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September 25, 2021


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Sold to the ruthless sex master 2 episode 11 & 12

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🌌Sold To The Ruthless Sex Master 🌌

🤰The Baby Stand 🤰

✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️

#season 2

Episode 11&12



Lily’s Pov

“Why is the food salty?”He asked angrily and I furrow my brows.

I tasted it but it’s not salty.

What’s happening?

“The food isn’t salty,I don’t understand you”

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“Really?, then come taste the food”He ordered and I walk up to him,I scoop some quantity inside my mouth and I spit it out immediately.


“Now tell me,who’s lying between you and I?”He said coldly and I trembled.

“I really don’t know how it happened sir,I’m sure someone added salt into the food”

“Oh!,So you mean you’re sharing my kitchen with someone right?”He yelled and landed a slap on my face and I gasp in surprise and pains.

“Sir”I called in shock and he slapped me again, more harder than the first one.

Oh God!

It hurts.

“I’m sorry”I cried in pains and he pour the food on my face,I cover my eyes to avoid pepper and he push me aside roughly and walk out of the room.

I burst into tears as I feel hot pains on my face,Why’s this guy so cruel?

He slapped me because the food is salty?

Only God knows the person who added the salt into the food,I suspected the person to be Bethany.

I wonder what I’ve done to the girl that made her hate me so much.

I’m so tired and sick of everything.

For how long am I going to continue like this?

I hope he won’t be the death of me someday.

Mariam Pov

We got to the doctor’s office and he was quite surprised to see Chris laughing heartily.

“Chris”He called in surprise and I smiled.

“He’s fine now doctor,I came here to settle the bills”

“Okay sir,I’ll call the nurses to attend to you immediately you get to the reception,ale.deugs will be given to him”

“Okay thanks,are we free to go?”

“Yes sir,you can go”

I quickly went to call mom and help her back Chris clothes,I explained all what happened to her and she blamed me for my foolishness and warned me not to do so again,Daniel called one of his driver’s and they came to take mom to the house,Chris insisted to stay with Daniel so we didn’t have any choice than to take him to the mansion.

I wonder how Lucian is going to take the news that Chris will be living with us,I hope he agrees to it.

Daniel Pov

Through out the drive,I and Chris keep talking and I must say this,he’s a very sweet kid,I’m so glad to have him in my arms,I’ll never let him and Mariam slip away from me again.

Ater he got tired of talking,he slept off,soon,we got home and she volunteer to carry him but I declined,the maid keep watching me in surprise and I smiled.

Very soon,I’m going to announce to the whole world that I have a kid.

I can’t keep them behind camera for long.

I didn’t even plan to do so.

“You can let him sleep in my room”She said as we got to he entrance of her room but I declined.

“No,He’s sleeping in my room”I said pecking his cheeks and she nodded.

“Okay,I’ll go prepare breakfast for him”

“Yeah”I nodded and I watch her entered the room.

Mariam Pov

I entered the room and I met Lily sitting down on the bed deep in thoughts.

What happened again?

“Hi Lily”I said cheerfully but she didn’t bother to turn to me.

“Hi”She replied casually and I sighed,I sat beside her and touch her shoulders.

“Is there a problem?”I asked and she shook her head.

“No, thanks”

“You don’t look good,us there anything bothering you?”

“Amd if there’s anything bothering me,are you going to help?,You have your kid already,you couldn’t even tell me that Daniel is the father of your kid, Despite how close we are?,If there’s anything worrying me,I’ll learn how to solve it myself,thanks”She snapped coldly at me and walk out of the room slamming the door very hard.


What have I done?

I ought to have confess all what happened between I and Daniel to her.

I shouldn’t have kept it as a secret.

I fell back on the bed tiredly and sighed.

Can’t believe she’s angry at me right now.

Lily Pov

I’m just tired with everything,everybody around me is so annoying.

The Mariam I thought she will be the best of friend to me had a baby for Daniel and didn’t even tell me about it.


Why am I so loyal to her?

I clean my tears with the back of my hand and stare at the food in front of me with a doleful look,I kicked it away angrily and stomp out of the kitchen to the garden to clear my thoughts away.

Mariam Pov

Later at night…….

Lily didn’t return to the room even till night,I was so sad and heartbroken,I couldn’t even eat,i just had to pretend to Daniel that I’m fine.

After clearing the bed and changing it’s spread,I went to Lucian room to tell him about Chris.

I got there and I met him coming out of the shower dripping wet.

“Good evening sir”I greeted bowing a little and he nodded.

“Why are you here?”He asked and I press my lips together nervously.

“I have a request to make”

“Go on”

“My son,Chris is very sick and my mom couldn’t take care of her alone so I decided to bring him to the mansion to take proper care of him”

“Without my permission?”He scoffed and I trembled.


Why does he command so much authority?

“I’m sorry sir”

“Well,Nothing to worry about,Daniel explained everything to me already”

“Oh”I mouthed and he nodded.

