Sold to a gang leader 2 Episode 9 to 11

Episode 9
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her] 💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Come closer)
Writer’s POV
**Somewhere in Mexico**
Dilly got a call from one of his securities, he had to rush home immediately on hearing the reason.
Like, what thefu-ck!? Why does this bit*h keep behaving abnormal? He had thought as he drove home angrily. It’s almost time for Naomi to get back at the house from school.
He doesn’t want her to meet Rita who was currently at the front of the mansion causing troubles.
In less than thirty minutes he arrived and c@m£ down from the car.
He saw Rita there with her car fighting with the securities who didn’t let her in.
“Hey st©p” he ordered st©pping the securities from pushing her away.
“Ri…” he made to call but was met with a heavy sl@p. It shocked him to the bones.
In anger he made to sl@p her back but held himself, he has seen his son looking at him from Rita’s car. Rita’s mother was also inside the car.
He gulped down the anger and breathed out.
“I’ll pretend that you never sl@pped me” he gro-an ed lowly at her.
“Tell them to open this gates, they are all getting fired today” Rita skrie-ked in rage of what was happening.
“You aren’t going in, you’re going back to your house” Dilly gro-an ed at her again.
“Well, that won’t ever happen. Look I’m gonna stay here with our son….” she st©pped talking then went to her car. She opened the car and brou-ght out four years old Bryan who doesn’t even un-derstand what was happening. He doesn’t even know that Dilly is his supposed father.
Rita took Bryan and dropped him on the floor there.
“Are you crazy? What sort of a mother are you?” Dilly rasped and went to lift the boy from the floor. Rita seems to care less.
“This is where we’re going to be living from now on since you don’t want us in. He can start getting adapted early” Rita rolled her eyes and said less concerned.
Dilly stared at her in so much regret. Just a one night stand caused him this, he regretted that night at the club. And to t©p it all, he was even drun!kbut he knew he had se-x with someone the following morning when he woke up.
And Rita appeared after two weeks to tell him about her pregnancy. He was so so mad at her.
As a bit*h she is, she doesn’t even know how to prevent herself from getting pregnant. He had rejected the baby and had paid her the exact amount she asked from him. She left, only for her to come back two years later with his supposed son.
He got the shock of his life that day. He didn’t even know what to do. First, after all the money she collected, she didn’t ab-ort or even leave him alone. She was like a scammer and he had so much wanted to kill her but couldn’t. He just couldn’t and he gave her another large amount of money only for her to come back few months ago.
He was so damn frustrated! And now she is ma-king demands he can’t fulfill.
A car st©pped behind Dilly’s car and his heart skipped.
He has been keeping the secret for long. He hasn’t told anyone about it and he doesn’t want them to find out, at least not now.
Could it be Naomi? He wondered he’s eyes fixed on the car but should I say luckily for him Andrew c@m£ down from the car instead.
Dilly heaved a little sigh of relief, at least it’s not his little sister who will immediately tell Dillion about it. He doesn’t even know how Dillion will react to the news of him having a son.
Andrew looked confused at the whole scene he was witnessing.
“Hey, who’s kid is that?” Andrew questioned coming towards Dilly.
**Back to Paris**
Dillion stared at Shawna from head to her toe. He noticed how beautiful she looked.
She has always looked beautiful anyways, he just behaves as if he doesn’t notice.
“Let’s go” he said his eyes still on her.
Shawna gulped down nervously. Why is he staring at her like every other guy stares at her? She wondered.
Somehow, she preferred his cold glare. This one is ma-king her so uncomfortable.
She started walking ahead of him with her b©dy clingy dress. Every dress in that house is either too short or too ti-ght. There is no long free go-wn except her nightie, if there was, she could have gone back to change into it.
Dillion walked behind her slowly until they got to the garage. They entered a limo which had alre-ady been opened for them by his guards.
“Goodness!” Shawna exclaimed silently.
The limo is sooo mad.
She sat facing Dillion who sat across her and brou-ght out his phone. The file he was holding didn’t escape her eyes but she decided to ignore it.
The limo started and left the mansion, few minutes into the road Shawna heard Dillion’s voice. He’s cool, calm voice. She never expected the question but today is a different day.
He asked her.
“So, how was school today? Any new friends?”
Shawna blinked her eyes thrice before she knew what to answer him.
“School is okay. I..I haven’t really gotten a close one” she answered him her eyes on her f!ngers.
“Hm…” She heard Dillion respond to her answer.
“Thanks..for the phone” she suddenly remembered the second phone he bought for her. She has never really thanked him for anything tho. Probably because of fear but today is a different day.
“Yeah…have you learnt how to use it?” Dillion asked his eyes on his phone.
“N..o..” she stuttered a bit bringing out the phone.
He beckoned on her to come sit beside him with his f!ngers. She hasitated not really sure he meant it.
It was when he brou-ght down his phone and fixed it into his pocket and then focused on her that she realized he really meant it.
