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something about us Episode 49

(When A Tomboy Loves…)

✍️Written by Nuri .F. Chisom Pearl✍️

🥀Chapter 49🥀.


Ethan quic-kly straightened his smiling face. How couldn’t he even dare to smile after the death of his mother. He felt disappointed at himself and gave the student a cold look.

“Leave tomboy!. I’ve got nothing more to say to you” He said now turning back to the hvge river.

“Wait! Wait!” She shouted breathing heavily. Ethan faced her again, This time around, he was furious.

“What!?” He hollered

“Why? Tell me why you’re trying to kill yourself?” She asked with eyes now getting soa-ked.

“And why should I?”

“If you tell me the reason. Then you free to die but I’m gonna see if you deserve to die”

“I do deserve to die”

“Then what did you do? What was your offense??!”

“I killed someone–

“What? Who?? Probably, It’s a mistake?” She asked anxiously

“It’s my Mom. I killed her” He replied, not moved.

“What??” The tears rushed out involuntarily. She closed her shocked wi-de mouth with her palm.
“Why? What wrong did she do to you? I know Mothers can be so annoying sometimes, But it’s [email protected] of life! My Mum yells and nags at me everyday but I can’t seem to hate her, Though.. I try to avoid her..Why did you do such? I’m sure you had a reason?”

“Why!! Why do you keep asking me questions by questions like we know each other! Hey, Go off now. Some of your friends might be waiting!” He thun-dered angrily.

“I just can’t watch you die!” She stomped her feet with tears flowing.

“Then leave! Aiish! Who do you think you are? Why do you keep crying like you know anything??! Do you even know me?? Who do you think you are, huh???!” He yelled.

“I just can’t help it–Her voice stuttered as she wiped her tears.
….Don’t die, I’m sure you never meant it that way”

“But I killed her–He cried loudly.
….If only I went outside, I could have probably saved her from my wicked father! Instead, I decided to close my ears and shut my eyes enjoying the cold showers. I’m insane! I’m crazy! I’m stu–

“It’s enough. Now, I un-derstand you. It wasn’t you, You didn’t kill her. Your wicked father did. It’s okay… Everything is gonna be fine. I’m sure if she was here, She wouldn’t approve this. I hope you think before you die. I’m sure you mother had a wish. Why don’t you fulfil that wish first before you die?”

“My mum?–she had lots of wishes. But she isn’t here no more. How can she watch them come true??”

“Just make them come true. I’m sure she’s gonna see it from the heavens—She paused with a smile.
….Is there anything or place you can made good memories of her?”

“No. We only had nightmares instead in that place called a house. But there’s one place, We had our last moment. She asked me to go in there, and have imaginary happy memories of I and her”

“Where is such place?”

“The bathroom”

“Bathroom? Rare and Unique” She smiled

“What? You aren’t shocked? Most people would even overact when they hear this”

“No. It’s fine. Death has no location. Yours is Rare and Unique too. I hope you [email protected] yourself rather than putting yourself down. It’s okay, Just think of it as your second home”

“Second home?” He asked suprised

“Yeah… Your Second Home” She replied still wearing a smile.

“Okay. It’s my Second home. A place I’m gonna shut myself, and imagine my mother. A happy memory formed by me. I’m gonna replace that with the bad memories we had and shared. I’m gonna switch on the showers when I feel sad, pained, anxious, and in despair. I’m gonna shut my eyes, close my ears from the outside world and see her in my inner mind. We are gonna talk,laugh,smile,[email protected] do everything we wanted” He smiled staring at the squee-zed washed r!pp£dpicture.

“Do so. I’m gonna support that!”

“Thank you! You changed me! And made me realize my second home” He smiled

“It’s my plea-sure” She smiled back.
“Hope you won’t commit suicide–

He jumped down quic-k startled the Tomboy.
“I’m not going to anymore and that’s thanks to you. You saved me. I hope we meet again in future. But now, It’s time to make my Mum proud” He smiled. She felt t©uçhed by his words. She felt tears but quic-kly held it in. She formed a f0rç£d smile.

“I’m glad. Anyways, Good bye…Till we meet again” She waved her hand, running.

“Hey! Wait. We haven’t exchanged names yet! I’m Ethan! Ethan Ales!” He said aloud since The Tomboy was now far away.

“I’m A…. ” He could’nt hear her name. It was faint as she said it from afar.



“Her voice was so faint then. I couldn’t hear the others but it started with the sound “Ah” Ethan said to Alexa softly. He looked at Alexa, but she wasn’t paying attention anymore. She stared at him smiling.

“I finally found you” She whispered softly.

“What?” He asked trying to hear what she said.

“It’s nothing. So,–She cleared her throat dramatically.
…. The Tomboy. Have you met her ever since?” She asked

“I might have, who knows?. But I don’t know if she has changed. But I hope she CALLS me whenever she sees me–

“Ethan” She called softly interrupting him. She had a wi-de smile on her face.

