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Sold to the ruthless sex master Episode 16 to 18

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 16
Lucian Pov
Bethany g@sp in shock and surprise,Lily shift uncomfortably on the bed and I smirk.
“What are you talking….”
“You knew I wouldn’t like to repeat myself”I said coldly and she seethed in anger.
Lily bow her head not bake to look up.
“Leave now”I ordered and she rush out if the room in anger.
“Sir,you shouldn’t have done that”She said with beady eyed and I sighed.
“That’s how I want it”I butts in and she press her l!ps together.
“Sir…..I have something to tell you”
“Go on”
“I really want to apologize for what happened to yesterday but trust me sir,I didn’t stole the necklace,I can’t,all what I knew is that,Bethany came here yesterday when you had s£× with me,she also came to our room yesterday’s morning saying that’s she want to spray insecticides in the room because of mosquitoes,I knew nothing………”
“It’s fine”I cut her off and she press her l!ps together.
Shortly,Bethany came in with a tray of food and drop it on the table in front of her,Before rushing out angrily again.
“Start eating”
I almost died of fear immediately Lucian ordered Bethany to bring breakfast for me.
How could he do that?
Why does Lucian keep endangering my life for no reasons?
The look on her face is so deadly, dangerous and full with rage,I hope she doesn’t kill me one day.
Oh God!
After eating,I retired back to the bed because I’m still not fit to walk.
He really damaged me last night.
Lucian Pov
“Sir,you have an appointment with your counselor today,Mrs Darwin”
“Okay,take me there”I breathe out tiredly.
“You’re still having that dreams?”She asked staring at me keenly and I nodded.
“Yeah,but I didn’t have it three days ago”
“Really?”She asked in surprise and I nodded.
“Yeah,for the first time after twenty two years after the incident happened”
“I don’t know but I didn’t have s£× with a woman talking of maybe I should hurt her,mind me,this is not the first time I won’t ba having s£× with a lady overnight,but I do have bad dreams, There’s this new slave I just got and she seems different from other maids”
“O….okay”She drawled and scribble down some things in the file with her”
“I want you to do something for the woman you said you slept with and did not have a bad dream”
“O…..okay,what’s that?”
“I don’t want you to hurt that woman again”
Bethany Pov
“You mean he told you to serve her breakfast?”she asked quite shocked and I nodded angrily.
“I’m so angry right now,I feel like killing that girl,damn!”I gr0@ned in anger.
The look on my face when he ordered me to serve his food was priceless.
I was so embarr@ssed and angry.
Why does he have to embarr@ss me this much?
I swear to God,I’ll make them pay for this.
Both Lucian and Lily,They will pay for this.
Episode 17
Lucian Pov
“Take care of what?,I should stop hurting my slave or what?”I scoffed in disbelief and she nodded.
“Listen Lucian”She cooed and interlock our hands on the table.
“This is what you can do to stop having night mares,you keep having nightmares because you’re repeating what your dad did you your mom,if I could remember well,you yourself told me that your dad hits your mom every night,rapes her,torture her,same thing you keep doing to your slaves,you hurt them,you torture them and abused them,I’m sure this new lady you’re talking about,you must have forced yourself on her repeatedly,tell me how will you stop having those dreams?”
“I was bittered,I can’t help it”I said trying to fight back my tears.
She just remind me of my past,My bitter past.
“If you keep repeating it,you’ll always be bitter,try to take this lady you’re talking about as a first try”
“First try?”I echoed and she nodded.
But….Wil I start getting nicer to Lily or what?
I can’t do that.
She’s my slave not my girlfriend.
I entangled my hand from hers and stand up.
“I’m going”
“Will call you later,had lot of things to do”I cut her off before exiting the room.
Lily Pov
After a long rest,I realised I was now able to walk well although not ready well.
At least,I’m better for now.
I sauntered out of the room towards Mariam room but she met me on the way,she g@sp in shock as she set her eyes on me.
“Lily”She whispered and rush to hug me immediately.
“Ahh….I was scared”She exclaimed with little tears on her face and I smiled.
“I’m fine now,at least”
“What happened after we left,What happened?”She asked curiously and I chuckled.
“I’m not going to say it here right?”I asked dramatically rolling my eyes and she laughed.
“Yeah,let’s go to my room”She nodded and led me to her room,she opened the door and we both entered.
After sitting down,she stare at me curiously and I knew she want the full details of what happened yesterday when they left.
“He tortured me as usual after you guys left, although I almost died last night due to the pains,he treated me gently this morning,he bathed for me,Ordered Bethany to bring my breakfast and……”
“Wait. …….are you talking about the same Bethany here?”She asked surprised and I nodded.
“Of course,I was so shocked at first when he ordered her,if looks can kill Mariam,I’m sure I’ll be dead by now”
“Wow!,Why did he have to do that?,He should have just ordered the maid to bring it,this will cause more troubles Lily”
“I know but you can’t question Lucian”
“I knew she must knew something about that missing gold?”She said clicking ng her tongue and I furrow my brows.
“Coke to think of it Lily,you said she came to the room day before yesterday to chase you out of Lucian room,she also came her yesterday to spray insecticides here which he haven’t done before,she must have a hand in this” She explained and I nodded getting the points.
“I was thinking about that already but I don’t want to drag the issues further, Although I explained to Lucian already that she came to his room day before yesterday to chased me out and she also came to our room to spray some insecticide which is quite suspicious”
“Then we should inform him about it,let explain it to him”She urged me but I shook my head.
