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June 23, 2021


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Songs of my heart 2 Episode 21 & 22

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🎻🎻 Songs Of My Heart 💄💄💄💄
( Can’t help falling in love 💚)

☘️ Episode 21 ☘️



💍 Angel 💍

I took my bag and ran out of the room,,, oh no I forgot to brush my hair. I ran in again,, I immediately arranged my hair and walked out again. Damn am so late,,,

I went downstairs, the maids all bow their heads

” Good morning mam ” They chorused

” Yeah morning,, can I have a cup of coffee?? ” I asked

” Yes mam ” One of them said and walked into the kitchen, I am really hungry but i can’t wait for breakfast . I wonder where Teddy went to, claiming that its very important.

” Here mam ” she gave me the cup

” Thank you ” I said and sip a little from it ” Nice,,, but hot ” I said and sigh

” I’m so sorry mam,, I can just,,, ”

” No,, never mind ” I said and sip from it again.

I can’t wait any longer,, I dropped it on the table and walked out of the house.

” Morning mam ” Michael greeted

I smiled and nodded,, I got into the car and he starts the engine immediately.

I breath in and out,, I decided to check my phone for

the first time today.

Well,, nothing important. I dropped it again.

” We are here ” Michael said

” Thanks ” I said and got down from the car.

I walked into the school,, wow am glad nobody is walking around. They are all in class already,,, I sigh and continue walking. I knew it,,, I am late.

” Angel!!! ” I heard my name and I looked back, oh, Jane.

” Hi ” I said as I continue walking

” Morning,, I guess we are both late. ” she said still panting from running

” Yeah ” I said

” We can just go in together ” she smiled

” Yeah ” I said and bite my bottom lips, I don’t even know what to say to her.

We finally got to class,, the lecturer is not in. So why is everywhere calm???

🚻 Oh it’s Angel!! 🚻

🚻 She’s so beautiful 🚻

🚻 Am gonna take pictures 🚻

🚻 Is she Jane friend right now?? 🚻

🚻 I wish we can be friends 🚻

I sat down and look round,,, oh I forgot that Jasmine and Nicole are in their private class. Am so bored already.

Just then two men came in,,, everywhere became calm again.

They came to me,, I look up at them in confusion

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Mam,, we were asked to bring you to the private class ” One of them said

🚻 Omg!! 🚻

🚻 I saw this coming 🚻

🚻 She’s so lucky!! 🚻

” What?? But,, why??? ” I asked

” We were ordered by Teddy ”

” Oh , okay ” I said and got up

One of them

tried to take my bag,,

” No,, thanks I will just carry it myself ” I said

” Okay mam ” he said with a slight smile

” Omg!!! Bess!!! ” Nicole shouted and jumped on me

” Am gonna die ” I said and she left me with a chuckle

” Am so happy you are finally here ” Jasmine said

” Well,,, it’s cool ” I said

” Angel,,, the competition is coming next week,, am nervous ” Nicole said

” I don’t know what to say about that ” I sigh and look round the class

” They won’t be coming,,, but I guess Vivian will be here soon ” Jasmine said

” Why won’t they come?? ” I asked

” I heard they traveled,,, but Vivian will be here. Am glad about that anyway ” Nicole said and just then Vivian came in looking as hot as always

She sat down and brought out her phone,,, her face look beautiful but I can see sadness all over.

” You’re starring too much ” Nicole whispered

” Oh,, I don’t know ” I said with a smile

Just then the lecturer came in,,

⭐ Teddy ⭐

” I don’t understand why Jasper is doing this,,, he’s just a coward to think about something to hurt you ” Mom said angrily

” You don’t have to worry mom,, he can have it. I don’t need it anyway ” I said resting my back on her bed. I really missed this house so much, I just miss everything.

I suddenly wish Angel is also here

” But son,, that money is too much. You worked for it,, can’t you just consider that?? Don’t worry, if you won’t do anything about it, am going to teach Jasper a lesson for doing that ” she said angrily

” Your wish mom,, be careful ” I said and closed my eyes

” You look tired,, I told you not to stress yourself too much, when will you ever listen?? ” She said touching my forehead

” I just have to do it,, you know that ” I said

” But still,,, You should try to always rest. I don’t want you to get sick baby ” she said and peck my cheek

” Okay mom ”

” How about Angel?? She’s in school?? ” she asked and I nodded

” You don’t miss her?? ” she winked

” I really want to stay with you today ” I said and suddenly remember Joanna

” Ooma,, how Is Joanna?? ” I asked

” Your sister is really going crazy right now ” she laughed

” what?? How?? ”

” I guess she’s in love ” she said and I scoff

Just then the door opened and Joanna came in laughing like a fool,,,

” You look ugly with that laugh of yours ” I said and sat down properly on the bed

” Hey kid ” she said before pecking mother

” Mom,, tell Joanna to stop calling me that. I will soon become a father,, ” I stopped

” What do you mean by,,,,,, omg!!!! Is Angel pregnant already??!!! ;” Mom shouted

” ah-nee-oh ah-nee-oh( no, no ) that’s not what I meant,, just that,,, ” I roughed my hair

Am crazy already.

