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something about us Episode 45

(When A Tomboy Loves…)

✍️Written by Nuri .F. Chisom Pearl✍️

🥀Chapter 45🥀.


Laura slightly bent her n£¢k and stretched her legs. “I don’t know her name” She finally responded. It took Alicia some time to get what she was saying.

“Wh.. What?” Alexa stammered

“Yeah. I didn’t even get to ask for her name–

“Wait? “Her?”….It’s a female?” Alicia wi-de-ned her eyes.

“Yes…As I was saying, That day was the first and last time I ever saw her”

“But how? It makes no s-en-se! How is it the last day you ever saw her? And she made you scared to this extent? Tell me what truly happened?” Alicia asked twitching her eye ba-lls. Laura adjusted a bit and interlocked her f!ngerson the table. She pushed her face towards her.

“Actually… I met her at Apple’s Zone Club” She replied

“So…What happened there?”

“Well… That night, I was a little ti-psy after taking few drinks. I couldn’t drink and drive, you know. It could spoil my reputation if the news got out. I also tried calling someone to help but unluckily for me, my phone switched off….

~~~~~~~🔙 FLASH BACK 🔙~~~~~~

“What’s happening to this nut phone? Aiiish! Why do you have to switch off now! Why?” She yelled to herself. She stood up from the chair and staggered on her way out.

“How am I going to go away from here safe without those police men asking asking? Goodness, Ethan must be waiting for me. I promised to see him” She yelled again. She was still behaving all drun!kand messy when someone tapped her gently from behind.

“Aissh! Who’s that?” She yelled turning around. She saw a lady wearing a very short dress with her long black hair down. She had make up on her including jewelries. The lemon hand band with the Dove and Fig tree was ti-ghtly wra-pped on her wrist.

“Excuse me?” Her gentle voice asked.

“What?” Laura asked back still staggering.

“You seem quite drun!k. How are you gonna get home?” The lady asked

“It’s none of your business. Mind yours!”

“Is there any way I can help?” The lady insisted

“Hmm… Can you drive?” Laura asked

“Yeah. I can”

“You’re going home right?” Laura asked

“Yeah…Where do you stay?”

“I’m not going to my place. I want you to take me to my b©yfri£ndplace. Then, you’re gonna take my car to your place”

“But how will I return it?” The lady questioned smartly.

“Let me have your address so I can pick my car tomorrow” Laura said

“No. Don’t worry, I kinda live close by to your b©yfri£ndplace. He’s Ethan right? You’re Laura. His well known girlfriend?”

“Yeah. So, we are good to go right?”

“Yeah. Sure–

“Hope you aren’t drun!k. I wouldn’t want to get st©pped by the police at their check points” Laura interrupted

“No.. No.. I’m not. plea-se, Let’s go. I’m very sober as you can see”

“Yeah sure. Unlike me, I reek of alcohol. Let’s go… Oh, Here are my keys” Laura said giving her the car keys. The lady collected it and they both walked out of the club.

Still in her drun!kstate, Laura was still able to take the lady to her car. The car door opened after pressing the remote control and they both went in. Laura sat close to the lady who sat down on the driver’s seat.

Soon, They were on the road running smoothly.
“Can you st©p plea-se, I wanna throw up” Laura said. The lady obeyed and pu-ll-ed the wind screen. It was quite dark so Laura was able to throw up as she wanted taking her head out. She wiped her mouth with her sleeve and pushed her head back in. She la-id comfortably on the chair, resting her n£¢k.

“You can start now” Laura said.

“Seems you are sober now” The lady said

“Oh yes! Sober and re-ady to go” Laura laughed. Some minutes later, Laura noticed something wasn’t right about the route they were taking.
“But where are you going to? You could have just followed the other way. It more safer. Here is dark. There’s nob©dy or a single street light. Nothing in sight at all not even a stray cat” Laura said as she looked around nervously.

“Here’s a fas-ter route” The lady simply responded

“No. I’m quite scared.. Just reverse okay? I’ve got no idea where you are taking me right now!”

“Don’t worry. I know where I’m going! I’m a PRO in this” The lady smiled.

“But it’s really dark. Would you be able to see a thing?”

“I’ve got eyes of an owl!”

“Oh.. Just drive slowly just in case… Hey, Wait.. I think I see a man coming…
Gggggbbbmm! The loud sound was heard. The lady had hit a man [email protected] with the car. Instead, She swerved a little bit and began to move forward as if nothing happened.

