Sold to a gang leader Episode 14 & 15

Episode 14
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Shawna’s POV
An hour later we landed and I smiled inwardly. This is actually the second time I’m flying on air, the first was when my both parents were still alive. I think I was 5 then too.
It’s more beautiful considering the fact that it’s a pri-vate jet but it felt uncomfortable because I had to sit across Dillion all throu-gh.
We entered into a waiting car. There were guards there who ushered us into a black Jeep.
After we’d gotten in, the driver took off. We spent about 3 hours on the road, by then everywhere was alre-ady dark.
I smiled again as I stared out throu-gh the window.
Everywhere looks beautiful.
Welcome to Mexico Shawna, I told myself. But it could have been way better if, I wasn’t a slave. Way better.
After ri-ding for those hours, we finally arrived and got down. I followed Dillion slowly from behind as he walked into a hvge house or perhaps its a mansion.
It’s seriously good to be wealthy.
Even if it’s late alre-ady, everywhere looked bright because of the light fixed at every corner of the hvge house.
“Dillion!!!” A tiny voice skrie-ked.
The voice sounds like a female voice.
Then the female ran and c@m£ to hvg Dillion.
Who is she? I wondered staring from behind trying to see her face.
“I’ve missed you so much Dillion” the girl after dis£ngaging from the few seconds hvg said to him.
“Yeah, it’s only been a few weeks” Dillion replied simply not seemingly to miss her too.
“Huh, why are you like this?” The girl said in a sad tone and watched as he started leaving.
The girl saw me and I also saw her face.
Oh! She’s that br@t. Their sister.
She rolled her eyes at me and without saying a word she ran and held Dillion.
“Did you get anything for me then? Did you?” She asked him in an excited tone.
“No” I heard Dillion answer her again.
I kept following them, then we got into the sitting room.
“Where is he?” Dillion finally st©pped in front of the stairs he was about to climb and asked the girl.
“He’s still at the office” she responded.
He then continued climbing leaving the little br@t standing and staring at him.
“Dillion, who is she?” She asked him and he st©pped.
He turned back to stare at her, his hands tucked into his trou-ser pocket.
“Follow me” he said in a cold tone referring to me and continued climbing the stairs.
The girl glared at me as I walked pas-s her.
I wonder what’s her deal? Did I do anything to her? Why does she keep frowning and giving me glares?
I’m sure am older than her even if it’s might be just two years gap.
I walked behind Dillion until he suddenly st©pped in front of a door. “That’ll be where you’ll stay for now” he stated and continued on his way without turning to even stare at me.
Well, I don’t nee-d him staring at me anways. It’s give me chills.
I watched him go to the next door, he opened it and got in. I made to open mine and go in but was st©pped by Dillion’s sister.
The br@t – Naomi.
“Hey st©p there, who the heck are you? Why do you keep following my brother everywhere?”She gawked.
Ignore her Shawna. Just open the door and get in, my mind told me but that will be rude of me.
She might even report me to Dillion which is something I don’t like.
“My name is Shawna and I heard yours is Naomi” I said.
“Yeah, I Know my name dummy, I just wanna know why you’re following my brother” she rolled her eyes and said.
“Well, he nee-ds me and that’s the reason I’m following him” I answered and without wasting any second,I unended the door and got in, then shut it close again.
A wow escaped myl-ips immediately my eyes ran all over the room. It’s beautiful, more beautiful than the one at Paris.
I went and lie quic-kly on the be-d, enjoying the soft feeling.
You might be wondering why I didn’t keep thinking and worrying about losing my vir-ginity that way.
It’s simply because, I’ve accepted my fate, learning to accept it makes everything easier for me tho I wouldn’t want him to ask me to do anything again.
No no! The pains I faced the first time was unbearable but ma’am Sandra just helped me with the drugs.
se-x is really not something I want to do in a long time. Definitely!
Luwis’s POV
I sat on the bonnet of one of the cars there with Sam.
I’m familiar with this place, well familiar. I think this is the fourth time am coming here again this year with the boss.
With a cigarette in my hand, I lighted it and held it in between my f!ngersthen slowly smoked it with my mind elsewhere.
“Guy! Hey Luwis” I felt Sam call and t©uçh me.
“Yeah…what is it?” I asked facing him.
“I noticed something strange. Why did you keep staring at boss’s girl? You kept staring at her without blinking an eye?” He asked staring weirdly at me.
I chuckled and puffed out smoke.
“Isn’t it obvious?” I questioned.
“Obvious? You want her?”
“Hmm…I think so, but it’s not just the way you put it. I don’t just want her b©dy. It’s something more than that and that’s what am trying to figure out, I sure want her b©dy but…not just her b©dy,’s just, I don’t even no what am saying” I told him and saw hisl-ips curved into a wild smile.
“You like boss’s girl? You better don’t” he cracked up at the end and laughed.
