Sold to a gang leader Episode 5 & 6

Episode 5
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written: Blessing D writes
Shawna’s POV
“Ma’am Sandra, can you plea-se explain this to me, I can’t really differentiate between the two” I asked her and she turned to me and signed.
“Who exactly bought me and if you don’t mind, plea-se tell me who that girl is?” I inquired.
“Of course you opt to know. Dillion is the first twin, the one you saw me hvgging is the junior one, his name is actually Dilly.”
“The girl Naomi is their Junior sister, she is traveling with the junior master to Mexico” she explained and I opened my mouth slightly then nodded showing that I un-derstand.
“So, which of them really owns me?” I asked again.
“Well, since the younger master bought you as a gift for his elder brother, that makes you, the older master’s slave, sorry to use that word tho” she explained and apologized.
“It’s okay, no nee-d to apologise ma’am, I alre-ady accepted my fate long before I got here” I smiled and said.
So that means, the guy that I was s£nt into his room is Dillion and he owns me tho I was a gift by the younger twin Dilly, hmm that makes s-en-se.
“But ma’am Sandra, what about their parents? Don’t they have….”
My voice trailed off when I saw one of them entering, Dillion, it’s him, his hands were tucked into his trou-ser pocket as he walked pas-s the both of us and climbe-d up the stairs.
He is snotty.
When I saw that he was far gone I made to continue with my question but ma’am Sandra cut me off.
“Where are your own parents? You didn’t mention them while introducing yourself.”
“Um..they are both dead, that’s why I ended up getting sold by my step father” I responded, my head bowed in sadness.
Her hand went to my back and she patted me. “It’s okay child, you’ll survive” she smiled and said.
“Go to your room, we’ll continue our discussion later” she urged and I nodded and left her.
I didn’t know when a drop of tears rolled down my cheek.
I don’t like thinking back to the past. It’s hurts. I was ba-rely 14 when dad died, then when I clocked 16 mom joined him. My fate is so so horrible.
I think I’m born to really suffer. Did I offend someone in my previous life?
I got to my room and entered,then threw myself on the be-d and closed my eyes.
plea-se when I open my eyes, lemme turn 40 years old, so I’ll quic-kly die and join my parents.
☠️Dilly’s POV ☠️
“Dill, who is that clumsy lady? Who is the bit*h?” Naomi asked with her eyes widly opened, we are both sited in a black limo that is conveying us to the airport.
“Why? Are you jealous of her?” I asked her back.
She doesn’t like seeing someone that’s more prettier than her, she hates the person instantly, that has always been her dirty behavior.
“Why? Why on Earth will I be jealous of a mere bit*h?’ She half yelled.
“Then don’t ask” I simply replied and heard her mumbling words I don’t care to hear.
**Next day**
😎Dillion’s POV😎
📞Where are you guys right now? I asked into the phone pacing up and down inside my room.
📞We just got down from the plane, we’ll soon be at the quarters, why do you sound worried?
📞Well, didn’t you hear of a plane that crashed idiot? I’ve been calling but my call doesn’t get throu-gh at all, I answered pissed and relieved at the same time.
He laughed for a while and continued.
📞Don’t tell me you were worried, when did you start worrying about our well being? He questioned and I gro-an ed.
📞fuc-k you, get off, I yelled and cut the call then threw the phone on the desk.
My phone started ringing again and I picked up the call and answered it without looking at the screen.
📞What is it? Do you wanna continue laughing then you better don’t try it?? I snapped.
📞Um..boss, it’s me Luwis, luwis voice c@m£ up.
I sighed and ruffed my hair in order to calm down.
📞What is it? Be fast, I said.
📞Well, the deal is set, we nee-d someone to collect the coke from him, someone manipulate, we searched up and heard the old cargo likes S-xy ladies a lot, I think it’s best we use that to get him. Should I search for a very S-xy lady to do the job? He explained and asked.
📞No, I got someone, no nee-d for that, I’ll meet you at Luxury h0tel at 9, make sure you set everything before then, I responded.
📞Alright boss, I’ll go now.
Then the call went off.
Seems I’ll be nee-ding the new slave today.
.Episode 6
Somewhere in Mexico
Valentina’s POV
I stared around the school wondering where Valentine, my twin sister could be.
We were supposed to meet here, why isn’t she here yet?
plea-se it’s getting late and am really hungry, I have to go home and eat.
I brou-ght out my phone feeling so uneasy and dialed her line, it rang to an end but she still didn’t pick up.
Damn you tine!! I cussed and tossed my phone back into my handbag.
We are supposed to take the same car and I can’t leave without her,and even if I wanted to leave I aren’t with the car keys.
I tapped my foot on the floor feeling really pissed with my eyes fixed on the floor.
“Tina??” I heard a very familiar voice and looked up to see Dilly.
“Dilly!!”I exclaimed and stood straight.
Dilly’s POV
Naomi had insisted that I follow her to register in school today, she insisted so I had to follow her.
Well, I also schoolled here but not anymore, I mean I don’t have time for schooling because of the papers and do¢v-ments waiting to be signed for the companies.
We were on our way to the registry office when I saw someone that looked familiar.
Isn’t that one of the twins I know? I wondered and got closer to her.
“Tina??” I called not really sure if she’s Tina or Tine.
She raised her eyes up to stare at me and she exclaimed and called my name.
“Dilly!!” She called and I realized she is really Tina.
“Hey Tina, what’s up?” I cooed and she c@m£ and embr@ced me.
“Hi Naomi” she waved at Naomi who kept staring at her as if she doesn’t know her.
