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So not love Episode 12 & 13

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Episode 12



I got down from the motorcycle that had brought me to my parents’ house and paid the rider. I was wearing the gate man’s shirt which I had borrowed to cover my thin nightgown and I was thankful that I had collected it because the night was cold. I walked the house which had no gate and knocked on the front door. I had knocked almost nine times before my younger brother opened the door, surprised to see me. He rubbed his eyes and moved out of the way so that I could go in.

“Sister, what are you doing here by now?” He asked, yawning into his fist.

“Don’t worry about it… Just go to bed, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I said and locked the door while he returned to his room. I walked to my sister’s room and slept next to her.

In the morning, I felt someone tapping me. I opened my eyes to find my mother staring down at me.
I slowly sat up, rubbing the sleep off my eyes. “Mama, good morning.” I greeted.

“What are you doing here?” She blurted without even responding to my greeting then placed the back of her hands on her waist. “Do you know that we have been looking for you for since yesterday? Your husband came to us and complained that you ran away from home with another man? Is that how we brought you up? To be gallivanting all over the place opening your thighs for whoever is interested? Don’t you have any shame?!” Her loud voice woke my sister up, who sat up to look at us, surprised to see me. “Why are you so bent on bringing shame to this family? Why do you want to disgrace your father’s name? After everything Daniel has done for you, now you want to repay him by becoming a w—e? You should be happy that you married a good man? How many rich men would go through the pains of marrying someone who’s not even in their class? Is he not satisfying you in bed? Doesn’t he meet your sexual needs? Why do you want to defile your marriage? Where did this promiscuity come from? Definitely not from me because I know that besides my first boyfriend, Ikenna, your father is the second and last man who has gone in between my thighs?! If I had known, I would have gone ahead with the circumcision. I would have removed that thing you call a c–t that’s now bringing the spirit of infidelity into you?!”

I heaved a sigh. “Mama, will you at least hear me out?”

“There’s nothing to be heard!” She snapped. “We went around looking for you. Your husband has explained it all. He told us that you would try to defend yourself with lies and he’s right because that’s exactly what you are doing right now!”

“Mama, what did Daniel tell you people?” I asked.

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“He told us that he took you out to a party to have fun and show you off. He just left you for just five minutes, common five minutes to go urinate and you already jumped into another man’s car and disappeared. He called you on the phone several times but you busied his calls. When you even finally picked his call, he begged and begged you to come home, even to the point of crying but you hung up on him!”

I gaped up at my mother in shock. “Mama, Daniel said that?!” I asked in disbelief.

“Oh! So you think he would not tell us! He came here complaining bitterly. He threatened to even divorce you since you are not being a good wife to him but I had to go on my knees and beg him along with your father. He has told us how you refuse to wash his clothes, cook his meals and even sex! Sex that is very important to him, his own God-given right, you refused him that and then he had mistakenly spilled a wine on you while you were yet asleep and that was why you had dashed down here to lie against him that he had urinate on you! Ha! Adanna, to say that I’m very very disappointed in you is an understatement! In fact, I regret giving birth to you! How can you take such a man for granted?! Don’t you have a heart! This man loves you to the core and yet you treat him so bad! See, if I had my way, I would have replaced you with your sister, Linda, at least she has more sense than you do!”

“But Mama, I didn’t do any of such! Daniel is lying, just see what he did to me…” I started to pull the side of my shirt and night gown up to reveal my bruised side when my father appeared and harshly interrupted me.

“Will you shut your mouth!” He barked and I quickly dropped my gown. “So this is what you are, a green snake under the green grass. All these time that you have been running to us and pretending to be in a very loveless marriage, it was actually the other way around. You were the very evil in your own marriage. I felt so sorry for that young man and I regretted that it had to be my daughter treating such an upright man in such a manner. Anyway, I have just called him…” He lifted a hand holding his cellphone. “…to tell him that you are home and he will be here in the next thirty minutes to pick you up. We should be thankful to God that he’s willing to take you back. If he had gone ahead and divorced you, I would have disowned you and wouldn’t have let you back into my house. When he arrives, you are going to follow him back home and beg him seriously. I don’t care how you do it but you must settle differences with him! Be a good wife the way we raised you. Love and respect him. This family must not lose such a potential in-law. We are nothing without him! Do not ruin this for me, Victoria, or I’ll never forgive you!” He stated firmly and I helplessly kept mute since there was no need trying to defend myself.

Daniel was cynical but my parents had failed to see that part of him and once again, I was stuck in my dilemma. Men were all the same! They are cheats and untrustworthy. I had trusted Chris to do much and yet he had ended up sleeping with Uju after I refused him sex. I decided that it was better to stay with the devil I knew than the angel I knew nothing about. If my fate was to remain in this marriage, then Daniel it is.

