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July 23, 2021


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Songs of my heart 2 Episode 1 &

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Songs Of My Heart

_________Episode 1 💄

Written By Summer Gold. W



🍒 Nicole 🍒
” Don’t you think Angel should be back by now?? ” Jasmine asked causing me to scoff

” Come on girl, she’s with her boyfriend. Teddy Lee ” I said with a smirk

” I know, but I don’t feel really cool about this. Let’s go check on her ” she said and I agreed

We both got up and walked to the music class,,,

” See who we got here,, drunkard ” Luca said with a smirk, what?? Who is he talking about??

I turned to Jasmine and saw her rolling her eyes,, I chuckle. I heard Theo chuckle, my eye caught with Teddy sitting in front of the keyboard 🎹, why is he so different??.

Hey Nicole, he’s your best friend’s boyfriend. But then I noticed that Angel is not here,,

” Where is Angel?? ” Theo asked

I turned to Jasmine and then back to them,,

” What do you mean?? I thought she’s here ” I said

” Here?? How?? ” Teddy asked facing us now

” Oops,, few minutes ago. A student came to call her claiming that you sent him ” Jasmine replied

” What?? ” They all said and stood up

” I didn’t send anyone,, and she never got here ” Teddy replied

He brought out his phone immediately, maybe he called her

” She’s not picking up ” He said

” Do you think something bad happened?? ” Manson asked

” Damn!!! ” Teddy yelled and ruffled his hair

Gosh, what’s happening??

” We really need to act fast ” Theo said and we all nodded

” This is too bad ” Jasmine said as we all walked out of the class

” Is that not her phone?? ” I asked pointing at the smartphone on the floor

I took it,,,,,

” Omg,,, it’s for her ” Jasmine said with a gasp

” Something is wrong ” Luca said

I turned to Teddy,, I saw him on a call. Damn,, angel where are you??

” Damn!!! ” We all turned to Teddy who threw his phone hard on the wall in anger,, I gasped and moved back
” Hey, take it easy. She’s gonna be fine ” Theo said

🌸 Angel 🌸
I opened my eyes slowly and met myself in a strange room,, where is this place??
I got up immediately in fear,, am not kidnapped right?? That’s the last thing I want to believe right now.

Two evil looking guys laughed the moment they noticed am awake

” Here comes the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen ” one of them said and touched my lips
” Get your filting hands off me!! ” I yelled

” Hun?? You don’t have to yell, no one is coming to save you” The second one said

A tear dropped from my eyes, what if they hurt me? Or what if they try to rape me?? I can’t let that happen,,, I sniff in and wipe my tears with the back of my hand, everything am thinking about right now is Teddy.

What if they ask him to come here?? I don’t even want him to get hurt,,, I snapped out of my thought when the door opened.

I gasped when the person came in,,, I recognized him. He’s the guard I bumped into,, he’s the one with the cold face. Wait,, why did he kidnapped me?? Did I do something wrong??

The two guys walked out with a grin the moment he came in,,, I watched in silence as he took a seat and walked closer to me. He sat down and look up at me.

” We meet again,, Beautiful ” he said and smiled
Such smile I hate
” Don’t call me that and tell me why you brought me here ” I snapped impatiently

” Isn’t it obvious?? ” He asked coldly
” What’s obvious?? The fact that you kidnapped me?? ”

” The fact that I’ve lived my whole life falling in love with you but everything you think about is Teddy Lee ” he said causing me to gasp
” What do you mean?? ” I asked

” Do you know I long I’ve loved you?? I’ve always seen you around, stare at you and promise myself that am gonna make you mine one day,, and then all of a sudden. You fell in love with someone else,,,, don’t you think it hurt?? ”

” You don’t have any excuse,,, cause I don’t even know you!!! ” I yelled angrily struggling from the tie around me
” f**k” I cursed

” Yeah,, You don’t know me. But if I don’t have you, then nobody would. Not even that son of a bitch ” he said sounding angry
” Don’t you ever talk to my boyfriend like that,, do you get me?? ”

” Now, that’s what I hate. I hate it when you guys are together and everything, right now you are even bold to defend him. What has he done to you!! ” he yelled making me flinch

( songs of my heart @ Summer’s library )

” You are not in love with me,, this is obsession. You get that?? So let me go please, he’s waiting ” I pleaded in tears
” See!! Him again!!! Damn am gonna kill him!! ” he yelled

” No!!! Don’t do that,, don’t,,, ” I cried out
” You can’t stop me Angel ” he said and took his phone, I guess he called Teddy.

