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Sold to the ruthless sex master 2 Episode 1 – 4

🌌Sold To The Ruthless s£× Master🌌
🔞Paying For Her Father’s Debt 🔞
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
#Season 2
Episode 1
(The baby stand)
Lily Pov
My mouth fell in shock immediately I heard what he said.
“Don’t abort the baby”He repeated again and the doctor turned to me.
“Okay sir,I’ll stop it right away”
“Yeah”He sighed before ending the call.
“Oh God”I cried with tears filled in my eyes and the nurse look at me pitifully.
So,I will be able to keep the baby?.
God bless you for this Lucian.
My poor baby.
“You’re so lucky dear”She said smiling and I nodded.
“Thanks”I said quickly and made to go but she stopped me.
“Wait for me in my office,I will pescribe sole drugs for you”
“Okay thanks”I nodded and head towards her office.
Shortly,she joined me in the office and have me some drugs,she wrote the usage inside a paper for me and I thanked her before going home.
I board a cabby after exiting the car which took my straight to the mansion,after paying him,I entered the house with a doleful look and Mariam rushed to me immediately.
“Oh!,Lily,I have been waiting for you for ages,how are you feeling?”She asked touching my body and I sniffed.
“I didn’t abort the baby”I dropped the bombshell and her mouth fell in shock.
“what!,Did you want to die?Lucian will kill you if he hear this,what’s wrong with you Lily?”
“Chillax Mariam,he gave the doctor his order that I shouldn’t abort the baby”
“What changed his mind?”She asked surprised not believing the whole issue and I shrugged.
“I don’t know”
“Let’s get in first”She said looking around and led me inside the room.
When we got there,she made me sit carefully and touch my tummy.
“I don’t really know what changed his mind but, this is very good,I thought he will be so cold towards pregnancy forever,I don’t know yours will change our perspectives on it”
“I don’t understand”
“Bethany was pregnant for him three months ago and he made her abort the baby,that was why I pretended to be so surprised when you told me that you’re aborting the baby”
“Why can’t you tell me this before?”I asked and she sighed.
“I wish I can but you’re too heartbroken yesterday to break another bad news to you,I can’t do that”
“I don’t know he is that cruel”I said absolutely in shock.
So he has aborted a baby for Bethany before?
“That’s not an issue now Lily,don’t get yourself worked up,the main thing we should talk about is that there must be a reason why he told you to keep the baby which might be ……..”
A knock came on the door and we both took a glance at ourselves before she went for it,it was a guard.
“Is there a problem?”
“Master s£nt for Lily,she wants her in his room now”
“o….okay”She nodded and I followed him to the master’s room.
Soon,we got there and the guard bowed before walking out of the room.
“Good day sir”I greeted and he didn’t bother to answer,he just sip on his wine and wall up to where I am.
He look at my belly and scoff.
“So,you really want to carry the baby?”He asked touching my hair and I nodded in fear.
“Just like the doctor broke the news to me yesterday that you are pregnant is the way Bethany broke the news to me three months ago it I told her to abort the baby which she did,so tell me the damn reasons why you insisted to keep the baby?”He asked calmly grabbing my @ss and I whimpered.
“I can’t bear it to lose the baby,it wasn’t the baby’s fault of coming to me,I will never forgive myself if I lose the baby”
“Yes sir”
“Well,since you’re now ready to keep the baby,then I’ll give you some new rules to keep,failure to keep it,then I’ll kill the bay myself”
“O….okay”I nodded in fear and closed my eyes,I couldn’t bear to look at his cold and cold face.
“First,You have to warm my bed in the morning, afternoon and over night,secondly,you won’t be given any opportunity to visit your dad,not anymore as long as you’re still living,you will only be eating once in a day,you are going to resume the work I relieved you earlier,secondly,you won’t receive any medical attention until further notice,deal or no deal?”,He asked with a smirk and I burst into tears.
How do I cope with all the rules and regulations he listed?
How will I be able to keep everything?