“No Mariam,Like I said earlier,I don’t want to drag the matter further anymore please”I begged and she gr0@n.
“Damn!,You’re just too soft”She grumble and I laugh.
“There’s a good news Lily”She giggled and I sit properly.
“What is that?”
“You know you have always long to see your family?”She asked and I nodded.
“I’m going to the mall this Sunday”She screamed and my mouth dropped at shock.
Lucian Pov
“Take care of her”I repeater lowly slamming my head on the car head rest.
Why will she tell me to take care of my slave?
Why will I do that?
Oh God!
This will be so h@rd for me.
My phone suddenly buzzed and I pick it beside me,I check the ID and I realized it’s Daniel.
My childhood friend.
I pick it up after the first ring and his scream was the first thing I heard.
“What’s wrong with you Daniel?”I yelled over the phone and he chuckled.
“Shut up,stop talking to me like that”He snapped and I bit my l!ps.
Had it been he’s not my childhood friend,I would have kill him long ago.
“Anyways,I want to tell you I’m in town and I’m on my way to your mansion!”
Episode 18
Lily Pov
I cleaned the tray well before placing the plates on the table,after being sure I left nothing behind,I proceeded to his room.
I got there and knock softly on the door.
“Who’s there?”Lucian asked and I scoffed.
Like he doesn’t know I’m the only one entitled to enter his room except when he s£nd for his guards.
“Lily sir”
“Okay come in”He replied and I opened the door carefully before walking into the room,I met spot a guy sitting on the chair at the far end of the room.
I think he’s the visitor the maids have been talking about.
He look so richly dress and handsome but not as handsome as Lucian.
“Good evening sirs”I greeted bowing my head and he smiled at me.
“Evening young lady,how are you doing?”
“I’m fine,thanks sir”I replied with a smile and he nodded.
I went ahead to drop the food and was about to go when Lucian entered the room.
He look so ethereal in his white shirt and shorts, he had a white blue tooth connected to his ear.
“Good evening Master”I greeted and he nodded.
I pave way for him as he walk p@ss me,I was about to go but he stopped me.
“Stay at the dinning,I’ll join you shortly”He said coldly not looking at me and I nodded.
I saunter to the dining and took my seat,The guy rush to Lucian and he whispered something to his ear.
Lucian scoffed and stare at me keenly and I quickly took my eyes as the guy keep talking to him.
“She’s not someone you can touch Daniel or else I’d cut off your balls”He threaten and the guy withdrew immediately.
What are they talking about?
Or is he referring to me?
Oh no!
Don’t feel to special Lily,I’m just his slave,he can’t defend me like that.
“Fine,as your lordship please”He said dramatically and join me at the dinning but Lucian didn’t react as if he’s talking to him.
“What do we have here?”
“Rice and beef stew”
“Wow!”He mouthed as he opened the covers.
“I’m sure this will be so delicious,Dish it”
“Okay sir”I nodded and serve him,he started eating in earnest.
Lucian left the room again to the balcony and keep receiving calls while the guy keep eating.
“You’re such a good cook”He comments and I blush.
“Thanks sir”This guy is so nice,I wonder who he’s to Lucian,he seems so free around him.
When he’s done eating,he left the room for an online business meeting just like he said leaving me all alone in the room.
I remained standing and after what seems like a year,Lucian returned back to the room and sat on the bed busy with his phone.
“Sir,your food……..”
“Go eat yours Lily,I’ll eat mine later”He cuts me off and I nodded.
I served a very small portion for myself and start eating in earnest.
When I’m done eating,I clear the dirty plates and returned it to the kitchen before going back to the room again.
I climb the bed slowly and was about to lie down but he grabbed me roughly making me g@sp in fear.
He lower his head down to the crook of my neck and lick it slowly.
“Mas……ter”I stuttered almost in pleasure mixed with surprise,anxiety and fear.
He place me carefully on the bed and came on top of me,I thought he was moving his head to crook of my neck but my li….
He klzzed me!
My eyes widen I’m shock as he slide his tongue in and out of me so slowly and p@ssionately.
His l!ps tasted so delicious like strawberry,I was so lost in the klzz and I didn’t know he’s unbuttoning my shirt already until he have to remove it,I raise my hand and he pull it off above my head.
He move his hand slowly to my back and unhook my bra making my br£@st bounce out fully.
I feel so shy like it’s my first time being n@k£d around him.
Afterwards,He remove my p@nties and resume klzzing me again not knowing he is unbuckling his shorts already.
When I realized,I gripped him more tighter in fear and he sighed .
“I won’t hurt you”He @ssured me and I nodded,a tear sl!pped out of my eyes and he lean closer to me to klzz it.
He wrap my legs around his waist and penetrate into my so gently,a scream escape my l!ps as his huge organ tear my v apart making it so wide so as to accommodate him.
After pushing his whole length in,he start moving in and out of me slowly ,I grip him more tighter as his organ made slight movement in me.
“Ahhhhh….Master”I m0@ned out and he increase his pace a little.
He rode in and out of me and after a while,he pulled out.
I though it was over but he raised my legs up to my face making my v face heaven.
He made me wrap my hand around my legs,he held my waist and push himself into my again.
He rode me more roughly this time around but I felt lesser pains.
Our m0@ns came in rhythm as we almost reach climax,after a long time,he pull out of me and I released my legs slowly.
“Ahhh!”I cried out in both pains and pleasure,i turned to the other side of the bed and he use the duvet to cover my body before turning me to his side,he place my head on his chest and klzz my hair.
I close my eyes pretentiously and after a while I slept off.


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