I shouted and hugged each other

” We made it!! ” I shouted and hugged her again, a girl started crying that they have to calm her down

” I really prepared so much ” she cried, I pitied her

The girl who insulted me hissed, I guess she also made it

Soon,, the competition continued and everyone started going to the stage again

It got to Vivian and then me,, we all sat down waiting for the second result.

Another judge stood up,, but this time it’s Theo. I watched as he smiled while holding it

🎤 Hello everyone
He said

🚻 Oopa!!!! 🚻

🚻 I love you!!! 🚻

🎤 We will be announcing the second result,, and this time. Its gonna be,, just three winners out of ten

Oh no,, just three??

🎤 Their names,,,, Briana kook!!!!!

Everyone shouted,, who is she?? I remember her name was called the first time

” Yessssssssss!!!!!!! ” Someone shouted in the room and we all faced her

Same girl who insulted me,, oh I remember her songs. She’s good

We all turn back to the screen to know the second person

🎤 Vivian Park

” Omg!!!! ” Vivian said

🎤 And,,,, Who do you think am about to call??
Theo asked

🚻 Angel!!! 🚻

🚻 Teddy’s girlfriend.!! 🚻

I smiled

🎤 And that’s Angel Park!!!!!

🚻 I knew it!!! 🚻

Wow,, that’s amazing.

🎤 Let’s know that this stage will be filled with dancing skills and beauty
He winked before sitting,, so cute

Briana Was called,, she sang and danced crazily. Oh my God,, she’s so wonderful

” You can do more than this ” I remember Teddy’s word and I calmed down

Her pictures were taken and she pose beautifully,,,,,

🚻 She’s so hot 🚻

I sigh as the audience keep on calling her name,, next Vivian was called,,

She also sang some crazy song with a beautiful dancing steps,, now it’s my turn

I got to the stage,, right now angel,, you don’t have to think about anyone. Show your talent to the world,, the talent you’ve been hiding for so long. This is all thanks to Teddy,, I can’t disappoint him, never!!

🚻 Angel!!! 🚻

🚻 Angel 🚻

🚻 Angel!! 🚻

I grab the mic 🎤

The sound started and I took the first dance step.

🎤 I bring me,,,, I bring me,, I bring I bring I bring me

🚻 wow!!! 🚻

🚻 Her steps are the best!! 🚻

🎤 Gat mine, bout mine, go high, looking for another like me??

🎤 Stop!!!

🎤 I bring me,,, no other like me

🎤 Who’s voice is the nicest?

🎤 Who’s smile is the cutest?

🎤 Me,,,

🎤 Who’s body is the prettiest?

🎤 Me,,

I even started tweaking and everyone couldn’t help but to stand up shouting my name

🎤 I bring me!!!

I ended the song

🚻 Angel!!! 🚻

🚻 You’re the best!!! 🚻

I pointed the mic to the audience as they scream,, different cameras filled where I was.

I waved at them and blew them kisses 💋

Vivian and the other girl was called out,,,, this time it was Teddy who stood up to talk.

🎤 Now,,,, everyone,, the vote is about to start. Vote for the one you Love,, and remember,, don’t vote twice. The CCTV is watching,,,, And also,, not only the people present here are gonna vote,,, its all over. They are all watching us live here,, so,, good luck.

He smiled and waved at the people calling his name,,,

🚻 Yeah!!! 🚻

He sat down and took his laptop,, as everyone did.

I guess the Judges are also gonna vote,, I wonder who they will vote for,,,

” Calm down okay?? ” Vivian said and smiled at me

🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
30mins later

One of the judges stood up, I don’t know him anyway.

My eye went to Teddy,, he also faced me causing our eyes to meet. He immediately turn his gaze away,, I sigh.

🎤 It’s time to announce the results,, are you ready to know the new miss Korea???

🚻 Yes please 🚻

🎤 Hmm,,, the voting ended in 30 minutes

He said and stopped, he was speaking with Teddy and other judges.

He checked something from his laptop and then stood up properly again,,,

Everyone was silent already,,

🎤 In 30 minutes,, these are the results.

🎤 Briana,,, has a vote of 20 millions

🚻 Wow!!!! 🚻

🎤 Vivian has a number of,,,, 10 billions!!!!

🚻 Omg!!! That’s much!!! 🚻

I gasped,, 20 millions votes to 10 billions?? Should I lose hope??

🎤 And,, Angel has,



To be continued

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