She swallowed really nervous. This side of him is somehow, she thought. Probably because she has never really seen him behaving normal.
She stood up and went to sit beside him with her phone, she didn’t forget to maintain a distance from him.
Dillion collected the phone and unlocked it, he started setting the phone for her while she peeped from where she sat.
“Come closer” he mumbled his eyes on the phone. Shawna pretended not to hear him. Maybe I am hallucinating, she thought.
He raised his head up a bit to stare at her wondering why she is not moving closer to him.
“Come closer” he said again.
New year double episode for my sweet fans♥️
Episode 10 & 11
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
Dilly thought of what to do for a while before deciding.
He’s taking the boy without his mother.
“Don’t let her in” he said to the securities.
“It’s a long story” he replied Andrew who was staring at him.
“Maybe I’ll explain fully later but he is my son” he revealed which shocked Andrew.
“Your son?” Andrew questioned wi-de eyes.
Bryan – the boy heard this and lifted his head up to stare at Dilly.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah and you’ll coming with me” Dilly shook his head and said taking him to his car.
“Hey! Hey!! Dilly what do you think you’re doing?” Rita skrie-ked shocked at what Dilly was actually doing.
“Don’t ever allow her in. She can live there if she wants” Dilly said to the securities again before getting into his car. He kept Bryan at the back sit and ignited the car engine.
“Hey! Dilly tell me you aren’t serious, tell me you’re joking” Rita yelled running to his car.
He drove backwards then reversed before leaving Rita who was still running after his car.
“Aren’t you st©pping for her? She’s my mom!” Bryan said from the back sit.
“I’m sorry but I aren’t st©pping” he replied Bryan driving back to the Company.
“But why? Why are you two fighting?” Bryan asked really concerned.
“Don’t worry kiddo. I’ll make you forget her” Dilly said to him.
“But I don’t want to forget her, she might not really like me but she’s still my mom” Bryan cooed sadly.
“Has she been treating you badly?” Dilly looked at him and asked.
“Forget it” Bryan mumbled sadness written over his face which made Dilly really really concerned and also curious.
So, Rita that bit*h hasn’t been good to him? He thought.
Well, I’ll make sure you forget her soon.
Andrew stared at the raging Rita for a while. The incident that just took place seems like a dream to him.
He went back into his car and decided to drive to his place.
Rita stood there cussing at Dilly angrily.
How could he do this to me? Well, I’m the beginning of his nightmare, if he thinks he can pl@ythis game well. I’ll show him I started pla-ying the game before he got introduced to it, she thought angrily before matching back to her car. Her mother still sat there quietly.
“Now what? I told you this was bond to happen” her mother said.
“Well, he just made me angrier. I’m going to the media house tomorrow and I’m gonna announce the news to the whole world. He is gonna regret his actions” Rita sneered.
Shawna shifted closer to Dillion as requested but she made sure that there was no b©dy contact between them.
“Look into the phone” Dillion instructed and she did.
“I’m gonna explain how some of this apps work. Firstly I’m gonna be saving my number here” he said then sto-red his number.
Saving it with chapter later D before he went on and explained how some of the apps worked.
Shawna tried her best to concentrate but she didn’t really concentrate. It was akward – so weird.
She didn’t un-derstand what he was saying, her eyes moved to stare at his face most of the times and back to the phone.
She doesn’t un-derstand how he’ll just transform, how he’s behavior changed and it will only be like this just for today.
“Do you un-derstand?” She heard suddenly heard as he finally took his eyes to stare at her.
“Um…yes..yes, I un-derstand, thanks” she stuttered her reply but hell she bearly un-derstood a word he said.
“Really?” He asked as if in doubt.
“Ye..yes, I do” Shawna replied.
“Okay, what did I say this app is used for?” He asked pointing to a p@rticular app there.
Shawna’s heart skipped.
Instantly sweats started forming on her forehead. She doesn’t know that he’s gonna be doing this.
He’s fixed eyes didn’t leave her face, he stared at her keenly waiting for a reply which he wasn’t getting. Shawna thought ha-rd , what is that app used for?
Goodness! She looked at the app again, more closely to see instagram written beneath it.
“It’s instagram an…an…” her mind flashed back to when she and Beatrice were checking out the apps in her formal phone.
Then she remembered.
“It’s a social media app, you use it to connect with people” she said and heard him chuckle – like he laughed.
Shawna’s eyes wi-de-ned. Did he just laugh at her?
She stared at him in surprise. He just laughed – a whole Dillion laughing at her.
It made her happy. The thought dilated her.
“You took minutes thinking about it. You didn’t listen to me,did you?” He asked jokingly.
She immediately felt embarras-sed, she bowed her head slightly and nodded.
He chuckled again and she raised her eyes up to stare at his face. He also stared at her and due to the way they are sited, their faces almost t©uçhed.
