Sold to a gang leader Episode 36 & 37

Episode 36 & 37
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Dillion’s POV
Flashback to the hospital.
“Come on Dill, don’t have me killed. Instead of killing me, why don’t we have fun?” Matthew said from where he was.
“Come on” he said again and walked to the door, he opened it and held it open for me.
I stared at him and walked out, he closed the door and followed me.
“You wanna see her first?” He asked but I didn’t answer him.
“I’ll take that as a yes, come this way” he urged taking me towards a VIP section. “You requested for her to be placed at the VIP ward,she was and thinking about it, she’s such a beautiful lucky girl but unfortunately I don’t know who she is to you because you refused telling me but I think she is a good girl” he kept on talking until we got to her ward.
I looked inside her ward throu-gh the transparent glas-s door and saw her laughing and pla-ying with her phone, alongside one of the wards.
She doesn’t look sick anymore, I thought and left immediately while Matthew followed me from behind.
“I thought you were gonna get in, are you scared of seeing her or what? Huh! Huh!” He kept saying, disturbing my peace.
“Will you shut up Matt? You talk like a woman” I hushed.
“What? How dare you compare me to a woman? Anyways let’s have fun” he yelled then said.
I walked out to the garage.
“Wait, what? Why are we here? Are you leaving now? Shouldn’t we gr-ab a cu-p of coffee or something? I thought we were gonna be having fun!” He kept screaming while I got into my car.
“I aren’t no kid Matt, go pl@ywith your patients” I breathed out then ignited the car engine and drove out leaving him staring at the back of the car.
Later that same day.
“Um..Boss I saw that guy again, I did some investigation using the cards that fell off his pocket. The cards aren’t real, they are his fake identity card. The bastard c@m£ prepared, I still don’t know which gang he is from, I think his name Matthias is also forged, everything about him is fake” Luwis who had come into my office narrated.
“Alright, you can go now. I have my ways incase anything happens” I said to him puffing out smokes.
“Okay boss” he concurred and stood up.
“I’ll go now” he added and left.
Who is this strange guy? Why is he sneaking around Shawna? Well, I guess he is only seeking for his death.
Pres£nt day.
Shawna’s POV
Immediately clas-ses ended I stood up from my sit, throu-ghout my stay in clas-s Matthias didn’t show up. I kind of feel sorry, he is just a poor guy but I also have to survive.
I’ll have to leave all my life without friends from the outside then, I thought as I carried my small designer bag.
A lot of male students still stare at me everyday, it makes me uncomfortable but I don’t give them much thoughts mainly because Matthias is there to occu-py me with other things. With him saying different things, I gat no time to worry about the others but now I feel so nervous.
I got out of the clas-sroom and was about heading to the garage where my new driver dropped me off today but st©pped because someone called my name.
It is an unfamiliar voice, I turned to see a student like me.
“Shawna, there is an emergency, your friend Matthias wants to kill himself in the male’s restroom, I ran to bring you before he does that, I think he has gone crazy” the girl narrated breathlessly.
“What??” I skrie-ked my heart skipping.
“Yes Shawna, we have to go, you have to see him” she said and started running and I followed her.
Why on Earth will Matthias decide to kill himself? Is he crazy? Yeah, probably crazy, I thought as I ran after her.
We got to the male restroom and she st©pped and opened the door. “He is inside. Go ahead and st©p him” she said and I nodded and got in.
I saw Matthias there but he wasn’t trying to kill himself. He was just backing me.
“Matthias?” I called, shocked.
“Were you trying to kill yourself?” I asked and he turned to face me.
“No, was only trying to get you here” he answered and turned to face me.
“Trying to get me here by framing your own death” I snapped at him.
“Yeah, it doesn’t matter what I use to get you, the thing is that I’ve finally gotten you. You are where exactly I want you to be”:he said in a very strange tone.
“Matthias, don’t try this $h!t again, I’ll get going now” I said and turned towards the door, I made to open it but couldn’t.
“You can’t open that, it has been locked from the outside” he said now standing really close to me.
Fear, it struck me again.
I aren’t supposed to be scared again, not so soon.
I turned slowly to look at him.
“What..what do you mean Matthias?” I panicked.
“Nothing love, but you’re stuck with me here” he responded and took his hand to my hair then brushed it backward.
“St©p it, I want to go out” I muttered.
“Then open the door if you can”;he huffed.
I turned towards the door and tried pu-lling it open but couldn’t.
“No! No! No! St©p this Matthias, you told them to lock the door, didn’t you?” I turned to him and asked.
“Yes, I told them” he replied.
“Why???” I screamed getting pissed.
He sighed and bent his head.
“You will know why soon Shawna, don’t be in a haste, let the students dispatch first” he said.