“Hey! Wait!! I said Wait!!! Are you crazy? Why aren’t you st©pping? You just hit a man and you’re still moving? Hey!! Wait!! I said st©p this car!!” Laura shouted hitting the [email protected] [email protected] The car st©pped suddenly with a loud screeching sound.

“You must be crazy? Are you perhaps a psychopath?” Laura yelled trying to get up.

“Where do you think you are going ma’am?” The lady’s harsh voice asked holding onto her arm.

“What do you mean? I said you caused an accident? I’m gonna go check on him and call the ambulance! If you try any more thing, I’m gonna call the cops!”

“Oh… I see, you wanna be super girl huh? Wow… I like that! Oh, By the way too You said Ethan is your b©yfri£ndright?”

“Wh… What?”

“Do you like him that much?” She asked. Laura stared at her in fear.
“How would you feel if I brou-ght you his corpse?”

“What? Who are you? What are you?!”

“As you said before I’m a psychopath. If I can watch that old man die. I can also kill your boify..Don’t you think so?”

“Don’t t©uçh him or–

“Or what? You’re gonna call the cops? Ha!! So funny! See, I can’t be caught no matter how you try! Get that.. If you walk out of this car, you’re so dead… No, Your b©yfri£ndis so dead!”

“What if he dies…The old man I mean? We can’t just do nothing!”

“Well, I can. Okay… I’m gonna give you 3 seconds. Go check on him and come back or else I’m gonna go to Ethan and find a way to kill him. Just trust me on this. I might find connections!, I’ve got them all”. Laura swallowed [email protected] and ran out of the car. She went to the man who was bleeding. She felt tears alre-ady building up in her eyes. She felt sorry. She bent down and placed two f!ngersclose to the side of his n£¢k.

Afterwards, She moved her ear to his che-st. “Help me” His voice was weak and shaky. She finally brou-ght out a tear. She sighed de-eply and ran back to the car, jacked the door f0rç£fully and went in.

At once, The car zoomed off. “Give me your number” The lady commanded. Laura opened her bag and handled her a business card.

“No one must hear of this. I’m gonna keep in t©uçh with you. Just so you know, I’m with you physically and spiritually. So, if you say something you aren’t supposed to say. Ethan is gonna die. You wanna bet?”

“But… But what if the police finds out? It’s my car! What if they arrest me?!!”

“Then just take the blame”

“What? Do you want me to be miserable forever?”

“It’s your business. Anyways, I’m gonna hatch a plan. Uhh… As for the car, It’s better to abolish it”

“What if your plans doesn’t work??!” Laura shouted

“Then you have to go to jail”

“Me? Go where? To jail? You were the one –

“Do you love your b©yfri£ndor not?”


“Answer me!”

“I love him! I do love him!”

“That’s good. Now, Respect my decisions or he dies. No one must hear of this and you’re to take all the blame for everything. Okay?!” The lady asked aloud. Laura started tearing up while breathing heavily at the same time.

“I said, Okay???!” The lady yelled again.

“O… Okay” Laura stammered as tears flowed out the more.

“So, Laura… Forget I was ever here” The lady smiled adjusting her hand on the steering wheel as the lemon hand band dangled freely on her wrist.

➡️PREs£nT DAY➡️

“So? You’ve covering up for the criminal because of Ethan?” Alicia asked gnashing her teeth angrily

“Uhmm… Not really. It’s just I’m too scared of corpses. What if she really shows me his corpse? Aiish! No.. I don’t want that!” Laura laughed trying to hide all seriousness.

“Unnie.. The cops can help you.. Both of you, Ethan included. But you’ve confessed something else alre-ady! We need a stronger evidence to prove it’s not you”

“Look.. What if the lady eventually finds out I said the truth? What’s gonna happen to me? Ethan too?! You know I’ve been really depressed ever since that incident. Do you know? I received a lot of threatening letters including scary parcels. Sometimes, It would be skinned chicken and even dead birds! I’m scared. I’m telling you. That lady is one weird of a kind psychopath!”

“No. No.. I’m gonna talk to Mr Murphy?–

“That annoying ahjussi?” Laura scoffed.

“Yeah–Alicia replied nodding.
…Anyways, He’s gonna make sure you are safe. So as Ethan too! Nothing is going to get out of this station. We will keep everything low till we find the criminal!”

“What if it spre-ads? She’s gonna hear it and come for me?–

“That’s exactly what I’m saying here! She’s isn’t gonna hear it, either will she see you” Alicia interrupted frustrated.

