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something about us Episode 52

✍️Written by Nuri .F. Chisom Pearl✍️

🥀Chapter 52🥀.


“Unnie?” Alicia called. Her voice was soft and low. She felt disappointed.

“What? You’re scaring me, you know? What’s it?” Alexa asked confused

“Can I have a picture of Unnie(Lizzy)?”

“What? Why?”

“Jebal. Don’t ask me questions. Can you give it to me if you have any”

“I do.. I do, Hold on–Alexa paused and went throu-gh her cupboard. She brou-ght out a picture of Elizabeth.
“Can’t you tell me what you want it for?” Alexa asked as she gave Alicia the picture.

“Let’s talk later. Thanks for this” Alicia whispered and ran out of the room. She met her father in the restaurant and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Dad! Let’s go to the station!” Alicia said

“Why? It’s a bit late–

“Dad. plea-se, plea-se.. Let’s hurry!”

“Okay. Okay. Lets just do as you say. Let’s go!” Mr Lynn held her hand as they both walked out.


“Goodness! Alicia, What are you doing here… by this time?” Mr Murphy asked looking at his leather wristwatch. It was just 8:17pm.

“Sir!–She paused trying to [email protected] for breath.
….I’ve gotten a solid lead–

“What? Really? You’ve gotten a lead? What’s it about?” He asked curiously

“Firstly, Can you call in Laura. Let’s meet in the interrogation room” Alicia inhaled de-eply walking to the room

“Okay. Okay.. Just hold on” Murphy replied quic-kly and rushed to the other side of the scene.

🌹Minutes Later~~

“I’m really surprised. What are you doing here by this time? We were supposed to meet on only Saturdays?” Laura scoffed as she sat down

“Thursdays isn’t so bad” Alicia paused

“Let’s cut to the chase. Why are you here? Did you find something?”

“Yeah. Something big–

“Wow. I’m impressed. What’s that by the way?”

“Firstly, I wanna ask questions?”

“Hmm… So, What’s it about?”

“That bar, you mentioned earlier…. Was it “Apple’s Zone?”

“Yeah. I explained to you remember?”

“Oh my God!…. So, Do you remember her face?”

“Yeah. I can even recognize her in the dark”

“Really? So, If I show you a picture–

“Wait? You have a picture of her?”

“I guess”

“Give me. Let me take a look”

“Here, Take a good look at it” She placed the picture on the table. Laura stared at her, then looked at the picture. She took it from the table and stared the more.

“What do you think, Is she the lady?” Alicia asked

“She’s the one” Laura replied, after a period of silence.

“What? Really?”

“Yeah” Laura replied. Alicia looked on speechless. She [email protected]£ so nervous and rubbe-d her sweaty palms together.

Suddenly, Laura laughed obnoxiously.

“Why are you laughing?” Alicia asked

“Who’s she?” Laura continued laughing


“Her. The pretty lady in the picture?” Laura asked with a mischievous look. She pointed at the picture and then slided it back to her throu-gh the table.

“What do you mean?–Alicia paused and took a quic-k glance at the picture below her.
….You just said–

“I was joking” Laura laughed hysterically.

“Wh… What?” Alicia stuttered with teary eyes.

“That was really funny”

“What? Funny? A joke? How… I mean, How could you joke about things like that!!” Alicia yelled as her tears fell.

“What’s this? You’re crying? Why? I didn’t mean it–

“I just wasted my time!” Alicia said angrily standing up.

“Don’t you wanna still ask me more questions?” Laura asked, which st©pped Alicia from going any further.

She didn’t reply but rather turned her head over.

“The lady… She looks a bit like her” Laura whispered. Alicia grew curious and couldn’t help but walk back to her.

“What do you mean?” Alicia asked. Laura kept silent for a while and pushed her face forward.

“Does she probably have a sister?”

**********(SKYY BOYS PLACE)************

“Softball? You are late today” Ken said as he walked [email protected] her.

“Sorry. I woke up late” Alexa replied

“Go home. I want you to rest”

“No. Why? Is it because I’m late. I said I’m sorry” She said in a cute voice

“No. I want you to rest because you had an exhausting and long day yesterday”

“Oh. I see”

“How was it?”

“My Exam?”


“It was really difficult to be sincere. I just wrote what I re-ad”

“What’s with this low self-confidence? Softball, Be faithful! Everything will be fine”

“What if it does’nt?”

“Why are you doing this to yourself? I hate Tomboys who can’t handle this kind of things. Believe in yourself. I’m just saying but if it doesn’t work out for you, There are plenty more things you could do”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. You can find that out by yourself. It’s your life, Softball” Ken smiled. As they kept talking to each other, They saw Eric and Ethan walk side to side coming out from the room. They both stared at her, when their eyes met with hers.