Forty minutes later, I was in the car sitting next to Daniel as he drove us home. He kept glancing at me as something sinister went through his mind but I ignored him and kept a straight face with my eyes fixed on the road. He kept glancing at me and thoughtfully running his chin with his index finger and I saw his eyes moved down to my waist, to linger between my thighs. I adjusted and placed my hands right on the spot to conceal it from his view. He said nothing to me throughout the drive back home. But when we reached home and got into the house, he threw his car keys on the coffee table and began to unbutton his shirt. As I made for the stairs, his unexpected question made me pause.

“Did he f–k you?”

With my back still turned to him, I remained there for a moment without a word.

“Are you deaf?” He drew closer. “Musa told me that you were picked by a man that night I kicked you out and I know that it’s definitely that guy from the club! I’m sure that he has been the one you have been with all this time, so answer my question, did you let him f–k you?

I slowly turned to look at him and muttered. “No.”

“And why should I believe you?” He shrugged off his shirt and tossed behind him on the couch then began to unbuckle his belt. “You have been with him for more than a day, I know how hot you are… No man would spend an hour around you and not want to touch you. I feel that you are looking me right in the face and lying to me.”

“What do you want me to say? Tell you that I had a very good time with him or that he pleasured me in ways that you have never done before.” I spat and a slap came out of nowhere and heavily struck the side of my cheek, making my head fall to my shoulder. I slowly lifted my head with my hand on my cheek.

“You will shut that trap you called a mouth, you c–t! You think any other man would want you or can pleasure your rigid body the way only I can?” He chuckled wickedly, unzipped his pants with one hand then removed it till he was standing in just his boxers and I noticed that he didn’t discard the belt like he had done his other clothing, instead he folded it in two and held it firmly in a hand.

“Is that why you told my parents all those lies? To paint me black? First, you left me stranded on the road, next, you hit and kicked me out of your house in the middle of the night and yet you went with your deceitful self to fill my parents ears with lies about me running off with another man and denying you sex?”


Episode 13


“Yes, after all, isn’t your refusal to have anal sex with me the same thing as denying me sex?”

“I’ll never do it!” I stated firmly.

“Really?” He stared at me with the sinister smile I had seen in his eyes while we were in the car.

“I’m your husband, Victoria…” He said quietly then pointed at me with the folded belt. “And you see that body of yours, it’s mine to do as I please with because I literally bought it. Your parents sold you to me and I’m still paying for it now by footing the tuition fees of your siblings and meeting the financial needs of your parents. I have had enough of your stubbornness and today, first, I’ll find out if another man has entered you and next, you are going to give me that part of your body that you have been denying me whether you like it or not!” He started to come towards me.

I started moving backwards up the stairs. “Don’t come near me…” I said in a feeble voice and I could see the determination in his eyes. “Don’t come near me, Daniel, I’m warning you.” I said, moving away from him. But as he suddenly lunged towards me, I turned to flee but he caught the back of my leg and stopped me and we began to struggle on the stairs. He gave me several resounding slaps to get me to cooperate and stop screaming then forcefully carried me over his shoulder down the stairs before dumping me heavily on the couch.

I looked down and realized that he was hard “Daniel please, don’t do this!” I cried out as he s——-d me on the couch to keep me there. “Daniel, please I beg of you, don’t do this…” I begged in a teary voice.

“This is to teach you not to go running off with some other man!” He hissed. He took off his boxers and tossed it on the floor. I realized that there was a bottle of lubricant on the floor beside one of the legs of the couch which meant that he had planned this all along. When he was naked, he tried to go for the shirt I was wearing, trying to unbutton it. When I refused, he struck me on the face again and grabbed the top of the shirt in both hands and pulled it with such force that some of the buttons flew off, exposing the nightgown under it.

He forcefully took what was left of the shirt off me then went for my gown. I tried to fight him off but he was stronger. He pinned my hands together above my head, grabbed the nightgown and ripped it off, tearing it off my body. Leaving my upper body naked. He was like a man under an influence. He stared at my panties, held the thinner part between my thighs and pulled so hard that the material forced itself and bruised me but he didn’t care, he ripped and tore the panties and left the shreds around my waist.

Then he forced my thighs open and groped me with his fingers. I struggled and tried to squeeze my thighs closes but he forced them open by punching me on the thighs making the spot numb. When my thighs weakly fell open, he shoved two fingers inside of me to confirm if Chris had had sex with me. As if not convinced yet, he forced a third finger into me and I cried out in pain. He let his fingers linger in there for a while and only pulled them out when he was done confirming what he wanted to confirm. He got down the couch, and dragged the lower part of my body to the floor so that the upper part of my body remained on the couch then he flipped me over so that I was on my stomach and I was kneeling in front of him.