“Hi” I heard Naomi greet her back.
“How’re you doing? And who are you waiting for un-der the sun?” I questioned.
“Well, I’m waiting for that sister of mine, she’s really annoying, she doesn’t wanna show up or answer my calls and we planned to meet here after lectures” she explained and I mouthed an ‘oh’.
“So, how is Dillon?” She asked and I smiled.
“He is okay, just got back from Paris” I replied and she nodded and took her eyes to her feet and I could tell why.
She and Dillon used to like each other, I don’t really know how it’s happened but then we were all schooling here, they were sit mate and from there, they liked each other and went into a relationsh!pbut Dillion’s behavior is what she doesn’t like, I don’t really know but they ended their relationsh!p.
“Um…Dill, be fast, I can’t keep standing un-der the sun, it’s burns my skin yunno” Naomi frowned.
“I’ll get going now Tina, bye” I be-dded her and wanted to leave but she st©pped me.
“So, are you guys seriously not gonna continue schooling?” She inquired.
“No, we’ve got it covered up okay” I answered and she asked again.
“So, Dillion is currently is Paris right?” She asked almost whispering and I nodded and she sighed and mouthed an ‘okay’.
Her behaviour – am sure she still likes Dillion but am sure Dillion has long forgotten about her. He won’t get hooked up over a single lady – never, no matter how pretty she looked.
I got to the registry and had her registered, her education is very fast, someone Naomi’s age is supposed to be in highschool but because we really nee-d her, we had to hasten her education and now she has gotten into college.
Then we drove back to the pri-vate quarters after registering her.
Tomorrow I’m gonna resume work at the company.
Somewhere in Paris.
💲Shawna’s POV 💲
I was lying down peacefully when a loud knock c@m£ at the door and it also opened at the same time.
I got down from the be-d and eagerly watched a maid walk in, she has this irritated look on.
“Hey slave, follow me” she hushed and immediately turned back and started going.
“To where?” I questioned equally irritated at her behaviour.
“Justfu-ck*ng follow me okay!!”She snapped and got out, then slammed the door shut.
I scoffed and scratched my hair.
Who the hell is she? She looks crazy, I should avoid people like her in order to have a peaceful life, I thought and followed her.
She took me to where I got to know as the servants quarter.
Ma’am Sandra was also there with them, she ordered about three of them to give me a good bath.
But really, I can bath by myself, I wonder why they are the ones bathing me.
But I won’t ask ma’am Sandra now, I will ask her later.
I followed them into the bathroom and they bathed and scru-bbe-d my skin as if there was poo on it.
After that my hair was dried and coloured into pink and purple ma-king me wonder why.
They clothed me in a very ex-posive black dress, I’ve never seen a decent dressing here since I arrived. Every dress is very so short and ex-posive.
Immediately they finished ma’am Sandra took me to Dillion’s door and knocked gently on it.
Dillion’s POV
I was facing the mirror while bu-ttoning my shi-t hoping today’s operation is gonna be successful.
That old man always carries those items carefully wherever he goes and I heard he is lugging at that luxury h0tel.
I could have killed him straight and collected the items but it won’t be really easy, he goes everywhere with his guards and I don’t wanna draw too much attention by attacking him.
I had luwis, one of my boys trail him and his men. At his age he is still very stubborn. He doesn’t wanna summit those items willingly so I’ll have to take them by f0rç£.
I heard a knock at the door and gro-an ed out “come in”.
The door opened and I saw ma’am Sandra coming in throu-gh the mirror.
“She’s here son” she said.
“Okay, thanks you may take your leave now” I replied her and she left.
Knowing fully well she was standing there – the new slave, I beckoned on her to come closer and she did.
I stretched forth my hand to her for her to bu-tton up my shi-t bu-tton, the one at my wrist.
She took my hand and bu-ttoned up the shi-t, I gave her my other hand and she did so. After that she stepped back from me and I ran my eyes all over her b©dy.
Perfect, I thought and started walking out of the room.
Shawna’s POV
On our way to Dillion’s room, ma’am Sandra had explained that am gonna be doing a dirty job for them. She told me to open my ears and obey the instructions given to me as that was the only way my life last.
I wonder what type of dirty job it is.
Gosh, thinking about it is really scary.
I followed him up till we got to where numerous cars where parked.
One of the car door was opened for him and he got in, I got in and sat beside him as instructed.
Then he began….
He explained the things I was gonna do and I listened with rampt attention.
Ma’am Sandra also told me to be very obe-dient so he’ll get to like me and that way he won’t be too ha-rd on me like the others, she had said.
“Is that clear?” He hushed and I nodded.
“Good” I heard him mumble then he brou-ght out his ipad and started doing somethings there but I dare not look at him.
“Sir, we’re here” one of the guards that had followed us in the same car announced after a long long while and he raised his head and stared out.
“Alright, call luwis, let him come get her” he ordered and he answered with a ‘yes sir’ and left the car.
Then he later c@m£ back with a rou-gh looking guy, the guy looked too rou-gh and dangerous.
Although he was kind of handsome but he has too many openings in his ear. Too many tattoos, there was a cigarette inside his mouth and his hair style, oh gosh! He is just too rou-gh.
“Boss” he called puffing out smoke and looking into the car throu-gh the window.
“Take her and make sure you return with it” Dillion ordered.
“Of course boss” the guy answered and I opened the door and got out.
Immediately I did, the guy’s eyes ran all over my b©dy.
The cigarette fell off his mouth as he stared at me.
“Oh $h!t! Where did you come from Angel?” He asked with his eyes still devouring my b©dy.