Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 16 & 17

Episode 16
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Who is she?)
Writer’s POV
Few hours back to when Dillion k!$$£d Shawna.
Luwis and Sam happened to be in one of the cars inside the garage.
Luwis had originally made to open the car and come down but st©pped when he saw Dillion place hisl-ips on Shawna’s forehead. He st©pped moving immediately, his eyes fixed on them both.
And then Dillion k!$$£d Shawna on herl-ips. His hands behind her, one at the back of her head and one at her w@!st side.
The incident surprised and at the same time angered Luwis.
“Oh my gosh! Did you see that?” Sam whispered tou-ching Luwis and pointing to Dillion.
“Oh my!” Sam g@sped again seeing how de-ep and slow the k!ssis going. He was sure that he’s boss was really enjoying himself but with some feelings attached.
Luwis kept watching. He felt so jealous and anger burnt inside of him.
Sam kept tugging Luwis but luwis didn’t move.
Sam then turned to look at Luwis. He could see anger in his eyes, then he remembered that Luwis actually has feelings for Shawna. He has forgotten about that in a while.
“Okay, I’ll just leave you be” Sam said and got off the car.
By then Dillion alre-ady left and Shawna was also getting into the house.
The thought remained in Luwis mind. He knows he can’t fight for Shawna against his boss and it looked like there was something else in him when he k!$$£d Shawna.
But he could use other tricky ways to get her and if it doesn’t work. Well I have no other option, he thought out loud.
“I’ll take her by f0rç£.”
Few minutes before Dillion arrived at the mansion with Vivian.
Shawna sat happyily with Ma’am Sandra narrating the whole tale of her outing with Dillion. She couldn’t find other maids other than Beatrice, like all the maids has disappeared.
She had asked where they were and she was told that they all took a leave. It had surprised Shawna but she remembered, no wonder that maid from earlier was so happy.
“So, he really spoke to his client that way because the man was actually trying to flir-t with you?” Ma’am Sandra asked her to be sure.
“Yes, he got so angered. I am sure of it” Shawna replied and then ma’am Sandra nodded in de-ep thoughts.
“That’s another development then I guess” ma’am Sandra mumbled.
“What? What did you say?” Shawna asked but the sound of car hones couldn’t let her wait.
“It must be him, today hasn’t ended, has it?” She said excitedly standing up on her feet and then rushing outside to the entrance, she remembered the k!ss.
Her cheeks flu-shed for some unknown reason to her.
She stood there waiting for him to show up and he finally did.
With wi-de smiles on her face, she wanted to say something but the person walking closely behind him made her smiles disappear instantly.
Who is she? She wondered.
Dillion didn’t notice her until he got to the entrance and was about to get in but Vivian noticed the girl who’s face st©pped smiling on seeing her.
Vivian also wondered.
Who is she?
Dillion on his own was hoping he wouldn’t see Shawna until the next day but there she is.
He st©pped facing her.
Shawna’s gaze fell to the floor as all the happiness she felt suddenly vanished from her system.
She doesn’t know why but she felt bad about the lady beside Dillion who was staring at her.
The lady looked so so beautiful and also clas-sy.
This can’t be his sister? No, she doesn’t look like one. She thought.
Then can she be his cousin? I don’t think so either.
Then perhaps, his girlfriend? At the thought she raised her head up quic-kly and stared past Dillion to vivian.
Dillion on noticing Shawna’s eyes on Vivian explained.
“She’s a guest, she will be staying here for a few days” Dillion said not really knowing why he explained.
The real Dillion doesn’t owe a soul an explanation.
He thought about the reason he even explained to her and then shook his head.
This madness I’m developing has to st©p, he thought and walked pas-s her inside.
Vivian glared at Shawna. She was tall, almost Dillion’s height.
Shawna just looked up at Vivian without uttering a word. She turned and entered back into the house going to meet Ma’am Sandra to ask her about Dillion’s visitor but on her way to the kitchen she bu-mped into Luwis.
Episode 17
Writer’s POV
“Hey” said luwis as he stood facing Shawna.
“Hey” Shawna replied him.
“Where have you been?” Asked Luwis wanting to hear what Shawna was gonna reply him.
“I’ve been out with the young master, he took me out” Shawna answered not seeing any reason to lie to him.
Then an idea c@m£ into her head. Luwis might know this guest that just arrived.
“Um…Luwis?” She inched her nape and called.
“Yeah, what is it?” He replied.
“Do you….” she paused.
“Do you know that lady with your boss?” She asked not wanting him to suspect anything.
“Which lady?” Luwis asked not sure he saw any lady.
“With long dark hair, she’s also tall. The young master actually saids she’s gonna be staying with us for a while” Shawna explained.
“Oh really?” Luwis brows joined together as he asked.
“Yeah” Shawna replied.
