Sold to a gang leader Episode 11 to 13

Episode 11
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎 [He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(The past)
Shawna’s POV
My eyes wi-de-ned I felt my as-s-hole tearing up.
I couldn’t bear it. Tears started streaming down my cheeks.
Oh heavens! What sort of pain is this?
He really meant what he said.
Oh gosh.
Writer’s POV
Dillion wasn’t kind enough to go slow with her. He nee-ded to punish her, in that way, she could never do anything that will make him mad again.
He knew she hasn’t had se-x with anyone before but he still went rou-gh. Even if she was as ti-ght as whatever, he didn’t care. He’s thrû-sts were fast, really fast into her.
Shawna folded herl-ips in order not to cry out. But squeaks could be heard.
Her squeaks turned to squeal then later increa-sed. She couldn’t bear it anymore, especially when he started the main thing.
fuc-k*ng her as-s-hole was just like a warm-up. This time, he made her lie on the be-d with one leg up, without warnings, he started thrû-sting into her, a bit slow at first considering the fact that she was also very very ti-ght there.
Then he finally filled her up with his di-ck before he started thrû-sting in with speed.
Shawna at a point felt her hy-men break but wasn’t so concerned. She was more concerned about the excruciating pains she was feeling.
Down there, she felt pains she has never felt before. But all the same she still cursed her step father. Her hatred didn’t really target towards Dillion but to her step father.
But still, she wished he could just let her go. Just leave her but no, Dillion at that point was just getting started.
Few minutes later sweats covered their whole b©dy, Dillion seems to be enjoying the whole thing excluding her tears.
She is the sweetest person he has ever had se-x with. Being the first v!rg!ntoo, he didn’t want to st©p.
At a point he forget about really punishing her with it but just concentrated on enjoying himself.
But her tears, her loud cries didn’t really let him enjoy it.
Damn! She was crying too much.
He angrily pu-ll-ed out of her, wore his shorts on and went into the bathroom to have a long lasting bath.
Shawna bec@m£ relieved. He has finally left her, her prayers has been finally answered.
She turned and cu-mddled herself on the be-d, the duvet alre-ady turned red, her blood stained it but she didn’t mind either.
After a while of staying cu-mddled there.
She dragged her feet down, picked up the linger, wore it back on and dragged herself out of his room.
Shawna’s POV
With my breathing fas-ter then normal I left his room.
Gosh! This is really my life now.
I got to my room and immediately went to lie down. I don’t have strength for a bath or anything.
I pray I survive the night with the way I feel. I feel like all the blood in my vein has dried up.
I hvgged the pillow ti-ghtly and before you know it drifted to sleep.
Dillion’s POV
I c@m£ out of the bathroom after spending a long while there, then stared at the be-d and couldn’t find her there.
I wore on a new short, a shi-t then brou-ght out a pack of cigarettes un-der my drawer.
I lighted it and stuck it into my mouth before leaving the room.
I went downstairs and saw a maid.
“Hey come here” I puffed out smoke and commanded her.
She ran to me with her head slightly bent.
“Go clean up my room” I instructed and left immediately then went to the pool side.
I sat on one of the chairs there then my mind drifted to the past.
9 years ago.
“Come here sons” mom beckoned on I and Dilly.
We both went to meet her and she smiled at us before saying.
“Take care of your baby sister for tonight, your dad and I…”she was still saying when a gun sh0t was heard outside.
She turned back towards us and said hurriedly.
“Both of you, run to your sister’s room, carry her out and go hide in the un-derground house.”
“Fast!!” She screamed when we kept staring at her.
“But mom, wasn’t that a gun sh0t?” Dilly asked.
“Will you both listen to me? Go to your sister’s room fast….”
The door bur-sted open and three heavily loaded men with guns entered the house, a man was with them, a man who was big and fast, he has smiles on his face, he is one of dad’s friends, not too close tho.
“Run!! Go!!!” Mom whispered then we both left.
I watched Dilly carry Naomi from her be-d, he c@m£ to meet me and we both went throu-gh the stairs leading to the un-derground house.
When we both got in, we closed the entrance but I wasn’t just gonna stay here. Mom looked terrified, why are they with guns, I thought but my curiosity got the best of me.
I started climbing the stairs to go out back.
“Hey, what are you doing? Mom instructed us to stay here” Dilly said holding one of my legs.
“Will you let go of my leg or do you want me to knock some s-en-ses into your empty skull?” I snapped and he left me.
“Suite yourself then” he drawled and turned to back me.
I successfully left the un-derground house and sneaked back to the sitting room where noises was coming from.
“Where are your kids Mark? I want to kill them first before I kill you?” The fat bellied man questioned.
Dad was surrounded by the man’s guards. A gun was pointed at Mom’s head too.
“Didn’t you hear, they aren’t in the country okay? I’ve s£nt them out” mom was the one who answered.
The man holding mom hit her with the head of the gun and she coll@psed on the floor…
“What are you doing here? Thinking again?” I heard Ma’am Sandra’s voice.
I turned my head to see her coming closer to me.
“No” I replied simply.