” Hmm,, son. When are you guys getting married?? ” Mom asked and I smiled

” Soon ” I said

” I heard you now have a boyfriend ” I turned to Joanna

” What?? Not yet,, but I really love him a lot ” She said sitting down beside me

” I will just excuse you guys ” mom said and stroke my hair before going out of the room

” So,, finally ” I said

” Yeah,, am so happy ”

” Can I see his picture?? ” I asked

” He’s really handsome ”

” Than me?? ” I asked raising my brow

” Yes ” she said..

” What?? I can’t believe this ” I laughed

” He’s not handsome like you,, but he’s really handsome “….

” Waiting for the picture ” I said

” Here ” she gave me the phone and i widen my eyes

” Fred Megan?? ” I asked and faced her

” How did you know that?? ” she asked

” How won’t I know?? He’s a popular actor,, you don’t know?? ”

” No,, he never told me anything about that,, ”

” He didn’t?? ” I asked

” No he did not ” she said and sigh

I really have to warn this guy to stay away from my sister,, I know him so well. He’s a player, I can’t let him mess with my sister, she has waited too long to have a broken heart.

” Hey kid,, what are you thinking about?? ” She asked

” Oh,, it’s nothing. I have to leave now ” I said and took my car key,, I came here alone without guards

” I thought you wanna rest ”

” Not anymore ” I said

” Oh,, okay. ” she said walking out with me

” Son,, you are leaving?? ”

” Yes mom,, an important meeting came up ” I said

” See you soon ”

I hugged her and walked out of the house,,, how dare Fred try to play with my sister?? I will make sure he regret this.

I got into my car and drove straight to his house,, I don’t really like him at all.

🌹Angel’s mom 🌹

” Stop the car ” I told my driver and he stopped,, I got down of the car with two guards behind me. I don’t trust Norah one bit.

” Hey ” I heard her voice and I turn right,, what’s wrong with her?? She don’t look fine

I told my guards to stay and I walked closer to her,,

” What do you have to tell me?? ” I asked

” Please,,, can you help me take care of my daughter?? ” she pleaded in tears

” And why will I do that?? ” I asked with a disgust face

” Lucia please,, you are the only one who can help me.,,, am going to die soon ” she said and I gasped with my palm covering my mouth

” What rubbish are you saying,, why will you die?? ” I asked

” Lucia,,, am suffering from a Cronic Cancer,, the doctor said I have only one week to live ” she said in tears

What the heck!!!!


🌸 Episode 22 🌸



[ Two Days Later ]

💟 Angel 💟

” Okay guys,, I will see you tomorrow ” I said walking out of the class.

Mom called me just now telling me that I need to Come home right now,, I just hope everything is fine. I bumped into someone,,

” Oh,,, am so sorry ” I said and look up only to find Vanessa.

What’s wrong with her?? She was on a call

📲 What do you mean by ooma is sick??

📲 Answer me right now!!!

📲 What!!! I will be there,, in five minutes

She hang up in tears,,,, she carried her bag

” Vivian wait!! ” I ran after her

” Get lost!! ” She yelled and entered her car,, before I could get to her, she’s already gone

I just hope she’s fine,,,


I got out of the car and walked into the mansion,, I can’t even get my mind away from Vivian.

” Baby ” Mom said hugging me as I walked in

” What’s wrong?? ” I asked worriedly

” I heard,,, Norah is dead ” She said and burst into tears

” Oh no!! ” Vivian, I need to see her right now

” She told me she still have a week,,, she said she want to have some time with Vivian before I take her, I never knew she’s going to die so soon ” She said weeping really hard

” Ooma,, we need to see Vivian right now ” I said trying to fight my tears

” Yes, I know. But how will I face her?? I am a really cruel mother,, I mothered her for 20 years, I shouldn’t have let her go that way. Right now,, she’s not going to forgive me, I never knew she was passing through alot ” She cried more

” Mom,,, don’t talk that way. You are the best mother,,, and Vivian really needs you right now. Pull yourself together ” I said..

” Let’s go ” she said and we both got out of the house

This is more complicated than I thought,,

🌷 Vivian 🌷

” Ooma!!!! ah-nee-oh!!! ( Mom!! No!!! ) ” I shouted as they take her body out

” Mam, please take it easy ”

” Let go off me,, ooma!! Please don’t leave me!! I don’t want to be alone!! You’re all I have right now,, ” I cried bitterly but she’s gone

I ran out of the hospital immediately,,,, I entered the car and the driver drove off. I can’t live like this any longer,, the only one who love me is gone.

