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Sold to a gang leader Episode 34 & 35

Episode 34
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(You liar)
Writer’s POV
Back at the hospital.
The surgery on Shawna got carried out the next day and of course it went smoothly.
Now, she has been transferred to a patient ward for full recovery.
Luwis who heard the news of what happened to Shawna after Dillion took her out felt really guilty. He knows that if he hadn’t told Dillion then she will not be in that condition.
Ma’am Sandra, Beatrice and one other maid by the name Vee sat around Shawna and watched her sleep. They anticipated the time that she will finally woke up. While Sam and Luwis stayed outside her ward.
Luwis couldn’t wait for Shawna to wake up.
And lastly Dillion….while you’ll find out later as you re-ad on.
Shawna’s POV
I felt myself coming back to live.
Aw..what the hell happened? I thought as everywhere looked dark, I realized that my eyes were closed and I slowly opened it.
The first place my eyes caught was the white ceiling up.
Then I heard low whispers, whispers of people calling my name.
“Shawna!” I could suddenly hear my name loud and clear.
My eyes drifted to the direction that the loud voice [email protected]£ from to see ma’am Sandra.
“Ma’am” I called even if it [email protected]£ out in a whisper. Then I made to sit up but felt a hand holding me down from the left hand side.
I shifted my eyes to see Beatrice, she prevented me from sitting up. She and one other maid there.
“Stay calm, you just had a surgery. Don’t try to f0rç£ yourself, you don’t need it” ma’am Sandra said and I relaxed again.
“I’ll go inform the doctor that you are awake” Beatrice said and left.
“Ma’am Sandra” I called again staring fully at her. I still couldn’t get it. What the heck really happened?
Why was a surgery performed on me?
“Yes child, how are you feeling? I hope you are feeling strong now?” She asked.
“Yes, but what happened?” I answered and asked. That is what I really wanted to know.
“A surgery was performed on you Shawna, that’s what happened” she replied maybe purposely ignoring the fact that I want a full explanation of everything.
Why will a surgery be performed on me? I don’t un-derstand!
The door opened and Beatrice entered accompanied by the doctor and two other people behind him.
The doctor [email protected]£ to me and started checking me.
“Are you okay, Shawna?” He suddenly asked.
How did he get to know my name? I wondered but answered his question still.
“I’m feeling okay” I answered.
“Okay good, a day or two more days here will do the trick. After that, you can go back to your normal activity” he smiled at the end.
“I’ll get going now” he added.
“Thank you Matthew” ma’am Sandra thanked him as he left.
When he left I suddenly saw the two people behind him.
“Hey Shawna!” Sam called.
“You made us all worry, praise the Lord you are finally back” he said sounding happy.
“I never knew you know how to praise the, Lord Sam” ma’am Sandra tea-sed and we laughed. I also laughed.
“Aha! I have got to head home and make something delicious for you Shawna, you need a lot of healthy food so said the doctor” she quoted the last [email protected]
“Vee you have got to accompany me, Beatrice you stay here. Sam let’s go, you’re our driver” Ma’am Sandra said standing up to leave.
“Alright take care Shawna” Vee waved and I smiled at her.
“Thank you” I thanked as she walked out with Sam.
“Take care of her till am back” ma’am Sandra said to Beatrice.
“Of course ma’am, lemme walk you out, I can use that opportunity to get her a drink” Beatrice suggested and they walked out together leaving the room. Now it’s just Luwis and I who has surprisedly been quite.
I wonder what’s up with him tho.
“Hey” he called his voice husky.
“Hey, are you okay?” I asked as he [email protected]£ to take a sit close to me.
“Yeah. You are the one lying here, I should be asking you that” he hushed.
“I’m fine but you look off” I said truthfully.
“Yeah, that’s because I did something I shouldn’t have done” he cooed and my brows perked up.
“Really? What did you do that made you this way? I’m kind of surprised yunno” I chuckled.
“Yeah” he said again and held one of my hands.
“Hey, can you forgive me for something?” He asked [email protected]£ss!ngmy right hand he held.
“Umm…what is it?” I asked now getting confused.
“Why do I have to forgive you Luwis? You didn’t do anything wrong to me” I asked.
“Well I did, I sold you out and am sorry for that” he replied with his voice cracked up.
“Sold me out? As how?” I questioned glaring [email protected] at him.
“To the boss, I was the one who made him get angry at you. I told him about your relationsh!pwith Matthias, I told him you are really close to him. Now you ended up here” he explained.
