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September 25, 2021


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Sold to the ruthless sex master episode 9 & 10

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🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌

🤰The Baby’s Stand🤰

✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️

#season 2

Episode 9




Mariam Pov

I walk out of the mansion and I met Daniel waiting for me already.

“You’re done”He asked taking a glance at my dress and I nodded simply.

I don’t know the reason but I found him looking so stunning today.

His black suit fits him perfectly,he just dyed his hair to jet black this evening,a part flopping his face.

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He open the door for me and I entered,after that,he also entered and drive out of the compound.

I found it so weird sitting with him in the car and I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Maybe because the way he had hurt me years ago or maybe the old feelings I had for him which came up these days.

His phone suddenly rang and he picked it.

“Hey babe wassup”He said and my heart boiled in anger.

Does he have another girlfriend?

“I’m fine and you?”He asked smiling,I couldn’t hear what they are saying so I just face the window.

“Alright,I’ll see to that,Love you,bye”He said kissing the screen and chuckle a little before hanging up.

Soon,we got to the party and it’s already the place is already bubbling with different personalities there,it’s a very small party tho,but the few people walking around made the place quote interesting.

I step down the car and flung my bag on my shoulder,we walk hand in hand inside the small hall and some people came to welcome us.

“Hi,you’re?”One of the ladies asked politely.

“I came in stead of Lucian”

“Oh!,you’re welcome sir,please follow me”

“Okay then”He nodded and we both followed her to a specially arranged seat for us.

Soon,they started the party and served us drinks,Daniel keep receiving many phone calls ignoring me totally so I just sit down and watch different people walking around.

Soon,the MC decided to let us okay truth and dare,we sat down in circles ,there were bulbs on too of us.

“So,the game will start now,the rules are after first truth,the third will be a dare, whenever the bulb spin to your place,you will have to choose truth or dare,so can we start now?”He asks looking at us and we nodded.

The bulb start spinning and it stopped on top of a lady.

“Truth or dare?”


“When did you kiss your man last?”

“This evening”She laughed and turned to the guy beside her,I think they are dating.

The bulb started spinning again and it stop on a guy in front of us.

“Truth or dare?”


“When did you have sex last?”The MC asked and there was a wild gasp.

Why will he have to ask such question?

“An hour ago”He said laughing and I gaped my mouth in surprise.

Some people can be quite dirty.

The bulb start spinning again and surprisingly,it stopped on us.


That will be a dare.

I and Daniel turned to ourselves in surprise.

“Are you guys ready for your dare?”The MC asked with a smirk and I nodded.

“So,I dare to you to romance your partner or else she will have to out off her dress in our presence”

“What?”Daniel scoffed and he turned to look at me.

I look down at my dress and he sighed,he snake his hand to my waist and I look up at him.

He press it softly and slam his lips on mine awakening the usual feelings I do have whenever he kisses me.

“Awww”A lady blushed beside us and he squeeze my soft ass softly.

After,a while,he pull away from me and the rest clapped,some of the ladies blushing.

After a while,they were done with the truth and dare,the party came to an end and we all set to go but a thunderous rain started.


After two hours of still raining,I started feeling cold,Daniel use his suit to cover me and I smiled.

“Thanks”I mumbled and he nodded.

Soon,one of the attendants came to us.

“Sir,we are so sorry for the inconveniences,since the rain is not ready to stop anytime soon, we’ve arranged a room for you and your wife,please honour us by sleeping over here”

“Damn”He mumbled under his breath and I waited for him to take a decision.


I can’t believe we will be sleeping in the same room again after five years we had our first night.

I hope he will be able to control himself because the Daniel I knew can’t control himself anytime a lady is on a bed with him.

“Is it fine by you?”He asked turning to me and I nodded.

He led us to the room and left us immediately we entered.

I sat on the bed and put off my shoes,He start putting off his clothes also,After putting off my shoes,I went to drop it at a corner and turned to go but he stopped me,he push me to the wall carefully and my breathing increased.

I became so nervous as his dark eyes bored into mine.

“We need to talk Mariam”He said coldly and I nodded.

“Okay,let’s sit”I said making to go but he stopped me.

“You knew it when I’m serious,Mariam”He said and my heart skipped a bit.

