Sold to a gang leader 2 Episode 3 & 4

Episode 3
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(To him)
Shawna’s POV
Few minutes later.
I finished up with my meal and got up. I am the last person to finish even tho Dillion asked me to be fast with my meal.
I called a maid there to come pick the plates and she carried it away.
I started towards the guest room that Dillion is staying at. Like I’m done and I don’t know what else to do.
I walked over to his door and knocked on it.
I waited but didn’t hear any reply. Still standing there, I started hearing car hones outside.
Could it be luwis? He is here to take me? I thought and rushed outside to really see him.
“Hey” he called immediately coming down from the car.
“Hi” I coed and he suprised me by pu-lling me into a hvg when he got closer.
“Um..luwis” I called and moved away from him.
“I was worried about you, especially when you guys didn’t return last night. Ma’am Sandra is so worried, well not until the boss called this morning and he also asked me to come pick you up. Hope you aren’t hurt?” He explained then started examining me.
“Am fine Luwis, I’m okay” I st©pped him from searching further.
“That bastard called Matthias. How dare he abduct you? Hope he is dead, huh!?” Luwis asked with visible anger.
“You’re here” Dillion’s voice suddenly asked interrupting us from behind.
I quic-kly turned to face him.
He’s hands tucked into his trou-ser pocket, he was standing and staring at us both.
“Yes boss” Luwis answered.
“Take her home” he ordered.
“Yes of course” Luwis replied and started leaving.
I guess I should follow him. I turned to follow him but Dillion’s voice st©pped me.
I turned back to stare at him.
“Don’t you ever say anything about me being sh0t to anyone” he warned.
“Ye…yes” I drawled.
Why doesn’t he want em to know? I thought and finally went to meet up with Luwis.
I took a final look at Dillion standing at the entrance, then got into the car Luwis c@m£ with. Luwis reversed and left the compound.
Writer’s POV
Dillion kept staring until the car vanished, he then turned to go inside but was st©pped by Matthew who was about going to the hospital.
“You know I could just stay here with you today. That will be a very good thing for me but I gat to go. Since I’m the head doctor, all surgeries lies on my shoulder. On the shoulder of Matthew” he said ma-king emphasis on the word Matthew.
“Yeah whatever” Dillion rolled his eyes at him and made to walk pas-s him.
“You like her?” Matthew asked ma-king Dillion turn his attention to him.
He was firstly confused but later got the idea of what and who Matthew was referring to.
He sighed and made to ignore him.
“You know it’ll be really good if you’re a g@y” Matthew said again ma-king Dillion look at him this time with a disgusted face.
“I’m not a g@y” Matthew told him firmly then started leaving.
“I know, alright. I’m just saying” Matthew yelled at him as he vanished.
He scoffed and walked to his car then drove to the hospital.
Luwis and Shawna arrived shortly at the mansion and they c@m£ down.
Shawna immediately ran to look for ma’am Sandra. When she found her, she embr@ced her recalling all the bad things that happened when she got abducted and was almost R@p£d but thankfully Dillion saved the day.
“Oh child, what really happened? Are you okay?” Ma’am Sandra asked her.
“I’m okay ma’am Sandra” Shawna pouted like a kid while replying.
“Thank goodness you are but where is Dillion, where is he?” She asked alarmed.
“Well… he is…..”she paused when she recalled she is not supposed to tell anyone he got sh0t. If she tells him that he is at Matthew’s place, she’ll find out that he got injured.
What am I gonna tell her? She wondered.
“ he is friend’s” she drawled her reply a bit.
“What friend is that?” Ma’am Sandra asked curious.
“I don’t know” she answered and looked back at Luwis for backup.
“He got some stuff to do ma’am, he is okay” Luwis said and Ma’am sighed.
“Okay now, explain everything that happened” Ma’am Sandra requested taking a sit.
Shawna started explaining, she explained and explained remembering to omit the p@rt where Dillion got sh0t.
“Oh good lord! Thank goodness he c@m£ on time” Ma’am Sandra exclaimed after she explained.
“Yes” Shawna nodded with a smile on her face.
The next day which was Sunday. Dillion arrived and went straight to his room.
Shawna who has been expecting him to arrive bec@m£ excited and nervous at the same time. She doesn’t know how his wound is healing up and she wants to know.
He got sh0t all because he was tryna save me right? She thought and got out.
She ran all the way to the kitchen, when she got there. She got a tray and took out an apple, a strawberry and gr@p£s then she carried them back to his room up.
She got to his door and knocked on it. She didn’t get a reply immediately but later got one.
“Come in” Dillion’s voice said.
She exhaled and opened the door then stepped in to see him walking out of the bathroom.
Episode 4
Unknown’s POV
“What the hell happened here?” The boss exclaimed wi-de eyes as he saw Bobby and zazzi lying down dead on the floor.
