Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 5 & 6

Episode 5 & 6
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
They kept staring at each other, shockingly to them both. They weren’t able to look away.
Shawna tried her best to look elsewhere.
He is going to punish you again Shawna, you’re crossing your boundaries. You aren’t supposed to look him in the eyes, look away! A voice screamed inside her head and she f0rç£d her eyes elsewhere.
“I… I’m…I’m..sorry, I’ll…I’ll just get a maid here” she stuttered as her heart kept pounding.
Dillion remained muted still staring at her without any visible expression on.
Shawna couldn’t tell if he’s angry at her but what made her heart race fas-ter was the words he spilled out.
“Get on the be-d” he voiced out.
Shawna’s eyes wi-de-ned.
Oh my goodness! He is going to punish me, her mind screamed at her.
Why didn’t you control yourself? Why didn’t you look away? She questioned herself getting scared. She dre-ad se-x a lot. Since it had hurt her the two times he did it with her, she doesn’t wanna do it again.
She turned towards the be-d with shaky legs, she wanted to beg him to forgive her for staring but she couldn’t dare do it.
She started undressing herself slowly, she could feel his eyes on her every move.
He just stood and stared.
The way he stared without saying a word made her nervous and anxious. Nervous and anxious about what’s coming for her.
When she had completely n-ked herself she started feeling so shy.
It isn’t the first time but she still doesn’t really like going n-ked in front of a guy. It hasn’t really mastered her.
She la-id down flat on the be-d and sh0t her eyes close waiting for him to do whatever fast so everything could end.
Dillion who had become surprisedly turned up just by staring at her directly in the eyes was kind of also confused.
Why on Earth will just staring at her eyes affect his b©dy so much? He wondered.
Most times seeing female n-ked bodies doesn’t really move him to have se-x. Even the two times he had had se-x with her, he wasn’t turned on at all so what’s this?
Why did it happen just by staring at her eyes closely? He wondered as he kept staring at her.
After she finished undressing herself and got herself la-id on the be-d, he’s ha-rd on bec@m£ more obvious. It was shocking, her b©dy is affecting him too much. More than he can un-derstand.
But he couldn’t move, he couldn’t go to her. It’s like he doesn’t want her to experience pain at all.
“Get out” he breathed out a command after 15 good minutes of just staring at her.
Shawna who had been waiting shut her eyes open.
Wait! What was that? She thought as she took her eyes to stare at Dillion. She found him going into the inner room there.
Did he just order her out? She thought and stood on her feet.
She picked her clothes from the floor and wore it on. When she was sure that he wasn’t coming back, she walked to the door and opened it then left afterwards.
She got to her room forgetting to even call a maid to go clean Dillion’s room up. She started thinking.
Doesn’t he want her anymore? Why suddenly will he ask her to leave? She wondered.
Dillion gro-an ed angrily at himself for ordering Shawna out. He’s ha-rd , as ha-rd as a rock and it has started hurting.
Damn it! Why on Earth did I do that? He wondered.
Somewhere at Mexico
Dilly’s POV
“You can’t go in miss, you can’t go in” I heard my secretary shouting.
“I am going in, I’m gonna see Dilly whether you like it or not” a voice shouted back. Recognizing the voice I stood up and immediately opened the door to see her.
“Rita!” I called.
“Yes” she answered and pushed my secretary away.
“What are you doing here?” I questioned.
“Look it’s high time Dilly, it’s high time people learn that I am the mother of your child, do you hear me?” She screamed at me and the secretary threw her mouth open, disappointment clearly visible in her eyes.
“Come in” I gro-an ed lowly. I didn’t want the conversation to continue outside.
She pushed me out of the way and got in, then took a sit. I spared my secretary one last glance before shutting the door.
Rita, this bit*h has spoiled my chances of asking my pretty secretary out to a dinner tonight.
I have been admiring her for a while now, like for a week. She suddenly started becoming more pretty and intelligent and now that I’ve decided to ask her out like a real gentleman. This bit*h has decided to ruin my chances.
I walked back to the desk and sat facing her.
“Order something for me to drink Dilly, don’t just stare” she rolled her eyes and said.
I spoke into the office telephone and ordered a cu-p of coffee for her.
“So, why did you come here after all my warnings Rita? How many times have I warned you against coming here?” I questioned trying to suppress the anger eating me up.
I really curse the day I ran into her at a club. A wild bit*h she is.
“Well, I’m simply tired of hiding myself and our kid from the public. People gat to know you gat a son Dilly….”
“Look Rita, we alre-ady discussed this a million times. It’s not the right time” I cut her off.
“When is it gonna be? Our kid is 4years old now. 4fu-ck*ng years old and you want to keep hiding….”