“Good morning!” She greeted slightly bowing her head low.

“How was your night” Ethan asked
“How was your exam yesterday” Eric asked.
They both asked these different questions simultaneously. Eric and Ethan stared at each other angrily. They scoffed and faced Alexa waiting for her reply. Ken wondered who she would answer first.

“Ken? You said I’m free to rest today right?” She turned to Ken ignoring the both.

“Well…Huh? Yeah. You are. Just come tomorrow”

“Yeah. Thanks. Bye!”

“Yeah. Bye, Softball”

“Alex… Good bye!!” Eric and Ethan both waved simultaneously. Alexa stared at them with an awkward look and formed a f0rç£d smile.


Elizabeth visited Alexa that Saturday morning. Alicia was also at home. As the friends talked and laughed, Alicia kept stealing stares at Lizzy. Of course, She noticed that.

“Why are you staring at me, Alicia?” Lizzy asked. Alicia swallowed [email protected] and pinched her th!gh nervously. She slowly walked to them and sat close to them too.

They both continued staring at her wondering what she wanted to ask.
“Alicia. What’s wrong with you? You have been like this since yesterday? You’d better say something cause I’m about to leave for work–Alexa paused and looked at the wall clock.
…In a few minutes” She added.

Alicia inhaled de-eply and nodded.

“Unnie–She pausedand looked at them both. Alexa and Elizabeth looked at each other, and then back to her.

“What?” They asked simultaneously, in a calm voice.

“Actually, I’ve gotten a big lead on Dad’s hit-and-run case” Alicia swallowed [email protected] again.

“Really? I did trust you–

“Hold on, I’m not done” Alicia cut her sister short.
….Actually, It led me to Elizabeth at first–

“Wh.. What?? Me? What was the lead you had? What does she mean by that?” Elizabeth asked facing Alexa.

“Huh? What are you saying? Wait, Was that the reason why you asked for her picture?” Alexa asked. Alicia simply nodded.

Suddenly, Collins [email protected]£ in. He had been eavesdropping on them and also heard everything.

“So? What’s your point? Are you saying she did it? Don’t you think you might be wrong? What if someone hates her and is trying to frame her? Alicia, What the hell are you say–

“Will you guys just listen to me!!!!” Alicia interrupted Collins in a very loud voice. She felt tired and frustrated. Her headaches [email protected]£ back more than it used to before.

Collins sighed and walked close to Elizabeth, who held his hands. They looked at each other and calmly nodded trying to un-derstand where Alicia was headed.

“We are sorry. Continue plea-se” Lizzy cleared her throat.

“……Now, The real lead finally got me to the last st©p…. Unnie (Elizabeth), Do you trust your sister?” Alicia asked. Lizzy gave a confusing look, apparently, it was a confusing question.

“I just don’t like her that all. I don’t know anything about her nor her life style. So, I don’t know if I should trust her or not” Elizabeth replied

“I’m sorry to say this. It’s gonna be shocking. You guys have to just bear with it–After wards, There was a loud pause.
…..Your sister, Deborah Joseph is the culprit to this case” She finally added

“What? Culprit? Not even a suspect? Seriously, She’s gonna be a deaconess soon. Are you sure you know what you are talking about?” Lizzy eyes grew wi-de.

“I’m 100% sure. Now, We don’t have anything such as evidence at hand for an arrest warrant… But there’s something she has, to issue an arrest warrant for her” Alicia commented

“What’s that?” Collins asked

“A memory card. It has a video of everything that happened that night” Alicia said

“Now just say she’s the culprit because it really [email protected] to believe. Let’s just say she is, She might have damaged, cleared or threw it away or something. If she is wise enough, that is” Alexa said

“Let’s give a try in searching for it first… Unnie (Elizabeth)?” Alicia called

“What?” Lizzy answered still having the look of confusion.

“You share the same room with your sister, right?”

“Huh? Well, Ye….eah”

“So, Do you know anyplace she can hide something so small? A place where you rarely look?”

“Huh…. I don’t really know. She can’t hide it in her bag,wardrobe or any place because she knows I go throu-gh them. So, I’m sure she’s gonna put it in somewhere safe. Somewhere I can never look, search or think of”

“Yeah. Is there anything she carries along with her almost all the time? I’m sure that where she keeps it” Alicia said.

“Anything she carries al–Lizzy paused and wi-de-ned her eyes
like she remembered something.

“Tell me? Do you know anything?” Alicia asked

“Geez! There’s no way she could put it there. Unless, she’s a psycho” Lizzy bit herl-ips

“Where? Tell us! What’s that place??” Alicia grew more curious. Elizabeth looked at them and sighed de-eply.

“………It’s either she hid it in her hymn book or bible”

“What??” They all yelled staring at each other surprisedly


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