“Okay”I said calmly.

“When are you going to stop hiding it from me?”He asked calmly and I furrow my brows in confusion.

What is he talking about?

“What are you talking about?”

“You knew what I’m talking about?,stop faking it”

“I don’t……”

“You was pregnant right?,you had a baby after the sexual intercourse we had five years ago”

“No…….no…..I mean….”

“How long are you going to hide it,he’s even sick and you’ve spent all your savings on him,yet you couldn’t tell me,even if I’ve wronged you Mariam, does that mean you should hide my child away from me?”He said with pains visible in his eyes and a tear slipped down my face.

“I’m sorry,I couldn’t forget the old memories,the pains were still there”

“What if he die?,or did you have any means of taking care of his bills anymore?”He asked and I shook my head.

“I want to talk to Lucian tomorrow to lend me money,I would have sell the car but it’s an official car,so I couldn’t sell it”

“You were the most gullible woman I’ve ever seen on earth,after all what happened,I called you,you didn’t pick my phones,you didn’t let me explain myself,you knew I can’t hurt you intentionally,did you even know the girl you thought I cheated on, Stephanie,drugged me to sleep with her due to your carelessness,she gave you a drug to add it into my food without telling you the functions,yet you used it for me and you’re blaming me for what happened?”

“What”I mumbled in shock and he scoffed.

“I’m so sorry Daniel,I’m………”

“You knew I can’t sleep on the bed with a woman beside me,I’ll lose control,so take off your clothes”He said cutting me off and I heard a loud bang on my head.

“No,Daniel,you can’t do this to me,wait”I said shaking my head and he chuckled.

“As you can see,there’s only a pouf in the room, so I can’t sleep there,I also can’t sleep on the bare floor”

“I’ll sleep there”

“Did you think I forgot that you don’t like sleeping on the floor because it sickens you”He asked and I whimpered.

“No,Daniel,please hear me out, I knew I am the one who ruined the relationship between us,please forgive me,we can’t have sex now”

“Did you want me to force you?”He asked and I shook my head.

“No,I’ll put it off now”I said cutting him off and start undressing,I put off my gown revealing my big lacy bra and undies.

I move my hand to the hook and unhook it slowly,I finally dropped it on the floor making my breast bounce out heavily,I sniffed and look at him while he had a plain expression on his face.

“Get to the bed”He ordered after putting off my undies leaving me stark naked and I nodded,I walk slowly to the bed and climb it.

He walk up to me and also climb on the bed,he spread my legs,he can between it and fondle my nipples.

“You’ve really changed little bird”He said softly and I grab the bed sheets beside me.

“Please Daniel,we can…….”He cut me off with s rough and domineering kiss,I move my hand to his bare back and he moan into the kiss.

“Daniel”I mumbled and he move his cock to my V,my heart skipped a bit and shove it in carefully.

“Ah!”I cried as he tore me apart making my v expand.

“Gosh!,Daniel stop”I moan in his ears and he groan as he tried forcing his whole length into me.

“I’m sorry”He mumbled and start moving in and out of me gently.

I moan in both pleasure and pain as he thrusts into me deeply.

After a while,he pull outta me and raise my legs up to my face.

He made me hold my legs and held my tender waist pinning it to the bed,through that he entered me.

“Wait!”I cried as he ride me roughly more than the first one,he groan into my ear and I cried in pains.

“Sorry”He mumbled and thrusts into me more roughly.

After several rounds,he pull out of me and I cried in pain

Gosh!,He can spend the whole day drilling me due to how health he is.

He use the duvet to cover me and lick my back.

“Sleep well”He cooed and I drifted to sleep.

🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌

🤰The Baby Stand 🤰

✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️

Mariam Pov

The next morning……

I opened my eyes blearily and look around the room.


I can’t believe it’s morning already.

I feel like sleeping the whole day.

I held the duvet toy chest tightly and tried standing up but I ended up falling on the bed,I whimper in pains and took a glance at my thighs.

He really hurt me last night.

I can’t believe he had sex with me after all these years.

I couldn’t even fight it because he’s a sex freak, fighting it will be so useless.

I heard the door creaked open and he entered with a parcel in his hands.

