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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Sold to gang leader 2 episode 47 & 48

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Episode 47 & 48
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes


(Just us)

Writer’s POV
The feeling of Dillon’s warm lips on her already hardened nipples and his hand equally rubbing her clit was making Shawna crash with pleasure.

Shawna’s hands unconsciously messed up Dillon’s wet hair.

Dillon after a while lifted her up then took her to the walls holding the mirror built in there. He wasn’t close to being satisfied with her boobs. He still wants to bury his head under her boobs. He sucked from her other boobs crazily like he was expecting something to come out from there.

It didn’t keep his other hands from running round her body at the same time. When Shawna couldn’t take it anymore, she had to push Dillon away.

She was shivering but not with cold.

When she pushed him off, she still couldn’t take it. The next minute she hugged him back, her chest pressing hard on Dillon’s chest.

“Let’s stop here, we’ll get back to this later ok?” Dillon cooed softly but Shawna couldn’t let go of him.

Dillon carried her down then took her to stand in front of the shower again, he nibbed on her lower lips for a while before dragging himself out from the


He knows that if he continues staying and watching her, he’ll keep getting a hard on. He doesn’t want that because of all the activities he had planned out for them.

He is gonna make this day exceptional for both of them.

He got out to Shawna’s room, he looked at his wet self then sighed. He left Shawna’s room to his in other to change to a new dress.

Along the corridor, Naomi ran into him.

“Is it raining outside? Why are you wet?” Naomi asked curiously but her question wasn’t met with any answer.

She clamped her mouth shut, then continued on her way. She misses Sam so much.

Since the day he left, she hasn’t seen him again. She doesn’t know if he is purposely avoiding her because of Andrew.

And speaking of Andrew, she hasn’t been seeing him either.

She can’t even think of going to the underground house because she knows Dillon won’t let her. And even if she manages to find her way there, she is sure that Sam won’t be pleased with her being there because the underground house is filled up with just boys. Even a guy cooks for them. It’ll like men’s territory, but, despict knowing this, she couldn’t help but still think of going to at least see him.

After changing his clothes to a new one, he dried and dressed his hair. Sprayed perfume all over his body then looked at himself in the mirror.

Perfect, he thought before leaving to Shawna’s.

In order not to run into her naked

self which will likely tempt him, he decided to knock on the door.

The door opened revealing Shawna.

She was all dressed up gorgeously. She already knows how to pick out her dress with any assistance now.

Her hair was equally dried and she was putting on a scandal, holding a clutch purse.

“You look…..”

“…You look undescribable, words can’t describe you so let’s just go” Dillon cooed stretching his hand to her.

Shawna blushed then took his hand. She wasn’t even on much make-up, just light make-up and he is acting up.

Dillon held Shawna around her waist as they walked downstairs. They bumped into ma’am on the way.

Ma’am Sandra kept staring at the two beautiful souls as they smiled in happiness.

“Hi ma’am” Shawna waved happyily at her.

Dillon just bowed slightly to her as they walked pass her.

Ma’am Sandra kept staring at them until they vanished, a smile on her face.

What is wrong with them? She thought as she continued on her way.

Dillon walked Shawna into an already prepared car, he opened the door and held it open for her to enter. She entered, her inside dancing and jubilating in so much happiness.

Dillon entered through the driver side and then started the car, he drove out from the mansion afterwards.

Shawna decided to ask the question that has been on her mind.

“You are treating me like a princess. I don’t understand why” she said.

Dillon chuckled.

“Is something going on that I don’t know?” Shawna further asked.

Dillon found her hand and held it, his other hand remained on the steering.

“I’m treating you like a princess because you’re one” he said.

At his reply, Shawna turned red again. She couldn’t help herself. Even in between her legs reacted to his replies.

They chatted about random things for a while until they arrived a restaurant.

They spent one hour there, Shawna ordering all the meals she hasn’t tasted before.

When they were set to leave the restaurant, she held unto her big belly.

“Oh my! I’m so full” she cried out.

“You should have eaten more you know” Dillon said.

“Huh, you want me to die?” Shawna rolled her eyes at him.

“You can’t die, you’ll only grow more beautiful” Dillon’s reply made her blush again.

She can’t count the number of times she has blushed since she woke up and they haven’t even spent half of the day.

Dillon pinched her nose slightly after that then lead her into the car. They left there and next it was the shopping mall.

He gave Shawna a go ahead to pick whatever dress she wanted but Shawna started picking dresses that weren’t expensive and were too long or free on her.

Dillon disliked all the dress she showed him.

Shawna got frustrated that Dillon doesn’t like anyy she choose.

“Then pick them out yourself, I’m tired” Shawna found herself frowning, she folded her arms.

Dillon closed the magazine he was formally reading while waiting for her to pick out her dresses.

He stood up to face her.

“They aren’t classic enough, they’re too big and long on you. They make you look like an old hag” Dillon said. Shawna’s eyes widened. She immediately fell for what Dillon said, she took it so serious that tears started forming in her eyes and threatening to spill. It happened so fast, Dillon himself was surprised at her quick reaction.

“Come on, I was just joking” he said taking his hand to her face. Shawna turned away from him.

He tried facing her again but she turned.

“Ok, you’re angry? Then I’m done, let’s just head home” Dillon said then turned and made to leave.

Shawna quickly got herself, she ran to back hug him.

“I’m sorry” she apologized.

Dillon turned to face her again.

“You don’t look like an old hag baby. You look amazing in everything you wear, but, I just don’t like those cheap dresses for you, I want the sexy, classic ones” he said. He’s hands were around her waist as he said those words.

Shawna nodded in understanding.