“Who did this to them?” He asked out in anger but I remained silent. He hasn’t even seen Matthias b©dy yet.
What is he gonna do once he finds he’s son’s dead b©dy on the floor? I thought.
“Answer me!! Who did this to them??” He roared out.
“Um..boss…boss, I also found them like this. I don’t know what happened” I answered him a bit shaken.
“Where is Matthias? Why haven’t I heard from him? Where is he?” He asked and I took my gaze to the floor – speechless.
“I said where is he??? Do you want to join them?” He thurdered angrily.
“Bo… boss, he also died” I mumbled my answer.
“What? What did you just say?” He matched forward as he questioned.
I bec@m£ petrified and moved back.
“He is in the other room” I pointed out to the room quic-kly and he st©pped moving closer to me.
He turned and headed for the room and I followed him slowly from behind.
“Matthias?” He called visibly shaken.
The lunatic that killed him has no mind at all. Could it be an as-sas-sin? I wondered.
“Who…who did this to you Matthias?” He skrie-ked going down on his knees beside Matthias b©dy.
Blood filled the whole room. He’s wasted blood.
He’s head looked like it had been smached by a moving truck.
“Who did this to you Matthias? Who?” The boss asked with a shaked up voice. He could no longer control himself.
I bet he is gonna cry like a baby anytime from now.
But we all thought that he never really like Matthias tho because Matthias c@m£ from a one night stand he had when he was way younger, he doesn’t approve or pay much attention to him but Matthias managed to gain his attention.
Matthews had promised to prove his worth to his father so he can also be recognized. Proving his worth has managed to lead him to an early grave, I thought and sighed.
“I’m gonna find out the beast that did this to you. I’m gonna have his whole family killed, every single person that means something to him is gonna die Matthias. He is gonna watch them die one after the other. I promise you that, I will die fulfilling this promise to you son” he cried at the end and I sighed.
I never knew he loved him. No one knew, he always acted strong, I thought again and sighed.
He stood up from the floor afterwards.
“Get the whole squad, find out who did this. We are gonna go for war” he commanded.
“Yes Boss, on it” I answered.
Writer’s POV
Dillion turned to stare at Shawna, he’s eyes went to what she was carrying then back to her face.
After staring at her blankly, he walked over to his closet and threw it open. He brou-ght out some clothes afterwards and made to wear them.
“I’ll just turn around” Shawna who has been staring at him without knowing what to tell him that really brou-ght her said then she turned.
Dillion didn’t reply her but kept doing his thing. When she suspected that he must have clothed himself, she turned to stare at him and saw him going towards a desk at a side of his room.
She started walking towards him, when she got to him. She kept the tray containing the fruits and gulped ha-rd .
“Get me milk, take this away” he looked up at her and said then continued with the l@pt©p he opened up.
“Okay” she said happily and ran out with the tray.
She was happy that he didn’t yell at her or command her out of his room.
She ran all the way down and got a cu-p, she brou-ght out the powered milk there and took warm water from the despenser. Then she put in a large quantity of milk into the cu-p and stirred it.
She smiled at it then dropped the powered milk back. She took out another tray and placed the cu-p of made milk there then left for his room.
She knocked on the door and didn’t to wait in other to hear his reply before opening the door and walking in.
She dropped the milk on the desk, after a while, he raised his head up. gr@bb£d the cu-p of milk and sipped from it.
Shawna’s eyes wi-de-ned.
Hope he won’t reject it? She thought and luckily he didn’t say a word. He continued typing away on his l@pt©p.
She cleared her voice after a while, her eyes fixed on his wounded shoulder which had clothe covering it.
“Um…..” she mumbled not knowing how to start it. She has never done this before.
She doesn’t know if she’s to call him his name but she decided to go for sir.
Even though he looks my age, I bet he is not that young, she thought then called.
“Si…sir” she called out.
He st©pped and looked up at her with a what do you want look.
“Your…your shoulder, I wanted to be sure that you are okay” she stuttered.
He just stared at her without replying, it made her nervous. He took his eyes back to his l@pt©p.
“You can go now” he stated.
She turned feeling downcasted. Why isn’t he replying her?
She turned and started leaving.
When she got to the door he called her back.
“You are forgetting something” he said and closed up his l@pt©p done with whatever he was doing.
She walked back to the desk, and bent to pick up the tray with the cu-p sadly.
Due to the way she carried it, the cu-p still containing milk sli-pped from the tray and fell on the floor, the cu-p broke into pieces.
Her heart skipped.
She quic-kly bent down and made to pick up the broken pieces.
“Leave it clumsy” Dillion bent down slightly then made to pu-ll her up, she immediately turned to stare at him. During the process of her turning to stare at him and him bending to pu-ll her up, their face almost met. Their eyes locked into each other’s and they remained that way.
Both hearts raced.

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