“Wait, you told him about Matthias Luwis? He is just a friend to me. why did you tell him about it? After asking me to continue being friends with him? You went and told him?” I asked getting annoyed.
“No! No! I had alre-ady told him everything before I advised you to continue being friends with him, I mean…but am sorry okay.”
“You are unbelievable Luwis, how could you? I knew you were only pretending, you liar” I snarled and pu-ll-ed my hand away from his.
“Come on Shawna, it was for a reason too, although I also did it selfishly but…”he paused when he realized I wasn’t paying attention to him again.
“I’ll just get out” he said lowly and got out.
How could he? No wonder Dillion acted that way.
I knew he couldn’t act that way without a reason. Luwis actually caused it.
Dillion’s POV
I drove at a low speed wondering why I was actually headed for the hospital.
In the next hour I got there but found it [email protected] getting down from the car. After several hasitation I [email protected]£ down from the car and went straight to Matthew’s office.
Luckily enough, he was alone. I went and sat down facing him.
“Who do we have here? Mr Mark, you’re so welcome. We are so so honored to have a very honourable personality in our mist today I…”
“Can you st©p with it? It gives me headache. I can’t be falling sick in a hospital Matt” I gro-an ed and he smiled.
“I’m surprised, what are you doing here? Today isn’t your check up Dill. I’m just surprised to see you here” he leaned back on his sit and said still smiling.
While, the lady you operated on. How is she?” I inquired.
His brows joined together and he stared at me with a suspicious eyes for a while before leaning forward to look at me.
“Who is she to you?” He asked instead.
“Will you answer me Matt?” I gro-an ed again.
“She’s perfectly fine, so she is the one you are here for” he grinned.
“Yeah” I mumbled and stood up. He also stood up.
“That’s it? You are leaving?” He frowned and asked.
“Yes, hope you didn’t reveal that I am the one who made the payment…..”
“Oh about that? You didn’t tell me you wanted it to be secret. I alre-ady told ma’am Sandra, I told her after you called and made the payments” he replied at once.
“Are you crazy Matt?” I skrie-ked and he blinked.
“I didn’t know you wanted it to be kept a secret Dill” his eyes wi-de-ned and he started moving back.
“Come here” I beckoned on him to come closer but he kept moving back.
“I’m really gonna kill you.”
Episode 35
Luwis’s POV
“What is it Luwis? You’re moody” Sam asked.
“Nothing, I’m cool” I replied him.
“You’re not. You aren’t always like this. Lemme guess, it’s Shawna right? Did something happen between you two?” He went on and asked again.
I shrugged and then narrated what had happened between the both of us to him.
“Well, I warned you not to let the boss know but you did anyways. Didn’t you want this to happen? You said you’ll like it if he gets mad at her right? Then why are you like this now?” he scoffed and asked.
“You’re crazy, I never wanted her to end up here or even get mad at me. I didn’t know this was gonna happen…I mean I didn’t expect her to be here but guess I should have listened to you” I muttered.
He sighed and placed his hand on my shoulder.
“You’re a brother luwis, get your eyes of Shawna now. Before it’s too late, you know you can never have her, it isn’t possible” he said but it angered me.
“That’s a lie, don’t utter $h!t again. You know nothing okay?” I snarled and he flin-ched. I guess he didn’t expect that reaction from me.
I stood up on my feet and made to leave.
“Come on, are you mad at me? I’m sorry” he apologized as I left him there. Was still in the hospital. Now I’m headed outside to go smoke.
Can’t get hold of myself anymore.
As I strolled throu-gh the hallway, a familiar face walked [email protected] me in a dark hoodie.
I turned and looked at the person.
He looks familiar, I thought and made to continue going on my way but suddenly recalled him.
That Matthias guy. “$h!t!” I cussed as I followed him but the nigga is pretty smart.
He s-en-sed me out real fast and increased his walking pace.
This is a hospital, we can’t run in it else I would have ran to him and dealt with him but I just walked after him.
He took a turn that led to a different pathway, I followed after him and when he finally got outside. He started running, I didn’t waste time I followed him up.
He ran into the streets and I followed after him.
Everything about him, the way he suspects and s-en-ses out things fast. He is a good bastard, he is probably born into this game. Well, I wasn’t born into it but I grew up in it so I took a quic-k turn and jumped out from the front surprising him.
He halted and started taking quic-k steps back.
“Bastard, do you miss me?” I breathed in and out sharply because of the distance I had to run.
He continued moving backward, the hoodie covering almost all [email protected] of his face.
