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Sold to the ruthless sex master episode 21 & 22

Bonus/Surprise episode 😘🦋🍭
🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰The Baby’s Stand🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 21
Lily’s Pov
We got to his room and I break down again when I saw the oxygen placed in his mouth.
“Lucian”I whisper as I walk towards him,he look so lifeless and pale.
I cupped his cheeks and he opened his eyes blearily.
“Lily”He whispered and I sniffed.
“You can do it Lucian,you can fight this,you’re a fighter,you’re a strong man”I cried holding his hand and he smiled.
“I can’t,you should move on with your life,I’m a liability already”
“Stop this Lucian,you can fight it,don’t be a weakling”I @ssured him and move his hand to my belly,he rub his softly and a tear sl!pped down his eyes.
“I’ve been an useless man, I’ve been a devil,I’ve cruel to you,I deserve no mercy,ever since I set my eyes on you,I’ve been causing you nothing but sadness,I want you to know this Lily,I never meant to do all this,find a place in your heart to forgive me,take care of the baby,all wealth should be transferred to you,I…..”He stopped and start coughing again.
“Sorry,the doctor said you will be fine,it’s just a matter of some days,you will be fine,I can’t take care of this baby alone,how did you want me to do it?,this baby needs a complete home,I can’t do this alone”
“You can,you’ve been a courageous and kind woman,don’t try to underrate yourself because you’re one of the best,don’t stress yourself too much because I’m a failure”He whispered feebly and resume coughing again,this time,with less strength and energy,his eyes keep dilating and Daniel move closer to us.
“Call the doctor”I scream and he rush out immediately to get the doctor.
“Stop doing this to yourself Lily,you knew I told you to stay back at home,you turned deaf ears to me”
“I can’t stay back at home when the father of my baby is here”
“Sir”A guy dressed in black walk up to us and Daniel look up.
“I did my findings on it,can we go somewhere private and talk about this?”He said eyeing me.
“You can say it here”
“Mykel got the drug from a popular drug dealer in America,the production of the drugs stopped years ago but there’s an antidote which cannot be found”
“It cannot be found?”He repeated and he nodded.
“But,we can still get it through one of Mykel boys but unfortunately,they are not where to be found and Mykel has no friends,apart from a old friend,who might know about it”
“An old friend?,did you know anything about the old friend?”i asked curiously and he sighed.
“Yes,he’s Lucian father but he’s in the prison now”
“Lucian father is in the prison?,How?”I asked in shock and Daniel sighed.
“That’s not what we are talking about now,did you know where the prison is?”
“Yes sir,it’s at the far end of the city”
“The let’s go”
🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 21
Lily’s Pov
We got to the prison yard and I quickly step down the car.
“Hey wait”Daniel yelled as I start running and I stop on my tracks p@nting.
“Stop hurting yourself,This guy didn’t care for you when he’s hale and hearty,so why did you care so much about him?”
“He cares about me,he doesn’t want to show it,”I snapped and he sighed.
“Okay then,let’s go”He sighed and grab my hand,we both walk to the yard and a warden led us to the counter.
“What can we do for you?”
“We are here for Gerald,can we see him?”
“Sure,but you have to fill in your details here and we take a picture of you”
“Okay”He nodded and he decided to sign his details even though I insist to sign mine,after signing it,they took our pictures and led us to the dusty room where he is.
I almost cry when I saw the man looking so tattered and unkempt,Lucian really resemble him a lot,even though he’s dirty,but you can still find the resemblance”
“Sir”I called and rush to help him with a seat,he sat feebly on it and stare at us.
“They said you are here to see me”He mumbled slowly and I nodded,I cover my face and tried to swallow the tears but I couldn’t.
“Lily”Daniel called in a slightly h@rd tone and I smiled.
“I’m sorry,”I sniffed and I clean my eyes quickly.
“Is there a problem?,who are you?”
“I’m Lucian Friend,Daniel and this is her girlfriend,Lily”
“Lucian have a girlfriend?”He asked surprised and I sniffed.
“I’m his s£× slave”I said truthfully and his face fell.
“Why are you here?”
