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Sold to the ruthless sex master Episode 5 & 6

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️
#season 2
Episode 5
Gerald Pov
I g@sp in surprise as he sat down so comfortably on the chair.
“Mykel”I called in surprise and he smirked.
He was my best friend then,he was the one who advised me to start acting cruel towards Lucian mom till I beat her to death,He ran away after he heard I was arrested.
“Gerald”He called in a deep baritone voice and my voice wavered.
“You couldn’t even ask of me Mykel,it’s not fair”I said almost breaking down and he laughed.
“I can see that life has not be treating you well,so sorry about that”He said mockingly and I bow my head shamefully.
“Well,I have something to do over here but I was so surprised to see that the devil you called a son is not ready to release you eve after you’ve been granted amnesty,how wicked is he?”
“I didn’t deserve his forgiveness Mykel,you and I knew that”I said trying so h@rd not to break down and he chuckled.
“Well,just came here to greet you,will be leaving now”
“Mykel”I held him as he turned to go but he fred his hand away.
“Did you know where Gina,my wife was buried?”I asked and he laughed.
“And who told you she was buried?” He said turning to go,I tried running to him but the warden held me .
“Wait”I yelled but he didn’t turn to me again.
Lily Pov
I cried softly in the room mopping my eyes and Mariam entered the room.
She was quite surprised to see me like this and tried asking what happened but I ended up bursting into tears again.
“What is it Lily?,Why are you crying?,You know it’s not good for the baby”She asked worriedly and I sniffed.
“Oh…..she’s back”She said cutting me off and I nodded.
“I don’t know how he got wind of it that I’m pregnant,she was so bittered and when I tried walking out of her this morning,she slapped me”I said sniffing and she scoffed.
“Why will she do that?”
“I don’t know”I cried and she mopped my face with her hand.
“stop crying okay,things are going to be fine”She said @ssuring me and I nodded.
Bethany Pov
I got to the mansion quite late at the afternoon and I realized Lucian is back already.
He hasn’t set his eyes on me when I arrived yesterday night till now so I decided to go to his ater confirming that Lily is in her room.
I got there and he was undressing,he snapped it head at me and sighed.
“How many times have I told you to stop entering my room until I s£nt for you?”He asked quite angrily and I smiled.
“I’m sorry”I said pouting and walk up to him,he tried waging his f!ng£r at me but I push him to bed and climb on top of him.
I knew this is against the rules set aside for me but I can’t help it.
It’s been two weeks I haven’t felt his warmth in me,and it’s eating me up already.
“What are you trying to do Bethany?”He asked trying to push me up but I stopped him.
Not that I’m stronger than him but I just stopped him and he complied.
“I missed you Lucian,since the day that thing entered this mansion,you didn’t have time for me again,I felt so rejected and now that she’s pregnant,I don’t want to stress her anymore,Let me be the one to warm your bed, at least this afternoon or maybe tonight”I said almost close to tears and he sighed.
“What are you trying to insinuate Bethany, I knew you hate that girl but you telling me that you don’t want to stress her is strange,are you doing it to help her or for your own personal interest?”He asked and I scoff.
“Both”I said rolling my eyes and he turned me swiftly making him come on top of him.
I chuckled as he tore my dress in hungriness and I helped him unbuckle his trouser,he widen my laps and tried moving in but I held his organ.
“Wait,first thing first”I said winking and he chuckled.
He climbed down the bed and I knelt in front of him, through that,he shove his large organ into my small mouth and I hummed in pleasure.
I grab his laps as he shove it in and out of me and I s√¢ked earnestly,he grab my hair and slam it roughly into his organ making me yearn for more.
How much I missed this.
I move my hand to his balls and fondle them softly,licking them as well,I resumed using my mouth to s√¢k his ¢0¢k and move my hand to his soft @ss and squeeze it while I s√¢k him with delight and hungriness.
After a while,he released his whole content into my mouth and I swallowed it all,after that,I licked his laps for the remaining semen and he push me to the bed,I climb on top of him and he entered me through that way.
“Oh!”I mumbled as I ride him so perfectly,he grab my big butts and slap it at intervals while i continue to ride him so h@rd.
I grab my b©©bs in my hands and fondle it myself and he slap my butts so h@rd,my screams full the whole room and after a while we heard a knock on the door.
Who could that be?
“Who’s that?”I asked little bit angry and the most annoying voice I don’t wanna hear answered.
“What did you want?”,
“I want to serve master Lunch”
“Okay come in”I said almost immediately, Lucian tried talking but I shut his l!ps up with my f!ng£r.
I move his hand to my butts and continue to ride him m0@ning so annoyingly.
Slowly,I felt the door creaked open and she entered,he was quite surprised to see us having s£× and a tear sl!pped down her eyes.