📲 Hey

📲 Who are you?
I heard Teddy’s voice

📲 I kidnapped your girlfriend, and if you don’t show up in the next one hour. She’s a dead meat, am gonna send you the address. And don’t even think of coming with someone, or am gonna kill her

📲 You won’t dare do that,

” No Teddy!! Please don’t come here!! It’s dangerous!! ” I yelled

” Shut up you bitch!! ” he yelled and held my hair
” You will watch your precious boyfriend die right here ” he said into my face, am sweating like crazy.

I was crying inwardly,, I wish Teddy doesn’t show up. I can’t afford to loose him,,,


Some Minutes Later 🕐🕐🕐🕐

” I guess he’s here ” He said with a grin
I gasped and turned to the door,, Teddy was standing there looking at me with sadness written on his face.

” I got this ” he whispered to me,, I shook my head in tears
Just then two guys captured him in both hands, another two started beating the hell out of him

” Oh no!! Stop please!!! Stop!!! ” I shouted in tears but I couldn’t help
” Guys wait ” The wicked guard commands and they stopped.

I look at Teddy and the tears continue dropping again, I saw blood all over him, even his mouth, . This is all because of me,, am so sorry.

” Hey Boss ” The guard said bending in front of Teddy
” You know what?? Am in love with your girlfriend here,, but you are on my way. So I wanna bring you down,,, but if you don’t wanna die. I want you to say something ” he said

I swallowed hard as he walked to me,,, he used his hand to raise my head up and smiled, and then his lips landed on mine.

i tried pulling him away with my little strength but he’s too strong, he grin when he left me. I turned to Teddy,, am so sorry,, am so sorry. The tears was really rushing more than normal.

” Tell me you are going to let her go,, if you wanna live ” He said
Teddy started laughing and I could see shock all over his face,,

” What’s funny? I just asked you to say something!! ” he yelled
” That’s not possible ” Teddy said causing me to gasp

” Guys !!!!! ” He shouted and before I knew it four men pounced on Teddy beating him almost to the point of death, and I could do was to watch and cry??

I will never forgive myself!!!! I won’t!!!!

” Now say it!! ”
” Just kill me,,, because,,,,, I can’t let go of her while am still living ” Teddy said

” What?!!!! Guys kill him ” he said and they brought out guns immediately
” No!!!!” I screamed and just then

The door opened and I saw the police rushing in,,,,, one of them untied me. I rushed to Teddy immediately,, he’s unconscious.

” Help!!!! Call the ambulance!!! !! Now!!! ” I shouted still holding him. His eyes are closed

” Teddy,, please stay with me, please ” I said in tears


_________Episode 2 💟



[ 👩🏼‍⚕️ Hospital 👩🏼‍⚕️]

💄 Angel 💄
He opened his eyes slowly,, thank goodness he’s awake

” Hey Baby,, are you okay?? ” I asked
” Seems you are worried ” he said with a smirk

” What’s funny??!! Why did you do that!! Are you not afraid of death?? What if they hurt you more than this, what is going to happen to me then!! You are such a wicked fellow!! ” I yelled in tears
” At least am not dead right? ”

” I love you so much Teddy,, I really love you, thanks for everything ” I said and hugged him

The door slam open and we turned back at once,,, Johanna rushed in with tears all over her face. I was the one who called her,,

” Kid,, how are you feeling right now?? Are you okay?? I almost died of heart attack ” she said and wipe her tears and keep on touching Teddy
” Am fine now, did you tell mom?? ” He asked

” No,, I know you won’t like it ” She replied
” That’s better ” Teddy said with a smile
” Are you okay?? ” She asked touching my head
” Am fine,, thank you ” I said

She pecked my cheek and I turned red immediately,,,,

” Thank you so much ” She said
What?? Thank you for what?? I should thank Teddy for saving me and not letting go of me.

