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Sold to a gang leader Episode 24 & 25

Episode 24
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written By: Blessing D Writes
Shawna’s POV
It felt so awkward. I felt like dying.
“A what??” The Andrew guy [email protected] out obviously surprised to hear that.
I fixed my eyes on my dinner.
I wish I can just stand up and leave this dinning. I just wish I can.
“Dilly is that true? Who’s S-x whatever? Yours?” I heard Andrew ask.
“Naomi go and eat in your room” I heard Dillion say.
I lifted my eyes a bit to stare at him.
“Did he say Naomi or did he call my own name?”
“What…what? Why?” I heard Naomi protest and I confirmed that he really mentioned her name.
“Now!” Dillion snapped and she stood up.
“As if what am saying isn’t true” she mumbled as she stormed out obviously angrily.
“I’ll also eat in my room” I heard Luwis suddenly say.
“Yeah, same here” Sam also said and they both left.
Just disappear Shawna, get up and also leave, I mentally encouraged myself.
I feel so so uncomfortable. I wish I can also leave but I know my place here and in order not to get Dillion annoyed I have to stay sited.
But in order to feel less uncomfortable I’ll have to detach myself away from here.
I immediately drifted my mind elsewhere and started eating my meal slowly.
Few minutes later.
Back inside my room. I again recalled what happened at the dinning and tears started threatening to spill but I managed to hold myself.
Get a grip of yourself Shawna, don’t let it break you, I consoled myself and finally fell asleep.
*Next day*
I flu-shed my eyes open as a loud knock [email protected]£ to my door.
“Yes…” I rubbe-d my eyes and got down from the be-d. I opened the door and saw Luwis.
Okay, what is he doing here?
“We’re leaving for Mexico in few hours. Just got the message, something [email protected]£ up” he announced surprising me.
“You can start preparing, we’ll leave together without the boss” he continued.
“Without him?” [email protected]£ out of my mouth. Like I’m kind of surprised.
“Yes, be fast” he cooed and I nodded and shut the door close.
Oh thank goodness!
I’ll get to see ma’am Sandra again. She’s the only one I feel very comfortable with.
Maybe because she’s a woman and she’s old enough to be my mother.
I rushed into the bathroom and quic-kly had my bathe.
Few hours later.
Sam, luwis and I got into a jeep.
Luwis said that we’re gonna be using a plane to go back.
But why isn’t Dillion coming along?
Well, that’s a big relieve tho. It’s great. At least I won’t get to see his cold face for maybe three days.
Sam started the Jeep, getting to the first gate, a car drove [email protected] us. I looked inside the car and saw… Hold on, isn’t this Valentina? I thought and stared keenly at the car.
No, there is no way she is the one.
But I kept staring at the car until I couldn’t see it anymore.
I think I miss her too much, that’s why am imagining things. But come to think about it.
Will she still like me? I don’t no.
We got to the airport after about an hour then we boarded a plane. They alre-ady got our visa and everything re-ady. I don’t no how it happened tho.
And after about 8 hours. We arrived.
I [email protected]£ really excited. Oh! I’m gonna be seeing ma’am Sandra again.
How sweet!
We [email protected]£ down from the plane and there was a car alre-ady waiting for us. We got in and the car took us to the mansion.
Will I still be able to see ma’am today? It’s alre-ady late. Maybe she has sle-pt off alre-ady, I thought but was surprised to see her waiting at the front of the mansion.
I smiled as I hurriedly [email protected]£ down from the car.
“Oh child! Welcome” she cooed spre-ading her arms [email protected] I ran and [email protected] her.
“Oh ma’am, thanks for welcoming me, I really miss you. I don’t want to ever get separated from you” I said as she patted my back.
“Same here dear and I have a very good news for you” she stated as she pu-ll-ed me into the sitting room.
“What news?” I asked with my heart suddenly raising.
She st©pped walking and then turned to face me.
“You finished highschool right?” She asked and I nodded in confirmation.
“Okay, do you wanna continue? Do you wanna go to college?” She asked again and my eyes wi-de-ned.
“Of course, of course ma’am, I will love too” I beamed.
“And that’s the good news, you’ll be starting school soon dear” she said and I [email protected]
“Really?” I asked and she shook her head in confirmation.
