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June 23, 2021


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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 24 & 25

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Double Episode ♥️♥️
Episode 24 & 25
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Escaping 4 &5)



Writer’s POV
As the two men Luwis just shot dropped down dead on the floor. Dillion had no other option, he had to try and get the remote for the bomb planted up.

He acted real fast but the remote fell down from Matthias father’s hand as he tried to snatch it.

The remote moved to Shawna’s side, beside her feet.

There was tension in the room as the guy holding Shawna didn’t know if he was to leave Shawna and grab the controller or keep on holding unto Shawna.

Matthias father tried going to grab the remote but of course Dillion held him back.

Luwis got in fully to the room and just as the guy that was holding Shawna decided that the remote is the best option, he made to squat down a bit and grab the remote still holding unto Shawna.

Luwis seeing this, targeted him and shot the gun.

Shawna’s heart skipped because the bullet was likely to get her, she was standing in front of the gun.

Like what the hell is luwis thinking? She wondered.

And luckily the bullet met the guy on his hand he

wanted to use and pick up the remote.

The guy was forced to leave Shawna alone. The knife he was holding fell down from his hand.

Now the remote was left on the floor.

Dillion couldn’t move, the Matthias father was too strong and the guy behind hasn’t died, he only got shot on his hand.

Shawna’s eyes went to the remote and she started squatting down to pick it up, her whole body was shaking. She is close to the state of breaking down in fear but she still had to pick up the remote.

Her hand met with the remote on the floor and she picked it up.

The guy behind her managed to pull out a gun with his other hand and he shot it at Shawna unexpectedly.

Dillion on seeing this left Matthias father and then he pushed Shawna out of the way of the bullet.

The bullet grazed her waist as it moved past her – unknowingly to her.

Dillion used that opportunity to kick the guy on the floor multiple times, he collected the remote from Shawna afterwards.

Then he turned towards Matthias father who was on the floor behind him.

“You lost” he said then looked up at Luwis at the door.

“Get him to

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his feet” Dillion ordered not wanting to question the fact that he was there.

Matthias father turned to Luwis on the door, he had a shocked expression on on seeing Luwis clearly but it looked like Luwis tried avoiding the man’s gaze.

Dillion noticed this but didn’t show it.

He went to the

guy who was formally holding Shawna and collected his gun from him.

“What do you think you were trying to do?” Dillion groaned.

“Please…please don’t kill me” the guy pleaded.

“You are a dead man already. Can the dead come back to life?” Dillion asked sarcastically then shot him on his forehead.

Shawna who was sitting on the floor trembling in fear and relief at the same time gasped.

He turned back to see Shawna staring at him, the way she stared at him seems strange.

What is going on on her mind?

“Get up” he stretched his hand towards her.

Shawna hasitated before she grabbed his hand.

You’re wondering what is going on on her mind? Well she actually thinking.

Why will a guy like him kill without showing mercy most times? He kills as if he is an assassin.

But he at the same time has a lot of good side and he couldn’t be killing them if they didn’t come for trouble first.

“Get a grip of yourself” Dillion said to the shaking Shawna.

“Boss!!! The cops” the cops are coming, Sam rushed into the room and informed Dillion.

“Let’s go” he ordered and immediately pulled Shawna with him out of the building.

He saw vivian leaning on his car outside.

It didn’t surprise him that she is also there, since Luwis is there. It meant that she must also be here.

They got in hurriedly into the two cars they came with and drove off.

Shawna, Dillion and Vivian were inside a car while Jay, Sam, Rockie,Luwis and Matthias father were in the other car.

2 hours later they were able to escape the cops and arrive at the underground house.

Immediately Dillion called ma’am Sandra to ask if they were okay.

Ma’am replied that all was well, then he disconnected the call.

The underground house was built far away from where houses were, and there is truly an underground there where weapons were stored. A lot of weapons.

But a normal person wouldn’t know that the house has an underground until you’re shown.

There is a sitting room up and down. Sam escorted Shawna and Vivian to the sitting room up because boys mostly filled the down sitting room.

Shawna sat down still unable to control herself. She still felt scared but not that much.

Vivian sat opposite her with her hands folded, she occasionally glares a Shawna who didn’t even notice her glare.

Shawna’s mind was far away from there.

Dillion stood outside in the compound with Dillion. He collected a cigarette pack from one of his boys there and lit it up.

Matthias father was also outside but there was no way he could escape.

“Which way do you wanna die sir?” Dillion asked sounding so polite.

Matthias father frowned.

“I really underestimated you and your small boys, I thought you weren’t matured enough to really face me but I was wrong” he said.

“I asked you what way you wanna die. I’m doing you a favor” Dillion replied him puffing out smoke.

“Just kill me in whatever way you want” the man said and looked at Luwis again.

Luwis looked away. Dillion noticed but still didn’t show it.

“Luwis, I want you to kill him” Dillion said after a long while.

Luwis brought out the gun with him and pointed it to the man.