I tried to scramble from his hold but he suddenly grabbed my arms and twisted them to my back, making me yelp. With his belt, he tied my wrists together and left them on my back so that I was helpless. He knelt down behind me so that I had no chance of escaping then he grabbed my back. Holding my thighs apart, he grabbed the lube and squeeze some of it on my anus and then did the same onto himself before he set the lube aside.

I was shivering now, dreading what was about to happen. “Please…” I managed to say against the couch as a tear slipped down my eye.

“I will stay still if I were you.” He uttered and grabbed me. Then he forced himself on me I stiffened and then squeezed my eyes shut as I felt his pressure on my anus. I braced myself for what was about to happen and that was when I felt him plunge himself into me. I screamed out in pain and writhed violently, trying to squeeze him out of me as the pain intensified at the invasion. He held my waist firmly and wouldn’t let me go. When he realized that I wouldn’t stop screaming, he yanked off what was left of my panties from around my waist and forced it into my mouth till my screams were muffled. Then he continued with what he was doing and each movement only intensified my pain. I was almost foaming from the month now and was sweating profusely and I passed out.

I started to come to when he finished satisfying himself, he untied my hands and removed his belt, picked his clothes and went up the stairs leaving me there. I remained in the position for a while. I couldn’t feel my arms any more. I collapsed to the floor, wrapping my arms around myself with my face almost pressed against the lower part of the couch. I cried helplessly, regretting all the decisions I had made. At that moment, I hated my parents but I hated Daniel more. I felt like going into the kitchen, grabbing a knife and stabbing him to death but I was too scared of ending up in prison. I wasn’t going to shorten and live my life behind bars for his sake.

After half an hour later, I heard him come down the stairs and from the fresh smell of his perfume, I knew that he had had his bath, dressed up and was going out. Even though I was backing him, I felt his eyes on my back.

“You had better had gotten off that floor cleaned yourself up before I return, I’m bringing a guest home tonight.” He told me and I heard him walk out of the house. After I heard his car pull away and drive off, I slowly got up, and I could hardly walk. My stomach hurt and my anus hurt worse. I managed to go up the stairs, I entered the bathroom and wept profusely while I had my bath and when I was done, I realized that there were small stains of blood on my white towel after I wiped between my ass crack. Limping back into the room, I grabbed my smartphone and ordered an Uber then walked to the closet and began to select and pack up some of my clothes into a bag. I took everything I’d need, went to my husband’s wardrobe and grabbed some bundles of money where he stacked some of them. Before, I had never been so bold to take his money but today, I was going to steal it. I have had enough and to hell with this marriage. I made sure that I took up to a million naira and stuffed them into my big handbag.

When I was done, I glanced around to see if I had forgotten anything. When I was sure that I had taken virtually everything I needed, I walked into the bathroom, removed my wedding ring and tossed it into the sink. It clinked, went in several circles before settling down and vibrating to a stop. I heard a honk outside and I knew that the Uber had arrived. Grabbing my luggage and handbag, I walked out of the house, never to return again. I didn’t know where I would go to just yet, all that mattered was that I wanted to be as far away as possible from the beast I called a husband. As soon as I sat in the cab and it pulled away, I removed my SIM cards, broke them half and tossed them outside the window. I was going to start a new life afresh and I was going to do that without Daniel and Chris in it but unknown to me, Chris’ car turned into my street from the other end and stopped in front of my gate while the Uber turned into the main road and joined the traffic, taking me far away from what was now my past.


I stopped my car in front of Victoria’s house, got down and walked to the gate. I knocked on it and on the second knock, the gate man who was rolling a feather in his ear, opened the gate and stepped out with his shirt slung over his shoulder and he made a face as the feather tickled inside his ear. “Oga, good morning, na who you dey find? (Boss, good morning, who are you looking for?)” He asked me, leaning his back against the gate.

“Good morning.” I answered then pointed at the house with my car key. “This is where Victoria lives right?” I asked.

“Shey my madam? (Do you mean my madam?)” He asked.

“Yes, of course, your madam.”

He hesitated then pulled the feather off to check then clean the end of it by dragging it upward between his thumb and index finger. “Madam don commot o… She just commot now now. (Madam has left. She just left now.)”

I took off my sunshades and glanced down the empty street. “What do you mean by she just left now?” I asked.