“Lucian was poisoned this morning”
“What!”He asked in panic and he grab my hands.
“Where is he?”
“How is he doing now?”
“Can I see him?”
He rushed the question and I slap my forehead tiredly.
Why’s he this concerned about Lucian.
He hurt them right?
“Actually, Mykel was the one who poisoned him,the poison was banned years ago,we couldn’t reach him because he’s in the prison now,and we couldn’t find the antidote,can you help us?”I pleaded almost breaking down and a tear sl!pped down his eyes.
“I don’t know the poison but there was a time when he gave me a poison with it’s antidote,he later came back to collect the poison without taking the antidote along with it,Mykel us a dangerous man,he deals a lot with poisons so I don’t know the one you’re talking about”
“Okay,but where can we find the antidote?”
“In my house,but it’s been years now,I don’t know maybe we can still find it there”
“Then let’s go check it”I said impatiently and Daniel sighed.
“Getting him out of here will be a h@rd but to crack without Lucian approval”
“Can’t we try to do something”
“Don’t worry,I’ll go talk to them maybe they can grant us permission”
Flash Back……
Gerald Pov
Three years ago…..
“Gerald,you’re pres£nce is needed in the office”,The warden yelled and I walk feebly to him.
He opened the door to the gate and he led me out of the prison.
There,I met Lucian sitting down looking so cold and brutal.
“Lucian”I called and tried touching him but the deadly glares made me shift back in fear.
“Sir,we are so sorry,the new government grant you amnesty but none of your close relatives are ready to sign it”
“What?”I whispered in shock and I turned to Lucian.
“Lucian,sign it”
“They said your close relative,am i in any way related to you?”
“But you’re my son”I scream in tears and he scoffed.
“I seize to be your son the moment I watched that poor woman dying in your hands,I’m promising you Gerald,you’re going to spend the rest of your life in this prison”He swore angrily and pack his phones on the table before walking out of the office in anger.
“Lucian”I yelled but he wasn’t ready to listen to me.
Few minutes later……
He came back with some warden and they grab him roughly from the chair.
“Don’t you dare try to hurt him,is there something wrong with you?”Daniel rasp and they release him carefully,I held his hand warmly and we both walk outside the yard.
“Wait here for us,we will be back”Daniel stopped me when I tried to go into the dusty house and I nodded.
“Okay”I nodded in affirmation and they both walk into the house.
I held my wait tiredly as I pace to and fro expecting them to come out of the house.
They are taking too long.
Shortly,they came outside and the two were covered with dust,I rush to Daniel and help him wipe the dust off his body,I also help Lucian Dad with it.
“Did you see it?”I asked curiously and he nodded.
“We saw it but don’t be too happy,what if it’s not the poison they are talking about,that means all our efforts are waste”
“It will never be a waste!”I cut him off calmly and he sighed.
“Okay then,let’s go to the hospital”
Lucian Dad was about to follow us when the officer stopped us.
“Sir, he’s allowed to follow you,unless you have Lucian permission”
“Have you gone nuts?,we are talking about life and death and you’re here telling me that he isn’t going with us”
“I’m sorry sir”He bowed slightly and he scoffed before opening the door for us.
We both entered and he driver hurriedly through the streets.
Soon,we got to the hospital and the doctor was there waiting for us.
Her face was inexpressible and I couldn’t understand it.
“What’s wrong doctor?”I asked in anxiety and she sighed.
“He has been coughing out blood since you left,he p@ssed out not quite long ago”
“What!”He Dad stammer and I burst into tears.
Oh Lucian!
Please be safe for me.
“We got the antidote”
“Please done ask questions for now,just go in and check it maybe it’s the correct antidote for it”
“Okay”She nodded and collect the dirty parcel from him.
🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🤰The Baby Stand 🤰
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#season 2
Episode 22
Like before reading😌🍭🦋
Lily’s Pov
After a long while,the doctor came out beaming with smiles and I became relaxed a bit.
“It’s the correct antidote,but the antidote is quiet strong for his already weak body,we will have to liquidate it and use it slowly for him”
“It’s fine then”
“We’ve started using the antidote for him,it will take only a month for him to recuperate,after that,he will be discharged and the wheel chair will be given to him”
“Okay”I nodded.
