Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 14 & 15

Episode 14
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D Writes
(Who is he?)
Writer’s POV
Dilly walked up to the table and then he dropped the tablet there.
I wonder where they went to, he thought out again before going back in to finish up the office work waiting for him.
*Two hours later*
He finished with all the works he had then arranged his works properly before leaving his office. He got out to see that Suzan has returned together with Bryan. Bryan was sitting beside her with the tablet he dropped off for him with him.
Suzan lifted her head up to look at Dilly, she stood up immediately.
“You can go home now” Dilly said to Suzan.
“Yes sir” Suzan replied her gaze fixed on him.
“Let’s go, Bryan” he said to Bryan avoiding Suzan’s eyes.
Bryan stood up from where he was sited then walked up to Dilly. Dilly held his hand and started leading him to the elevator.
“Bye Suzan” Bryan turned and waved at Suzan who waved back at him.
Dilly got into the elevator and pressed the bu-tton of the last floor. The elevator closed up and started moving down.
Suzan’s mood changed instantly. She has really lost him.
Before he doesn’t really avoid her gaze. Maybe he is going to get married to Bryan’s mother now, she thought then started parking up.
Dilly got out to the garage, he got into the car he c@m£ with together with Bryan then he drove to a nearby shopping mall to get Bryan some clothes. After buying him clothes, he put a call to Andrew asking him to come over.
An hour later.
Dilly arrived home and as accepted, Rita was gone. He sm-irked at the thought before driving in and parking in the parking lot.
He c@m£ down with Bryan and walked into the house. Naomi was standing at the entrance with her arms at akimbo.
She has seen Rita before Rita left and she couldn’t wait to know the reason why a woman was looking for Dilly.
But she got a shock when she saw Dilly with Bryan.
She bent down a little to look at Bryan.
“Hmm. Who is he?” She asked with a crumbled look.
“Get out of my way” Dilly hushed instead and walked in with Bryan.
Bryan on getting in was fascinated by the beauty of the sitting room. He kept his eyes up and could have fallen if not for the fact that Dilly was holding him ti-ght.
Dilly climbe-d the stairs with Bryan and got to the room he asked to be arranged.
He opened the door and walked in with Bryan.
“This is gonna be your room for now kiddo” he squ-atted to Bryan’s height and said.
“So I aren’t gonna be leaving with mom from now on? Is that it?” Bryan asked to be sure.
“Yes” Dilly answered him and he nodded then climbe-d on t©p of the big be-d there.
“So, this is gonna be my be-d too?” Bryan asked and Dilly smiled. He was starting to like the boy more bit by bit.
Not that he hated him too but he just wasn’t re-ady for a child. No, he wasn’t.
“Yes, everything here and more is gonna be yours. The room facing yours is my room, so if you nee-d anything, come over, okay? I’ll leave you now” Dilly said then turned to leave.
“Thanks” he heard Bryan say from behind.
He turned and looked at him.
“Why do you say that?” Dilly asked.
“For accepting me” Bryan replied. Dilly felt a sting in his heart when he heard that but he just nodded then left closing the door behind him.
Immediately he got out, he saw Naomi there looking like a ghost.
“Who is he? I ask again Dilly” Naomi asked trying to sound as ha-rd and cold as she can.
Dilly took his hand to her hair, he held her head and turned her over.
“Why don’t you go mind your studies for now?” He said simply before entering his room.
A knock c@m£ at his door and he opened the door, a maid was standing there.
“Sir Andrew is here” the maid announced.
“Tell him to come up to my room and…the car I c@m£ back with, take all the stuff in it to the room opposite mine” he instructed.
“Yes sir” the maid replied before leaving.
Naomi on her own kept standing outside until she couldn’t. She opened up Bryan’s room and entered, determined to find out who he is.
Vivian had told Dillion to come pick her up at the airport because she just arrived. He agreed to personally pick her up because he nee-ded to get away from Shawna.
What he just did, he wasn’t really un-derstanding it. He wasn’t un-derstanding the reason for his actions. So, he just nee-ded a distraction from her.
He moved away from her, fixed his phone into his pocket.
“You should go in” he said simply before leaving her.
Shawna stood at the same point somehow confused. Why is his reaction strange? She wondered.
Perhaps he k!$$£d me mistakenly and was disgusted by that? She wondered.
No! That can’t be the case, he is probably embarras-sed or shy, shawna concluded in her mind before jogging into the sitting room happily.
It’s alre-ady getting dark tho, I wonder where he is off too, she wondered again.
He can take care of himself, she thought pushing the thought off his mind before climbing the stairs to her room.
Later, she’s coming down to tell ma’am sandra everything that happened.
Unknown’s POV
“We have finally found out the beast that did this to matthias and the others, we aren’t gonna spare him. I can’t even believe I never suspected it to be him. Tomorrow we’ll set a tra-p for him and he will surely fall into the tra-p” the boss said and the rest of us nodded in agreement.
Episode 15
Writer’s POV
“So, you re-ady to really explain that $h!t?” Andrew asked Dilly taking a sit on his be-d.
Dilly faced his closet searching for clothes to wear.
“Did she say a word to you before you left?” Dilly asked him.
“Nope, but the lady was angry as hell. You should be watchful, she might come attacking” Andrew replied.
Dilly brou-ght out what he wanted to wear and then wore it before walking up to Andrew.
