Sold to a gang leader Episode 30 & 31

Episode 30
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎 [He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Sold out)
Shawna’s POV
My heart beat ra-pidly increa-sed as the person that pushed the door open walked in and then st©pped on seeing Luwis and I in that position.
I gulped and sat up then shifted away from Luwis who also sat properly on the be-d.
“Shawna, what’s going on here?” Ma’am Sandra who just walked in asked.
She has a surprise look on.
“Um…he…I..” I stammered thinking of what to reply but couldn’t find any.
“I was teaching her how to use her new phone, I’ll get going” Luwis was the one that answered after a long silence.
I watched him as he got up and left afterwards shutting the door behind him.
I felt weird. It felt weird that ma’am Sandra had to find me in that p@rticular position with him.
I fiddled with my f!ngers, my eyes fixed on the floor. I know it’s wrong. I feel guilty. What if Dillion finds out?
Oh I’ll be so dead if he finds out but I know ma’am Sandra won’t sell me out.
“You called him to come teach you how to operate your new phone?” Ma’am Sandra suddenly spoke up walking to sit on chair close by.
“Yes…no actually, he just visited and knew about the phone” I answered turning to look at her.
“Don’t try it again, don’t try to get so close with him. You don’t know him, even if you do know him as long as you’re here and you’re Dillion’s…..” she sighed and continued.
“My point here is, maintain some distance with him. It won’t be so good once Dillion finds out that you two were actually that close.”
“Lemme tell you one thing. Dillion actually hates sharing. That’s why he has never been to a h0tel just to pl@ywith some random slut for the night. He will never do that, he is reserved so he hates it. Have that in mind” she concluded.
“Anyways explain how today’s clas-ses actually went” she said after a pause.
**Next day**
I walked into the college gate. So wild.
Luwis had actually brou-ght me to school today. Ma’am Sandra said I’ll be as-signed to my personal driver soon but not now so she had personally asked Luwis to bring me to school and I in turn told him to drop me off at the school gate.
I wanna walk in myself, I wanna take a good look around by myself.
He dropped me off like I told him and I started proceeding inside, looking from left to right feeling so excited.
I haven’t walked for long before a familiar figure showed up.
“Matthias” I called st©pping dead on my track. He stood facing me.
“Hey, how’re you?” He asked.
“I’m good. You’re early?” I asked.
“Yes, I’m always early. Who was that that brou-ght you to school? Your b©yfri£ndor your driver?” He answered and asked as we both proceeded ahead.
“Nope, he’s a friend. You can call him a friend” I replied.
“Wow! He must be a good one to bring you to school everyday. You must be lucky” he cooed.
“Um…yeah” I shrugged not wanting to reveal any more thing to him.
“So, you must be rich, huh?” He said.
“Yeah, look at your dressing. A poor person won’t wear this. Even your dressing yesterday looked expensive too” he went on and I kept looking at him confusingly.
I mean why this conversation?
“I’m sorry to ask but who exactly is your father? I’m not tryna interrogate but um..I think I like you so in order to let my feelings….”he st©pped talking when I st©pped walking.
“I’m going too far aren’t I? But I seriously like you, so I want to know if I’m good enough for you, that’s it” he said lowly his gaze on the floor looking so pitiful.
“Um… Matthias, I’m really sorry to ask but how come you suddenly like me? We just met yesterday, didn’t we?” I questioned.
“Yes, but I couldn’t st©p thinking about you. Your accent, your aura. The way you stare, your pretty face couldn’t disappear from my head. To tell you the truth, you are the reason I c@m£ early” he explained surprising me.
“Re..really? You like me that much?” I asked and he nodded.
“Do you have a b©yfri£nd?” He went on and asked.
I raised my hand to the hair covering my eyes and pushed it behind.
How come I don’t feel good about him liking me and all. I really don’t want this but what the hell should I tell him?
“Yes, I do…um..I do” I stuttered and his gaze fell.
“Is he the one that drove you?” He asked again sadness laced in his voice ma-king me feel kind of bad.
“Um… nope” I replied and he nodded.
“Okay, I get it. But we can be friends right?” He said extending his hands.
“Official friends or close friends” he added.
“Uh..yeah” I shook his hand and he smiled.
“Now let’s get to clas-s” he cooed and I agreed and followed him.
Should I fast forward??? Of course…..
Fast forward!!!
Two weeks later.
Luwis’s POV
“Sam” I called as we both walked into the garage.
