Sold to a gang leader Episode 3 & 4

Episode 3
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written By: Blessing D writes
(str!p completely)
💲 Shawna’s POV 💲
I got into the room and shut the door close. The room was a bit dark and the smell of cigarette filled the air.
I sighted him sitting at the far end of what seems like an office, it’s not a room, there was no be-d or whatever there.
I took slow steps towards him,when I got closer I stood there staring at him as he smoked from the cigarette with him.
There were papers like files on the table there, the table separated the both of us.
He didn’t raise his eyes to stare at me, his eyes were fixed on the files with the cigarette still in between his f!ngers.
He whiffed and finally looked up at me.
I saw his eyes devour my whole b©dy, he continued staring at me without saying anything which made me really curious.
What is he thinking? Why is he just staring at me? It’s really uncomfortable like this.
I never thought this kind of fate will before me ever. I only managed to finish highschool two years ago, step father never allowed me attend college. He doesn’t even allow me out of the house.
I’ve learned to always be respectful and enduring but this kind of situation is just too awkward for me to handle.
I didn’t even know when I started sweating, just his mere gaze is doing this to me.
“Sit” he growled and I took a sit in front of him immediately, I don’t nee-d to be told twice.
“What’s your name?” He asked simply.
“I’m..I’m..Shawna” I answered.
He raised his brows and continued staring at me as if expecting me to continue.
Does he want me to continue saying Shawna, Shawna, Shawna? I wondered but fixed my eyes on my l@ps.
“Why are you here?” His question made me raise my eyes to stare at his immediately but I was quic-k to look away from him before an unexpected thing happens.
“I..I was sold” I replied now feeling over uncomfortable.
“Why?” His voice questioned again.
“I… because.. because, I don’t no,I just got sold” I stuttered and said.
Why is he asking me that question? What is he trying to do? Is he trying to make me feel worst? Does he think I like that I got sold?
“Stand up” he said again after a long silence and I stood up.
“I have rules and you must keep them if you don’t wanna loss your right as my property cause that’s what you are now.”
“One is, you must always answer every question, don’t ever reply me with ‘I don’t know’.”
“Two is, whenever I call for you, you mustn’t del@yme for even a minute.”
“Three is, you don’t have the right to stare at me anyhow you want.”
“Four is, whenever I ask you to give me your back you’ll do it regardless of where we are. un-derstood??” He rasped.
“Yes..yes, I do” I answered with my eyes fixed on the floor.
“And the must important thing is, you’ll be doing other things for me aside giving me plea-sures. You’ll do dirty jobs for me but that will be some other time, right now I nee-d your back” he continued and said.
Fear overwhelmed me instantly but was what I expecting? I have no right over my life anymore, I’ve been sold, it’ll all that man’s fault, that wicked step father of mine, I’d have killed him if I knew he was gonna sell me out to a S-x house one day.
Oh gosh!
I turned slowly to back him praying that he doesn’t kill me, I nee-d my life, with life there is hope but not hope of escape, hell, I don’t think I can ever escape from here with all these securities. No, I won’t ever think of that.
I felt him stand up from his chair and he c@m£ to stand behind me.
“str!p completely” his voice c@m£ again, they weren’t commanding, normal cold or ha-rd , just normal.
I took my hand to the mini wears and eventually pu-ll-ed them off my b©dy. Thank goodness I’m backing him, he won’t be able to see me completely but oh no!!!
He walked over and stood in front of me.
Oh goodness!!
I took my eyes to the floor immediately.
Why? Why? Can’t you just do what you wanna do from behind? I almost screamed out at him but I know better. He doesn’t look like someone that can tolerate nons-en-se so for my own good it’s better I behave.
My eyes fled up to stare at his, breaking one of his rules immediately I felt his hand on one of my bre*st.
I felt shivers ran down my spine. No one has ever t©uçhed my brea-st like that before.
I quic-kly took my eyes down to the floor, my heart threatening to beat out of my che-st.
His second hand t©uçhed my other brea-st and in order not to scream out I folded myl-ips and pinned my toes to the floor.
