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Sold to the ruthless sex master Episode 13 to 15

🌌Sold to The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
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Episode 13
Lily Pov
“Thanks so much Sir”I said gratefully and he nodded.
“You can prepare your own breakfast”
“Okay sir thanks a lot”I beamed and rush out if the room to keep the clothes.
I got to the room amd I met Mariam there waiting for me as usual.
“How did……”
“He said said I should wash his black car and also prepare my own breakfast since he don’t eat on Thursdays”
“Wow!,I think he’s getting nicer”
“I hope so”I sighed heavily.
“Let me give you a bag,so you can pack the clothes in there”
“Okay thanks a lot”
I folded the clothes neatly inside the small blue bag Mariam gave me.
After that,I sauntered to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for I and Mariam.
I washed the car there after before retiring to the room.
Mariam Pov
I tried fixing the thread into the needle but I couldn’t fix it.
What’s wrong with me?
This isn’t the first time I am using needle and thread for stitching and it doesn’t give me much problems .
“Let me help you fix it”Lily laughed behind me and I turned to her.
“Don’t laugh at me okay,I was just unlucky today”
“Okay”She said rather mockingly and I handed it over to her.
Within few seconds,she was able to fix it and handed it back to me.
I start sewing the dress but shortly,A knock came on the door,Lily went ahead to attend to it and surprisingly,it was Bethany.
“Bethany”I called in surprise and she glare at me.
What’s she doing here?
I realised she was holding an insecticide.
“What are you doing here?”I asked and she scoffed.
“Well,I realize that there are lots of mosquitoes and insects disturbing us in the mansion so I decided to be helpful enough to spray this insecticide in every one’s room”She explained staring around and I scoff.
“But there are no…….”
“Other maids in her higher position didn’t argue with me so you shouldn’t try to object to it”
“O…okay”I nodded suspiciously.
“So how are we going to help?”
“The only help you’re going to render is for you to leave this room so I can do my job”
“Okay,let’s leave the room Lily”I said grabbing her hand and we bother exit the room.
Lucian Pov
I put on the white jacket and went ahead to m jewelry box,I open it revealing different sets of jewelries in it.
I realised there’s something missing,My Gold chain,The new chain I bought last week.
I ruffle the box but I couldn’t find it.
Who could have take it there?
Did Bethany entered the room?
Even is she entered the room,that does not give her the right to take my jewelries without my cons£nt.
I quickly pick my phone and dial the guards emergency number,shortly,they came inside they rushed inside the room p@nting.
“Who entered this room yesterday’s afternoon apart from Lily?”
“No one sir”One of them answered and I scoffed.
Does that mean Lily stole it?
No!,She can never do that,She’s too naive to steal.
“My Gold chain has been stolen”I announced and they all g@sp in shock.
“I don’t know who took it,I don’t know”
“I think we should summon Lily,she’s the only one who came her yesterday”
“Bring her here”
Lily Pov
Only God knows where Bethany got this her stupid guts from.
“But what’s the meaning of all this?”I asked quite angry and Mariam scoff.
“I don’t know Lily but I knew she must have something up to her sleeves”
“What is she trying to do?”
“I don’t know Lily,Like I said earlier”She shrugged and almost immediately,She came out of the room.
I sighed in relief and she smirk.
“I’m done”
“Obviously”I mumbled under my breath and was about I enter when a guard came to us.
“Lily,you have to come with me right now,Lucian demands your pres£nce in the room”
“For what?”I asked quite surprised,I just left his room about an hour ago.
What does he want again?
“He will be the one answer that question”
“Okay,I’ll be back Mariam”
“Alright”She nodded and I follow the guard out of the room.
Episode 14
Lily Pov
We got to the room and I was quite surprised by the number of guards there.
what could be wrong?
“Good day master”I bowed slightly and he look up at me.
His expression was so cold which creates fear in my heart.
“My Gold chain is missing Lily,did you take it?”He asked and I was gobsmacked.
Gold Chain??
What is he talking about?
” Sir,I don’t know anything about gold chain,I don’t know where you keep your things”
“But you’re the only one who entered this room yesterday, what are you trying to say?”He snapped standing on his feet and i trembled.
” I swear to God,I didn’t take it,I’m not lying ”
“Go summon all the workers in the mansion including Bethany, Mariam and Becky” He point to his guards and I nodded.
“Okay sir”
I couldn’t help but shiver, Who could have took the good chain he’s talking about?
Oh God!
I hope he finds it.
Shortly, the maids slaves, Becky, Bethany and Mariam came in after them.
“Good afternoon Master” They chorused but he didn’t reply them as usual.
“My Gold chain is missing, who entered my room to take it?”He asked but there was a dead silence in the room.
“Uhm I think the question should be directed to Lily because she’s the one in charge of your room”
“She’s not the one who took it”
“And how could you believe her?,I’m sure she’s the one who took It” She butts in and I was forced to look at her.
How could she think I was the one who took the Gold chain, Why is she this cruel?, Why does she hate me this much?
