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July 23, 2021


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Songs of my heart 2 Episode 19 & 20

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🎷🎷🎷 Songs Of
My Heart 💛💛💛💛💛
( Can’t help falling in love 💕)

🎯 Episode 19 🎯

Written By Summer Gold. W 🖊️
@summer’s library 📝



❤️ Joanna ❤️

Why am I so bored right now?? I checked the time,, 8:20pm,, what can I do?? Mom is out with Angel’s mom and she won’t be coming back tonight.

Should I call Teddy?? No, am sure he’s busy right now.

I will just go out and get some fresh air,, yeah that’s better.

I put on a jumper top and a skirt ,, I won’t go too far.

I walked downstairs and went out,,,, two guards came to me

” Mam,, where are you off to?? ” one of them asked

” Wanna take some fresh air,, you can Come with me since it’s late ” I said.. They nodded and followed me out of the house

We continue walking,, and then I saw a ice cream shop. Wow perfect timing,, I smiled at myself and went in, the guards waited outside

” Mam, how do you want it?? ”

” Chocolate cream mixed with strawberry ” I said

” Okay mam ”

” Isn’t that too sweet for you?? ” I heard a voice beside me and I turned to see the person.

A gasp escape my lips the moment my eye met him,,,, he look so, breathtaking.

He smiled and winked,, I gasped again. Who the f**k is he??? How can he be as handsome as this???

” Here is your order mam ” the man said and handed the Ice cream to me.

” Thanks ” I said and paid

” Hi pretty ” the cute guy said

” Hi ” I said

” Can I know you?? ”

” Joanna ” I replied

” Am Fred ” he said

I nodded and went outside,, he followed me, the guards came to me immediately. I gave them a sign to calm down 😹

” I guess,, you’re walking with guards ” He said

” You guess right ” I said and we continue walking with the guards behind us


😘 Jasmine 😘

” Why did you do that?? ” Luca asked as we both walked beside the pool,, the party has ended already.

I really feel happy when I confessed my love for him,,,

” Because,, I love you ” I said and he stopped. He turned and faced me

” Love?? ” he asked and I nodded

” I thought you,,, ”

” I’m sorry,, I was just,,,,, I am really sorry okay?? But the truth is that, I really do love you. ” I said

He smiled

” Am glad,,,, but.,, why did you push me away when I kissed you?? You even slapped me,, I was hurt ” he said

I lock my hand around his neck,, he was starring right into my eyes.

I kissed him,,, I guess he was shocked but later kissed me back. We unlock from the kiss,,,

” So,,, am your girlfriend now. Don’t you dare try to make me jealous ” I said

” What?? How did you know about that?? ” he asked

” I know,, I saw it in your eyes ” I said

” Never knew you see visions ” he smirked

” Stop ” I slap his hand

” Lover birds, sorry to disturb you but your attentions are really needed right now ” Nicole said with her hands folded on her chest

” Babe, calm down ” Luca said

Nicole raised her brow

” I may have to drag you with me ” she said walking to us

” What?? You don’t have to do that,, we are coming right now. ” I said and lock my hand with Luca’s

” Good ” Nicole smirked,, we followed her.

I wonder what they wanna do,, those crazy friends.

We got to the band large living room,,, they are all there. Angel, Teddy, Theo,, Manson was sitting with Jane. Teddy and Angel sitting separately though

” Guess they are here ” Jane spoke up and they all turn their gazes to us

” What are you guys planning this time?? ” Luca asked sitting down, I also sat beside him.

Nicole walked to Theo and sat with him,,, I turn to Angel who was sitting alone.

” How about we play a game?? ” Theo said

” What game?? ” I asked curiously

” It’s called : Questions Deserves An Answer,, Teddy do you remember when we were kids?? We always play that ” Theo said grinning

” Yeah, that’s right. It’s really fun ” Teddy replied with a smile,,,,

” Who is in?? ” Theo asked

” We are all in ” Manson replied and we all nodded

” So,,,, we are sitting round this table. And that’s how the question is gonna go,,, when its your turn. You will ask question from anyone you want,, do we understand?? ” Theo asked

” Idiot,, do we need to sit around this,,, “.. Teddy mumbled

” Shut up kid ” Theo snapped and we all burst into laughter

We all sat down,,,,

” Well I guess, I will be starting first ” Theo said

Next to him is Jane, then Manson, Angel, Luca,Nicole, Me and then Teddy who is sitting with Theo also by the right.

” My question goes to Jane ” he smirked

” what??? ” Jane asked

” Do you,, really love Manson or just a normal crush?? ” Theo asked and we all turned to her

” I love him a lot,, and I wish he love me soon ” Jane said blushing

” Can’t believe she’s actually in love with me ” Manson said raising his shoulder

” Keep quiet and listen ” Teddy snapped and we all laughed

” Idiot ” Manson muttered, I heard Jane chuckle

” you are next ” I said to Jane

” Oh,,,,,, uhm,,,, Angel??? ” She called and Angel looked up

” How do I say this anyway,,,,, what can I do to make you like me?? I really wanna be your friend” She said looking down

I gasped,, that’s what she’s asking??