I look down at my duvet shyly and he walk up to me,he sit beside me on the bed and I fiddle the duvet nervously.

“Good morning”I greeted and he smiled.

“How was your night?”He asked pecking me and I move away from him a little.


“Will you go take your bath now?,I got a dress for you”He asked and I nodded.

“Thanks,I’ll just go take my bath”I said trying to stand up but he pull me back.

“Are you avoiding me?,or you regretted we had sex last night?”

“Can we not tall about this,please”I said calmly and he nodded.

He pull the duvet down my body and scoop me into his arms before carring me to the bathroom.

He tried helping me take my bath but I declined politely.

After taking my bath,I walk to the room feeling refreshed,he helped me arrange my dress and I quickly put it on.

Then,my phone rang and he help me pick it,he hand it over to me and I realized it’s my mom.

“Hi mom,Good morning”I greeted arranging my hair.

“Mariam,you have to come down to the hospital now,I don’t know how you will go about it but try to look for money,the doctors stopped his treatment last night because we aren’t able to pay,he’s dying”She said panicking and a tear slipped down my eyes,Daniel noticed this and walk up to me.

“Okay,I’m coming right away”I said quickly and cut off the call.

“Is there a problem?”He asked and I nodded.

“My son is sick,the doctor stopped the treatment last night because I wasn’t able to pay,Please help”I sniffed and he scoffed.

“Are you talking about my child?”

“Y….yes”I nodded.

“Go take your bag,we are going to the hospital now”He said quickly packing his phones and I nodded.

I didn’t bother to pick my former dress before rushing out of the house.


My baby,please me safe for me.

I cried profusely as he open the car door for me,he hop into the car after that and drive out of the compound.

I gave him the direction of the hospital and soon,we got there,I rush out of the car and ran like a mad woman into the hospital,Daniel also ran behind me and immediately we got to the minors ward,Mom rush to me.

“Where’s he?”I asked panicking and she led me to his bed.

I sit beside him on the bed and he shut his eyes tightly.

“My baby,mom is here”I said pecking his cheeks and he open his eyes slowly.

I smiled sadly as he tried speaking but I stopped him,I smoothened his hair as I watch him in admiration,he’s just the exact replica of Daniel.

“Who’s this?”Mom whispered and I press my lips.

“Daniel,Chris Dad”

“Really?”She asked in shock and I nodded.

“Hi ma’am”He greeted bowing a little and mom nodded.

“Why did you ignore us since all these days?”

“I’m so sorry ma’am,I can explain”He apologized and Chris stretch his hand to him.

He collected it and kiss it softly,I stood up from the bed and he sat beside him.

“Daddy”He said in a faint whisper and he smiled.

“Don’t stress yourself okay,I’m here for you”He said assuring him and he nodded.

Chris stood up slowly from the bed and his him tightly,he burst into tears on his shoulders and I fought back my own tears.

“Let’s go home,I don’t want to stay here anymore”He said pouting and Daniel chuckled.

“Wait a little bit okay,you’re going home today,let me talk to the doctor”

“Then let’s go together,I don’t want you to leave again”

“Okay”Daniel laughed and he carry him on his shoulders.

“I’ll lead you to the doctor”I said calmly and he nodded,we both walk out of the room.

Bethany Pov

I screamed in anger as I smash the glass cup on the wall.

That daughter of a bitch didn’t eat the food,Did she know I added something there?

Why won’t she eat it?

I ruffled my hair bitterly before walking out of the room.

I think I know what to do.

It’s time to teach her a lesson.

Lily’s Pov

I groaned as I vomit heavily inside the tub.


The morning sickness!

I wash my mouth and face tiredly before walking out of the toilet.

I walk back to the kitchen and put off the cooker before pouring the food inside a small warmer,I added two flat plates on the tray and a jug of water with glass cup before going to his room to serve him breakfast.

“Good morning sir”I greeted bowing slightly and he nodded.

I drop the food on the table and start dishing it,after serving it,he walk to the dinning.

He grab the spoon and scoop some stew into his mouth,his face look crumpled and I got confused.

What’s wrong?

He suddenly spit out the stew and turned to me in anger.

“Why ia the food this salty?”

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