I wipe my tears but it keep coming,,,


I step down from the car,,, I saw two figures in front of me. What are they doing here anyway??

I wipe my tears again and walked toward them

” What are you doing here?? ” I asked

” Baby,, am,,,, ”

” Don’t call me that,,, I am not your daughter. Your daughter is right beside you ” I said walking in

” Vivian,, am so sorry. I know I was cruel to you,,, but,, ”

” Ooma,,, no,,,, Mam Lucia Park. Can you leave now?? I don’t have a mother anymore,, my mom is dead ” I said in tears and broke down

” Vivian,,, am so sorry ” Angel came to me trying to hug me

” I don’t need your sympathy,, remember, we can never get along. Just leave me alone,, I will just face these alone. I don’t have any family and am fine with that,,, so,, please,,,,,, leave ” I said

” You are joking right?? Am not gonna leave you to hurt yourself ”

” Hurt myself?? Do you even care if I hurt myself?? Am not your daughter,, and it’s my fault that mom switched us right?? ” I said in tears

” It’s not your fault,,, ”

” No,, it’s my fault!!! ”

” Vivian,, it’s okay ” Angel hugged me

I hugged her back tightly,,, I cry on her shoulder.

” I hate my life,, I wish I was never born,, maybe everything would be smooth ” I said

” Don’t say that,,, do you want me to be lonely?? We are sisters remember?? ” Angel said and kissed my hair

💟 Angel 💟

” She’s asleep ” I said silently

Mom nodded,, I sigh and walked to her. I know she love Vivian so much, they were together for 20 years.

” Mom,, its okay. She’s fine ” I said and used my thumb to wipe the slow tears in her eye

” You know,, when Vivian was a kid.,,, she have always told me that she want to be a star.,,, she loved dancing and singing even when she’s sad., and I supported her until she fulfilled her dream. Every mother’s wish is to watch her child grow to become someone every body love,,,, I wish I never let her go. I wish I was by her side even when Norah told me everything, but I was blinded,, not thinking about the 20 years we’ve shared together. I really love her a lot even if she’s a brat,, but trust me she have her good side. She will always do anything to make me happy,, I wish both of you will get along like sisters, I don’t want to loose any one of you ” She cried

I wipe off my tears and hugged her,,

” Mom,, you should go take some rest. I have to talk to Teddy ” I said

She nodded and went upstairs to Vivian’s room,,

📞 Honey,,, I won’t be coming home

📞 What? Why??

📞 I have to stay with mom and Vivian

📞 Oh,,, I and the other band are planning to come over tomorrow. I really feel bad for her

📞 That’s a good plan

📞 I missed you so much
I smiled before replying

📞 More than you do

📞 I love you baby

📞 I love you more, muahh

📞 Goodnight

I sigh,, how will I sleep without Teddy?? I don’t think he’s home,, I heard some noise. Maybe he’s driving, I checked the time,

” Oh,, it’s just 5:00pm ” I said with a sigh

👑 Teddy 👑

Damn,, am missing her so bad. This is like a punishment, but I have no choice anyway. I got to Fred’s house and I parked my car outside the compound,,, I knocked the gate.

” Omg,,, Teddy Lee??? ” One of the guards shouted and opened the gate almost immediately.

I smiled and entered,,,

” Sir,, ”

” Is Fred home?? ” I asked

” Yes,, he’s in ” he replied ” I will take you ” he added and started walking in while I followed.

We walked in, the brat is in the wine bar,,,

” I will leave now ” the guard said and walked out

” What?? Teddy?? What are you doing here?? ” He asked walking toward me

” What do you think am doing here?? ” I asked

” I have no idea,, you’ve always snub me. So,,, I wonder why you decide to come here ”

” Who wanted to come here in the first place ” I muttered and scoff

” Am here to tell you to stay away from my sister,, I don’t want you to use my sister as one of your sluts, so stay away from her or I do something you’re gonna regret ” I said

” What?? I don’t understand, what are you talking about?? Who is your sister?? ” he asked

” How can you be so dumb that you don’t know Joanna is my sister?? ”

” what?? She’s your sister??? ” he asked

I ignored his question,,

” Stay away from her ” I said and turn to leave

” Wait,,, Teddy. I really do love your sister so much,, am not trying to use and ditch her trust me ” he said and I faced him again

” really?? How do you expect me to believe that?? I know you Fred,,, ”

” I swear,, I’ve changed the moment I met Joanna. I love her so much, you can just try me ”

” So,, what if you hurt her?? Then what should I do to you?? ” I asked with my two hands in my pocket

” Anything you want,, but I won’t hurt her. Never,,, ”

” I will be watching you ” I said waving my hand on my face and then to him

” Thanks,,, ” he said with a smile

I nodded and walked out,,,, I guess he has changed but if he dare try to hurt her. I won’t forgive him,, I promise.


To be continued

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