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Sold to the ruthless sex master Episode 9 & 10

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi
Episode 9
“Give me your back Lily”He cut me off coldly and I cried in pains.
Slowly,I went on my knees and place my hand on my bed making him have a clear view of my butts.
Slowly,I felt his h@rd and huge organ tearing my V apart and a g@sp escape my l!ps,he didn’t stop until he pushed his whole length into me.
He place his hand on my butts and began to squeeze it softly,I tried holding his hand but he swat me away.
He rode me so roughly that I think till my whole body start shaking.
He pull out of me when he knew I can’t take it any longer.
I collapse on the bed crying,I quickly use the duvet to cover my body so he won’t get arouse again.
I couldn’t even cover my legs properly because of the excruciating pains in my legs.
I turned to the other side of the bed whimpering in pains and slowly,I felt him climb the bed and touch my waist.
“Can’t wait to have more of you Lily”He whispered into my ears and drag me closer to him.
I cringe at his touch and after a while,I slept off.
The next morning.
“Ahhhhh”I g@sp in pains as I tried standing up on the bed.
My legs still hurt so much,I don’t think I’ll be able to work for days.
He was too rough on me last night,I don’t think he’s a gentle type when it comes to s£×.
I open the duvet on my body and realised the bed was deep soaked in blood including my legs,this alone brought tears to my eyes.
After lots of struggles,I was able to sit up on the bed and shortly,the door opened and Lucian walk in into the room with a tray of coffee in his hands.
I bow my head immediately amd drop it on the table at the other end of the room.
“Good morning master”I greeted politely but he didn’t answer.
I stand up slowly from the bed and pick my dress but it’s torn already amd there is no way I’ll wear this out of the room.
Oh God!
What am I going to wear?
“How was your night?”He asked gulping down the whole content of coffee in the cup down his throat.
“It was fine”I lied.
Yesterday’s night was the worst night I have ever had.
The pains couldn’t let me sleep.
“I want to ask a favor from you”I asked calmly and he scoffed.
“A favor?,don’t feel too special because you’re the first slave I slept with or because I disv!rg!ned you”He said coldly and I drooped.
“Okay master”I sniffed.
“What did you want?”
“Can you please borrow me one of your shirts?,My dress is torn already”
“Go get one in my closet”He pointed to a room at the right side of the room.
“Okay thanks a lot”I replied and use the duvet to cover my body.
I drag my legs to the room and I g@sp at the numbers of clothes inside the room.
This is more than a store!!!
I didn’t know the one to pick but I later pick a black one and wear it there, I walk out of the room and met him on a call already.
I decide to wait for him and after a while,he ended the call.
“Come closer”He gestured at me and I walk levelly to him.
“Here are the rules and regulations which will be guiding you and you must keep it or else you will regret it”He handed a small book to me and I nodded.
He suddenly pull me by my shirt and drag me closer to him.
“The shirt on you worth thousands of dollars more than the money your poverty-stricken father owed me,apart from the fact that you’re going to pay the money for the clothes”He said and I g@sp,I look up at him and a tear fell from my eyes.
“No master,I’ll go off the clothes now,I’ll manage the one you tore last night”I said shaking my head and he chuckled.
“You expect me to wear the clothes you filthy thing wore?,I’ll never do that”
“You should leave now,Mariam will explain more things to you”He cut me off and I sniffed before walking out of the room.
The guards stare at me weirdly and I bow my head in shame,their eyes were fixed on my legs and my walking steps.
I sniffed in tears and rush to Mariam room.
I got there and I realized it’s locked,I knock on it and after a while,she opened it for me,she stared at me from head to toe and I burst into tears.
“Come in”She said quickly and help me to the bed.
“How are you feeling?”She asked and I sniffed.
“Shameful,awful, Useless,Sa…..”
“It’s okay”She cut me off and stare once more at my legs.
“Why are you this stained,can’t you wash yourself there?”
“He said I should go”
“What?”She asked in disbelief and I nodded.
“I thought he….Don’t worry okay,things will be fine,He came here this morning to outline some rules to me”
“Which rules?”
“He said you will be the one in charge of everything that involve him in this mansion,you’ll be doing his laundry, Washing his cars,cooking his meal and all that,he said you musn’t eat from the kitchen,he said you will be eating his left overs,He gave out the clothes I bought for you already to other slaves,you will be wearing only a dress until further notice,He said…..”
“Stop”I cut her off in tears and she sniffed.
“It wasn’t my fault Lily, I tried to beg him,I….”
“Don’t worry,it’s fine”I cut her off.
“I will just wash myself now and you will take me to his kitchen”
Episode 10
Lily Pov
“I’ll go wash myself now and you will take me to the kitchen so I can start the work in earnest”I said cutting her off and she nodded.
I don’t need any of her soothing words anymore because it will never work,I’ve accepted my fate already.
I’m his slave,his s£× slave at that.
She gave me her towel and I slowly undress myself,I drop the shirt on the bed and enter the bathroom to have my bath.
After bathing,I wore the shirt back and she gave me a new p@nt but warned me never to let Lucian know that she gave me a p@nt.
She led me to a very big and spacious kitchen and taught me how to use some of the equipment there,I got to know that the kitchen is ony meant for Lucian alone,There’s a separate kitchen for the maids and slaves.
I decide to prepare Brunswick’s stew and s’mores cookies as a dessert.
After an hour, I’m done with everything,I place everything on a tray and carry it carefully to his room.
I knocked on the door and after some minutes,he ushered me inside the room and I drop the tray carefully on the small dinning in the room.
“I hope Mariam has explained all the rules I outlined for you?”
“Yes master”I nodded and he walk up to me in the dinning,he open the covers of the food and closed it back again.
“Strip”He ordered and I furrow my brows in confusion.
What is he talking about??
“Master I……”I was cut off guards when he turned to me with his eyes burning.
I quickly undress myself and was about to put off my p@nties but he stopped me.
“Who gave you that p@nties?”He asked pouring water inside a gl@ss cup and I press my l!ps together not knowing what to say.
“It was the former p@nties I wore when I was bro…..”
“You’re lying,Mariam disposed the one you’re wearing before when she gave you a me woke yesterday’s night”He cut me off and I g@sp.
How come he knows all things??
“Now tell me the truth”He repeated.
I will never tell him that Mariam is the one who gave me the p@nt,I don’t want her to land in trouble.”You’re not ready to say the truth right?”He asked and I bow my head.
“Put on your dress and leave my room”He ordered and and release the breath I have been holding in relief.
“Thanks master”I replied and wore my dress before exiting the room.
Mariam directed me to his garage and there were five exotic cars there apart from other ten cars in the compound which he seldom takes out,I began to wash the car and before two hours,I’m done with it.
I retired to the room and eat his left overs before taking a short nap.
I felt a strong hand tapping me and I open my eyes blearily.
“Stand up,Lucian s£nt for you”Mariam sai impatiently and I g@sp.
“I thought he went out”
“Yeah,he went out but he’s back already”
“Okay”I nodded and quickly sl!p my feet into the sl!ppers and rush out of the room.
Soon,I got there and didn’t bother knocking before I entered the room.
I met him taking off his jacket and I bow my head.
“Good afternoon master”I greeted and he nodded.
He took of his inner top also and unbuckle his gold belt,he dropped it on the table before removing his shoes.
“I asked you a question earlier in the morning but you aren’t able to answer, I hope you found the answer to it already?”He asked walking up to me .
“I’m sorry”I mumbled and he touch my hair lightly feeling the texture.
“You aren’t able to find the answer?”He repeated again but I didn’t reply.


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