I felt one of his hands move slowly to my abd0m£n, then finally t©uçhed my V. Earlier today, those people like maids had shaved me clean down there.
I felt his f!ngerstrying to pene-trateinto my V and my legs started shaking. I had to fold my hands in order not to push him away from me.
You have to be obe-dient Shawna. This is your life now, I reminded myself.
One of his f!ngersf0rç£d it’s way into my pu-ssy and he began to maybe f!nger me or what do they call it?
But luckily for my soul, his phone started ringing.
He left me immediately and went to pick his call.
“Yes? Okay” was what I heard.
“Go to your room” I heard him gr0@nout.
I quic-kly put on my clothes and ran out relieved that nothing happened.
I think my parents made this miracle happen.
Episode 4
💲 Shawna’s POV 💲
I got back to the room the middle aged woman showed to me, then I opened the room and got in.
A wow escaped my mouth as I walked in.
Gosh, the room looks like a Cinderella room, did they really prepare this room for me or am I in the wrong room?
I can’t be in the right room. No!
Definitely, I think I’ve gotten into the wrong room.
Maybe I should go back out and retract my steps.
I made to turn back and go out when I heard the cracking sound of a door opening.
“Dill is that you?” I heard a tiny voice ask.
I waited for the person to come out fully from the inner room there and when the person did, I discovered the person to be a girl, about my age.
She has a towel wra-pped around her b©dy and her hair dripping we-t, guess that’s the bathroom.
She gawked at me ma-king me wonder why. Does she have to stare at me like that even tho I made a mistake of entering her room. I might be older than her.
“Who the hell are you bit*h?” She c@m£ forward and stood glaring at me.
“I..I think I made a mistake of getting into your room, I was about to leave” I said to her.
“Well out” she barked and I scoffed inwardly.
Who the hell is she? She has such a temper and she’s rude.
But I’m a slave and she might be connected to those guys so I should better respect myself.
I turned and walked out of the door, walked back to Dillions door and started walking back carefully, counting the number of rooms I pas-sed.
Then I finally got to the fourth room and st©pped, I think it’s the fourth one.
Yeah, it should be, I thought and opened the door slowly and peeped into the room.
The room looks normal, not stylish but still better than my room, the one at my step father’s house.
I entered and stood for a minute to see if I will hear any sound but didn’t.
Okay, I think this should be it. I don’t think those maids or workers have rooms around here.
I sat down on the be-d and closed my eyes for few minutes, I opened them back and stared at my Simi n-ked b©dy.
“This is your life now Shawna, get used to it and make sure you re-move those strange feelings you’re having right now” mom had told me years ago when we moved into my step father’s house.
I couldn’t bear that I won’t be able to see father again. Mom doesn’t even wanna remarry, she doesn’t have it in her but because of how young she was, she was f0rç£d by her relatives to remarry. And she did but later died, she died and left me all alone with the cruel man.
He has his own children tho but they are all outside the country studying or doing one thing or the other, they are the ones that usually s£nd him money weekly for up keeping, if not, the both of us could have starved to death cause all he knows how to do is drink, drink and drink.
One of his daughters, my step sister, Valentina. She’s a twin tho, valentine is a pain in the n£¢k while Valentina is very nice, she treated me like a normal human being during the time they c@m£ for vacation.
Valentina is the only nice person amongst all my step father’s children. Only her and I miss her, she’s also super super pretty with her dresses.
I wonder what her reaction will be when she learns that her father has sold me out.
I was still recalling past events when I heard a knock at the door and I quic-kly ran to get it.
“You’re the new Master’s Girl right?” The maid outside asked.
“Yes” I answered with a curious look.
“Okay, follow me down for your breakfast” she said.
I wanted to follow her but stared at myself, she noticed the look and smiled.
“Come on, there are clothes for you in the wardrobe” she pointed out and quic-kly c@m£ in.
I walked behind her to the wardrobe and the opened it and started bringing out all sorts of dress. They were all too short, damn too ex-posive.
Every dress she gave me, I could reject it but still no suitable dress there. I ended up putting on a jeans shorts and a white t©p. Not only that the dresses are short, they are all very expensive too, I can’t wear them just to stay inside the room.