“Alicia.. Things get out easily! Like wild fire, they spre-ad! I can’t risk it. I’m a celebrity and someone could just say something to keep my News alive”

“Unnie… Unnie, Trust me! plea-se!!” Alicia pleaded holding Laura’s hand. She looked back at Alicia and sighed de-eply.

“Okay. I trust you. Let’s do this. So, What do you want?” Laura asked quite calm.

“Any evidence?”

“Uhmm.. Atually, In the car, there was a dash cam–

“Dash [email protected]£ra? What’s it?” Alicia was confused

“I thought you were Miss Know All?” Laura tea-sed

“Unnie.. Just get straight to the point. I’ve never heard of it since it’s my first time investigating a grand case like this”

“Okay.. Okay.. Let me explain it to you. A Dash [email protected]£ra is a car video recording device”

“Wow! You don’t mean it?? Wait… You mean the dash [email protected]£ra recorded everything? That means I can see the criminal face!”

“But there’s bad news though. That criminal is also smarter–

“What? Don’t tell me? ..

“Uhhn!!.. Uhnn!!.. The lady has its memory card!”

“Oh no!!!” Alicia gro-an ed.
“That means we need to catch the culprit before the evidence will be brou-ght out?” She added

“Yeah. I guess so?”

“That means The Lemon Hand Band with the Fig Tree and Dove Logo is our only hope of knowing who that person truly is?”

“Alex? Are you busy?” Eric asked

“No. I’m done with work” Alexa smiled

“Thank Goodness! I want you to accompany me to the market if you don’t mind? We ran out of rice” Eric smiled back.

“Okay. There isn’t a problem”

“Thank you. Just hold on, I’m gonna go change into something else” Eric said as he ran swiftly to his room still smiling. Alexa looked around and her eyes met with Ethan who was coming in. He was combing his hair as he walked in. Meanwhile, Alexa kept stealing stares at him with a broad written smile on her face. She didn’t know what took over her.

She started walking close to him. She halted and smiled.
“Ethan.. I wanna talk to you?” She said.
She couldn’t believe she just said that. Like seriously? What did she actually wanted actually wanted to even say? To remind him of their de-ep h0t k!sslike how her friends persuaded her to?
. Ethan turned to face her. He squee-zed his face seconds later after seeing Alexa mute. Instead of telling him, She imagined it. She couldn’t hold the smile on her face.

Afterwards, Ken [email protected]£ in busy with his phone. He was pla-ying a game and he seemed immersed in it.
“What’s wrong with you?” Ethan frowned leaving her as he walked towards his bathroom. He opened the door and went in. He locked it immediately.

Alexa frowned and rushed to Ken. “Hey Ken? He went into his home again?” Alexa whispered

“Yeah. His second home!. But has he told you why he hate distractions while in the bathroom? Why he loves the bathroom? Why he’s obsessed when he’s in the bathroom? Why he showers a lot? Why he doesn’t want disturbance in there?” Ken asked whispering as well.

“He hasn’t told me” She replied

“What? Seriously? Since then?” Ken asked


“Don’t worry he’s gonna tell you. Just get closer to him. That’s his de-epest secret” Ken smiled.

“Hey? Alex!! Let’s go!” Eric exclaimed. Alexa nodded trying to get to his side.
Suddenly, Ethan [email protected]£ out of the bathroom. He was washing his hair, since it seemed w€t. He was wearing a simple shi-t though it was a little soa-ked alre-ady.

He went to Alexa and held her left arm.
“You said you wanted to tell me something? What’s that?” He asked

“Huh? What’s this? Alex.. Let’s go” Eric said holding onto her right arm. He tried pu-lling her but Ethan held her other arm with f0rç£.

“Hey? Ethan.. Let him go. He’s coming with me” Eric snapped sharply.

“Whatever… Alex, You said you wanted to tell me something?” He said again.

“What?” Alexa whispered

“I wanna hear it now” Ethan firmly responded.
His inner self didn’t want Alexa to go with Eric. He wanted her by his side that day. He didn’t notice he was getting jealous.~~ But why? Why Alex? What’s wrong with me? Anyways.. I’m gonna do what my mind says!~~

“No… Alex is coming with me! Let’s go!” Eric objected

“Alex.. Come with me. Tell me what you’ve got to say? I’m gonna hear it” Ethan said as both of them ti-ghtly held her arms while Alexa kept looking left and right confusedly.

Meanwhile, Ken stared with his mouth opened agape. His first question that ran on his shocked mind was “How the hell Ethan leave the BATHROOM because of Alex(a)???”


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