“Madam dress fine, carry her bag commot from here. The bag big as if she dey travel but me from the way wey I see am, e be like say madam no go come back this house again o… She even dash me 15k kon tell me say make I take care of myself. (Madam dressed fine and took her bag out of this house. The bag is big as if she’s travelling but as for me, I don’t think she’s coming back to this house anymore… She even gifted me fifteen thousand naira then told me to take care of myself.” He explained.

I glanced down the street now, not believing that I had just missed her. “Did she tell you where she was going to?”

“No… She no talk anything. (She didn’t say anything).” He shook his head then returned the feather into his ear.

“What car did she leave in?”

“Na Uber.”

“Thank you.” I said and dashed to my car. Started it and sped down the street hoping to catch up with her. Well, I couldn’t find her and went back home feeling very dejected.

As I slumped on my couch, Uju who must have heard my car, came down the stairs dressed provocatively again.

“Obim?” She called and I glared at her. She had succeeded in driving the one woman that mattered to me out and she still had that mouth to call me Obim.

“See, Uju, I’m not in the mood for your nonsense today, so just leave me alone.” I said tersely.

“Is it because of the aunty? Is that why you are behaving like this? What happened last night? You were almost inside my Jerusalem. I had already thrown open the garden of Eden for you, why didn’t you enter?” She asked.

“I’m not interested in your garden of Eden or whatever you call it. If you know what’s good for you, you had better pack your things and go back to the village!” I snapped.

She remained undaunted. “Me, I’m not going anywhere o. Obianuju is here to stay? What do you want me to go and do in that village? Only me in your father’s house so that those stupid elders can be paying me unnecessary visits all in the name of coming to check on their brother’s wife? Do you know that I caught one of them peeping on me when I was in the bathroom and the other one, the short one with white beard was busy pressing my chest in the night bus we took while I was asleep. I only pretended not to notice because I didn’t want trouble as for the third one, whenever he’s talking, he will stand so close as if he wants to put his mouth inside my own. All those men, they are old perverts! Serious ones!”

“And why are you telling me this?”

“I’m telling you so that you will know that I’m hot cake. If I should return to that village, I’ll get pregnant within the space of a week.”

“You were married to my father for two years.” I said with a serious tone now. “How come you never conceived for him?”

She began to scratch the back of her neck and head now as she evasively replied, “Eh? Pregnant? Ehen… Well… Let’s just say that your father wasn’t interested in a child yet.”

“That’s a lie!” I spat. “My father married you only because he wanted children since I was the only child from my mother.”

“Why are you bringing up your father na? He’s dead so please let his soul rest in peace. But wait, not that I’m barren o. If you want me to get pregnant now now now now, I’ll. All you have to do is tell me that you are ready.”

I gave her scornful look. “So I’m the one who’s interested in having kids with you, right?”

“You need children na. This house is too big for the two of us. Small noise from eleven children will be enough… It’s supposed to be ten but let’s just say that the eleventh one will be by mistake…” She chuckled, “We didn’t plan it but it entered.”

“Eleven what?!” I asked in surprise. “What are you trying to do, start a football team? Don’t you know anything about family planning? What do you need eleven children for?”

“What? You can take care of them. Don’t you know that a man is respected by how large his family is?”

“That’s nonsense!” I said then narrowed my eyes as I scrutinized her dressing, recognizing it now. “Isn’t that Victoria’s gown?” I slowly rose, realizing that it was actually the gown Victoria had worn to the club where I had met her.

She smiled and glanced down at herself. “E fit me abi? It’s too tight but I forced myself into it.”

“Where did you get it from?”

“Outside on the rope. The thing has been there since and sun was killing it so I decided to use it. It’s sexy, right?”

“Something must be very wrong with you, will you go upstairs now and take it off?!” I snapped.

“Why?” She gave me a confused look.

“Because it’s not yours? What happened to the clothes I bought you?!” I inquired..

She pouted now and grumbled. “Obim, me I didn’t come so that you’ll be shouting at me o. I came to make love.” She pulled closer to me.

“What could you possibly know about making love?” I stared at her in disgust
The she started narrating all the adult films she had watched and different things they did and that was when I know what she meant.

“You must be out of your sense if you think I’ll go down on you.” I stated and shrugged her arm away as she tried to touch me. “Uju, get your heads out of the cloud, I have told you before and I’ll repeat it now. Nothing is ever going to happen between us, never! Not now, not ever! I have had a long tiring day and I need a bath, excuse me!” I angrily brushed her aside and went up the stairs to my room.

Tossing my phone and car keys on the bed, I began to undress. As soon as I was done undressing, I walked into the bathroom. While I was in the shower, Uju, crept into my room, locked my door and threw the key under the bed then she quietly undressed and headed for the bathroom too.



To Be Continued…

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