This man is just too cruel for my liking.
“Sir,we are talking about your baby here,I mean our……”
“Amd have I ever mentioned it to you that we both have a baby?”He snapped and I sniffed.
“I’ll do it,as long as I’ll keep the baby,I will do it”I said in defeat and he smiled.
“Since you agreed to do that,for a start,pit off your clothes”
#season 2
Episode 2
Lily Pov
“Master please”I begged and he push me to the bed roughly and hover on top of me like an angry lion.
He put off my clothes effortlessly and claim me more brutal than the past ones.
“Get off the bed and go to your room”He said in a cold the tone and I limped out of the room feeling pains all over my body.
Mariam rush to me immediately I get to the room and I burst into tears.
“He forced himself on you right?”She asked and I nodded crying.
“Yes,I can’t fight it, he’s too powerful for me,he might even try to hurt the baby”
“Yes,you’re right,I hope he change very soon Lily,you can’t continue like this, he’ll just keep hurting you without no reasons”
“Yes,I know,I hope he change very soon”
“Will you take your bath now or you will rest first”
“I just want to rest”I said tiredly and he helped me to the bed,after tucking me in,she walk out of the room.
Two hours later……
I woke up and met Mariam staring at me keenly,has she be watching me sleep?
“Hey,you’re awake”She said helping me up and I nodded weakly.
Oh God!, Every where still hurting,my waist,v and all over my body.
“Hope you’re better now?”,
“Yes,a little bit”
“Sorry dear,I made you a coffee,Lucian said you shouldn’t prepare dinner tonight,reasons only know to him”She said with a shrug and I scoff.
“Do I look like I care?”I asked rolling my eyes and collected the coffee from her,I start sipping it slowly because it’s still hot.
“Lily”Mariam whispered and she collected the coffee from me and dropped it on the table,she interwined our hands and stare at me with an inexplicable expression.
“I really doff my cap for you Lily,for refusing to abort the baby,For not letting Lucian behaviors get to you and all that,now that we are @ssured that you’re keeping the baby,how are you going to cope?,No job,no house,no husband,you’re just a s£× slave to Lucian and he’s ready to take responsibilities of the baby,I’m not trying to mock you but how are you going to cope?,very soon, I’ll resign my job to start a new life outside the world leaving you all alone here,how are your I going to cope?”She asked and tears sl!pper down my eyes.
“I don’t know,I seriously don’t know ,I don’t have any hope of leaving here anytime soon,I don’t have any choice than to stay in the mansion,I don’t care if I and my baby is wallowing in poverty,I don’t care,but I’ll be fine”I said @ssuring and she pull me to a hug.
“I feel so sorry for you Lily”She sniffed and I cried on her shoulders.
Mariam Pov
Later in the night…….
After Lily is asleep,I went to the kitchen to drop the coffee plate and nug and after doing that,I walk out of the kitchen but I met Daniel on the way.
“Hi”I greeted perfunctory turning to go but he held my hand.
“Mariam”He whispered walking close to me and I wage a f!ng£r at him.
“Don’t try to come any closer”I warned trying not to remember the old memories but it keep flashing into my head.
“How long are we going to continue doing this?,we are pretending that things are okey between us but it’s isn’t”
“There’s nothing like us Daniel,not anymore,after breaking my heart,leaving me all alone here in Manila to take care of the baby alone,there’s nothing like us”I snapped and Fred my hands from his grip and ran out of the room”
#Season 2
Episode 3 &4
(The baby stand)
Mariam Pov
Who does he have to bring back the old memories?
I have been trying to forget them slowly after three years we graduated from college but it was kinda impossible for me.
Now he have to open the already healing wound.
Damn you for this Daniel!
Damn you!
Daniel Pov
I sighed as I watch her climb the stairs hurriedly,Why did I have to hurt her?
I used five minutes enjoyment to ruin the undying love she had for me.
Why did you have to do this to me Lana?
You really ruined me!
I face palmed myself and I realized I’m crying already.