“I know you son, it’s high time you st©p thinking. By the way, are you done with her?” She went on asking.
“Obviously” I replied and continued with my smoking.
“I have no right to ask but hope you weren’t too ha-rd on her?”
I turned to stare at her for a while but didn’t say anything.
I took my eyes back to the water.
“You shouldn’t handle her r0ûghly, Dillion, she has had a tough life, she doesn’t nee-d more of it. So next time plea-se consider this” she cooed before leaving
Episode 12
Next day.
Shawna’s POV
I flu-shed my eyes open. My eye lid was still very heavy but feeling the pres£nce of someone in the room I had to open my eyes.
I saw someone cleaning up the room but my vision wasn’t really clear.
I gro-an ed a bit and sat up on the be-d.
My head felt really heavy and h0t too, maybe because of all the cries, I really cried yesterday. Yesterday is not a day I can easily forget.
“Hey” I called my voice coming out low.
The maid turned and stared at me.
“Good morning Shawna, you’re up?” She greeted and asked.
“Yeah, what…”
“I’m cleaning up your room, ma’am Sandra also said to check up on you” the maid cut me in before I could ask her what I wanted to ask.
“Okay, go on” I said and brou-ght my legs down to the floor.
I made to stand up to go take my bath and see if I could get better but could ba-rely walk.
I almost fell but the maid was quic-k to hold me.
“Careful” she hushed and held me to sit down.
“No no..I wanna have a bath” I told her.
“Just help me up” I added.
“Oh!” She ohed and helped me up. She as-sisted me to the bathroom, there was a bathtub there and she left me inside and went out.
I prepared my bath without moving much, the more I move, the more the pains I get.
I brushed my teeth then bathed afterwards.
I think I spent about 2 hours inside the bathroom.
I saw a white towel hanging at the handle, I took it and wra-pped it on my b©dy before dragging myself out to the room.
I got to the room and was surprised to see ma’am Sandra.
“Hello child” she cooed.
She was sitting down on the be-d, the duvet has been changed to a new one.
“Ma’am Sandra, good morning. Were you waiting for me?” I greeted and asked with a surprised look.
“Come, lemme help you” she patted the be-d for me to sit and I went and sat beside her.
What does she wanna help me with? I wondered.
She seems really nice. Is she naturally like this or is she just treating me specially?
“It’s hurts doesn’t it?” She questioned staring down at my l@ps.
I looked away and nodded feeling kind of embarras-sed.
“I’m sorry about that” she said and sat up. Went to the table there and opened the drawer.
She brou-ght out drugs with a glas-s of water and offered them to me.
“Take, take two pills each, the pains will decrease in few hours” she said and I collected it without wasting of time.
This is what I nee-d. The pains are just too much, I can’t keep up with it.
“A maid is gonna be bringing your food here to you. You won’t leave the room at least for today. You won’t move about” she stated watching me take two pills out of each drugs she gave me.
“Ok ma’am, thank you” I thanked really grateful.
Exactly what I nee-ded. I want to sleep all day long.
She sighed and c@m£ to sit back beside me.
“Don’t hate or think about what he did so badly. Don’t hate him” ma’am Sandra said after a brief silence and I was f0rç£d to look at her straight in the eyes.
Why? I mentally asked her.
“I don’t” I replied her.
“I know it’s ha-rd but really don’t hate him. He is not as ha-rd as you think he is, situation caused everything” she went on.
“I don’t hate him ma’am. It’s not his fault I got sold anyways. It’s my parents fault for dying and leaving me in the hands of my wicked step father who sold me. Honestly, I was relieved that I wasn’t sold to an old man and I don’t get to do any other thing here, I work like a slave when I was still with my step father. There is no reason I should hate him. I’m just serving my purpose” I told her simply trying ha-rd not to get emotional.
She smiled and held my hands.
“I hope you don’t hate him and even if you’re lying, I’m sure your opinions will change with time” she cooed then stood up.
“I’ll take my leave now. See you tomorrow then” she announced and I nodded before she left.
I sighed and t©uçhed my hair.
There is seriously no reason I should hate him. It’ll only hurt me more by hating him.
Having a mind free of hate will make life better for me. It’ll really make life easy so I will try as much as possible not to ever see what he does as wickedness.
Am a slave now. I should serve my purpose whole heartdly, I thought and didn’t realize I was alre-ady in tears until I felt it dropping now to my che-st.
Episode 13
Couple of weeks later.
Somewhere in Mexico.
Dilly’s POV
“Have you prepared the necessary files nee-ded?” I questioned my secretary.
“Yes sir, the do¢v-ments are all re-ady” she replied.
“So, when did Dillion say he is gonna be arriving?” I asked again.
“Um..he must be in the air now, I think he’ll arrive before 9pm” she answered.
“Alright, prepare a ride for him. I can’t go leave the office,I’ve got tones of work to do”I said and she replied with a “yes sir” before turning to leave.
I watched as her as-s bounce as she walked away. She was on miniSk-irt. Always trying to s£dûç£me.
I let out a smile but the smile got dissolved immediately a call entered my phone and I saw the name of the person calling.
What’s wrong with her now? I thought and grumpily answered the call.
