Sold to a gang leader Episode 26 & 27

Episode 26
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D Writes
(A new Shawna)
Shawna’s POV
I woke up with a smile on my face. I’m gonna start college probably tomorrow.
So excited, so so excited.
I c@m£ down from the be-d and ran to the bathroom to wee and wash my face. After doing that I left in search of ma’am Sandra.
On the way I bombe-d into Beatrice.
Remember Beatrice, one of the maids. A really nice girl and she is my second favorite person here after ma’am Sandra. She doesn’t behave sas-sy like most of them could always glare at me.
“Hey Shawna, I was on my way to see you, sorry I didn’t wait up for you last night, I sle-pt off” she apologized.
“It’s okay Beatrice, ma’am explained things to me alre-ady” I replied.
“Okay, so how Is Mexico?” She asked and I smiled.
I don’t no why I smiled, maybe because I’m too excited about schooling, I think that’s just it. Could there be other reasons?
“Good great, is ma’am up?” I inquired as we started walking down side by side.
Fast forward….
Two days later….
I opened my eyes and jumped out of be-d.
Today is the day, today I finally start school.
I have been preparing for it for this past two days.
Dillion isn’t yet back. Luwis visited me yesterday.
I don’t no how to push him away so I just let him to stay till he was tired of staying.
I ran into the bathroom afterwards, had a three minutes bathe, brushed my teeth and ran out back.
The clothes I’m supposed to wear to school today got selected yesterday by Beatrice.
I can’t really believe this. Seriously me going to school, I lost all hopes honestly. I wonder is Dillion approved this, does he know of this? Is he responsible?
I don’t no but I’m still very excited.
After putting on the dress, I carried the small and very fancy handbag with a few books in it and stood in front of the mirror to stare at myself.
Oh Shawna!
A knock c@m£ at the door and before I could answer the door opened revea-ling Beatrice.
“Morning, I c@m£ to check up on you just in case you’re still turning around on the be-d” she said and smiled.
“Of course not, I’m all re-ady” I spre-ad my arms ap@rt and turned to face her.
“Ummm….nope, you aren’t. At your age Shawna, you are supposed to make guys trip seriously for you. I know you’re really beautiful but you nee-d a little bit of makeup” she said and walked over to the makeup table.
She pushed me down on the chair and gr@bb£d the makeup kits.
“Stay calm” she mouthed and started designing my face. Lol.
Few minutes later.
I stood at the garage with Sam, ma’am Sandra and Beatrice re-ady to leave.
Ma’am Sandra personally asked Sam to be my driver for today and he agreed.
I didn’t even eat breakfast. Like I don’t even have an appetite, I just wanna get to school, that’s the only important thing right now.
“Ok Shawna, all the papers you nee-d are right inside your bag” ma’am Sandra said and I nodded.
“Since you refused to eat your breakfast,take and at least eat lunch” she said handing a few dollar notes to me.
“No…I’m okay, I’m seriously not hungry…”
“For now” she interrupted and squee-zed the money into my hand.
“Thanks ma’am” I cooed, happy.
“Yeah go on” she urged and I got into the back of the alre-ady opened car and sat down.
“Bye Beatrice” I waved.
“Bye, make sure you study ha-rd ” she smiled and started.
Sam started the car and drove out.
After 30 minutes we arrived.
“Okay this is it, I’ll be back here, 3:15pm to pick you up, make sure you wait for me right here” Sam announced as I got down from the car .
My eyes running round the big college.
Come on, like the hell! Won’t I get lost here?
It’s too big.
I thought as I stood at a point.
Unknown’ POV
Yeah just sighted her, the spy is right, I said into the phone.
Since it’s her first day, approach and take her to the registry office. From there become close to her, you no that’s the plan, a reply c@m£.
“Yes yes, un-derstood.”
Episode 27
Shawna’s POV
After standing there for a long time, I lifted my legs to go in search of the registry office but oh gosh, I noticed students staring at me. A lot of students especially the males, ma-king it really uncomfortable for me.
Why on Earth are they staring at me like that, huh? Is something on my face? I wondered.
Okay, now that they are staring at me which one of them should I question?
“Hi” I heard a soft voice say behind me and I turned to see a guy. His f!ngerstucked into his trou-ser pocket. His low cut hair dyed, he’s in all black outfit.
Okay, I don’t un-derstand why am describing a total stranger?
“Hi” I cringed a bit and held my small shoulder hand bag properly.
“Um…I can see that you’re new here, I also registered yesterday. Lemme show you to the registry office because it’s ha-rd finding the office even with directions” he cooed.
“Um..really? That will be nice” I struggled and said.
It’s kind of weird speaking to a total stranger. I’m not common with it at all.
“Okay let’s go….but forgive my manners, I should have introduced myself first. My name is matthias” he introduced and extended his hand for a handshake.
I stared at his extended hand and then his face. I don’t feel comfortable doing this but I won’t act rudely to him and he also wants to help right? That’s all.
I extended my hand towards his and shook his hand.
“I’m Shawna” I also introduced and he smiled.
“Nice name, let’s go” he urged and I nodded and followed after him as he walked a bit ahead of me.
I kept staring at the students. The dress most of them are putting on, oh gosh!
Are they bit*hes?? I thought.
Oh Shawna plea-se take a look at yourself too, my inner mind told me.
We continued walking with me following him from behind until he st©pped in front of an office.
“This is it, I’ll wait for you, go on” he pointed.
“Okay thanks” I thanked with a smug smile.
But did he just say, I’ll wait for you here?
I st©pped and stared at him and just as if he re-ad my mind he said ” I’ll also show you to your clas-s, help you get a locker and then show you around.”
Wow that’s great. Seems I’m welcomed here. Someone alre-ady treating me specially at my first day? That’s awesome!
I smiled again and finally knocked at what seems like a metal or glas-s door, can’t really tell?
“Come on in” a thick voice answered me.
I gulped and then opened the door then got in.
“Good morning sir” I immediately greeted.
The man who’s eyes are on his l@pt©p looked up at me.
“Morning sit down and pres£nt your details” he said and I sat down and opened my bag then brou-ght out the file given by ma’am Sandra last night.
I extended the papers towards him and he collected them..
“So, your name is Shawna right?” He asked as if he wasn’t seeing it there.
“Yes sir” I replied happy tho.
“Shawna mark,
” he added surprising me.
“Um…no sir, my surname isn’t mark” I said, kind of confused.
“But it’s written here that you are now bearing mark” he pointed at the paper and said.
Okay, what’s really happening?
Remember that Dillion’s surname is also mark. He Is claiming her finish 😂
I know you didn’t expect this episode. I also didn’t expect but while praying the idea of this episode entered my head and that’s why I typed it……
So make me happy, I nee-d a lot of dinners as share.
A lot!!!!!!!!!!!!