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Sold to the ruthless sex master episode 23 & 24

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰 The Baby Stand 🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 22B
Lily’s Pov
His countenance fell immediately and I sighed.
“Have I done anything wrong?”He said almost in a whisper and I shook my head.
“No,you’re talking too much,you have to sleep”I smiled pecking his cheeks and he grab me by my waist.
“Lily”He whispered and s√¢k my neck,I g@sp and hold him tighter as it brought out the lvst in me.
He left me after awhile and I blush.
I use the duvet to cover him and he position himself well on the bed and after a while,he drifted off to sleep.
The doctor wall in after a while and she smile.
“Good morning ma’am”I greeted and she smiled at me.
“Good morning dear,how was your night?”
“It was fine, thanks”
“I hope you slept well,you should bother yourself much about him because he’s getting better,just try to take care of yourself.”
“I will,thanks ”
“And,is the man awake?”
“Yes,he’s taking his bath already”
“Can you please lead me to his ward,I want to give him new clothes and his food”
“That will be better,because I want to conduct a test on you concerning your pregnancy and give you some drugs to use”
“Alright”I nodded and we both walk out of the room to his Dad’s room.
We got there and we met him on the bed deep in thoughts.
I hope he doesn’t hurt himself through this.
I greeted him warmly and gave him his food which he really appreciate.
“How’s Lucian?”
“He’s getting better,the antidote is really working,he will be discharged soon”
“Okay then”He nodded and the doctor led me out of the room.
Lucian Pov
“Why do I have a feeling that Mariam did this?”Daniel asked clicking his tongue and I sighed.
“She’s the one,I’ve been suspecting her since the day she came to the mansion,She’s Mykel daughter,the birth mark on her laps made me know that, because we grew together then until all those bad events happen”
“The Lily I knew cannot poison you,she’s too pure and innocent for that”
“Yes,I know,she can never hurt me”
“I want to ask a question,Lucian”
“Sure,you can ask”
“Will you still retain Lily as your s£× slave?,she deserves more than that,or you’re not in any ways attracted to her?”
“I don’t know,I seriously don’t know what I will do,because I know she won’t forgive me,I hurt her so much,asking for her forgiveness is just a waste of time”
“Did you think it’s possible for her to forgive you,after so many series of rape,and I warned you a lot about this to avoid this happening,you will continues to be bitter if you keep repeating what your Dad did your mom,I’ve told you about this,it seems but you aren’t ready to listen”
“I regretted it,I knew that,I’ll try to talk to her about it,I want to know her decision about this”
“Okay,and I want to make a confession,I got your dad released yesterday”He muttered and my face went sour.
🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 23
Lily’s Pov
I got to the house later in the evening to prepare Lucian dinner but I met Mariam preparing it already.
“Hi”I greeted as soon as I got to the kitchen and she smiled.
She turned to me and smiled.
“How was your day?”She asked and help me with the bags.
“It was hectic”
“I knew it will be hectic,that’s why I helped you prepare dinner.
“That’s so thoughtful of you, thanks a lot”
“You’re welcome”
She rush to stir the food on the pot and I walk up to her feebly.
“Mariam”I said in a whisper and she turned to me.
“Is there a problem?”She asked curiously and I sighed.
“I can’t help it anymore,I’m in love with Lucian”I confessed and she scoffed.
She stop turning the soup and sighed.
“Don’t be scared of telling me that you’re in love with him, it’s normal,I even regretted telling you not to fall in love with him,we are humans and blood is running through our veins,what I will tell you is that,you should watch him carefully these days maybe he’s in love with you or not,he’s even in love with you,what made him choose you as his s£× slave,he’s denying it that he’s in love with you,you will have to be very patient when dealing with matters like this,make him feel sober for what he did okay”
“I will,I’m not ready to forgive him yet for what he did,not now,I have to deal with my past first”
“Yes, you’re right,go freshen up and come back to eat,lover girl”She said mockingly and I chuckled.
“Wait….where’s Bethany?”I asked realizing that I haven’t seen her for the past so days.
“Seriously,you’re just remembering that?,I didn’t see her,I think she absconded immediately she knew Lucian has been poisoned ”
“Why do I have a feeling that she’s the one who poisoned Lucian,I didn’t want to inform Lucian about my suggestions but my mind keep telling me that she’s the one who poisoned her,I just have to keep my f!ng£rs crossed because I’m the prime suspect”
“You have to tell Lucian and Daniel,she can’t go scot free,I’m sure she knew about it”
“I will,I will inform him”
Becky Pov
I paced to and fro in the room as I expect her to pick the call but she’s not picking it.
“Damn!”I gr0@ned in anger and keep dialing it and after lots of repeated rings,she pick it up.
“Seriously Bethany”I scoffed in anger and she sighed.
“How dare you run away when you’re the suspect?,you poisoned Lucian and you have the guts to run away,don’t you know he will find you”
“Hey chillax,let me talk,you just keep gibbering since and you didn’t give me chance to utter a single word”
“What did you want to explain?,you are such a devil”
“All what I did had a reason,you should calm down and listen to me”
“I’m not ready to listen to anything,every f!ng£rs are pointing at me that I knew about your sudden disappearance,Are you trying to implicate me here”
“Calm down please and listen to what I have to say”
“I’m not ready to listen to what you want to say,I just want you to know that you will rot in jail if Lucian gets to know where you are”
“And I sure you know you won’t be exempted also because both if you will rot in jail”
I turned back in surprise and I scream immediately I set my eyes on the person at the door.
🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand 🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 24
Lucian Pov
My face went sour immediately I and he sighed.
“Hey,calm down bro,he’s the reason why you’re still breathing”
“I hope he’s back there?”
“What!,Aren’t you ready to forgive him?”
“He doesn’t deserve it”
“If he didn’t deserve to be forgiven,then why will Lily forgive you?”He gushed and the word somehow got to me.
“At least,I didn’t kill anyone”
“But you tried to force her to abort her baby if not for your counselor,you also……”
“It’s okay,I just don’t want to see him for now,until I’m ready to forgive him”
Becky Pov
“Daniel”I stuttered in shock and the phone fell from my hand.
What’s he doing here?
How did he get in?
I thought I lock the door?
“So,you connived with Bethany to poison Lucian right?,I’ll make sure you rot in jail,just wait and let me lay my hands on Bethany,you are both gone for good”
“Daniel,I knew nothing about this,I was only trying to tell….”
“Guards”He yelled and few of them rush in.
“You must keep an eye on her,she shouldn’t leave your pres£nce anytime”
“Okay sir”They chorused and he left the room for me.
Oh God!
“Daniel”I called and tried going but the guard stopped me.
“Please let me go,I need to…..”
“You should go back to your room or we will force you”
“Okay”I missed feebly and shift deeper into the room.
I’m so dead!
Lily’s Pov
I got back to the hospital with Mariam later in the night and she wait outside for me after greeting Lucian.
I help him serve his food and place on the tray as usual,I was about to drop it on the table but he stopped me.
“The doctor gave me injections this evening so it weakens me a lot”
“Oh!,what am I going to do?”
“Feed me”
He suddenly pull me by my chin and slam his l!ps on mine.
He dive his tongue into my l!ps and move his hand to my butts softly.
“Hmmm”I m0@ned as he klzz me gently and after a while,he pull away.
“Feed me”He repeated again and I nodded,I carry the food and scoop some into the spoon and push it gently into his mouth.
“It’s delicious”He m0@ned licking his l!ps and I smiled.
Gina Pov
“Sabrina,have you read the news?,They said Lucian is sick”I panicked rushing to her room and she sighed.
“Aunty,I have told you that you shouldn’t bother yourself about all this,he’s fine,I just called him a while ago and he said it’s just a normal malaria”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes”She nodded smiling and I sighed.
“Don’t you think it’s time to reveal myself to Lucian,so he will stop punishing Gerald”
“Wait,Aunty,Don’t tell me you’re still having some stupid feeling for that beast”She snapped and I blushed.
“I don’t have any feelings for him anymore okay”I said stubbornly and walk back to my room.
One months later……
Lily’s Pov
He wrap his arms around me as I help him walk out of the hospital.
Finally,he has been discharged today.
Things have been moving so smoothly for the past few weeks,Bethany has been apprehended through the help of Daniel and his boys,we realized Becky has nothing to do with it but Lucian sacked her immediately he learnt that they connived to plant the chain into my bag.
I have not been giving Lucian room for the past weeks and it’s killing him slowly.
Well,I have to punish him for what he did,he deserved to be punished.
I help him tot he car and use the other door to get inside the car,the driver drove off.
We got home and met his sister there already.
“Good evening Aunty”I greeted and she smiled.
“Evening dear, how’s my baby doing?”She asked smiling after I help Lucian sit on the bed.
“So how’s my baby?”She asked winking and I laughed.
“I don’t know Aunty”I rub my belly softly and she laughed.
“Don’t worry,the baby will be fine,as long as the doctor said you didn’t have any problem for now,you won’t have any problem okay”
“Okay Aunty, Thanks”I mumbled and she nodded before arranging the bag at a corner in the room.
After doing that, she left the room and I walk back to Lucian on the bed after locking the door and he suddenly pull my by my waist.
“You should rest,the doctor said you need it”
“F**k the doctor,I missed you”He whispered and klzz me softly.
After a while,I took a grip on my self and pull away from him.
“Hey,what’s wrong?”
“I’m not ready for this Lucian,not now”
“I’m not saying I want us to have s£×,I have no strength for that”
“Whatever”I mumbled and tried leaving the bed but he pulled me back.
“What’s wrong?,what have I done?”
“You’ve done everything wrong,you’ve failed in so many ways”I said sniffing and he interwined our hands.
“I know ,but I am ready to make amends,I promise”
“It’s too late Lucian,how did you expect me to forget the pains you’ve made me went through,the rapes,torture and everything,it’s very h@rd for me to forgive him”
“I know it’s h@rd,please learn to”
Lucian Pov
“Did you learn to forgive your Dad?”She asked and my eyes went sore in anger.
Why did she have to open my wound?
“It’s not easy like you think,he killed my mom”I yelled in anger and she shift back a little.
“So?,did you think you did the right thing by locking him up,you really think you’re avenging your mom’s death through that?,I want to ask you a straight question Lucian,how did you feel anytime you refused to sign your Dad amnesty do¢vments?,you feel good right?”She asked and I touch my forehead.
“Let’s forget about this Lily”,He said ignoring my statement and I scoff.
“I can’t cope anymore with you,I’m leaving”


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