“But,why are you so secretive Mariam,no one knew that you had a baby for Daniel,even me”

“I’m so sorry sir,I have my reasons”

“It’s fine,you can go”

“Okay sir,thanks so much”

I walk out of his room happily and saunter to my room but Lily isn’t there,but I noticed her duvet isn’t there anymore.


Where could she have been to?

She didn’t have a room in the mansion fro God’s sale and I knew he’s not with Lucian.

I rush to the kitchen but I couldn’t find her there,I decided to proceed to the dinning and surprisingly,I met her there lying on the bare grass.

I rush to her in panic but she yank my hand away.

“Oh! Lily,I’m so sorry,I’m sorry for not opening up to you,I have my own reasons”



“Amd what’s the reasons”She asked sitting up and glared at me and I sighed.

Five years ago…..

I was given scholarship into one of the best schools in America,there,I had a friend named Stephanie,we did everything together,share secrets and all that,Soon,I met Daniel,he’s the richest guy in the school,then,he was so proud and hates the presence of commoners,but somehow,he was attracted to me,to cut the long story short,we started dating and Stephanie seems to be so happy about it but little did I knew that she’s jealous and bittered about our relationship.

I was so excited that I was able to change Daniel and he seems to obsessed with me,he even announced to the school thst I’m his girlfriend which makes everyone adores me,the commoner,who won the heart of almighty Daniel.

Eventually,we had sex,I told Stephanie about it and she seems so angry that I sold myself cheaply to him because that was the sentence she used then,I hate myself so much then and I told her the reasons why I submitted to him because he’s a sex freak and I don’t want to share him with any girl,she said she will give me a drug that I’ll add to his drink which will make him less efficient when it comes to sex.

The day she gave me the drugs was the day when the doctor confirmed that I’m two weeks pregnant,I was so scared and happy at the same time,I was scared because he might not want the baby,and also happy that I’m going to become a mother soon,I told Stephanie about it and she was so happy about it not knowing it was fake,she told me to break the news to Daniel,so I went to his house……..

Flash Back……

I clean the sweat off my face as I trek down to his mansion.


I wish I accepted the car Daniel gave me the day we had our first night which I declined all because I don’t want attention.

Finally,I got to his gate and knock on it,his gateman opened the door to me and I walk to his living room.

I met some men inside the room with Daniel,I greeted them casually he winked at me.

I smiled and decided to wait in his room.

Soon,he came to join there.

“My baby”He cooed ad plant a deep kiss on my lips.

“How are you doing?”He asked smiling.

“I’m fine”I said straightening my shirt and he nodded.

“I missed you,You promised to come yesterday but you didn’t show up,why?”

“I’m sorry,I was busy”I lied ad he nodded.

“Someone is looking hot”He said licking his lips and I stare down at my shirt.

“What?,I’m only putting on a shirt and trouser,how do I look hot?”I said and he chuckled.

“Don’t you know you’re a pack of seduction?”He asked licking his lips and carry me on the bed.

“No, Daniel,I came here for something important”

“Shush,well talk about that later”He said quickly and unbutton my shirt.
Thirty minutes later…….

“Damn”He groaned and pull out of me.

I use the duvet to cover my body and he peck me softly.

“Hope you’re good?”

“Yes”I nodded and I start putting on my clothes.

“I want to tell you something”

“What’s that?”He asked and I bring out a paper,I was about to hand it over to him but his phone rang,he sighed and pick it up.

“I’ll be back”He mouthed and walk out of the room to pick the call.

I quickly bring out the drug Stephanie gave me and add it to the drink he brought in earlier.

My phone vibrated and I realized it’s a message.

I unlock my phone and I realized it’s Stephanie.

“Mariam,please come home right now,I am so sick,please help”

“What!”I almost scream in surprise and I rush out of the room hurriedly.

I didn’t even bother to check Daniel ,I just ran out of the house.

Back to Present……

By the time,I got home,I realised that she’s not in the room.

I was so confused then because she’s the one who messaged me she’s sick and I couldn’t find her at home anymore.

I had to go back to Daniel house because I didn’t told him that I’m going home but to the shock of my life ,I met Stephanie on top of Daniel having sex,I was so heartbroken and left the house in tears.

I packed out of the house and returned here because I don’t want them to find him.

Yesterday,when we went to the party,Daniel explained to me that she ran into Stephanie ask confessed all what happened between them.

I don’t want to risk anything again,I put my trust so much in Stephanie but she ended up ruining me,I’m sorry Lily”I cried and she hug me tightly.

“I’m so sorry,I’m sorry”She cried and I pat her shoulders.

“I’m so sorry,I misunderstood you, I’m sorry”She sniffed and I nodded.

“It’s fine”I smiled.

“Can we go inside the room now?”I asked dramatically and she chuckled.

“Yes”She replied and I help her pack the duvet and we both walk together to the room.

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