“And this man look quiet unwell, can we admit him for the meantime?”She asked referring to Lucian dad.l who has been sitting down all the whole deep in thoughts.
“Sure,I would have ask other doctors to do that but I want you to handle it,take him with you”Daniel shrugged and she wall slowly to him.
“Sir,we need to administer some drugs to you,you look quiet unwell,can we go now”She asked quite politely and he only nodded.
“Okay,let’s go”
“I will s£nd you home now to take care of yourself while I stay with Lucian,just have your bath,eat and have a good rest,you’ve stressed yourself enough”He said concerned and I only nodded.
“Wow,why can’t you call me,I’ve been expecting you since, it’s almost 5 pm,I was more worried about you because your condition”Mariam asked worriedly and I sighed.
“Seriously Mariam,Did you expect me to listen to anything or pay attention to your shouts when Lucian is coughing out blood in the morning”
“I understand you quite well,it’s fine though,I knew you must have been stressed out,I prepared your favorite already,just go in and freshen up”
“Alright,thanks,what about Chris?”
“He’s in his room playing games”
“Alright then”I nodded and walk to the bathroom to have my bath.
After bathing,Mariam served me food and cleared the whole food,she stare at me in surprise and I stare at her back.
“What is wrong?”I asked and she chuckled.
“The way you’re eating these days is very alarming”
“I can’t control it”
“Lily,I want to ask a question”
“Okay,what is that?”I asked licking the soup.
“Did you love Lucian”She asked and the spoon drop from my hand.
What kind is question is that?
Did I love Lucian?
Of c……
Did I love him?
“I…I don’t know Lily”I said shyly and she sighed.
“From the look of things,you’re in love with Lucian,believe it or not but,I want to advise you ok something,Lucian isn’t the man you can stay with,he’s a devil, although,he’s might try to apologize to you but I want you to think twice before accepting his proposal,he’s not the normal man you can marry”
“I..I…,I’ll try to get the feelings off my mind, thank you”I mumbled and she smiled at me.
“You’re welcome”
The next morning……
I pack the food into the bag carefully and Mariam help me clean the cabinet.
“Youre done?”She asked turning to me and I nodded.
“Okay then,The driver is waiting for you already”
“Okay,aren’t you going?”
“I will meet you guys there,I have to take Chris to school”
“Okay then,I will leave now”I said carring the bag and she nodded.
“Alright dear”
I got to the hospital and drag the heavy bag into his ward,I met him on a call and Daniel is with him already.
I didn’t know he will recuperate fast,The antidote is really working.
“Good morning”I greeted and Daniel came to hug me.
“Baby girl,how are you doing?”He asked klzzing my cheeks and I smiled.
“I’m fine”
“He’s really recuperating fast”I whispered staring at him and he smiled.
“Yeah,I didn’t expect that either”
“I brought you food,but you haven’t change your clothes,will you go home to freshen up first and come back to eat”
“Alright, I’ll do that”
“Dude,I’ll be back soon”He said and he nodded,he’s still on the call.
He walk out of the room and I walk closer to him on the bed,I open the bag and bring out three flask from the bag,I bring out a flat ceramic rush and scoop some quantity of rice into it,I add s chicken soup on it and place it on a tray,I realised he was staring at me all the time,I press my l!ps together and place it on his laps.
“Here’s your food”I point at it and he nodded.
He pick the spoon and start eating,after eating some few spoons,he stopped eating and I carried the tray on his laps and drop it on the table.
The nurse came to give him drugs and she was blushing heavily while administering the drugs to him.
What’s wrong with them?
After some stupid moments,she left the room,I walk up to him and use the duvet to cover his legs,he suddenly grab my hands and pull me closer to his chest.
“Thanks”He said genuinely and I smiled.
“You’re welcome”
He suddenly move his l!ps to mine and tried klzzing me but I swat my head away.
“Is there a problem?”He asked surprised and I shook my head.
“You need to sleep”I said ignoring him and he sighed.
“Sleep well”


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