“Are you just gonna kill him that way? So simple?” Dillion asked.

Luwis didn’t reply, he immediately shot the man on his forehead and the man died.

“Everything is going wrong and why is that? I wonder how they got to know my personal number” Dillion said then turned to look at Luwis.

Luwis looked away then kept mute.

“Luwis” Dillon called.

“Boss” Luwis replied and looked at him.

“Do you know this man? Have you seen him before?” Dillion questioned.


“Don’t lie. I’ll kill you if you lie to me Luwis and I’m not joking. Did you help this man?” Dillon snapped.

Luwis remained mute again.

Dillion wanted to speak again when Sam rushed out of the house.

“Boss?” Sam called.

Dillion turned to him.

“It’s Shawna, she…she just collapsed and she is bleeding from the side of her stomach, I don’t know if she got shot or what” Sam announced.

“What?? She collapsed?” Dillion asked as if he didn’t hear him the first time.

“Yes boss, and…”

“Call Matthew right away and send him here” he Interrupted him.

“But Boss, that doctor can’t come here. If a lot of people gets to know this place then…” Sam tried reminding him as he rushed into the house to where Shawna was.

“Just f**k*ng call him here. Tell him it’s me” Dillion hushed going up to Shawna.

He got to where Shawna laid on the couch and stopped walking.

He stared down at her and felt a cut inside him.

Why didn’t I notice this earlier? She was with me but I didn’t notice, he thought then lifted her top up.

No bullet in her but she was still wounded.

He sighed and ruffled his hair.

“She’ll be fine” Vivian said from behind him.

“I mean no bullet got her, I wonder why she didn’t speak out earlier t….”

“Will you shut up!!? I don’t want to hear a word from you” Dillion snapped at her.

The way and manner he had shut her up terrified her.

Her mouth dropped close.

“Someone should send her to my penthouse, I don’t want her here” Dillon sighed then said, but he’s voice didn’t come out hard and loud.

“Yes boss” he heard someone reply him.

“You’re really sending me away?” Vivian found her mouth then asked.

“The penthouse is the safest place for you. I don’t want you get hurt honestly, so you stay there until you’re done with whatever you came here to do” Dillion replied her.

He wasn’t facing her. He backed her as he spoke, he’s eyes couldn’t leave Shawna’s closed eyes.

“Goodbye” he added dismissing her.

One of his boys there started taking her away.

She boiled in anger as he took her.

How could this happen? I haven’t even started accomplishing any of my plans, she thought with fisted hands.

“Is he coming?” Dillion asked after a while. He asked anyone behind him, just anyone.

Sam who was standing few feet from him answered.

“I already called him but since he doesn’t know this place. Cisco has gone to bring him here” Sam replied.

Luwis was also standing behind him but a few feet away.

He doesn’t wanna get closer in other not to provoke Dillion the more.

He just watched as Dillion watched over Shawna.

Dillion, he agreed has changed a lot. He is making mistakes. A lot of mistakes.

Normally no outside could come to the underground house but he brought,Shawna, vivian and now a doctor is coming there.

He has also become a little weak, is this to my advantage? Luwis thought as he watched them.

“Luwis we need to talk” Sam whispered into his ears but Luwis didn’t reply.

Sam started pulling luwis to a room there. He got into the room with luwis and shut the door.

“What is wrong with you man? Don’t tell me you really gave out information to that old man?” Sam whispered.

Luwis ignored him and went to sit down on the bed. He’s hand ruffled his hair.

“Hey! You wouldn’t ever betray him would you?” Sam asked again.

Luwis kept mute.

“I’ll take your silence for a no cause I can’t believe you will ever betray him” Sam whispered again and sat down on the bed beside him.

“Look, if there is anything that is bothering you, you can talk to me. That’s why we are brothers. I can help” sam cooed.

“No! You can’t help me, I can’t help myself either so let’s just forget about it” Luwis finally said and stood up on his feet.

“I did” he added before leaving the room.

“Shit!” Sam groaned knowing what he meant by “I did”.

That means Luwis had actually betrayed the boss.

Dillion after a while took Shawna took a room and laid her there.

He’s mind not at rest. He had every terrible feelings one shouldn’t feel in the world.

Sad, scared, disappointed,bad. He felt worst as he stared at her.

All this happened because of him. He has grown too weak.

He acts without really thinking too. It’s starting to make people around him misbehave too. It’s affecting him.

If he hasn’t let Vivian and Shawna follow him then it could have been a different story.

They couldn’t have gotten him because he couldn’t have stepped down from the car.

Because of his weakness. He gives command they don’t follow it.

He can’t believe luwis actually sold some information to that man and he still lives under him pretentiously but the worst thing is that, he can’t even kill luwis even if he wants to.

He can’t because he had actually grown up with him. Even tho he is the boss, luwis is still the closest person to him in the world.

Why did he do it? Why did he betray me? Dillion wondered.




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