Everyone turned to Angel this time,,,

” Oh,,,,,, I,,,,, am speechless.,,,,,, ” Angel said

” Don’t worry,, I will wait for your reply ” Jane said

” She’s not even a guy,, why will you think about,,,, ” That was Luca,, Nicole covered his mouth with her palm immediately before he could finish his sentence

” So,,, am next and am gonna ask Jasmine this question ” he said

” Go on”

” Don’t you think Luca need some medications?? ” He asked and everyone burst into laughter including Teddy

” Why will I need it?? ” Luca asked

” You’re going crazy ” He replied

” Crazy in love with Jasmine ” Theo added

” Oh ” I turned red immediately

” You should have asked something with sense ” Teddy muttered

” I really need to teach this brat some lessons ” Manson said and roughed his hair

” It’s my turn ” Angel pronounced

” So,,,, uhm. Theo and Nicole??? When are you going to tell each others your feelings? I can’t wait ” Angel smirked

” wow!!!! Wasn’t expecting that ” Luca said laughing

” You and your mouth!!! ” Nicole yelled

” Biane ” Angel said and took her lips in

” We are waiting ” Teddy said

” Am going to do it when the time comes,, cool down and face your Angel ” Theo said..

” You are so dead ” Teddy smirked

” Am gonna ask Teddy my question ” I said and he looked up

” Why do you always avoid gazes?? ” I raised my brow

” Yeah, I really wanted to ask so badly. He only look at Angel in the face ” Jane said

” It’s normal,,, to me though ” He replied

” Oh,, well,, okay ” I said

” Teddy ask yours ” Everyone said

” I don’t have one ” he said

” What?? You must ask ”

” Okay,,,, my question is for everyone ” He said looking up

” We are listening ” We all said

” Are you all okay?? ” he asked

We turn to each other and then to him,




🌸 Episode 20 🌸


😍 Angel 😍

” Tonight was really fun,, I love it ” I said as I walked with Teddy on our way to his room

” I don’t enjoy it one bit ” he said

” What?? Why?? ” I asked

” I couldn’t even hold you,,, I was missing you the whole time ” He said and put his hand around my waist

” Really?? ” I laughed

” Am serious ” he said as we got into the room

” Well,, I also feel the same ” I replied

He pulled me closer to himself and kissed me,,,, his hand running through my body.

The kiss was becoming more hot,,,, I was so lost in his lips which taste like strawberry.

He removed my light top,,, and then my underwear.

He dropped me on the bed and continue kissing every part of my body,,,, he bite my n**ple. I took my lips in

” Oh Teddy ” I moan out in sweetness

He stopped and took off his shirt,,, he smiled before coming to me again. I just wish it won’t be painful as the first,,,

My hand run through his hair as he suck every part of me,, damn ,,, Teddy.

His hand went to my thigh causing shiver all over me,,,, he rub my cl** before taking off my p**t

” F**k ” I muttered throwing my head backward

He inserted a finger into my pu**y and I gasped,,,,

” You are still f**king tight ” he whispered into my ear,, his warm lips pressing on my ear

I only chuckle When he said that,,, he started finger f**king faster than the first time

” Honey,,, ” I moan,, damn

” Oh,,, yeah ”

He stopped and I lean closer to my face,,,, he took my lips sucking on my bottom lips like it’s some ice cream.

I don’t even know when he penetrated into me,,,,

” Oh no ” I groan

It’s still painful,, but not like the first one. This one is painful and sweet

Firstly he was slow,, but then he increased his pace

” Teddy Lee ”

” Oh my ”

” F**k ”

Maybe I was screaming too loud because he lean closer and kissed me,,, I can’t even concentrate on the kiss. Like I was going crazy already,,,

He finally stopped and fell beside me on the bed,, he pecked my cheek.

I smiled and rested my head on his chest with the blue duvet covering us.

” Honey?? ” he called and I turn my face to his

” What?? ”

” How many kids do you want?? ” he asked

I smiled and removed the hair on his face,,

” Hmmm,,,, three?? Two boys and a girl ” I replied

” Wow,,, I was expecting you to mention 20 ” he said

” What??? Are you kidding me?? ” I laughed

” I can’t wait for us to get married,, you know ” he said

” Me too ”

Being the mother of Teddy’s children is what any girl will wish for,,,

” I love you so much ” He said and kissed my neck

” I love you more ” I said

He came on top of me again

” Second round?? ” he said with a grin

” What?? Honey wait!!!!! ” I laughed

💙 Joanna 💙

” Am so sad I will be leaving you “. Fred said with a pout

” Well,, me too. Thanks for tonight, I really had fun ” I said with a smile

” We will see each other again right?? ” He asked

” Of course,, you have my contact. Call me ” I said

” I will ” He said

” Good night ” I said ready to go into the house

” Joan?? ” he called and I turned back to him

” Can I at least get a hug?? ” he asked,,

I nodded and hugged him,,,

” Thanks,, you can go now ” he said and waved

I smiled and walked in,,, I heard the guards murmuring

” What!!! ” I yelled

” Nothing mam “..