“I’ll make this quic-k and simple, Andrew and I don’t want you telling Dillion. I’ll tell him myself when I’m re-ady.”
“Yeah sure. So how did you get to be the father of a kid that age?” Andrew answered and asked.
“Well….four years ago, I met that lady in a club. It was a one night stand. That’s just it, she c@m£ back few days later claiming to be pregnant for me. I told her I aren’t accepting the pregnancy and she should ab-ort it, gave her money, she left then later c@m£ back with Bryan, the boy you saw me holding.”
“She didn’t actually ab-ort, she had him. Well I got really mad at her but later paid her off, she left then c@m£ back again. Like, she’s a pure bit*h. I’m seriously sick of her, she can’t be using Bryan to order me around so I decided to take him away from her. At least, I won’t get to see or be bothered by her again. That’s just the simple story behind him that kid” Dilly explained.
“Woohoo! She’s a real bit*h. How can she come back after getting paid? So, you’re really taking him away from her? How are you sure he is even yours?” Andrew said then asked.
“Well…I did a DNA test after she returned with him two years ago. I did it at three different hospitals. Men, I was so frustrated, I wished and even prayed for him not to turn out to be mine but all three hospitals. They can’t all be wrong, can they? Because the results says that he is mine” Dilly explained again.
“Oops, so you’re really a daddy?” Andrew asked tea-singly.
Dilly chuckled.
“Oh plea-se!” Dilly rolled his eyes going out of the room to Bryan’s own.
He opened the room and got in to see Naomi and Bryan staring at each other.
“What are you doing?” Dilly asked going in further.
“I’m trying to see if he resembles you” Naomi replied Dilly still staring at Bryan who also stared back at her without blinking.
“Naomi st©p that $h!t. Come on Bryan” Dilly said beckoning on Bryan to come to him.
Bryan broke the eye contact with Naomi then c@m£ down from his be-d big then ran to Dilly.
“So, you actually aren’t deaf huh!? I’ve been asking you questions and you have been snobbing me. There, I thought you were some guy that doesn’t speak or hear. You were purposely ignoring me, weren’t you?” Naomi frowned at Bryan.
“Let’s go, don’t mind her” Dilly said gr-abbing Bryan’s hand.
Bryan turned to look at Naomi then he stick out his ton-gue at her. That annoyed the hell out of Naomi.
“You!!! Little br@t I’m gonna get you!” Naomi screamed really pissed of.
She doesn’t even know who he is and it’s seems like they are gonna be leaving un-der the same roof.
She has had enough of that attitude. Her two brothers are always snobbish especially Dillion and now this little br@t too? She thought and kicked her legs and hands in the air.
Dillion got to the airport and called Vivian. She picked up and he informed her that he has alre-ady gotten there.
She pu-ll-ed her luggages out to where cars were parked waiting to pick people. Then dillion sighted her and c@m£ down from the car.
She saw him and immediately ran with her luggages to him.
Dillion didn’t even expect what she did. She hvgged and k!$$£d his cheek on getting to him but she was lucky enough to dis£ngage fast because Dillion was sure going to do it if she hasn’t done it quic-kly.
“Hi Dillion, I’ve really missed you. Geez! You’ve gotten more matured and handsome than the last time” She beamed.
“Yeah” was the simple reply Dillion gave her. He then as-sisted her in keeping her luggage inside the boot.
He got into the drivers sit afterwards and vivian sat down happily beside him.
“Gosh! I really can’t believe you c@m£ to pick me yourself out of all the boys you have, you decided to pick me yourself. I’m so happy” she beamed again.
“Yeah – right” Dillion replied her simply again.
But, she didn’t mind his replies. She has been close to him before and his attitude was just like this so she didn’t let it get to her at all. Instead she let happiness cloud her mind.
Dillion on his own wasn’t replying her the way he was because he wanted to be snotty. After all, today is a different day, he was replying her that way because a lot of thoughts couldn’t let him concentrate and behave.
Since he left to get her, he couldn’t st©p thinking about the k!ssand mostly the reason why he k!$$£d shawna. What he felt while k!ss!ngher. That feeling is something he doesn’t really un-derstand although he has kind of felt that way before. But the feeling is something he doesn’t wanna ever experience again. He doesn’t want it at all.
If at all he should feel that way then let it be when he is finally done with his revenge. He doesn’t wanna imagine himself ever liking Shawna or even anyone so it made him so worried and kind of scared.
Although he is not really sure about the feeling but he is still scared. Someone like him shouldn’t ever fall in love again.
He kept thinking as vivian talked and talked. He ba-rely un-derstood all she said but he knows she was really happy.
After two hours, he drove into the first gate of the mansion. Then the second and third before he finally parked at the garage.
There are many reasons why this three gates guard the mansion. You might not know when the enemies will strike.
They both c@m£ down from the car and Dillion ordered some guards there to take Vivian’s luggage to the guest room.
Shawna on her own, when she heard car hones, she left ma’am sandra that she was originally speaking with and ran to the entrance very sure that it is Dillion.
She waited at the entrance as the car parked and he c@m£ out, she saw him approaching the entrance and a smile lit her face, but the smile quic-kly disappeared when her eyes ran into Vivian’s who looks like she has achieved her biggest dream.
Now….the p@rty starts!!