“Go get her belongings Mariam, a guard should follow you”
“o….okay sir”She stuttered and both if then walk out if the room.
” Master…..i……”
“Say no word Lily” He cut me off and hot tears form in my eyes.
I hope I’ll be vindicated from this because I knew nothing about the gold chain.
Not long after, they entered the room and Mariam drop the bag on the floor,Lucan walk to it and pick it on the floor.
He open the bad and pour the clothes on the floor,all of the clothes fell to a place and……
The gold chain…….
The maids g@sp and I trembled in fear when Lucian turned to me.
“You took it?”He asked surprised and I shook my head.
“I swear to God master,I wasn’t the one who took it”
“So planted it into your belongings?”
“I don’t know”I cried out.
“You can all go”He ushered the maids and guards out,Mariam tried to talk but Lucian waged his f!ng£r at me.
She stare at me pathetically before walking out of the room.
They all shut the door behind them and he grab me by my arms.
“You stole my gold chain?”He asked surprised.
“I’m sorry”
“I’m so disappointed in you Lily”
“Please forgive me”
“Now strip and get to bed”
Bethany Pov
“Yay!”I screamed dancing around the room and Becky giggle.
“Finally, Mission accomplished”I beamed and she nodded.
“I wish I could see more of the priceless look on her face,She look so shocked”
“Me too,Lucian was so surprised,you’re really a genius Bethany”
“Yeah,I knew that”I said cat walking around the room.
“We should make a toast to this”She suggested and I nodded.
“Yeah,will get a wine now”
Episode 15
(I’m sorry I won’t be able to write s£× scenes,my posts is going against the facebook standard already)
Bethany Pov
We giggled as we sip our wine continuously, suddenly,Marina barge into the room with tears on her face and we both stood abruptly on the bed.
“Have you lost your manners Mariam?,How dare you barge into my room like that?”I rasped angrily and she sniffed.
“I knew you’re the one behind this Bethany,I knew you framed lily up,Have you no shame?,How could hurt such a poor girl like her?”
“Really?,,Is that the reason you barge into my room?”
“You will pay for this Bethany,You will pay for this”She threatened angrily and rush out of the room crying.
Immediately she’s out,Becky locked the door behind us and walk up to me.
“What just happened?”She asked surprised and I spread my hands.
“I don’t know”I breathed out tiredly.
Lily Pov
“Strip and get to the bed”His word keep repeating in my head and I whimpered.
“I knew nothing about it”I cried so h@rd but he’s not ready to listen to me.
Who could I have offend to frame me this much without leaving any traces behind?
I slowly undress myself so as so avoid series of beatings.
After undressing,he push me to the bed and came on top of me caging me like a lion.
Three hours later……
Her voice could be heard in the room,Her whimpers,yelps at intervals,cries and gr0@ns yet he wasn’t ready to leave her,slamming the hell outta her,under him,She begs for mercy but he’s not ready to show him any.
“L…..L……”She stuttered with the pains choking her already,her bleedings couldn’t stop,she keep losing her strength every minutes.
After what seems like a year,he pull out of her and she heaved a sigh of relief.
He use the duvet to cover her body before leaving the bed as usual.
The next morning.
10:00 AM
Lily Pov
He scoop me carefully into his arms and I felt a slight pain around my waist.
The pains are still there,intense pains.
He use his leg to kick the door to the bathroom and drop me in the bath tub.
“Thanks sir”I mumbled and he didn’t bother to reply.
He knelt beside me and grab a sponge and a soap,he scrub the soap on the sponge very well before applying it on my body.
He’s trying to bath me?
A whole Lucian?
The man who maltreated me last night?
I held his hand and he glance at me.
“Don’t worry sir,I’ll take care of my self”
“Can you even move your hands well?”,He asked and I shook my head.
He scoffed and continue it to rub it soothingly on every parts of my body.
He tried to move his hand to my v but I stopped him.
“What is it?”
“It hurts a lot,I don’t think I’ll be able to bear the pains”I said lowly and he sighed.
“I’ll do it gently”He @ssured and I nodded.
He applied the sponge so carefully on my v and I tried not to whimper,He raise my legs up a little and clean my sticky thighs,It got to a point that I have to hold him tightly because of the pains.
After a while,he’s done cleaning the area and I breathe in relief.
After using the water to wash the foams,he carried me out of the tube to the room,He place me at the tip of the bed and wrap a short towel around me.
Suddenly, knock came on the door and we turned to look at each other.
“Who’s there?”Lucian asked in his cold tone as usual.
My heart skipped a bit immediately she mentioned her name.
What does she want here again?
“Are you comfortable with this?”Lucian asked referring to my towel and I nodded.
“Come in”He finally said and she entered the room,I use my hand to cover my exposed br£@st,she scoffed in disbelief and I almost trembled.
“Why are you here?”Lucian demands and she clears her throat.
“I’m here to…….”,
“Before you state the reasons you’re here,Get to the kitchen and bring a meal for Lily,she needs to eat”


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