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something about us Episode 51

(When A Tomboy Loves…)

✍️Written by Nuri .F. Chisom Pearl✍️

🥀Chapter 51🥀.


“Flora! Wait!!” Alexa yelled trying to catch up with her. Flora who was shocked quic-kly wiped her tears and looked behind.

“Alexa. plea-se, Don’t try to convince me. I’m not going to stay–

“No..That’s not my aim. Do what your heart tells you to” Alexa smiled. Flora smiled and hvgged her ti-ghtly.

“There’s something I didn’t confess” Alexa whispered still in the hvg.

“What’s that?” Flora asked

“You see, I… I… Uh, I’m gonna write another entrance exam” She stuttered in a light whisper

“What? Really?” Flora dis£ngaged from her giving her a surprising look. Alexa nodded with her head down

“I’m sorry for not telling you sooner”

“No. It’s okay. I un-derstand, trust me. I wish you Good luck and don’t feel bad if you don’t do well.. Okay?”

“Okay…Thanks Flora”

“You’re welcome. You ran pretty fast though. Look at you [email protected] for breath” Flora chuckled. Alexa laughed.
“I’m gonna miss you, Alexa”

“I’m gonna miss you more”

“Hurry now. Lizzy must be waiting. Have you told her yet?”

“I will. When we get home”

“Okay. Bye, My Tomboy Bestie!” She waved her hand

“Bye My Flora Flower!” Alexa waved back.

******FEW DAYS LATER)******

“Today is finally here! Your Examination Day!” Lizzy said.

“We wish you Good luck” Alicia smiled

“From all of us” Mr Lynn smiled

“I was going to Nag you. But I can’t help it, So.. You’d better do well!” Mrs Lynn laughed

“Noona! Fighting!” Collins smiled. Alexa smiled heartily.

“Thank you guys for everything. I’m gonna make you all proud. Dad, Believe me” She said

“I do. Don’t just stress yourself” Mr Lynn nodded

“Bye guys” Alexa waved and walked out. When she went outside, She was surprised! She saw The Skyy Boys Band! They were so handsome and wearing cool [email protected] They were also in a black beautiful expensive sports car. Ethan was the driver. They all smiled and waved to her. She just stared at them with her mouth wi-dely opened. The car roof was lifted up which made her wowed.

“What are you guys doing here?” She asked looking at the car as she walked closer

“We heard today is your day! We [email protected]£ to wish you luck” Eric smiled. Alexa smiled back.

“Thank you so much Guys. I really appreciate” She said

“It’s fine Softball. Hop in! We are going to take you for a ride to your examination center!” Ken smiled.

“Wow! Thank you Guys! You’re the best” Alexa giggled

“Hey? Eric. Can you sit with Ken?” Ethan asked

“What? Why?” He asked

“I want Alex to sit with me–Ethan was interrupted by Eric’s loud scoff.

“Why must you sit with him?” Eric asked

“Huh? I just–

“It’s fine. I can just sit with Ken” Alexa f0rç£d a smile and opened the back door.

“Softball. Don’t mind them. Sit with me!” Ken chuckled as she sat down beside him.

“Let’s go!” Ken said but Ethan wasn’t listening. He was glaring [email protected] at Eric who glared back. They had angry eyes shooting lasers.

“Guys? Guys? Let’s go alre-ady” Ken whispered feeling cold chills watching the both have their angry glaring contest. Ken scratched his head suprised by their recent behavior.

“What’s wrong with them?” Ken whispered to Alexa. She sighed de-eply and looked at them in thoughts.

“Let’s go. I’m gonna be late. You guys had better not jinx my day” Alexa frowned. The guys re-moved their gaze from each other. Ethan rolled his eyes furiously while Eric bit hisl-ips.

Ethan started the engine and they were on the road. In couple of minutes, They were at the place. Alexa got down and gave them a warm smile.

“Wish you luck, Softball! Fighting!” Ken smiled

“Fighting! Goodbye” She waved. Suddenly, Both front doors opened. Eric and Ethan tried to come out but they did so simultaneously. It made them [email protected]

“Aiish! Why did he open the door when I did?, This is so frustrating!!” Ethan angrily stared at him.

“What’s problem? So annoying! Why did he have to open the door when I opened mine” Eric bit hisl-ips in thought

“Huh? Guys.. No need to come out. I’m gonna find my way from here. Goodbye once again!” Alexa waved once more and left them. She sighed in relief when their car drove off.

She held her paperworks ti-ghtly as she sat on the chair which people sat on. They were all waiting for their names to be called. A lot of foreigners were also gonna write the examinations. She saw Whites and Blacks,different races!. Most of them spoke together in their native language. She smiled watching them.

“Hello” She heard a soft voice. Alexa quic-kly turned and met an American lady staring at her. She had long blonde hair with light brown eyes. She spoke in American English. Pure accent!. Alexa nervously shone her teeth.

“H. Hi” She stuttered trying to speak in English.

“I’m sorry but I need your help?” The lady smiled

“Huh? Hu..lup?” Alexa stuttered looking very confused. She was’nt good in English after all

“Yeah. Help. Huh, I’m Mitchell. I’m sorry but I’m in search for the English Hall here?” Mitchell explained. Alexa scratched her head and swallowed [email protected]

“Aiish! What’s she saying?” Alexa thought as she looked on confused.

“Hello??” The lady tried to wake Alexa from her thoughts

“Hi.. Huh? Huh? Eng.. gu..lish, No. Me.. Korea. Huh? No En gulish”

“Excuse me?”