“Oh my goodness!” I exclaimed and hvgged her.
That’s always been my number 2 dream. I can’t believe this!
.Episode 25
Early that day in Mexico.
Valentina’s POV
Andrew had asked me to come over to Mark’s quarters. Marks quarters is where Dillion, my ex b©yfri£ndlives.
I won’t lie, I [email protected]£ really excited. I’ve been looking for a chance to see Dillion again and I think this is the best opportunity.
Valentine said she was gonna follow me and I let her. I know she has a big crush on Dilly and won’t ever hide it. I think it’s something bigger than a crush tho, I aren’t really sure.
I drove past a jeep on getting into the mansion, then I parked in the garage and [email protected]£ down. This isn’t the first time coming here, but I felt really nervous. Extremely nervous.
“Hey Tina, hi there Tine” we heard a familiar voice and turned to see Andrew.
He was shi-tless and was holding a plate.
I beamed smiles at him.
“Andrew!” Tine hollered obviously happy to see him. Then she ran and [email protected] him.
“Hey Tine, bet you missed me right?” He asked and I laughed.
“Who wouldn’t” I replied and he sm-irked.
“Yeah, I’m cute right. Well thanks, I get that a lot” his sm-irk grew wi-der and I laughed.
Always boasting, always talking about his looks.
“Come on in” he ushered us in.
“Um…is Dilly around?” Tine asked him.
“Nope, he left for the company few minutes ago” he answered her and she made a sad face.
“But…Dillion is in his room, wanna see him?” He turned to me and asked.
“Em…”I gulped as the nervous feeling in me returned. It had vanished when I heard his’s voice.
“Of course Andrew, do you have to ask?” Tine bu-tted in rolling her eyes.
“Okay just go to his room, you still remember his room right?” He asked and I nodded.
Then I moved my legs and started climbing the stairs suddenly recalling the last time I had seen him,the day I ended the relationsh!p.
Not that I don’t love him, I do but his always so cold, introverted, and won’t ever move on. His cold character irritates the hell out of me. Why can’t he be like Andrew?
Andrew is lively. Always trying to make you laugh whenever you’re with him. Dilly is also better, not too cold, far better than Dillion.
I had received a call from a bartender on that day, the bartender had called and told me to come get him. I had jumped into a cab and rushed to the bar. He was wasted and I know it’s because he couldn’t let go of his past.
I felt so irritated, if he’d gotten drun!kbecause of happiness or something more better. I’d un-derstood. He’s always like that, always messed up with his past.
But the surprising thing was that I had actually asked him out myself and he accepted but I was still the one that ended things between us, not because I hated him but because of his coldness but I no he always have a weird good side in him. He acts like a normal human once in a while.
I got to his door and knocked on it with my heart beating a bit fas-ter than usual.
“Get in” I heard him say icily -As always.
I hesitated before pushing the door open, I got in and saw him standing in front of his window. He was also smoking – As usual.
“Hey” I tried ma-king my voice sound firm and strong but it [email protected]£ out all cracked up.
He turned immediately and looked at me ma-king my heart skip. I don’t no why, maybe…just maybe…arrg…I don’t no.
He didn’t say anything for about 2 minutes, he kept staring at me.
“What are you doing here? Didn’t expect to see you here?” He turned back and faced the window, then asked.
I felt a sting in my che-st. He hasn’t changed.
“Um..yeah,Andrew actually s£nt for me. Said to meet up here” I said.
“Glad to see you” I added.
“Same here” he replied obviously…okay I don’t no if he really meant it by replying same here. He should at least look at me. Why is he always a ghost.
His phone started ringing immediately and he inser-ted his hand into his trou-ser pocket and brou-ght out his phone then placed it on his ear after picking up the call.
“To school, Yeah” the call was short and then he dropped the call.
“Glad to see you too but I’ve gat to go” he brushed past me and made for the door annoying the hell out of me.
“Is this a way to treat someone, Dillion? Can’t you at least pretend to really miss me? Can’t you just do that?” I skrie-ked and felt like b!tt!g his head off.
So annoying. Why did god create him this way? Why is he so handsome? If he wasn’t handsome, I’m sure I would have gotten him completely out of my head.
Okay…what’s happening? 🙄

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