Recalling what had happened the last time this happened Shawna immediately re-moved her face and moved away from him again.
“Thanks,I’ll…I will learn the rest on my own” she said.
Her head again slightly bent, she noted that he stared at her in an usual way. The way he has been staring at her since yesterday and today.
He didn’t even reply her.
“Why did you move?” He suddenly asked after a long silence.
She sh0t her head up to reply him but didn’t even know what to say.
Like he is asking her why she had moved away from him. Is this Dillion or an imposter, she wondered.
Luckily for her the guards at the steering announced their arrival.
“Sir, we are here” they announced.
The door got opened afterwards and Dillion c@m£ down first, when Shawna was coming down, he aided her by holding her hand.
It shocked her again. Like she is just getting shocked today.
Today is really different, she thought.
“Let’s go” Dillion said to her walking into a very fancy restaurant. Shawna walked by his side until they got in and surprisedly for Shawna again, the restaurant was empty.
Only waitress could be sighted, no customer at all.
How strange, she thought.
She followed Dillion to a very fancy round table at the middle of the restaurant and they sat.
Three waitress c@m£ up to them immediately.
“Sir, what will you like to order?” One with blond hair asked really drooling over him.
The wealthy that reserved the whole restaurant has finally arrived and he is so young, she thought inside her head.
“Um…I’ll get back to you” Dillion replied her without even sparing her a glance. He didn’t see the way she had drooled but Shawna noticed.
It didn’t past her notice at all. It made her feel somehow – somehow strange. The feeling is strange because she has never felt that way before but she also didn’t like the feeling.
Dillion brou-ght out his phone and called someone.
“I’m almost there Mr Mark, sorry for the delays” the person he called said into the phone.
Dillion cut the call and kept his phone aside wondering if he was to order something before the person he is expecting comes.
Maybe a champagne,he concluded and snapped his f!ngersfor the waitress to come.
The three waitress from before rushed to their table.
“Just get us a bottle of champagne” Dillion said and spared them a glance but still didn’t notice anything.
Shawna of course noticed how they behaved especially the blonde hair girl.
She didn’t know when she scoffed and folded her hands angrily.
Dillion heard her and turned to look at her.
What is wrong with her? He wondered but didn’t pay much attention to her frowns.
“Okay sir, we will be back with a bottle of champagne for you sir. It tastes so so great, I bet you will love it. It could be great….” the blond hair girl kept singing trying to really attra-ct Dillion’s attention and she did.
Dillion turned again, the other two waitress has alre-ady left but she continued standing close to him with wi-de smiles – big s£dûçt!vesmiles.
“You can go” Dillion simply dismissed her.
This time he didn’t fail to notice her s£dûçt!vetalks and smiles. Something he has alre-ady been used to so it didn’t even bother him well not until he caught Shawna glaring at her like there was no tomorrow.
That was when it hit him, the waitress is the reason for her frowns.
He didn’t know when he chuckled at the thought that Shawna is jealous that a mere waitress was s£dûç!ng him.
Well, he didn’t think about it much because the door opened and the person he was waiting for entered.
A man who was in his late thirties.
Dillion stood up to exchange greetings with him, they exchanged greetings. Shawna also greeted the man and that was when the man noticed her.
“Wow! Who is this beauty you brou-ght with you?” The man asked sitting down not too far from Shawna.
Shawna blu-shed because of the compliment.
Dillion didn’t answer him, he just took his sit and called back the waitress.
He ordered some dessert for himself and Shawna while the man ordered for a bottle of c0cktail drink.
When the waitress left and returned with all that they have ordered, the man asked again.
“Mr Mark, I never knew you had such a beautiful sister. Her beauty is so ravishing” the man said.
Shawna found herself blu-shing for the second time, Dillion noticed and it made me mad. Like really angry.
“She is not my s….” he st©pped himself.
“She is my cousin and she is NOT AVAILABLE” he made emphasis on not available.
The man smiled.
“That’s not for you to decide. Is it true beauty?” The man replied less concerned of the tone Dillion used in replying him. It was an angry tone of course but he didn’t mind.
Dillion who alre-ady knows the man real well frowned. The man is a CEO of a very big company – a known wom-anizer. The thought added more to his anger.
Is he trying to get at Shawna?
“Um…” Shawna stuttered and looked at Dillion who’s eyes were fixed on his dessert.
“Yes sir, it’s true” Shawna replied in a very cool voice. It angered Dillion again.
Why Is she replying him so sweetly?
“Oops, my bad but after getting to know more, I promise that you’ll leave that your b©yfri£ndand come to me. You see I can give you an amount of money you….”
“Mr Johnson, we c@m£ here for business okay? St©p trying to flir-t with her. I said she is NOT AVAILABLE okay? Or don’t you un-derstand the word available? Should I spell it for you?” Dillion couldn’t hold his anger in again, he snapped at the man.
It left Shawna’s mouth open.
TBC Dillon
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