Dillon then drew closer, he started kissing her slightly on the lips and only stopped when the mumblings around them increased.

He turned to see all the attendants gathered and staring at them.

“Hey! Do you all wanna loss your jobs?” He half yelled at them.

They all separated immediately, some running left and some running right.

But it didn’t stop Shawna from being shy. She hide her face on his chest as if hiding from her enemies.

“Come on, ignore them. Joy killers” Dillon said to Shawna pulling her head up.

“Sit” he beckoned on her afterwards.

“Don’t worry, I’ll choose out the sexy ones for you” Dillon assured helping her sit.

He went and then started picking out all the dress he fancied afterwards.

Shawna sat down with a smile on her face watching Dillon. She doesn’t know why he is like this but she wants him to continue being like this everyday for her. She doesn’t even want him to go back to his old self.

She has gotten used to his warm changes over the weeks but this change is still surprising her.

She kept watching him for a long time in happiness.

Dillon doesn’t know how many dresses he has picked out but he wanted her to have enough dress in case….just in case something happens and he doesn’t makes it out. But he was positive that he was gonna make it out.

He continued picking and handing the attendants behind him all the dress he was picking out. It continued like that for a while until Shawna suddenly stood up and ran towards him. She embraced him suddenly missing him too much.

“Huh” Dillon was kind of confused at her sudden reaction but it still made him happy. He hugged her back and the hug lasted for three minutes until Dillon pulled back from the hug.

“I’m coming, the time is going. We still have other places to go to” Dillon said pushing her back.

Shawna pouted at being pushed away, but she reluctantly went back and sat down.

She doesn’t even understand herself too, she is now madly in love with Dillon and just staring at him or even thinking about him makes her so horny.

After about three hours they left the mall. Dillon’s booth and back sit got filled up with bags, lots and lots of bags. Bags that contained not only clothes but jewelries, different makeup kits, bags, shoes and all the items that a lady needs to wear to stand out in public.

After the mall, Dillon drove her to a restaurant for lunch because they spent about three hours at the mall.

After eating lunch, Dillon took her to a crowded market just to buy some ransom things and take a walk where he won’t be recognized.

They saw an ice cream shop, they branched there,stood in line to wait for their own turn so they can get two cups of ice cream. After waiting in line and getting the ice cream, they left there and just cat walked slowly to Dillon’s car. Beside the market there, there is also a river were people fish and swim.

They bought random snack and ate it while watching people swim and play.

After that Dillon took her to watch a tregedy love movie. Shawna didn’t stop crying even after the movie ended.

It annoyed Dillon that Shawna was crying because of a mere movie. He doesn’t want the day affected with sadness at all.

“Come on, it’s just a movie” Dillon said sounding frustrated. He has been trying to get her to stop crying for a while but she couldn’t stop.

She hugged him and continued shedding her tears.

“Ok, if you continue crying. I’m gonna fu*k you right in this car with the windows down” Dillon said.

Shawna’s eyes widened at that. She lifted her head up from Dillon’s body and quickly dried her tears.

“Now, that’s better” he said igniting the car engine.

He drove off to his penthouse after all.

They got to the hotel, where the penthouse is built in. It’s not as if Dillon’s owns the hotel, he’s just a major share holder of that hotel, he got himself that penthouse and he even rarely goes there.

He decided that he wants the spend it alone with Shawna without distraction. After eating their dinner, they went to the swimming pool side.

Shawna watched Dillon swim for a while before he finally came out and grabbed her. He carried her on his body, his hands wrapped around her body, her legs wrapped around his torso. He kissed her all the way to his penthouse which was on the last floor of the hotel.

On getting to the room. He locked the room without breaking the kiss then gently dropped her on the bed.

Shawna didn’t even wait to be told before pulling off her gown.

Both of them has been anticipating this moment for hours. They both didn’t wanna take things slow either.

Dillon came in between Shawna’s legs on the bed, she was still on pant and bra.

He kissed her breast ignoring the bra holding him off. Then he kissed her on her belly down to her V area.

He ignored the pant she was still putting on and continued kissing her there. It gave Shawna a ticklish feeling, she giggled and pushed Dillon away.

Dillon came back to her mouth, he started kissing her hungrily, their breathing started getting erratic.

But bodies getting heated, Dillon’s hand found Shawna’s bra hook, he unhooked her bra and threw it aside, before you know it, they were both starked naked and we’re ready for each other.

Dillon wanted it to be slow, he wanted it to be a memorable night but his dik was refusing. He couldn’t hold himself, he inserted his dik slowly into Shawna, it surprised Shawna when she felt something hard and cold trying to gain entrance into her pussy.

But she loved it.

Dillion after fixing and filling Shawna up with his dik started moving in and out of her, it went slow, so slow at first until Dillon couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled out from the kiss to concentrate on fuking her.

He spread Shawna’s legs apart, he positioned her well to his taste then started moving in and out of her fast – not too fast tho.

Sweats covered their body in minutes. Loud moans from both of them filled the penthouse.

Soon, Shawna stopped Dillon. She has heard about this s*x style where she will be the one on top.

Dillon let her do what she want. She came on top of Dillon and slowly took in his di*k. When it filled her up, she started moving up and down slowly.

While doing that, Dillion couldn’t help himself, he continued staring at her in the eyes as she ride him.

“Shawna…..!” He moaned out her name in pleasure.

Few minutes later, they both got to climax, they stopped – tired.

After some minutes, Shawna decided to take her bath.

Dillon showed her to the bathroom but when they both got to the bathroom, they started another round of s*x.




Didn’t wanna narrate the s*x part too much jare but I hope you enjoyed it.

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