“Yes” he answered.
“I’ve been having suspicions”I said.
“Huh! About what?”
“About Shawna’s friend in school. I dropped her off in school yesterday and saw him. I c@m£ down from the car and decided to follow him.”
“Really? Guy you’re just jealous. From the very start, you have been jealous but don’t forget she’s the boss’s girl” he chuckled and said.
“No listen, he looks familiar Sam. I have seen him somewhere. I have seen the bastard somewhere before but can’t remember when, where and the reason we met” I said scratching my head.
“Then try to remember” he poked me and said then continued walking.
“I’ll tell the boss about it” I said and he st©pped walking then faced me.
“You want to put her in trouble don’t you?” He asked his eyes opened.
“It’s actually good if he get’s angry at her. That will be to my advantage” I replied him and he pu-ll-ed a puzzled look on.
“Meaning?” He asked.
“Meaning you’ll never un-derstand” I win-ked at him then turned to go talk to him.
He is definitely someone not good. If not he won’t look familiar at all, I thought and hastened my steps and soon I was standing in front of his office.
I knocked on it but didn’t get a reply. I kept hearing his voice without hearing a second voice. He might be speaking into his phone.
The door opened and he showed up and I am right. He is talking into a phone.
He left the door opened and walked back to his sit while I closed it and walked up to him.
He rounded up with the call and gave me an expectant eyes.
“What is it luwis?” He asked.
“There is something suspicious, I mean someone suspicious. I see him around…around Shawna, at school. She said he’s a friend and they are really really close” I narrated and he’s brows perked up to stare at me more seriously. A frown also appeared on his face.
I like it tho.
“Who is he?” He hushed.
“I don’t kn….”
“Then find out” he interrupted seemingly more angry.
“I’ll do that” I replied and started leaving with a smile on my face.
Don’t hate on me when you find out I sold you out Shawna. I’m doing this for us both.
Episode 31
Luwis’s POV
“Hey, you told him?”
“Seriously?” Sam asked as I got out to meet him still at the garage.
“Yeah, isn’t it time yet? Lemme go get Shawna. I wanna use the opportunity to get that bastard” I said and collected a bunch of car keys from him.
I unlocked a car nearby and got in. Then drove out in full speed.
I got to the front gate and st©pped. It’s high time she comes out with the bastard. It’s high time.
I leaned on the car with my eyes focused in the direction she follows. It didn’t take up to fifteen minutes, she showed up with him. Immediately the bastard sighted me, he hurriedly gave Shawna whatever and started leaving which motivated me a lot.
He acts weird. The bastard definitely knows me.
I walked up to Shawna hurriedly, handed the keys to her.
“Wait for me in the car” I said and without waiting for a reply ran after the bastard.
He noticed that I was following him and he started running and as expected I ran after him.
Damn! I don’t no my way around here or I’d rounded him off.
I continued running after him, he ran into the school hallway ma-king students move away in fear. I followed him and he entered into the male toilet.
He was about sliding down but held himself from falling, something fell off his pocket during the process.
I bent to pick it up and it was his wallet, I looked up and didn’t find him again.
“fuc-k*ng bastard!” I cussed and yanked the wallet open. I emptied all the content and brou-ght out his ID. His wallet contained about three cards in it. I took the three cards and left his empited wallet on the floor and then left to meet up with Shawna.
Shawna’s POV
I’m surprised, really really. Why did luwis leave like that?
Who was he after? I thought staring at the direction he had followed.
After about twenty minutes of waiting for him, he finally showed up looking a bit pissed.
“Luwis, what happened?” I asked immediately.
He buried the facial look and brou-ght out a new one.
“Um..I thought I saw someone I knew, I followed after em and discovered that he wasn’t the one. I was mistaken, sorry for keeping you waiting here and why didn’t you get into the car?” He explained and asked, collecting the car keys from me.
“Um….I don’t really no how to use it” I replied also getting into the car.
I find he’s story untrue tho.
He ignited the engine of the car after getting in and soon we were on our way.
“Umm.. Shawna, can I ask you a question?” He turned slightly and stared at me because I was sitting behind him.
“Okay, go on” I answered.
“That guy, your friend. What is he like? I just wanna know, it’s okay if you don’t tell me” he said and I shrugged.
“He’s cool” I replied simply.
“Don’t you know anything else about him? Like he’s background?* He asked again.