“I admit that she’s extremely beautiful but you better don’t dream of it, whenever you see her, look elsewhere. That way your life is as-sured” he laughed real ha-rd again ma-king me frown.
“You are an idiot” I hit his shoulder and c@m£ down from the car.
“Motherfv¢k*ngc*nt” I cussed again as I sauntered into the mansion.
Shawna’s POV
I sle-pt peacefully on the soft be-d until I felt a tap on my th!ghs. I opened my eyes and ru-bbe-d the sleep away.
“Miss, you’re been called to the dinning” a soft voice said.
I stared around the room until my eyes landed on the pretty maid there. I sat up properly to comprehend what she said.
“Dinning?” I asked.
“Yes miss, you’re been called”she confirmed.
“Um.. okay” I put on the fl!pflop I saw by the be-d side and followed her slowly from behind.
She took me down the stairs and to the large dinning there. There, I saw Dillion. His twin brother, Dilly, their sister and Luwis with the other unknown guy.
I immediately felt shy. I’ve never eaten on the same table with them before.
Why? Why can’t they just serve me my own meal separately? I thought as I dragged my feet to an empty seat far from the siblings and sat down.
A maid dishing out the meals served me mine and I started eating slowly. My eyes didn’t leave my plate, it just couldn’t.
“But Dilly, why must we eat on the same table with them? Isn’t it supposed to be just us?” She queried.
“Can’t you just shut up and let me eat infu-ck*ng peace? Must you always grouse over every thing?” Dilly answered her.
Yes, I could tell that it wasn’t Dillion because their voice sounds different, not exactly different tho.
“Just shut up okay?” The guy beside me, the one with Luwis added.
“You!!” Naomi screamed.
I raised my eyes up to stare at her raging eyes.
“How dare you?” She fired then stood up and went to hit his head.
The guy only laughed together with luwis which obviously made Naomi so angry.
She then ran away.
Silence was the next thing that happened.
I glanced at Dillion’s face and it was like he wasn’t even here the whole time, it’s like he is in another world.
It didn’t take up to 10 minutes, he stood up and also left the dinning table followed by Luwis and that guy, I still don’t no his name.
I made to also leave but Dilly’s voice st©pped me.
“Sit!” He’s voice sounded so strict which made my heart beat fas-ter.
I sat down back and stared at him wondering why he’d st©pped me.
“You’re Shawna right?” He questioned, his eyes on his food.
“Ye..yes..”I stuttered.
“Yes what? Weren’t you taught how to respond to someone older than you are? How old are you anyways?” He questioned again.
“I’m almost 20, I’ll be 20 soon” I replied.
“Is that how you have been replying Dillion?” His question made me dumbfounded.
“Yes” I replied still.
He st©pped eating and glared at me for a while before he continued.
“Anyways, how many times has he had se-x with you?” The answer made me dumbfounded again.
Like why all these uncomfortable questions and he looks so much like Dillion, it’s creepy.
“On..once” I responded and heard him scoff immediately.
“Once?” He asked sounding suprised.
“Yes sir” I confirmed.
“Okay, you can leave” he allowed.
I stood and then left the dinning, I turned back at some point to stare at him and found him staring intensely at me, I quic-kly concentrated on where I was heading to and hastened my steps.
Soon I got to my room.
Dillion’s POV
I’ll be handing it over to you tomorrow by 2:00, I nee-d 30 built men from you, you know that’s the deal, I said into the phone.
Of course Dillion, I didn’t forget, so tomorrow then.
And the line went dead.
The door opened almost immediately the call ended and Naomi showed up.
“What is it?” I queried.
“Are you going somewhere tomorrow?” She asked instead.
“I didn’t come here for jokes, I c@m£ here for business Naomi. It’s stupid of you to ask that” I gro-an ed.
“Why is today so annoying? I thought it’ll be very interesting. I thought you were gonna make me happy.”
“You haven’t changed, I thought you might have considering the fact you got worried that our plane might have crashed. I thought you started caring” she pouted and said.
I turn away from her without a word and opened up my l@pt©p. nee-d to check how Dilly is running the company over here.
She kept ranting nons-en-se I didn’t care to listen to but st©pped handling my l@pt©p immediately she mentioned the name Valentina. I was f0rç£d to look at her and a n@ûghty smile crept up herl-ips immediately she knew she’d gotten my attention.
Shawna’s POV
I sat in my room, on a small couch there admiring the beauty of the room when a knock suddenly c@m£ at the door.
I went to open the door and I saw Luwis there.
He wasn’t putting on a shi-t, just a short. My eyes ran all over his manly b©dy, tattoo covered it up.
“Hi Miss” his voice c@m£ out soft and he win-ked at me.
“Can I come in?” He asked sounding so polite.
“Um…, yeah” I opened the door more wi-dely then stepped out of the way for him to come in.