“Oh God!,Lucian……Oh”I m0@n in pleasure as I ride him making her so sad and annoyed.
Lucian stare at her as she walk to the dinning to drop the food but I turned his head at me.
She dropped the tray and rush out of the room and I chuckled.
After a long ride,I pull his d!¢k out of me and huge wind b!0w into my V and I smiled.
I do love the way he occupies so much space in me.
“What are you trying to do Bethany?,are you trying to hurt her or what?”He snapped at me and I lick his chest annoying him more.
“I can’t do that,did you want me to stop riding you because she want to serve your food?,I can’t do that Lucian”I scoffed and he sighed.
“You can leave”He said pushing me off his body but pinned his waist down and grab his ¢0¢k again and shove it into my mouth.
I winked at him and he roll his eyes as I continue s√¢king.
#Season 2
Episode 6
Lily Pov
“Common Lily,she’s only relieving you of your work,you should be happy”She said pacifying me and I sniffed.
Although I ought to be happy now that she’s helping me but I am not happy about it.
Why will he be having s£× with Bethany?
The girl I detested so much.
“It’s fine”I said smiling a little and she help me clean my tears.
“Well,I reserved some food for you,will you go eat it?”
“Yes, thanks”I said quickly and she chuckled before helping me carry the food on the table,she opened it and my mouth watered at the sight of rice and chicken stew with a fat lao of chicken on it.
“Thanks a lot Mariam”I aid happily and began eating it.
I keep eating hurriedly and she chuckled before handling me the gl@ss of water.
“Easy okay,the food is not running”
“I don’t know the reason,I am always hungry this days”
“It’s normal,I had this feeling some years ago”She blurted and I furrow my brows.
“Did you have a kid?”
“Yes,he stays with my mom in the city”
“What about his Dad?”
“I don’t wanna talk about it”She said coldly and I nodded slowly.
I don’t think the wanna talk about the father of her baby.
“Common eat”She said smiling a little and I nodded and resumed eating my meal.
Hours later…….
I didn’t bother to prepare Lucian dinner,he went to another party today so I slept off quickly but was awakened by the knock on the door.
Mariam went to attend to it so I sat up rubbing my eyes.
“Master s£nt for Lily”
“Okay,Lily,Lucian s£nt for you”She said turning to me and I stood up quickly and walk to the guard and followed him out of the room.
Soon,we got there and after opening the door for me,he left.
I met him putting off his clothes and I bow my head slowly.
“Good evening sir”I greeted and he only nodded and out off his shoes.
“Get to the bed”He ordered and I tried to talk but I knew it’s useless.
So I just put off my clothes and get to the bed,he came on top of me and spread my legs and claim me roughly like he usually do.
Next morning……..
I stood up from the bed with my v aching so much and he stopped me.
“Where are you going?”He asked still closing his eyes and I sighed.
“I’m going to my room”I said and Fred my hands away roughly from him , I made to go but his cold voice stopped me.
“Why are you getting cold these days?”He asked walking up to me and I sniffed.
You’re the one who first acted cold to me and you’re asking me wu I’m cold to you.
So he even knows the meaning of cold?
“I’m not acting cold, I woke up with a splitting head ache”I said trying to convince him and he nodded.
“You can go”
“,Thanks”I mumbled and I walk out of the room.
Bethany Pov
“Don’t you think it’s risky Bethany,he might suspect us”I said worriedly and I chuckled.
“It’s a slow poison,it cost me thousand of dollars,it will be weakening his cells gradually until they became so weak and he won’t be able to ensure it any longer, meanwhile,it also destroys womb and abort babies but it’s a fast reaction for that,I’ll just try to pour little into Lily’s food or her drink”
“And what if he want you to drink out of it?”
“Amd that’s why it has an antidote”I said waging a small powdery substance in front of her and she nodded.
“I just don’t feel too good about this Bethany,you can look for other ways”
“And you know I’m not doing this according to my wish,did you want me to get killed?”
“Okay then”She shrugged and I pour little quantity into the mug and shake it well before placing it on a small tray and walk out of the room.
“Good morning”I greeted loudly and he walk out of his closet with a shirt on his shoulders.
“Morning”He greeted casually and I dropped the tray on the small table beside the bed.
“What is that?”He asked and I smiled.
“I prepared a tea for you”I said smiling and he scoffed.
“You’ve never done that Bethany,what are you trying to do?”
“I’m just trying to help that poor pregnant girl and relieve her of her chores,I’m trying to be nice here”I said faking a pout and he nodded.
“Okay then, bring the tea for me”He said and I handed him the mug,he collected it from me and stare at me suspiciously and finally gulp down the whole content down his throat.


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