I got to him as he was about to run off and pu-ll-ed him down to the ground and then punched him.
Then pu-ll-ed the hoodie away from his face and [email protected]
“Damn!” He is not the one. This is just a kid.
I looked up to see him ‘the bastard’. He was staring at me from a mile, a sm-irk on his face.
I know what he did, he managed to trick me by switching dress with his boy here.
“F**k!” I cussed again as I got up from the boy who was alre-ady bleeding.
He is smart!fu-ck*ng dubious.
Shawna’s POV
I stayed with Beatrice for long. She told me a lot of things that was funny and I laughed.
Together we learned how to use the phone Dillion got for me. I still haven’t learnt how to use it although I’m trying.
We continued scrolling throu-gh the phone, but my mind told me to stare up.
I lifted my eyes up and I could swear that I saw Dillion.
But he is no longer there, I crumbled my face in confusion.
I just saw him now or was I hallucinating?
“Are you okay? Why is your face like that?” Beatrice asked, concerned.
“The young master, I saw him. He was standing right outside my ward few minutes ago” I said pointing at the door.
She stared at me in doubt.
“Lemme confirm” she breathed out and stood up.
She opened the door then looked left and right before coming in back.
“I didn’t see anyone that looked like him” she said.
“Oh!” I mouthed, my che-st fell.
Was I expecting him to care? Was I expecting him to even pay me a visit? That’s probably impossible. He’s too cold!
He won’t try it.
“Okay, let’s try looking at this one. What is it name? Instagram?” Beatrice said bringing me out of my thought.
“Um…yeah” I muttered taking my attention back to the phone.
**Two days later.**
I got discharged.
Ma’am Sandra had suggested I stayed back and have a proper rest but I couldn’t hear of it. I have to attend school today, I don’t like that I missed [email protected] I have a lot of things to catch up on, missing [email protected] is like a poison to my studies.
And Dillion? I haven’t set my eyes on him since I got discharged.
That’s it. You are a nob©dy Shawna. Don’t expecting the impossible, I thought as I prepared for today’s school.
And in few minutes I was done.
I got to the garage and didn’t want Luwis to take me. I’m still annoyed with him for betraying my trust in him.
A b©dyguard there was asked to take me instead and he did.
Immediately we arrived School and I stepped out of the car, the first person I saw was Matthias.
“Shawna?” He called and my mind drifted back to what I had gone throu-gh. It’s also because of him that I got punished, if I wasn’t close to him then this couldn’t have happened.
“Hey” I called simply and walked [email protected] him trying so [email protected] not to feel a thing.
Even if he is a poor guy that’s completely innocent, you still have to avoid him because you no longer own yourself, I told myself.
“Shawna?” I heard him call my name again but I pretended not to hear. I hastened my foot steps to [email protected]
We are having an important [email protected] today.
I continued walking hastily till I got into [email protected]
“Shawna?” He called again also getting into [email protected]
“What did I do? Are you mad at me or something?” He asked.
“No Matthias, I just need space from you. I’m sorry, I no longer wanna be your friend. Forgive me for that” I looked at him and said.
“What?? Why? What did I do plea-se? You can’t do this to me Shawna. You are my only friend, are you gonna abandon me too because I’m not your [email protected]? Because I’m not from a wealthy family too?” He asked and I held myself from saying anything.
“Are you? You don’t like me anymore because of that. You are sick of me now that you know you can’t benefit anything from me? I was worried sick about you because you didn’t come to school, now you’re here and you give me this attitude?” He asked.
“St©p! St©p it Matthias! It’s not that way okay. St©p ma-king me look like a bad person, I’m also trying [email protected] to survive okay. I don’t wanna die that’s the reason I have to st©p being friends with you. You have to un-derstand that” I screamed at him totally losing it.
Does he think I suddenly wanna st©p being friends with him for no reason.
“You have to explain it to me Shawna, I don’t un-derstand a thing you’re saying” he screamed back.
“I don’t have anything to explain to you!” I answered.
“Then I refuse to un-derstand you” he concluded and left the [email protected]
I breathed in heavily and sat down properly.
This shouldn’t be happening to me. I hate this, everyone in [email protected] is staring at me.
I don’t want this, I thought ruffling my hair.
Matthias’s POV
Oh $h!t!fu-ck you Shawna! Not now. If you are gonna act like this then I have no option than to do it today.
I have no option. I was beginning to foolishly like you. Before my stupid feelings get the best of me, I’ll have to do it.
Who expected that?
The game begins…
Season 1 is almost coming to an end.

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