“Then let’s go to the dinning, after seeing her. I might be able to tell you who she is that’s if I know her” Luwis said holding Shawna’s arm.
Shawna bite her lower l!pin and followed him not knowing what else to do.
They got to the dinning and sat down waiting for the time Dillion is probably gonna ask vivian down to dinner. As a visitor, it’s expected anyways.
They didn’t have to wait for long before Dillion showed up with Vivian. They were obviously discussing and laughing on their way to the dinning.
Shawna bite her l!pin and folded her hands. She looked away from their direction, they took a sit and Luwis stood up then left. Leaving her alone with Vivian who spared her a few glances and Dillion who looked like he was never gonna look her way. He just focused his eyes elsewhere totally ignoring her.
“Um…Dillion?” Vivian called leaning closer to him.
“Yes?” Dillion answered his eyes not on her either.
“Who is she? I know she’s not your sister but I’ve been curious. Who is she?” Vivian asked truly curious.
Dillion finally looked at Shawna for the first time since he arrived but it was for only few seconds.
“She…she’s someone…” he paused not really knowing how to introduce her.
“She lives her, that’s all you nee-d to know” the thought c@m£ into his mind and he quic-kly said it like that and when she wanted to speak about it again he dismissed it with the wave of his hand.
Dillion knows he can’t tell vivian. Oh she’s a gift to me by my brother, in other words. She’s my property.
Dillion knows this about vivian, he knows she’s choosy and will tend to pick on whoever she doesn’t like.
He’s mind flashed back to the time he got to know her.
It was a club, a fighting club he usually goes to train. He met her there, she could always beg him to train with her and he had had few rounds together with her.
He’s mind c@m£ back to the pres£nt world when he heard sounds of plate.
The only maid there which was Beatrice was setting their food.
Shawna on her own watched Dillion and his visitor closely without ma-king it obvious.
Luwis returned and few minutes later Dillion left for his room followed by the guest leaving her again with Luwis again.
“So, who is she?” She couldn’t help but ask again.
“Well, her name is vivian. The boss met her in…one of the fighting clubs he goes to train back in highschool. I’m not close with her, I don’t like her” luwis explained to Shawna.
“Fighting club?” Shawna asked her face squee-zed.
“Yeah, I bet she’s from a rich home from all her dresses and all. We have never spoken properly before” Luwis explained further.
“Is she close with him?” Shawna asked to be sure.
“I don’t know, why do you ask?” Luwis asked not wanting to believe the reason she’s asking all this is because she’s jealous.
“Just wanna know, so I’ll know if I should get along with…”
“Don’t get along with her” luwis interrupted her and she nodded and then mouthed an “okay”.
She doesn’t really like the guest anyways.
**Fast forward**
Next day.
Shawna got prepared to go to school, she walked down the stairs and got close to the entrance to see Dillion and vivian standing at the entrance together with sport clothes on.
Few minutes earlier on Dillion’s side.
He got up early, put on his training clothes. He decided to train today because of the thoughts that filled his mind, mostly thought of Shawna. He was gonna find a way to get whatever he is developing in his heart for her to melt.
He doesn’t want the feeling at all.
All set re-ady to go, he opened the door to see Vivian standing there with two bottles of water also in her training clothes.
“Morning, figured out I’d join you for training” Vivian smiled and said.
“No! No! I really wanna be alone” Dillion replied not really wanting anyone with him.
“No plea-se, it’s better if you have a p@rtner” vivian insisted handing over one of the bottled water to him.
He collected the water and walked pas-s her going down, she smiled and followed.
They got to the entrance and Dillion st©pped, thinking about the real training he nee-ds right now.
Then he’s mind answered him. Since he has Vivian as a p@rtner he could go for boxing.
He turned and looked at Vivian who was waiting patiently for him and said.
“Boxing, I think we’ll start from there” Dillion said and started heading towards the training room he built for himself around the mansion.
Shawna watched as Dillion and Vivian head to the side she has never been to before. Why is he taking her? She wondered and started following them.
Dillion and Vivian got to one of the training rooms and then st©pped.
Vivian was overwhelmed that she is going to be training with Dillion again. She really missed those days.
She dropped her water, alongside Dillion’s at a corner and they both got set.
Shawna stood outside the room watching them, forgetting that she has to go to school.
Then they started training – fighting.
Vivian was the one facing the entrance and her eyes caught Shawna outside with a look that resembles anger.
Hmm, lemme find out who she really is. She might be an opponent, vivian thought and then purposely let Dillion hit her.
She fell down on the floor and Dillion thinking he was really at fault bent down to help her.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brou-ght you with me” Dillion apologized. It shocked Vivian.
He apologized? She thought and immediately used that opportunity to hvg him. It was an easy thing considering their position.
Shawna on seeing this didn’t even un-derstand her she felt, she just turned and left there hurriedly.
On seeing her reaction, a smile crept up Vivian’s face. Gat ya!
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