” Damn I can’t wait for the camp!! It gonna be really fun ” Jasmine said almost in a scream
” Yeah baby!! ” Nicole joined her and they started dancing to no music in particular.
” Join us baby ” They pulled me up

I smiled and joined them,, damn they are so crazy.
” Go Angel! Go Angel!! ” they keep on shouting and then I stopped, panting already
” Am tired guys ” I said and sat down
” Damn,,, Teddy is so lucky ” Jasmine said causing me to scoff

” Yeah,, I can’t imagine him f**king those ass ” she said and winked
” What??? No,,, ” I said
” What do you mean no?? ” Jasmine asked, I kept quiet
” Wait,, do you mean,,, you guys,, haven’t had s*x?? ” Nicole asked and I nodded

” What!!!?? ” they screamed
” You are shouting ” I said under my breath
” That’s,, unbelievable. Or,, are you a virgin?? ” Jasmine asked, I look away immediately hiding my embarrassed face
” Omg!!! Does Teddy know about this?? ” Nicole asked

” No ” I said shortly
” That’s amazing,, but,, don’t you think you are keeping him waiting??? I mean,,, even though he doesn’t ask,, am sure he want it ” Nicole said
” Am,, scared ” I said and they burst into laughter
” Guys, am serious ” I said

They stopped and faced me,,
” I can feel your pain,,, but that’s not an excuse. And,, you trust Teddy right?? He really loves you a lot, so. Act fast ” Jasmine said stroking my hair

I sigh and nodded,, can I even do that?? And he doesn’t even ask for s*x, does that mean he want to wait? And then I remember him saying I can’t do what he wanted,, is he talking about,,,, oh God.

👒 Vivian 👒

I keep on pacing around my room, I still can’t believe Teddy did that for her. He must really love her a lot,, I decided to stop Liam when I heard what happened.

I don’t want Teddy to get hurt in anyway, I love him so much.

” Vivi!! The camp is next week, am so happy ” Lily said coming in with Briana
” Yeah me too,, it’s gonna be fun ” Briana said causing me to smile

Am also happy though,, my mind went to mom. am scared that she’s going to find out one day,, then she will ignore me and go for Angel.

I took my bag and walked out of the class, I saw Angel and her two friends laughing and chatting, I scoff and walked away.

I entered my car and drove off,,, my mind is really disturbed right now. I want to tell her,, but I can’t afford to loose her, I can’t let that happen. Never,,,, the moment I look up there was a car facing me.

” Oh no!! ” I screamed and that was all I knew

🥰 Lucia 🥰 ( Angel’s mom )
I was watching some news when a call came on my phone,, it’s Vivian. That’s strange, why will she call me this hour??
📞 Baby?

📞 is this Mrs Park??

📞 Yeah,, what are you doing with my daughter’s phone??

📞 Am sorry, but Miss Vivian got into an accident some minutes ago. She’s in our hospital right now and you have to come here straight away
📞 Omg!!! I will be right there

I immediately rushed out of the house,, two guards followed me. I entered the car and the driver drove off.

” where is my daughter please ” I screamed as hot tears rolled down my eyes
” Mam, take it easy ” the doctor said ” come with me ” He added and I followed him immediately.

We got to where Vivian is,,, her eyes was opened. I rushed to her and hugged her

” Am so sorry baby ” I said
” Ooma ” she said in tears
” Don’t say anything ” I said and peck her

” She really lost a lot of blood,, we need a blood transfusion right now ” The doctor said
” She’s my daughter,, am giving her my blood ”
” Okay good,, firstly am going to test your blood to be sure ” the doctor said and I nodded

” No,,,, don’t do it mom,,, I don’t want,, You to get hurt ” Vivian said
” You don’t have to worry about me ” I said with a smile
” No mom,, wait “.
” Doctor let’s leave ” I said to the doctor.
Few Minutes Later 🕐🕐

” Am sorry mam,, but, your blood doesn’t match the patient ” the doctor pronounced
” What do you mean by that?? She’s my daughter, I gave birth to her!! ” I yelled
” I don’t think so mam,, I can’t be mistaken. Am sorry,, but,, she’s not your daughter. Even the DNA doesn’t match with yours ” he said

” No,,, do it again,, she’s my daughter ” I said in tears
” Am so sorry mam ” he said and stood up, I followed him

What is going on here?? Why won’t it match? I gave birth to her myself, so what’s happening?? What!!!

We heard some noise outside,, we both walked out to check. It’s a woman around my age, but she’s dressed somehow.

” Am here for my daughter!! Let me in!! ” she yelled
” Mam,, your daughter is not here. This hospital does not allow wretched people like you here ” a nurse said

” What do you mean?? My daughter is rich!! I watched the news!! She’s here, please let me in, I need to save her! ” she cried more
” Mam,, what is the name of your daughter?? ” the doctor asked

” Vivian,,,, Vivian Park ” she said and I gasped




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