Sold to Mr rude Episode 7 & 8

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍧Episode 07🍧
Nicky’s Pov:
He dragged me by my wrist out of Andrew’s sight.
I was marveled and surprise.
“Let me go! Let go of me” I yelled as I snatched my hand from him.
“What the hell is your problem?” He p@n-ted in annoyance.
I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head.
“What do you mean? Why were you dragging me?” I cried as I eyed him.
“Can’t you wait a little bit before you start showing your flir-tatious behavior?” He said as I g@sped in shock.
“flir-tatious? Sir with a due respect, I don’t like the word you qualified me with” I said angrily
“Just shut up! Who do you think you are? How can you be so cheap?” He scoffed
“You know nothing about me… So don’t you dare refer to me as a flir-t” I screamed as I broke into tears.
He scratched his head and breathed heavily.
“What were you doing with my cousin?” He asked
“And how does that concern you?” I said furiously
“Oh really? It concerns me because you will only ruin in my cousin’s life with your flir-tatious self” He said
Tears rushed down my cheeks.
Words refused to come out of my mouth.
I shivered in tears as I quic-kly landed a dirty sl@p on his cheek.
He was gobsma-cked.
I quic-kly ran as fast as I could and straight into my room.
How dare him call me a flir-t?
What does he take me for?
He has no right to judge me…
I know I shouldn’t have sl@pped him but I couldn’t bear it.
I couldn’t bear him saying hurtful words to me.
He has no idea the kind of person I am.
Yet he’s concluding am a flir-t….
A pr©st!tût£whose just seeking for attention.
But you know what guys?
I don’t regret sl@pping him at all.
I wish I sl@pped his other cheek…
He’s nothing but a j£rk.
Eric’s Pov:
I held my cheeks in shock.
Did she just sl@pped me?
Who the heck gave her the audacity to do that?
But why am I very angry?
Why am I getting so annoyed over this?
Why am I this angry?
This doesn’t concern me but why do I get angry seeing Nicky with Andrew.
I was still lost in thought when Andrew walked in.
“What was the meaning of that bro? Why are you being paranoid over nothing?” He asked as he sat on the cushion beside me.
I took the bottle of wine and filled the content into a glas-s.
As I gulped down the glas-s of wine.
“Just stay away from Nicky!” I said starring at the wall.
“Nicky? And why would I stay away from her? Why would I stay away from someone I love?” Andrew said as I punched him furiously.
“How dare you? I won’t tell you this again, stay away from Nicky!” I yelled
“Why? Just give me a reason why I should…. Why are you even being angry over nothing? Tell me Eric do you love her?” He asked.
I stood at a place in shock.
Goosebu-mps ran down my spine as I felt my legs gummed to the ground.
I couldn’t say a word.
I managed to gather a little courage before I spoke up.
“No freaking way! I can never fall in love with that stupid girl!” I said defensively as I stormed out.
But honestly guys, I think am really lying.
I don’t hate her….
I don’t! I know I just don’t….
Could Andrew be right? 🤔
Am I developing feelings for her?
Jeez! No way!!
I can’t let that girl get into my head…..
I shrugged it off.
Andrew’s Pov:
I cleaned my cheeks with a tissue.
Actually I had a few cuts from the b!ow I got from my cousin.
One thing I don’t un-derstand is why he’s being nosy….
She’s not his girl and he said she’s never gonna be.
Then why can’t he let us be…
I got up and headed upstairs.
I nee-d to see my honey bunny before any other thing 😜
I got to her door and knocked.
“Who is it?” She said from inside with a shaky voice.
“It’s me… Andrew!” I said
She gently opened the door.
To my greatest surprise, he was in tears.
“What happened to you baby?” I asked concerned
She broke into tears and hvgged me.
I hvgged her ti-ghtly as she wept on my shoulder.
“Nicky! Nicky!! Get me a cu-p of tea” I heard Eric’s loud voice.
He’s always ruining in the moment.
I gro-an ed angrily…
🍧Episode 08
Nicky’s Pov:
Immediately I heard his voice, I dis£ngaged the hvg.
I was about to go downstairs when Andrew held my hand.
“Don’t worry Nicky! I’ll help you with that” He said calmly as I smiled at him.
He’s such a gentleman unlike that crazy guy that calls himself Eric.
He walked downstairs and c@m£ back with a cu-p of h0t tea.
He walked straight to Mr Eric’s room to give him the tea.
My goodness… 🥰
He’s so lovely..
A gentleman!
I thought all rich people all rude and disrespectful but now I realize that it’s not all.
Andrew is such a kindhearted person.
I wish Eric was as kind as he is or even a little bit like him.
Then I won’t be having problems at all.
I shook my head as shrugged it off as I sat on the be-d.
Andrew’s Pov:
I walked into Eric’s room.
He was fuming with anger.
“What are you doing here?” He asked looking at me surprisingly.
“I heard you request for a cu-p of tea” I said and he snorted.
“What? When did you become my maid?” He asked
“Come on bro! Is it the maid you nee-d or is it a cu-p of tea?” I asked as I placed the cu-p of h0t tea on t©p of the stool.
He turned away his face.
“Of course I want a cu-p of tea” He said as he sat and gulped the tea.
“You know Eric sometimes you behavior towards your maid makes it seem like you are gradually falling for her” I said as he quic-kly choked.
He coughed aloud.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked trying to calm him down.
“Andy I want to be alone for a while” He said sluggishly.
“What? Are you asking me out of your room?” I asked stunned
“I just want to be alone” He replied
“But Eric….” I said
“plea-se just leave!” He cut in
“OK! Fine…. Am on it!” I said as I walked out of the room.
“Close the door behind you” He said as I ban-ged the door.
Eric’s Pov:
I jumped on my be-d tiredly.
Andrew’s words resounded in my ear and I scratched my hair.
Could it be true?
Am I falling for her?
Am I being jealous?
Could it be as a result of jealousy?
Or is it because I just don’t want to see my cousin close to that crazy girl?
Thoughts kept running throu-gh my mind.
No way?!
There’s no way am going to fall for her talk more of having feelings for her.
I took a de-ep breath and buried my face in the pillow.
I just nee-d to cool off….
I nee-d to think….
Nicky’s Pov:
I kept staring at the ceiling smiling.
💭 Sir Andrew is so kindhearted… He gave me a n£¢klace 💭 I thought as I brou-ght out the n£¢klace from the drawer.
It was sparkling…
I bet it’s very expensive….
Pure gold 💎
Very nice!
I like him a lot 💖💖
As I thought of him, my heart beat increa-sed and I smiled broadly.
I quic-kly un-hook the n£¢klace and wear it.
Wow 😍😍
It suits me very well….
I picked up my pen and paper and wrote.
I write boldly on the paper “I LIKE YOU SIR ANDREW”
I grinned happily.
I k!$$£d the piece of paper in happiness.
“WHAT’S THAT?” A voice said from behind and I g@sped and folded the paper….
Am enjoying Eric’s defeat…. 😁😁
Who else is?