Sold to Mr rude Episode 9 & 10

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍧Episode 09🍧
Eric’s Pov:
I stared at the paper and bec@m£ shocked to the bone marrow..
Nicky was visibly scared as she shivered in fear.
She likes Andrew?
But why?
Is it that he’s more hansome than I am?
My heart was broken 💔
As I re-ad the paper over and over again.
I looked at her with so much jealousy.
“You like my cousin?” I asked in a mild way to her surprise I guess.
“Uhhmm… plea-se give me that Sir” She said and snatched the paper from me.
I was green with envy.
I wanted to shout at her but I just couldn’t.
I wanted to sl@p her ha-rd but I couldn’t as well.
“Get out! I said leave” I yelled at her as she rushed out in fear.
I stormed into my room fuming with anger.
Nicky’s Pov:
Why is Sir Eric not mad?
Why did he talk calmly to me?
I thought he was going to flare up so badly?
How come he bec@m£ so quiet and gobsma-cked.
I walked downstairs and headed straight to the kitchen.
I saw Sir Andrew in the kitchen….
He was getting jui-ce from the refrigerator.
“Hi Nicky!” He smiled at me and I reciprocated.
“Oh! Where have you been?” I asked smiling
“In my room taking a nap as usual” He said and I nodded.
“That’s good!” I said
“Do you want a glas-s of jui-ce too?” He asked and I nodded.
He held me pour the orange jui-ce into the glas-s.
He gave me the glas-s of jui-ce and I sipped smiling at him.
Suddenly, Eric rushed into the kitchen with anger..
” Andrew I want you out of my house” He said and we g@sped.
“What?” We said in unison
“You heard me, I said you should leave my house” He repeated
We bec@m£ shocked.
Eric’s Pov:
I watched Andrew’s car drive out of the compound.
At least i have no opposition any more.
I grinned happily.
I walked into the mansion and saw Nicky in tears.
She rushed into the room still crying.
I walked to the bar and started drinking.
I kept gulping down many glas-ses of br@ndy.
Why doesn’t she like me like she do for Andrew?
I was so heartbroken and I kept on drinking.
I bec@m£ very drun!k.
She walked downstairs and watched me drinking.
She was very surprised.
But she didn’t come any closer to me.
“Wait!” I ordered as she stood still….
“I LOVE YOU NICKY!” I said as she quic-kly turned around in shock.
“What?” She asked in surprise….
🍧Episode 10🍧
Nicky’s Pov:
“What?” I stared at him in shock.
Before bur-sting into laughter and rolling my eyes.
He looked very serious….
I bec@m£ confused.
“I mean every word I say Nicky… Every single word” He said as he staggered up.
“You are very drun!ksir! I think you just nee-d to go to be-d” I said but he held my hand.
“No Nicky! Am really not ma-king this up…. I have had feelings for you” He said.
I scoffed as I stepped backwards.
Is this a trick or something?
This is not happening….
What the….
Words refused to come out of my mouth.
He walked closer to me with a bottle of whiskey on his hand.
My heart skipped…
He handed the bottle to me
“Drink with me…. Let’s have fun together” He smiled still staggering.
I didn’t know what to do…
He is not in his right s-en-ses and I can’t refuse to drink with him.
You never can tell how he will react in his drun!ken state.
I sluggishly took the bottle and drank from it.
But I drank again and again until it bec@m£ enjoyable.
I started drinking as well as we chatted along.
I opened my weak eyes and blinked.
To my greatest surprise, I was lying n-ked as Sir Eric wra-pped his hand all over me.
He was half n-ked too.
I saw a little blood stains on the floor…
I can’t believe this!
Tears gradually welled down from my eyes.
It happened!
I started feeling filthy…
How could I stoop so low to give it to Sir Eric?
I yelled in annoyance and Mr Eric woke up as well.
He was also surprised.
“Did we….?” He asked
“Oh my God! I can’t believe I did this…. I lost it to you!” I cried scratching my hair.
“Are you a vir-gin?” He asked and I sh0t him a dangerous glare.
He saw the blood stains on the floor and g@sped.
I broke into tears again and rushed upstairs using my clothes to cover myself.
I stormed into my room and shut my door as I slumped to the ground crying.
I feel so dirty…..
I couldn’t help it!
Of all people why Mr rude?
I continued crying.
Just then, my cell phone rang aloud.
I glanced at the screen….
It was my mother.
I quic-kly cleaned my eyes and cleared my throat before picking the call.
She must’nt find out that am crying…
Neither should she find out why am crying.
📱 Nicky…. Darling I have good news for you… Mom’s loud voice sma-cked me into consciousness.
📱 Good news? What do you mean mother?… I asked anxiously
📱 Actually we have been able to save up the money your father is owing Mr Eric so you are actually coming home today…. Mom rejoiced.
More tears rushed down my cheeks.
I kept mute…
📱 Nicky are you there? Aren’t you happy that you are coming back home?…. Mom said happily.
📱 Uhm… Oh…. Err….yes! Yes of course! Am very happy…. I said in pretence.
Mom laughed heartily as she hung up.
I quic-kly started packing my bags.
Mom is actually going to pay the money into his bank account.
Eric’s Pov:
I was too shocked to talk about anything.
I can’t believe we had se-x last night…
I can’t believe I took her vir-ginity….
And now she hates me more!
She thinks of me as a devil…
But I just know we didn’t do it on purpose…
We were both drun!k!
I don’t regret anything!
I’ve just made up my mind to admit my feelings to her in a clear state of mind this time.
I was still lost in thought when a message popped up in my phone.
What? 😲😲
A credit alert…..
Just then, I saw Nicky walking down stairs with her luggage.
She didn’t even look at me.
She was going to leave no matter what.
“Nicky plea-se am very sorry about….” I said as she waved her hand to me signaling me to st©p talking and I did.
“Goodbye Mr Eric!’ She said as she dragged her luggage away….
To be continued!
who else is feeling hurt?
I seriously am 😪😪