The maid sighed and placed her hand on her che-st.
“Okay let’s go now, you’ll get introduced to others like me” she said and immediately started walking out.
I followed after her cause I was alre-ady feeling so hungry.
She took me round and round the building before we finally arrived the place full of maids putting on the same uniform as her.
The woman from before was also there with them, she was sitting in the midst of them.
“Come here child” the woman beckoned.
All eyes fell on me as I walked closer to the woman, some eyes were admiring me, she was jealous, I noticed the looks in their eyes.
“Are you done with him?” The woman inquired and I nodded my head.
“Okay sit, Beatrice give her a sit at the dinning” the woman ordered and the maid that c@m£ to call me quic-kly urged me to come on and I did, she brou-ght out a chair for me from the dinning table setting and I sat.
“Alright, let’s bring out the meals and all eat, it’s late alre-ady, we should be eating our lunch not breakfast now” the middle aged woman urged.
“That’s because you made us all wait for the new little se-x girl” I heard a voice mumble but I didn’t turn to look at the person.
It’s better I don’t find out those that hate me for my own good.
Several meals were served round the dinning, a lot of meals.
The maids joined and we rounded the table including the middle aged woman.
We started eating and no one mumbled a word until we were done eating.
“Okay plea-se introduce yourself to the rest of the house” the middle aged woman said referring to me.
I stood up and cleared my throat.
“Um..hi everyone, I am Shawna by name and it’s nice to meet you all” I introduced.
Some cheered while some didn’t utter a word.
“Okay, it’s nice meeting you too, I’m Ma’am Sandra, that’s what the rest of the girls call me, you should call me that too” the woman introduced her self too.
I nodded and sat down back.
“As time pas-ses by,you’ll get to know the names of the remaining girls so be rest as-sured, don’t worry too much and you don’t have any job whatever to do here, your job is just to serve the masters,we will talk about that later tho, as of now, tell us a little about yourself” ma’am Sandra said.
**Few minutes later**
Ma’am Sandra and I walked back to the main building, I don’t really get the setting but I think it’s a different building from the one I’ll stay in.
“So Shawna, since you met yourself in this conditions you’ll have to do your best in order to stay alive, it’s obvious you’ll be serving only Dillion and not the both.”
“I want you to try and remain alive, some girls like you unfortunately…”
She paused and looked up to see Dillon or maybe the other twin climbing down the stairs.
“Dill” she called.
“Ma’am” the Dill guy answered.
“Are you leaving now?” She asked in a worried tone.
“Yes ma’am” the Dill guy answered and placed both hands on her shoulder.
“Be healthy, don’t fall ill, when I come back, I want to see you here again” the Dill guy said.
We started hearing footsteps and I raised my head to see the other twin.
Can this one be Dillion or…..
That girl was following him from behind. That rude girl.
The dress she was putting on was extremely short. For goodness sake! She should just walk n-ked.
Guards followed after them with luggages.
I remember hearing the one that bought me from the se-x house saying he’s leaving tomorrow, tomorrow and not today.
“You decided to leave today?” Ma’am Sandra’s voice was heard again.
The guy still in front of her sighed.
“Yeah, Naomi starts school tomorrow over there so we have to leave today ma’am” the guy answered and she shrugged.
The Second twins didn’t utter a word, he just concentrated on the phone with him.
“Okay dear, safe journey” ma’am Sandra said and hvgged the Dill guy briefly then he started leaving.
He walked pas-s me and I turned to look at him again.
“Are you esc-rting them?” Ma’am Sandra asked the second twin and he nodded and pas-sed.
I think he is the one I went into his room early. He is too cold.
The rude girl also walked to ma’am Sandra.
“I’ll miss you” she smiled and said.
Wow! She can actually smile.
“You too dear, be good over there” ma’am Sandra told her and she k!$$£d her cheek and walked pas-sed me. She gave me an eye before leaving.
What’s really wrong with the br@t?
Ma’am Sandra and I stood watching as they all vanished.
Who do you think is the rude girl?
Do you think she will be able to survive that house?

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