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Sold to a gang leader 2 episode 1 & 2

Episode 1
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
Writer’s POV
The fear in Shawna’s heart increased.
What? What happened to him? Hope he is not dead? She thought fearfully as she t©uçhed him.
She tried raising his head up but couldn’t, he was way too heavy for her to handle.
She quic-kly got down from the car and turned to open his door, she opened the door and continued trying her best to probably bring him back to life.
Just then Matthew arrived with his car, he parked and [email protected]£ down to see Shawna trying her best on Dillion.
“Let me” he said and handed a box with him to Shawna and she collected it from him.
“Why didn’t you come straight to the hospital?” Matthew gro-an ed as he pu-ll-ed him out of the car.
“Damn!! You are so heavy” Matthew said trying to make the unconscious Dillion stand on his feet but it didn’t work.
Matthew breathed out feeling exhausted.
“Go in and call the guards for me” he said to Shawna who nodded and walked to the hvge gate and knocked on it. It got opened by a very hvge guard who has a straight and mean look on.
“Who are you?” He gro-an ed out as if Shawna was the cause of all his problems.
“Um….I am” she pointed at the car for the guard to see Matthew.
“Hey come over Biggie” Matthew shouted from where he was.
Biggie immediately ran towards the car and helped in carrying Dillion out.
It scared Shawna, the feeling that he might be dead started bringing tears to her eyes.
No! plea-se, let him stay alive. I don’t want him dead, she cried inwardly as she followed Biggie and Matthew into his house.
Matthew asked Biggie to take Dillion to the guest room and Biggie did. Biggie la-id him there and left afterwards.
“Okay let’s see” Matthew said taking a sit beside Dillion on the be-d.
Shawna stood at the other side of the be-d, her eyes fixed on Dillion, tears still pouring out from her eyes.
Matthew untied the cloth around his shoulder and inspected the injury.
He brou-ght out the necessary instrument needed to treat him after inspecting the wound. He treated him and due to the fact that Dillion had lost a lot of Dillion, he called the hospital and ordered for Dillion’s [email protected] blood type be brou-ght.
Matthew doesn’t need for payment to be made first, he knows that no matter what happens. Dillion will surely recover and all the payments and more will be paid so he did everything that should be done for him and now Dillion is laying on the be-d slee-ping.
Matthew breathed out in relief,he is finally done with Dillion.
He stared up at Shawna who has been crying for about four hours, he shook his head.
Isn’t she tired of shedding tears? He thought.
“Hey, Shawna” he called and she looked at him.
“Come with me, he needs his space. Shouldn’t you also be resting? You had a surgery done on you two three days ago” Matthew said walking out of the guest room.
Shawna wiped the tears off her face and followed Matthew out.
“I’m okay” she answered simply as she followed him.
“Really? You must have been scared, you also need to rest. Dillion won’t wake up till tomorrow, why don’t you make use of the other guest room for now?” He inquired.
Shawna bowed her head in thought.
Should she stay here? Of course she can’t leave Dillion all by himself here. That will be cruel of her.
“Um..okay sir” Shawna stared up and said.
“Yeah, the room is just beside the room Dillion is in, that one” Matthew pointed out to her and she nodded and made to leave but he st©pped her.
“Um…I can’t let you stay like this either, you are covered in blood. You need a shower, a new pair cloth and you also need food before a good sleep” Matthew said ma-king her stare at him.
“Hmm… luckily few of my sister’s clothes are still here and I think it will fix you, not exactly but it’s manageable, follow me. Let’s get it” Matthew beckoned and started climbing the stairs.
With her gaze on the floor, she followed him till he st©pped at a room. She waited for him to go in and he did, after few minutes of waiting, he [email protected]£ out with a shi-t and a short.
“This will do” he handed it to her.
She bowed her head slightly in thanks before she left.
At that moment, talking was the last thing she wanna do.
She went back to the second guest room and had her bath, then [email protected]£ out afterwards putting on the dress Matthew handed to her.
She was taken to the dinning table by one of the maids there.
She sat down and started eating what was offered to her, shortly, Matthew joined her on the table.
He wasn’t eating, he just watched her eat to her fill. There were a lot of questions for him to ask.
For example WHO THE HELL Sh0t DILLION?
He waited for her to finish eating and when she was done he started with his questions.
“What the hell happened? Why was Dillion sh0t?” Matthew asked her.
Shawna stared at him wondering if it was okay to answer that question but she decided to answer it in a simple way.
“He got sh0t trying to save me” she answered.
“You were abducted?” He asked again.
“Yes” she answered.
Matthew relaxed back on his sit and watched her closely for a while.
“You must have been really scared, huh!?” He asked.
“Yes, I was really scared” Shawna replied truthfully.
“What were you really scared of? Of the fact that you got abducted or of the fact Dillion is in that condition?” His question made her dumbfounded.
“Bot..both” she whispered out a reply after some thinking.
“Which one were you more scared of? The first of second?” Matthew asked again.
“The second” Shawna replied truthfully.
Matthew sighed.
“Who are you to him?” He went on and asked.
Shawna didn’t reply this one, she couldn’t.
“You have feelings for him, don’t you?” He asked this one, it made her more confused.
How is that even possible? Am I not asking for death by possibly liking him? She thought.
“No! There is no way I like him” she replied him firmly.
Episode 2
Shawna’s POV
I don’t know the reason behind his question but I thought and answered it.