” Better,, and goodnight ” I said walking In

” Goodnight mam ”

I got into my room,, I started dancing around the room. Wait,, He called me Joan???

Oh God,, I think am going crazy already

‘ calm down Joanna,, you just met ‘ my mind said

I remember when he asked for a hug,, awwwn, so sweet of him. Now I will have to dream about him all night.

I wish he call me,,, I really wish….

My phone beeped and I checked,, oh it’s Jisoo . My one and only friend,,,

💌 Girlfriend what’s up??

💌 I really have a lot of gist for you
I send it and smiled again

💌 Wow,, can’t wait

💌 Am coming to your house tomorrow,,

💌 Okay,, goodnight

💌 Yeah

I dropped the phone and laid on the bed,, I closed my eyes with full smile on my face.

💐 Vivian 💐

I checked the room one last time before walking out,, my guards carried my luggage and followed me,, well it has been fun.

Lily and Briana left yesterday,, I only waited because mom is not even in Korea. I will be bored like f**k,, Lily and Briana also went somewhere to do something.

I bumped into someone,, oh, I wasn’t even looking up

“jwe-song-hahm-nida ( I’m sorry) ” I said and finally looked up

What?? Angel???

I turn my gaze away and tried walking to the other side,, she held my hand. I faced her in confusion

” What?? ” I asked

” Can we talk?? ” she asked

” I have to leave ” I said trying to get my hand from her

” Just 3 minutes ” She said

I sigh and followed her,,,

” What do you want to say?? ” I asked

” Vivian,,,, I know you hate me,, but I don’t care. I really wish we can stop all these and become friends ” She said

” We can’t be friends ” I said

” You don’t wanna be my friend,, then we can be sisters ” She said

I looked up at her since she’s a bit taller than me,,

” Sisters?? How do you think we can be sisters after what happened between our parents?? Your mom actually put the whole blame on me like it was my fault that we were switched,, I loved her so much but right now she doesn’t even wanna see me,, do you think am also happy about everything that happened?? You are the only one happy here,, and you deserve it. So just forget about me, I am fine on my own. Goodbye ” I said and walked out

I immediately wipe the tears rolling down my eyes,,,

The guards followed me and we finally got out,,,

” Vivian wait!!! ” someone called and I look back.

” Luca?? ” I called in surprise

” Yeah,,,, ” he said with a smile

” What do you want?? “..

” You said we are best friends,, is this how best friends behave?? ” he Asked and I find myself laughing

” You know that was a joke,,, but am sorry anyway ”
. ” We will see in school,,, maybe next week ” he said..

” Next week is the competition ” I said.

” Oh that’s right,,, ”
” I will be in school tomorrow though, I really missed everything ” I said

” Okay,, bye ” he said and walked away

I breath out before going into the car

😍 Angel 😍

” What’s wrong?? You are not happy ” Teddy said on our way home

” Vivian ” I said resting my head on his shoulder

” What happened to her? ” he asked touching my hair

” I really feel sorry for her ” I said sadly when I remember everything she said,, mom shouldn’t have act that way to her. She’s not at fault,, it was her mom. I really need to talk to mom,,

” Don’t worry about her okay?? ” he said and kissed my hair

I nodded,,,

The car stopped and that was when I discovered that we are home,, wow I really miss this house so much.

” I guess you miss this ” Teddy said

” What?? ” I asked..

He ignored my question and carried me,,,

” Omg,, I really missed it ” I said laughing

” The boss is so in love with her ” I heard the guards murmuring

They are lucky Teddy didn’t hear that,,,,

” Welcome sir and mam ” The maids all greeted with their head bowed

” Thank you ” Teddy said

I waved at them,, they smiled and waved back.

My hand around Teddy’s neck,, I so much love this man.

🍓 Angel’s Mom 🍓

My phone rang for the tenth time,, damn who is it?? Its an unknown number,, I decided to pick it this time.

📞 Hello,

📞 Hi,, who is this??

📞 Norah ( Vivian’s mom )

📞 what?? How dare you call my number

📞 I really have to tell you something

📞 I don’t wanna listen to you

📞 I will send you the address and time in case you change your mind,,, but we really need to meet

She hang up

What???? What is she planning to tell me?? I don’t trust her

To be continued.

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