“No! I can’t be here with you. I’ve gat to go home” I said and tried pu-lling the door.
“Is someone there???” I screamed and he immediately rushed to me and covered my mouth with his palm.
“You aren’t leaving here, Shawna, st©p screaming. Don’t make me lose my cool on you” he snarled shocking me.
I turned at him with my eyes wi-de open.
“You…this is not you, you aren’t the Matthias I know, are you? You were just pretending all these while, aren’t you?” I questioned.
“Yes, yes Shawna. You realized that a little bit late. I aren’t who I told you that I am. I have being pretending to you all these while to accomplish the mission given to me” he answered and I shook my head.
“Imposter, that’s what you are. I thought you were a poor innocent guy” I mouthed.
“No! I aren’t, I’m sorry to say but I aren’t. You’ll have to deal with that” he responded.
“No! You’ll have to deal with that yourself Matthias. I don’t care. Whoever thefu-ck you are just leave me be, I want to get out of here, don’t try to st©p me” I half yelled.
“Anybod….!!!” I was about screaming again but he held me and covered my mouth.
I tried pushing him off me and I felt a sting on my face, he just sl@pped me.
I stared at him in anger.
“You are crazy, you bastard” I half yelled.
“Yes, I am” he responded and then brou-ght out a gag (a plain cloth)
“Come here, I won’t risk getting caught because of you” he said and pu-ll-ed me towards him.
I tried pushing him off me but he was too strong. He gaged my mouth and pushed to to the floor.
I sat down f0rç£fully and he squ-atted to stare at me.
“I’m sorry but it was all planned. My meeting you was planned from the very beginning, if you hadn’t done what you did today in clas-s I could have continued shifting this day.”
“You don’t like me. I shouldn’t feel a thing for you either. Your actions caused you this Shawna, it is bond to happen tho but it couldn’t have happened today if you hadn’t behaved like that. But I’m gonna do something you’ll really hate me for, after taking you out of here. I’ll take you to my hideout, I’ll make love to you, you don’t know how long I’ve been supressing the urge to do that. I won’t tell my boss that I’ve gotten you till I’m done with you, you’re gonna hate me more after what I’ll do to you. I’m also sorry but no sorry” he concluded his ru-bbish.
I kept staring at him. He also stared back at me.
“You’ll hate me, won’t you? Don’t worry I’ll make it a bit ro-mantic for you” he asked and said then he stood straight.
“When I get you to my boss, you’re gonna spill everything you know about the twin, the one you’re with pres£ntly. How you met and why you are with him.”
“You are gonna tell him how much he has currently, both in Mexico and here. You are gonna tell him what he is planning, why he is gathering an army, you are gonna spill everything to him, un-derstood?” He asked in a cold voice.
“Oh! I forget that you can’t speak. I bet you un-derstand” he said after few minutes of silence.
Tears gathered up my eyes.
I don’t really un-derstand what my crime is here. Why am I always being punished?
Oh Dillion! Even if you don’t care about me, I hope you will set aside the coldness you feel and really save me because it seems you’re the reason why this is pres£ntly happening to me.
But how will they even know? They won’t know. No one knows!
Mom and dad, plea-se also help your daughter. I did nothing wrong here.
Dillion’s POV
“Boss!!! Boss!!” I heard and then my office door bur-sted open.
“Luwis have you lost your goddamn mind? Why are you screaming?” I snapped at him.
“I’m sorry but…the driver returned without Shawna. He waited for Shawna for three hours but couldn’t find her. Shawna, won’t just disappear, she has been abducted – probably” he explained.
“What?? He didn’t see her?” I asked.
“Yes” he answered.
“Go call speedo for me, I want him to track her whereabouts” I ordered.
“Okay” he answered and left.
Thirty minutes later he returned with speedo.
“You remember the last device I gave you?” I asked speedo. He is one of my boys, he doesn’t stay here with me.
“Yes boss” he answered.
“Track it and find out it’s whereabouts” I instructed.
“On it boss” he replied and brou-ght out the l@pt©p he c@m£ with.
In few minutes he was able to track it.
“It’s around laxis area, it’s actually moving” he said.
I pu-ll-ed out my drawer and brou-ght out a gun and loaded it with bullet.
“Still in laxis area” speedo confirmed.
“Stay here, I wanna get her myself” I instructed.
“But…. Boss lemme come with you. I know the bastard’s face, it will be more….”
“No one follows me, we aren’t going to fight. I’m just going to get her. Stay here, that’s an order” I rasped.
“Okay boss, I’m sorry” he apologized as I tucked the gun into my trou-ser pocket.
Now, it’s time to finally meet you Matthias. I’ve been curious about who you are? Who s£nt you? I’ve been curious, it’s time to finally meet you.
😴 Tried.