Sins of my parents episode 6

Sins of my parents Episode 6
When they got to Joe’s house, Nora helped him to his room. “Use the room opposite the living room second door on your left” Joe directed her.
” the first one is for my son”
” you have a son?” Nora asked Smiling.
” Yeah” Joe responded, “he is a Doctor, I’m sure you will meet him any time soon”
” and what about your wife?” Nora asked as she ru-bbe-d some cream on his legs.
Joe was silent for a while and then he spoke up.” my wife died 7 years ago.
” Oh sorry” Nora told him..
“it’s okey” he responded with an expressionless face.
Nora finished mas-saging his legs and gave him his medication.
” let me ask the maid to prepare you something to eat ” she told him before leaving the room…
She re-moved her things and placed them neatly in the wardrobe. she re-moved her shoes and put on flat sli-ppers. Nora looked around the room, she could tell from the quality of the furniture of the house and neat displ@yof things that Joe,though she addressed him as Mr Miyoba was wealthy. thoughts of him willed her mind and somehow she could s-en-se the man had some sadness in his heart . the only time she saw him smile genuinely was when she had agreed to come and take care of him.. she couldn’t help wonder what had transpired between Joe and his son. “if this man has such a beautiful house with servants and all. why not live together with his only son?”
Shrugging, she decided to let go of such thoughts. “I’m here to work and whatever is going on with this man is his business.” she sighed as she l@ydown enjoying the comfort of the be-d. she dialled some number and smilled when the other person picked..
” yes mom, I called to tell you I have moved in with the patient I told you about..”
“oh that’s good Nora, Racheal responded from the other end, how is it going so far..?”
” It’s good mom. I just finished unpacking my things in the room I was given.”
“Thank God sweety. just take care of yourself for us okey? ”
“Yes mom dear” Nora told her..
Someone knocked softly on the door as she was still talking.
” mom I will talk to you later. I have to go. give my love to dad and brother.”
“sure sweety” Racheal answered cutting the call..
“Madam !” the maid told Nora as she opened the door.
” plea-se call me Nora ” she corrected her.
“okay ” the maid smiled, “I c@m£ to ask if i can take the food for the boss to him now.” She asked her.
” let me handle it” Nora said walking her to the kitchen..
She walked in Joe’s room holding a tray of food. Joe had closed his eyes but was not slee-ping. he opened his eyes when Nora walked in.” hey,!” she called him ” time for eating”
he smiled.. “I’m not hungry but not to waste your effort I will eat something..”
Nora got the small glas-s table and placed it on the be-d and helped Joe to sit upright.
”I am going out in case you nee-d anything you just call my name” she said standing to walk out.
” no no Nora plea-se sit, just get yourself a plate of food and join me here.” Nora almost said no but when Joe insisted she gr@bb£d her food and sat on the couch as they both eat..
“So tell me” Joe cleared his throat, “are you from around here? I mean Livingstone.”
” um no. ” she told him. “am from Lusaka that’s where my parents are i just c@m£ here five months ago for work.”
” oh how nice,” Joe exclaimed.. “so how is Livingstone so far? ”
“Mmmm it’s okey ” she said nodding her head. “I think I like a few nice places here and it’s quiet as compared to Lusaka.”
Joe smiled..” so you have always wanted to be a nurse? ”
Nora nodded. “yeah it is my dream come ture I love what I do ” she added..
“I noticed that ” the smiling Joe suported.
“you have something in common with my son Nathan he too has always wanted to help people in the hospital. despite me trying to persuade him to do some business courses and take over the company from me. my late wife always supported him. I’m sure she could have been proud of him” he told her
After they finished eating,the maid collected the plates. Joe’s phone rang and Nora excused herself. “I will be in my room” she told him and Joe nodded as he picked the call..
“Yes Nathan. ”
“hey dad how are you feeling? ” Nathan asked him.
” much better sonny but I still can’t feel anything from my legs. I did as you suggested, the nurse moved in today”
” oh great ” Nathan sighed. ” at least you have someone to help you.”
” sure ” Joe said.
“Well dad I think I will come and stay with you for some days till next week. Unfortunately, I won’t be of any help.” Nathan told his father.
” Your pres£nce means a lot Sonny ” Joe told his son. ” I will appreciate it.”
” Yeah sure” he responded hanging up.
Later that evening Nathan walked into the house. he walked directly to his father’s room and talked to him for a while.
“So what did the doctor say dad ? ” he asked sitting besides him. he noticed Joe had lost some weight over the weeks. his heart reached out to him. he wished his father had chos£n a better path of life. His drinking habits had landed him in that be-d .
” oh sonny they are not even very certain I will walk again. I don’t know” he said tears forming in his eyes. ” I just feel bad my life hasn’t been on the right track for some time now. maybe God is purnishing me now for my sins.”
Nathan looked at him and felt bad. ” plea-se dad don’t talk like that I know you walk again. I just hope you won’t go back to drinking beer again. It’s high time you let that kind of life in the past.
Joe sighed..” I know Nathan.. I promise to change. I nee-d to work ha-rd and put the company in the right track that’s your inheritance and I want to leave it standing before I die” . Nathan smiled weakly.
“you don’t have to worry about me father. you gave me education and for me that’s enough. you don’t have to kill yourself with work for me.” Nathan smiled.
“you are my only son Nathan the reminder of my love.” Nathan looked at his father, he wondered what he meant as far as he was concerned, his father didn’t love his mother (Nancy) but he kept it to himself..
“get some rest dad” Nathan told him. “Let me see your nurse and find out one or two things about your condition” he said standing up
“she is in the room next to yours” Joe told him.
What did you think will happen?
To be continued…