Lily Pov
The next day…….
I carried the tray of food to the room and he was the one who opened the door for me.
“Good morning sir”I greeted and went o drop the tray on the table before serving him.
He came to join me at the dinning and place the food carefully in front of him.
He started eating in earnest and I watch him eat.
My stomach grumble at the sight of the food.
Gosh!,I don’t really know why I’m so hungry this early morning,maybe it’s because of the baby.
He took a glance at me chuckle.
“You know something Lily,I don’t really know why you’re suffering yourself,you always eat with me everytime but you don’t have the opportunity again because of your baby”He said rather mockingly and I sniffed.
“You are only given an opportunity to eat once in a day,will you eat it this morning or evening?”
“I’ll eat it now”I said rather quickly and he nodded.
“Sir down and serve yourself”
“Thanks”I said gratefully and served myself quickly and start eating.
After taking few more spoons,he arranged his tie well before walking out of the room.
After clearing all the food on the plates,I pack them to the kitchen and met Bethany on my way when going back to the room.
Bethany Pov
“The bitch is pregnant?”I asked in surprise and Becky nodded.
“Yeah,things have not been going on well since you left,He even made her his partner to the party”
“Really?”I asked shocked and she nodded.
“Yes,and why did you have to go to America?,you didn’t have any business there ,or do you?”She asked shocked and I smiled.
“I have something very important to do there”
“Okay then”
“Where’s she now?”I asked shocked and she scoff.
“She must be on her way to the kitchen because Lucian left minutes ago”
“Okay then”I nodded and left the room.
Luckily,I met her on the way to the room and I blocked her.
She look so scared and frightened like a kitten bitten by a rain.
“Good morning ma’am preggy”I said with a mick and she look at me in surprise.
“I heard you are pregnant for the Devil”I asked laughing and she press her l!ps together.
“Bethany,I have lots of things to do ,please I’ll really appreciate it if you can excuse me”She said calmly and turned to go but I drag her dress back and landed a slap on her face.
She look so shocked as she held her face and I look at her in rage.
“You think I’m happy that you are still breathing right?,I had the whole mansion to myself before you wretched @ss came weeks ago,I controlled this mansion not until you step they filthy thing you called legs here,I swear to God Lily,I’ll make you pay for this”I asked and spat on her face before pushing her roughly and rush out of the place in anger.
Twenty years ago……
The young boy walked out of the cl@ss among his peres and his friend Louis pat his shoulders softly and he gripped in fear.
“What’s wrong with you?”Louis asked the young boy and he sighed.
“I’ve been thinking about my mom,he broke the news to dad yesterday that she’s pregnant but Dad beat her up”
“He said she doesn’t want a baby”
“What are you going to do about it?”He asked and the young boy asked.
“I don’t know maybe I’ll talk to his friend”
“Okay then,maybe we should branch at his place when we are going”
After a long walk,they got to the house and The boy was about to knock on the door but he was taken aback by the voices he’s hearing from the house.
“You don’t need to take the baby Gerald,that means you’re spoiling her,you should threaten her to abort the baby,that’s all”
“Okay then,but I’m scared,what if she lose the baby”
“If she lose it,then so be it”He yelled at Gerald and he sighed before sitting down tiredly.
Back to Pres£nt……..
Gerald Pov
“Mr Gerald,someone is here to see you”
Huh,Some one is here to see me?
No one has ever visited me since all these years I’m in prison.
Who could it be?
The warden yelled from the metallic door and I walk feebly to the lady and she opened the door for me.
She led me to the Office and was quite surprised to see the person standing before me.
Since all these years?
Bethany Pov
I drove quickly to the uncompleted building step down the car immediately I oarked.
The tatted guy described to me earlier came to me with a small purse in his hand.
“Use it according to the prescriptions,don’t misuse it or else you will have yourself blamed”He said coldly and I nodded.
“Okay thanks”I beamed and rush to my car and he watch me driving out if the place before going back to the house.


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