“Well…um…I think he’s from a poor family,he is trying to be perfect, to get his family out of poverty. That’s all I know about him” I answered truthfully.
“Okaaayyy…just that? Ok cool!”
“Yeah” I shrugged again.
“Don’t you like him?” I inquired.
“No…no, I want you to continue being friends with him. Become more close with him” he replied which baffled me.
“Really? I should become close to him. Why is that? You always told me not to allow any guy get close to me especially him” I said.
“That’s because guys are dangerous and I didn’t know he was from a poor background. The dude is clearly harmless so get closer to him” he cooed and I nodded having a little doubt on. I can’t fathom it but there is something.
The conversation died down after a little while and boom we’re home.
About the past weeks anyway. I’ve been occu-pied with school and my new phone. Dillion doesn’t call or ask for me, everything is going smoothly.
Matthias? About Matthias, he is my only friend for now.
He has agreed to let go of whatever feelings he have and become normal friends with me. He is a cool guy if you ask me but he acts weird some times.
I don’t know why tho but I ignore it. Just like Luwis said, he’s poor, he’s harmless.
I c@m£ down from the car and headed for the door but was met with a standing Dillion. He was blocking the door entrance wearing an angry face on.
It made my heart beat become fas-ter, it has never happened before.
“Luwis, give me the keys” he demanded as he stretched his hand forth to luwis who c@m£ to stand behind me.
Luwis handed the keys to him and he used it in unlocking another car.
“Come here” he rasped without looking at me but I knew I was the one he was referring to. It’s can’t be luwis right.
I stared at Luwis who looked like he had no idea of the situation. I shouldered and followed him into the car.
He had ignited it. I sat down in the back side but he commanded me to sit at the front beside him, I obeyed and sat at the front sit beside him in fear. I don’t know why he is suddenly acting like this, I’m crippling out.
I’m scared of this man. Especially with the face he has on right now.
He reversed the car and drove out of the big compound. Out of the first gate, second gate, and the last gate and into the road.
He drove normally for a while until he got to a certain cross section. He reversed the car and started off into a high way that doesn’t have much cars running on it. That was when he started driving at a crazy high-speed.
I got alarmed immediately. My heart beat increa-sed again.
As if that wasn’t enough he increa-sed the speed again.
“Oh my God!!” I didn’t know when I screamed out. I have been trying to control myself.
Shortly we got into a bridge still in full speed, the roof of the car opened and breeze speed itself into the car and blew everything up. My hair was all over the place.
I held unto the car ti-ghtly still trying ha-rd to control my screaming.
He increa-sed the speed of the car when we started going down the bridge and my heart skipped when I saw a car coming ahead of us. It was just like the car we were in, it was also coming with speed.
He didn’t avert or turn the steering ma-king me wonder if he is actually blind or something.
We got really close to the incoming car and I had to turn to him.
I can’t die this way.
“Sir…sir Dillion” I called almost tou-ching his hand.
“There..there is a car…there is a car” I pointed forward but he didn’t pay me any attention ma-king my fears increase.
I turned to see the car right in front of us, it almost crashed but that was when he averted the car.
I sighed and placed my two hands on my fast beating che-st, tears threatening to spill.
What is he doing again? Is this some kind of punishment or what?
It didn’t take up to five minutes again, we saw a truck on the other lane.
Then suddenly Dillion turned and faced that lane which made me scared again.
The truck was moving in full speed, Dillion c@m£ face to face with it, with the speed of the truck it looked as if it has lost its breaks but what the hell is Dillion doing?
I started feeling the urge to puke. The speed is too much.
Dillion kept driving facing the now incoming truck.
“Sir Dillion plea-se, we are gonna die if you don’t cross to the other lane” The truck occu-pied the whole lane. He turned deaf ears to me and continued going.
“Oh gosh! plea-se!! We are really gonna die” I cried and t©uçhed his arm.
He turned to glare at me meaning I should get away from him but hell I couldn’t.
“plea-se No!!!” I cried and held his arm more firmly.
“Are you crazy? Get your hands off me?” He yelled.
“No plea-se, don’t get us killed. I don’t wanna die” I pleaded.
“Leave myfu-ck*ng hand alone!’ He gro-an ed and pu-ll-ed away from me. He threw my hands aside and then I closed my eyes.
I think I’m finally gonna be seeing my parents again, I thought as the truck was now very close. There was no way again.
I closed my eyes and awaited the crash.
Okay, what is happening?
What’s going on in Dillion’s head?