“What?” He answered

“Nothing” She chuckled

“Why did you call me?” He laughed

“…..Don’t you remember her face?” Alexa asked changing the subject at once.

“Just a bit. Why? Do you think you might know her?” He asked

“Nooo!… Oh Goodness, Where’s Eric? He was here earlier. He should give me the keys to the–She paused when her eyes caught the bunch of the keys on the TV stand.

Eric had dropped it there, when he [email protected]£ over.

“Oh. He dropped it here” Alexa said taking the keys from the stand.

“Give that to me. I’m gonna get it for you, By the way, Give me your phone?” He said taking the keys from her.

“Why?” She curiously asked

“You don’t have my contact. Instead, Here.. Save yours here” He said handling her his unlocked phone. She collected it and he left almost immediately.

She typed her number and saved it to “Alex😜”. She chuckled and dailed her number. Her phone rang and she cut off the call. She saved Ethan’s number as “Ethan 😉”.

After few minutes, He [email protected]£ in. He was holding the suit and a white shi-t. Alexa collected the suit and narrowed her eyes looking at the white shi-t which looked very familiar.

“I think I’ve seen this shi-t before!” She gushed, now wi-dening her eyes

“What? Really? It’s a limited edition though. My Mentor who trained me got this for me and trust me, It was really [email protected] Where did you see this?”

“Somewhere. I can’t just remember–She paused immediately and remembered that night, months back when she followed Flora and Lizzy to the club.`(On Chapter 2)

She stained that shi-t with her chicken! (Y’all Remember that Funny night? 😂). Geez, it was then! She remembered! She had kicked Ethan [email protected] on the side of his n£¢k after having a h0t argument with him because of his cold and harsh reply and behavior towards her. And to make things worst, She dressed up as a girl! One attrac-tive S-xy Lady!

“Aaah!” She yelled closing her mouth with her hands.

“What? What? Huh?” He asked quite startled.

“Nothing” She felt her heart skip.
“I have got to go now. See you tomorrow” She was quite worried now.

“It’s fine. Just rest tomorrow. Resume on Monday. Goodnight. Sweet Dreams!” He waved to her as she f0rç£d a smile. She walked outside hurriedly.

“Aissh! I’m doomed! What if he remembers my face then!” She said to herself scattering her hair in frustration.
“No! It’s fine! He’s not gonna remember anyways. Then, I was with makeup,long wig,dress and all! No, He would’nt remember!”
“No! What if he remembers! Alexa! Alexa! You’ve been caught. You are in trouble!” She said sitting down on the motorcycle seat. She kept the black suit neatly inside her motorcycle back box.

As she was still talking to herself, Her phone rang loudly. She looked at her phone and picked the call. It was Eric.

“Hello Eric? Don’t worry. I’ve gotten the Suit–

“No. plea-se, This isn’t Eric or whatever. Your friend is totally out of it. I called you because you were the first in his received calls list. plea-se, Come over to “WW Bar”…He is madly drun!kand needs @ssistance! He’s also taking his 11th bottle of Soju (Ko-rean Alcohol) as we speak!!!” A lady voiced out.

“Oh my! I’m gonna be right there. Thank you so much” She replied and quic-kly hanged up. She started the ignite and she was off to Eric.


“Ma’am. Thank you. I’m gonna @ssist him now” Alexa smiled bowing her head slightly. The lady nodded and continued her work.

Alexa sighed de-eply and walked to Eric.
“Hey? What’s wrong with you? St©p drinking. You’ve had more than enough” She seized the bottle from him. Eric frowned and looked up.

Immediately, He saw Alexa, He gave a refreshing smile.
“Uhhhnn, It’s Alexa?” He chuckled in his drun!kness state

“Well.. Yeah. Now let’s go home. It’s late. 11:48pm!” She said.

“Alexa?” He called with a smile.

“What? Look at you. Being drun!kmakes you cute though. You look fu–

“I like you” He interrupted her.

“What?” She stuttered in a whisper. Her eyes reacted by blinking slowly.

“No. I love you” He said again.


“Like me back, plea-se” He pleaded

“You’re drun!k. Let’s talk tomorrow” She whispered

“No. I’m serious right now. I love you, Alexa. You can love me too right?” He asked. There was de-ep silence for minutes before she replied;

“Bia–nae(Sorry)” She whispered staring at the table.

“Why? Why can’t you like me? plea-se, Like me. Alexa, plea-se love me. plea-se” He said crying. Alexa watched him in silence.

“Alexa… plea-se, Love me. plea-se, Huh? Give me a chance, Jebal(plea-se)” He begged with painful tears still streaming. He sniffed [email protected] as he wiped the uncontrollably falling tears.

Alexa continued looking at him. She bit herl-ips [email protected] trying to hold her guilt. Her eyes twitched watching him cry in sadness. She felt sadness lurk in her, especially pity.

“I’m really sorry” She whispered again as he continued crying while the others watched.


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