“I aren’t hiding him from the public. You know I aren’t re-ady for a kid, I asked you to ab-ort the pregnancy. You refused, I gave you billions to take care of him and you collected the money and now you’re here disturbing me again. What the hell do you want from me again Rita? Why do you keep breaking ourfu-ck*ng agreement?” I asked her unable to control my anger again.
“All I want is for him to be introduced here. Afterall he is your first son, it means that he is gonna be taking over this company after you must be retired in the future…”
“Are you crazy? I am not my father’s eldest son. My twin brother is so st©p dreaming!!” I shut her up.
“Look I don’t care if you’re the eldest, all I know is that, my son is gonna inherit this company and all the properties you have, okay? Bear that in mind, I’ll be coming back with him next time and you’re gonna be introducing us both to the reporters as your wife to be and son!!” She stated ma-king every words clear to me.
The door open with a worker bringing in the coffee.
She stood up and collected the coffee, she opened it and walked outside.
The next thing I heard were screams, I rushed out to see the coffee content dripping down my secretary’s head.
Oh goodness!
“Fire her before I come back, I don’t nee-d a bit*h like her here” Rita added before disappearing.
How on Earth? Why did I become unfortunate? I wondered shocked at everything that just happened.
Valentine’s POV
“Holiday is coming up next month sis. You say we are going to spend it in Paris with dad?” I asked Tina.
“Yup” she answered.
“Why? Because Dillion is currently at Paris?” I asked again and she st©pped what she was doing. She shrugged her shoulders but didn’t reply.
“Don’t worry sis, I promise you. I’ll help you get Dillion back during this break, because it is the only way I can get closer to his twin brother” I giggled at the last p@rt.
“I wish Tine, but Dillion won’t even listen to you” she shrugged and said again.
“Remember the unbreakable promise he made to you?” I asked wi-nking at her.
She looked confused at first but when she recalled it her eyes beamed.
“Oh my gosh! How could I forget that?” She exclaimed and finally smiled.
“Yes sis, you’re getting him back for sure. He doesn’t go back on his words so you’ll have him again” I as-sured her.
“And by the way…Andrew called. I see the way he looks at you some times Tina, you nee-d to stay away from him if you’re sure you like Dillion because he might end up spoiling things for you” I advised her but didn’t hear a reply.
I lifted my head up to see that the room was empty.
Oh great! I’ve been speaking to myself.
Unknown’ s POV
“Have you found the person that did this yet?” The boss roared out still in pains after losing his son. He’s fourth son.
“Um..not completely sure who is it boss but we got a clue” spencer answered him he’s f!ngerson the computer in front of him.
“Here in the CCTV footage, a man can be seen stepping out of his car but i aren’t sure of who he is” Spencer said.
I went closer to the computer but can’t recognize his face, it looks familiar but can’t recognize him even after he zoomed the picture.
“Keep searching. I want results out soon!!” The boss rasped and left the room.
*A day later*
Writer’s POV
Shawna returned back to the mansion after school so tired.
School has been unusual. It is not usual at all especially without Matthias.
The first day she stepped into the school was the first time he met her.
She can’t still believe he died. Dillion killed him after he tried to r@p£ her.
After abducting her, after sl@pping and ripping her clothes off her b©dy.
But she misses him a lot. She wished that it was all a nightmare. She can’t still hate him after what he did to her.
Maybe because she doesn’t have a stone as a heart, afterall he has alre-ady died. What’s the use of hating on the dead?
But all she gat to do now on to move on without him. Probably find another friend- a female of course.
Since she started schooling, a lot of students has wanted to be friends with her, especially the males but Matthias couldn’t allow it.
After agreeing to be friends with the person, at the back Matthias will do whatever to scare them off her.
Now, it’s time to really find good female friends that won’t bring her trouble, she had thought at school.
I’m gonna start changing for the better, I’ll be more focused on my studies too. We are gonna be writing exams soon. I have to make it, she encouraged herself.
She went up straight to her room and la-id down on the be-d. Not up to 10 minutes pas-sed, a knock c@m£ at the door followed by a maid getting into her room.
“Shawna, the young master s£nds for you, said you should meet him down at the swimming pool area” the maid said and left.
Immediately Shawna started looking for a cloth to change into.
The events of yesterday flashed back into her head.
How she had broken the cu-p out of carelessness. The carelessness that was caused by disappointment.
How she had stared into his eyes for minutes and how her heart raced.
How she had str!pped after his orders but he ended up ordering her out again even without tou-ching her.
What is it this time? She thought as she put on a plain dress.
She then ran all the way to the swimming pool area to sight him there, sitting and drinking while staring down into the water.
She st©pped then breathed out severally to calm her nerves and control her fast beating heart.
After that, she started walking towards him in a slow and steady pace.