“How should I explain this to you? Such a pain in the n£¢k” She squee-zed her face ti-ghtly facing the floor.

“Uhmm, Hangul, Yes. En gulish No, You.. speaku..Korea. I hear you. No En gu lish, plea-suu?” She f0rç£d her words using pure Ko-rean accent.

Mitchell stared at Alexa confused.
“Huh? Alright. You don’t seem to un-derstand me–

“Yes!,” Alexa exclaimed in hangul.

“Okay. I’m gonna take it slow. Uh, plea-se.. –English hall?”


“English hall? The hall? English? Hall?”

“No En gu lish. Hangul”

“Oh…I see. Thanks anyways” Mitchell smiled almost leaving.

“Alexa??” A voice called. She turned behind to see the unknown and it was none other than Krystal Mia.

“Unnie??!” Alexa gushed as she rushed towards her. They [email protected]£d each other and hvgged ti-ghtly.

“Alexa..Do you know where the English Hall is?” Krystal asked

“Yeah. It’s close to the 2nd gate” She replied

“Okay. Give me a minute…I’m gonna be right back” Krystal smiled and broke the hvg. She ran to Mitchell and tapped her gently.

“Hello. You wanted to know where the English Hall was?” Krystal asked. She spoke American English fluently.

“Yeah. Yeah” Mitchell replied

“It’s close to the 2nd gate”

“Oh my. Thank you so much. I really appreciate”

“No. You shouldn’t be thanking me. You should thank her instead” Krystal smiled pointing at Alexa.

“Her? I thought it was a guy?”

“He isn’t. She’s a Tomboy. Also, I know you were trying to hit on him” Krystal chuckled

“Wh.. What?” Mitchell stammered

“I guessed right. You wanted to ask him,or should I say her? You wanted to ask her out?”

“How did you know?” Mitchell asked wi-dening her eyes

“I have a nack for this kinds of things. That was how I knew that she was a Tom boy.I have always guessed things right. Also, You kept staring at her from afar before you [email protected]£ closer to ask questions. Despite not knowing English, You still f0rç£d yourself when there are many Americans here as well”

“Wow” Mitchell giggled

“I like your confidence though. But keep your crush. She’s taken” Krystal chuckled and went back to Alexa.

“Unnie? What did you say to her?” Alexa asked

“I answered her for you. You don’t know how to speak English remember?” Krystal Mia smiled. Alexa laughed and looked at her.

“But what are you doing here?” She asked

“My brother is gonna write an exam so I’m just waiting for him. My car is outside. Do you mind if I pick you along?”

“Yes! I’m also writing an exam too”

“Awwn! Good luck!”

“Thank you Unnie”

“Alexa Lynn!!” A voice calked from the examination hall.

“Oh. I’ve been called. It’s my turn!”

“Okay. Ride along now. Make sure you don’t get scared! Wish you all the examination luck one would ever get!!” Krystal Mia smiled and Alexa waved in happiness as she entered the hall.


“Unnie, Hand it over. plea-se?” Alicia stretched her hand towards Alexa.

“What do you mean?” Alexa asked looking from the be-d she sat.

“Your phone? You promised me, Remember?”

“Oh.. Here, But what are you gonna search for?” Alexa asked

“Something you aren’t gonna definitely know”

“Hey!! Are you okay at all? You are insulting me huh? Give me back my phone!”

“I’m sorry, Unnie. I’m so sorry! Anyways, I want to search for a Logo. I have a drawing of it–Alicia paused, opened her bag and brou-ght out her note pad. She opened it to where she drew the logo.
….This is it! Take a look. As for me, I’m gonna search for “Logo with the Picture of A White Dove and A Fig Tree in Korea” Alicia completed, handling the note pad to her sister.

Alexa took it and stared at the drawing. Suddenly, Her eyes grew wi-de open.
“This looks very very familiar!” She blurted.
Alicia looked back at Alexa in surprise. She ran quic-kly and sat close to her.

“Seriously?” Alicia asked

“Yeah! I’ve seen it before! I’m sure of it!” Alexa nodded her head

“So? Where did you see it?” Alicia askedanxiously.

“I can’t.. remember”

“What? No. You’ve to remember! Remember Ple–

“Wait a minute! This logo is from the Lizzy’s church. The Anglican Church!”

“Wh.. What? Really?”


“But did they make any sort of hand band at all?” Alicia asked. She felt her heart racing.

“Yeah! The Members wore the white coloured band–

“The lemon! Who wore the lemon coloured??!”

“Why are you getting worked up??! Anyways, The females living inside the church wore it. They made a few lemon so just a few got it..The males wore the black”

“So… Is Unnie(Elizabeth) among the few that got the lemon hand?”

“Yeah. She wore them in different occasions. Why?”

“Unnie? I don’t un-derstand! Oh my! Wait a minute. I’m gonna ask a last question… Alicia paused trying to calm her nerves. She felt her heart beating fast. She felt the sharp headache but ignored it. She inhaled de-eply.

“Ask alre-ady” Alexa retorted

“Has Unnie (Lizzy) ever been to a Club before?” She whispered slowly

“Yeah. A lot but she has st©pped. Her favorite club was “Apple Zone”

“What?? What did you say? Apple’s Zone?”

“Yeah” Alexa replied as Alicia stared at her in de-ep thoughts.

“What’s… this seriously?, There’s possibly no…way such can…happen” Alicia stuttered twitching her eyes nervously.


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