Naomi’s POV – Dillion and Dilly’s sis.
Oh gosh, where is that j£rk head of a driver? Where on Earth did he go to? I thought angrily as I stood watching every other students leave.
I have to return home before Dillion arrives. Where is that j£rk? I continued standing there un-der the h0t sun until a Mercedes Benz pu-ll-ed over in front of me, but that wasn’t my ride. That isn’t my car.
The glas-s of the car got rolled down and I saw the twins there.
Tine and Tina.
I threw my face away to pretend that I didn’t’t see them. I can’t talk to them first.
“Hey Naomi, you want a ride, come on” Tine skrie-ked from inside.
“No thanks” I frowned my face and replied.
“Come on, seems your driver is no where around here and you also seems to be in a haste” she skrie-ked again.
I rolled my eyes and took slow steady steps towards their car. It was opened for me and I got in.
Tina was the one driving the car.
“Hey Naomi” she greeted.
“Hey” I replied simply.
“Um.. Naomi, I actually have a favour to ask of you” Tine started.
“Yeah, what is it?” I rolled my eyes and asked.
“Well…it’s about your brother – Dilly…”
“Yeah, what about him?” I cut her in and asked again.
I saw her gulp as she continued.
“Can you help in getting the both of us closer?” She asked blinking like a Barbie.
I scoffed and turned to look at her directly in the face. Even tho she’s about five years older but am still prettier.
“Seriously?” I titled my head.
“Yeah, can you?” She replied.
“Well no, I don’t want you for him. You aren’t good enough” I answered blurtly and her eyes almost popped out of it’s socket.
“Hold on; Naomi what’s that supposed to mean?” She gave me a disgusted face.
“It’s simple. You aren’t good enough for him” I stated.
“I want someone that doesn’t behave like you. Someone more matured.”
“Tina’s relationsh!pwith Dillion didn’t work out well, do you think I’ll wanna give my other brother away to you? Your character is much more worse. plea-se st©p the car, Dillion is coming over to Mexico today, I can’t wait to see him” I smiled at the last p@rt.
Tina screened the car to a halt and the twins kept staring at me with wi-de-ned eyes as I stepped out of the car and quic-kly flabe-d down a cab to take me home.
That driver of mine should consider himself fired.
Valentina’s POV
“What?? That br@t! How dare she?” Tine screamed immediately Naomi left.
I sighed and started driving again without saying a word. But… did she just make mention of Dillion coming over to Mexico? Today?
*Inside the jet*
Shawna’s POV
I sat opposite Dillion in their pri-vate jet. His eyes are fixed on a magazine.
I don’t just know but he said I should fellow him to Mexico. He said he wouldn’t leave me back in Paris.
This past few days that pas-sed. I haven’t been seeing him, like I haven’t even spoken to him since that night he deflowered me.
I mistakenly bombe-d into him three days after that night on the stairs. My heart jumped into my stomach.
I didn’t know why but I felt weird seeing him.
He pretended as if he hadn’t seen me and he walked pas-s me.
Then a week after that, at night. I saw him walking into the sitting room downstairs -smoking.
His shi-t were un-bu-ttoned. He shagged his trou-ser and spoke on the phone.
I wanted to hide away from him without reasons, maybe I felt that he was gonna ask me to perform my duty in that state so I decided to hide away from him.
In process of hiding I fell a flower vase there. A very big and clas-sy me.
Hell!! Adrenaline filled my system. I started sweating when he got attra-cted by the noise and started coming towards me.
Before he got to me, I felt I was gonna pee on my b©dy.
My whole b©dy shook. But when he got to me, he stared down at the broken vase, then to my face.
I saw anger flash in his eyes but it got dissolved immediately it c@m£.
He glared at me without uttering a word, then turned around, placed back the phone to his right ear and started leaving.
Miracles! I believed in it that night.
Then just yesterday, he s£nt ma’am Sandra to me, he told her to get me re-ady cause I was gonna follow him to Mexico.
From what ma’am Sandra added, I think we’re only spending two weeks there as he can’t leave the mansion and everything they have at Paris without someone guarding it for too long.
But am not just the only one going. What’s his name?
This luwis guy with one other strange looking guy is also with us.
Not that the guy is ugly or something, he is also very handsome but the way they dressed is so so bad.
Piercing here and there, tattoo covered his whole b©dy excluding his face,same with luwis.
And speaking about this luwis guy…
He has just been staring at me ever since, it’s like there is something on my face.
From the sitting room, to the garage to the airport and then here inside the jet. He hasn’t st©pped staring at me.
But I don’t mind tho, his the least of my thousands problem.
“We’re gonna be landing in an hour time, plea-se ti-ght£ñ your seatbelt” a warning c@m£.
I sighed and thought.
Who do I know here in Mexico?
Hold on: the twins stays here in Mexico right? Valentine and Valentina.
Yup! They both stay here. My step sisters.
I wonder if I’ll get a chance to at least see Valentina.
I’ve missed her. She’s really nice to me. But I think I should seriously st©p wishing, I’m sold now.
Hmm what do you think?
Will she ever get a chance to see Tina?