Hell! There is no way I have feelings for him. How can I even develop it? He is more like my master, my owner. It’s clearly impossible. It can’t never happen, I’ll just putting my own self at risk by developing feelings for him. Feelings that can never be acknowledged, feelings that can bring me closer to death by punishment.
No! There is no way that is ever happening, I thought de-eply to myself.
“Why? Why don’t you? Isn’t he handsome enough or are you just lying?” The doctor’s voice snapped me out of thought.
“No…no…it’s not that sir, it’s just that it isn’t possible. There shouldn’t be such feelings between us, I am not allowed to have such feelings for him” she explained.
“Then why? Who are you to him? I’m curious, I’ve known Dillion for a very long time so it’s okay to tell me” he insisted.
“I’m…just, I’m a nob©dy to him sir, just like a mere property” I mumbled the last [email protected] giving in to his questions.
“A mere property?” He asked and then [email protected]
“You mean a slave; a s*x slave right?” He asked.
I felt bittered at the mention of a s*x slave but how did he know? I just mentioned a property, how did he get to know that am just a s*x to him?
“Yes, how did you know?” I answered then asked.
“Because he has had one before, or is it two? Yeah, I think it’s two but the both of them has died” he answered and I swallowed a large quantity of saliva.
“Died? How did they both die?” I asked fear engulfing me.
“Um…I don’t no, but all I heard is that they died” he answered then stood up.
“Goodnight, go to now” he said and left.
My heart started pounding.
How did they die? Who killed or what exactly killed two of his formal s*x slave? I thought as I stood up headed for the guest room.
Oh plea-se lord! I don’t want to imagine it.
I got into the room and lie down then drifted to sleep afterwards.
*The next day.*
Writer’s POV
Towards morning, Dillion turned restlessly on his be-d for a while before he’s eyes flu-shed open.
He looked around the room, everywhere still looked dark.
He struggled with his movements and sat up on the be-d and then took his eyes to his hurting left shoulder. There is a bandage covering the wound.
He [email protected]£ down from the be-d and turned on the light. This isn’t the first time that this has actually happened to him and this wasn’t the first time he is slee-ping in this [email protected] room. It had happened twice, he has sle-pt here twice.
He went into the bathroom afterwards and washed his face clean then his mind recalled the day’s activity. How he had saved Shawna and ended up fainting.
Has the cops found those dead bodies? Or has the person that s£nt them found their bodies? He thought.
If not for the fact that he got sh0t he could have taken care of the place well then report to the cops himself about the bodies.
Of course he alre-ady knows what he’ll tell them, it’s an act of self defence and afterall they were the ones that [email protected]£ looking for trouble in the first place.
He breathed out as he stared at the mirror.
Shawna. Where is she? He thought and left the bathroom, he looked around the room and couldn’t find any trace of her.
He opened the door of his room and went out. He opened the door next to his and finally found Shawna there, laying and slee-ping maybe peacefully.
He turned to go back to his room but st©pped because of the footsteps he heard.
He took his eyes to the stairs to see Matthew climbing down the stairs.
“I know it it’s high time you woke up, how do you feel?’ Matthew asked coming to stand in front of him.
“I’m okay” Dillion answered him and he nodded.
“I think I’ll be spending the whole of today here matt. I’ll leave tomorrow” Dillion said and Matthew nodded.
“You can, you hungry? Will ask the maids to make something for you” Matthew asked him.
“Nay, not now. Too early to eat” Dillion answered and went back into the room to lie down.
4 hours later.
Shawna woke up and quic-kly went to wash her face, she also brushed her teeth with the brush she found inside the bathroom. After that, she rushed out to Dillion’s room. She opened the door and got in but couldn’t find Dillion there.
She left the room immediately in fear.
Did his condition get worst that he got moved to the hospital? She thought fearfully as she went in search of either Matthew or Dillion himself.
Then she found them both at the dinning room.
She immediately felt relieved.
Dillion was looking better.
She walked slowly to them.
‘Shawna, you’re awake?” Matthew on seeing her asked.
“Yes..Good morning” she answered then greeted.
Dillion looked up at her to see what she was wearing.
He stared at her with an akward look. As if asking ‘ what the hell are you putting on?’
She noticed the look and took a good look at her own self, she didn’t notice properly yesterday. The clothes Matthew had given to her were oversized, it swallowed her up but she didn’t notice, now that she is noticing she felt so ashamed and [email protected]
Matthew noticed and laughed.
“What is it? You were okay with it yesterday?” He chuckled.
“Take a sit’ he added pu-lling a sit close to him.
Shawna walked toward him and took a sit, the sit was so close to Matthew but her mind didn’t even get there until she again saw the look on Dillion’s face.
He looked annoyed seeing that their sits were almost joined together thereby ma-king her b©dy t©uçh Matthew.
She immediately stood up and went to another sit so far from Matthew, it surprised the hell out of him.
He also didn’t notice the clos£ness, even if he noticed he won’t bother. Now that Shawna has suddenly moved to another sit, he used his head to calculate it.
She moved because of Dillion. He has probably told her with his eyes. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought that Dillion was being jealous.
“I don’t do ladies Dill” he couldn’t help but remind Dillion who only rolled his eyes at him.
A maid appeared and served Shawna her breakfast.
And for the first time since Shawna showed up Dillion spoke up.
“Be quic-k with your meal. Luwis will be here to take you back to the mansion” He said and shawna’s brows perked up.
Isn’t he leaving too? Why am I the only one leaving? She thought and almost said.
‘I’m not leaving here without you’ but held herself.

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