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Sold to the ruthless sex master Episode 11 & 12

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master 🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Episode 11
Lily Pov
“Strip”He ordered me and I shift back a little.
He can’t do this to me right now.
I’m so sore,just trying to be fine so he won’t notice that I still feel the pains.
“I don’t repeat myself”He repeated but I stopped rooted at the spot and he turned to me,he was about to slap me but restricted himself.
“You’re trying to make me lose my temper Lily,i don’t like beating women”
“I’m sorry,I’ll just leave”I said quickly but he grab me and slam my back carefully to the walls.
He stroked my hair softly and lower his head to my face,I thought he want to……
What am I even thinking about?
He place his cold l!ps on my hair and I g@sp as my body vibrates to his touch.
He raise my legs carefully and wrap it around his waist,I held his shoulders for support so as for me not to fall down,He unfastened few upper buttons making my large br£@sts pop out to his face and he smiled.
He grab one of them and s√¢k it softly amd slowly,Like his life depends on it .
I squeeze his inner wear in pleasure.
What is he doing to me?,a m0@n escape my l!ps amd he look up to me in surprise.
I bow my head bashfully and he continue s√¢king it.
I was so lost in the pleasure and didn’t know he unbuckle his trouser already.
I snap out of wonderland when I felt something,huge pressing so h@rd against my entrance.
“Master……”I wavered but he didn’t pay attention to me.
“I thought Mariam would have explained to you that I don’t like lies”He asked pressing it more h@rder and I shivered.
“I’m sorry”I whispered and he tried pushing his whole length into me forcefully expanding my v more wider,I tried screaming but he stopped me immediately by using his hand to cover my mouth.
“Why did you choose breaking my rules every f**king time?”He asked pouncing more h@rder into me and I cried.
I held him to myself so tightly due to the way he thrusts so fastly into me.
“You know what?,I want you to break the rules more often so you will be warming my bed every minutes”He said coldly and I nodded.
He grab my @ss with his both hands and f**ked me more h@rder.
“Damnit”He gr0@ned closing his eyes and I continue crying,my legs became so weak and unmovable.
After a while,he pull out of me and drop me on the floor,He held me to himself and I whimpered,the pains drive in fully like I’m in labor,more mightier than labor cramps.
“You’re still tight”He whispered into my ears and swept me off my feet,he carried me to the bed and drop me carefully on it.
i couldn’t cover my laps due to the pains in between it,he use the duvet to cover my body and left the room afterwards.
I stare at my body and tears drip down my face heavily,Is this how he will continue hurting me??
I don’t think I’ll be able to survive the torture.
I don’t think so.
My mind drifted to Dad and I cried more.
I wonder how he will be feeling right now.
I just hope he’s fine including Jason.
Bethany Pov
I seethed in anger as I watch him exit the room leaving her alone there.
I wonder why he made her his s£× slave?
I don’t know what seems catchy about her.
Although,she’s quite curvy and beau…….
She’s not beautiful,not like me.
I pace to and fro the room and I suddenly,the door opened,Becky walk into the room and I heaved a sigh of relief.
“He left already right?”I asked impatiently and she nodded.
“Yeah,he said I should keep an eye on that bitch inside his room”
“Really?”I scoffed in bitterness and she nodded.
Lucian always chase me out of his room immediately after s£×,he even let the slave sleep in her room and order his Personal @ssistance to watch over her.
What an insult to my face!
“What did you think we should do about it?”Becky asked and I sighed.
“I think I have an idea”
Lily Pov
The persistent knock on the door woke me up and I drag my legs to the door I opened it and surprisingly,It was Bethany.
Episode 12
Lily Pov
“Bethany”I called in surprise.
I thought Lucian only invites her here anytime she needs to warm his bed.
And why does she have to come only when he’s not around?
She swat me away from the door step,she entered the room fully .
“What are you doing here?”She asked me and I press my l!ps together.
“Get out of the room,I can’t trust you,Lucian has lot of expensive jewelries and money here so I can let you stay in the room”She said cutting me off.
I took my eyes to the floor,can’t believe she just called me a thief indirectly.
“Okay,I’ll leave just now”I nodded.
I cat walked towards the door and stare at her once more time before leaving the room.
I don’t trust their Bethany of a girl.
She seems too dangerous and secretive to me.
I got to Mariam room and took a short nap before preparing dinner.
I entered the room carring his tray of food carefully towards the dinning,he’s not in the room yet.
I drop it on the table and wait patiently for him to come.
Suddenly I heard the shower running in the bathroom,I jerked a little bit in surprise.
I thought he hasn’t arrived yet,Only God knows when he arrived.
I decided to sit for sometime waiting for him to come out of the bathroom.
After a while,I start feeling sleepy,I shook my head vigorously trying to fight the sleep back but I couldn’t.
After a while,I slept off.
Lucian Pov
I step out of the bathroom mopping my face with a small face towel.
Damn,Can’t believe I spent almost an hour in the bathroom.
I shook my head and was about to walk to my closet when my eyes landed on a figure sleeping peacefully on the dinning.
I scoffed and saunter there and surprisingly, it’s Lily.
Why is she sleeping here?,I shook my head and carry her carefully to the bedroom,I dropped her on the bed and she curled up like a baby,she look so cute when sleeping.
I chuckled softly and use the duvet to cover her body before exiting the room to my closet.
Next Morning…….
Lily Pov
I squinted my eyes open and surprisingly,Lucian was beside me sleeping peacefully.
I g@sp in shock as I realised he didn’t touch me last night.
Then how did I end up on the bed?
I remembered I served the dinner and after that….
I can’t believe I slept off.
I unwrap the duvet from my body and step down the bed before exiting the room.
Lucian Pov
“No nightmares?”I mumbled in surprise.
What could have happened?
Is It because Lily slept on the bed with me?
Hell no!
This is the second night she slept on the bed with me then what could have happened?
I sighed before leaving the bed and a knock came on the door,I gr0@ned tiredly pushing my hair back.
Who could be here disturbing me this early morning?
“Who’s that?”
“Lily sir”
“Come in”I said almost in a whisper and the door opened revealing her still in the black shirt she wore yesterday.
“Good morning master”She greeted and I nodded.
“I was about to wash the cars this morning but one of the guards said I should ask you the one you’re taking out”
“Okay wash the black car”
“Okay sir”
“How about my meal?”
“The dinning table implies that you don’t eat on Thursdays morning”
“Oh……”I mouthed.
“Sir…..I don’t have any clo…….”
“Go to my closet and pick five shirts of your choice”
“Okay sir,thanks a lot”She smiled a little and rush to the closet,I sighed softly as her big butts bounce heavily in the dress.
Why is she this hot?
Bethany Pov
Becky entered the room hastily and I smiled.
“How about it?”She asked impatiently and I smiled.
“I got it!”I screamed dangling the expensive good chain in from of her.
She grabbed it from me in haste and her eyes beamed.
“Wow!,This is it”
“Yeah,you know I told you I’ll get it”
“You’re so smart Becky”
“Yeah,I knew that”I boasted majestically in front of her.
“Now,let’s go and fix it in her belongings”
“Okay,let’s go”


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